Tuesday, July 28, 2015

K is for Kettle and A Winner!

K is for Kettle

The kettle has a long and interesting history

having been used across times and cultures to

insure potable water by boiling away impurities.

Our Georgian copper kettle dates to 1870,

yet still continues to serve us well.

We purchased it in 1980s from

an antique dealer at the iconic London

Antiquarian Antiques Market on Kings Road.

One of the best and most useful souvenirs ever.

Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature in the Department of Special Collections and Area Studies, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida.

This 17th century nursery rhyme was written by a father

who observed his daughters tricking their brothers

to get them to go outside to play.

Seems the girls didn't want the rowdy boys around,

so they pretended to have a tea party, 

which of course the boys wanted no part of.

As soon as the boys took off,

the girls went about doing the things they liked to do

 without any rowdy boys to interrupt!

Photo by Debbie @ Mountain Breaths

Debbie @ Mountain Breaths

was my inspiration for K is for Kettle.

She recently attended the

MacKenzie-Childs' Annual Barn Sale,

and her new Courtly Check tea kettle

was among the treasures she scored at this year's sale.

Photo by Debbie @ Mountain Breaths

Debbie put the kettle on just for us

so we could all have tea.

Oh, I see some yummy muffins too.

Grab a cup and join me!

Speaking of tea,

Thanks to all who stopped by to visit our

Mad Tea 2015.

If you missed the party, click here.

In honor of 

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland's

150th Anniversary

I invited my readers to leave a comment 

and to share their favorite character 

from Lewis Carroll's Alice.

Drumroll Please!

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 Hands Down Favorite Alice Character 

The Chershire Cat

Alice 150th Anniversary Gift

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Christina Paul ~ Comment # 18

Congratulations, Christina!

Christina shared her own Mad Tea Party here.

Christina, please send me your mailing addy.

The White Rabbit  has a few tea time

things for your next Mad Tea Party.

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Tea Time Napkins by Meri Meri

English Caramel Tea from Austin's Steeping Room

A Heart Shaped Tea Ball

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If you are an Alice fan,

perhaps you'll plan your own Mad Tea and join

Vanessa's Annual Mad Tea Party 2016.