Thursday, October 3, 2019

Cottonseed Trading Company at Marburger Farms

Still roasting here in Texas, but we know its autumn 
when it's time for Round Top Antiques Week

Marsha Smith, of Cottenseed Trading Company
created the unique corn cob wreath above.
Step into her booth with me and 
take a look at her clever, artistic tablescapes
featured at the 2019 Fall Marburger Farm Show.           

Marsha often has a long farm table at the front of the 
 booth dressed to welcome her shoppers.
This year's table offered place settings for four, set with simple details, including framed images of Hereford cattle.

An antique copper wash tub was filled with dried wheat, 
catkins, sunflower pods, and orange pumpkins.

A vintage bible laid opened to Ecclesiastes.

Each place setting featured framed 
black and white images of Hereford cows.  
Sprigs of hay and a simple pine cone wrapped in a corn husk
were added for a rustic touch. 

Interesting fixtures made from farm equipment hung above.

A second long farm table with long benches was set for five guests.
All of the pumpkins on this chippy white table were already sold.

Each of the place settings included 
an open book atop a wooden bread board.
A stack of vintage plates held a feathered pumpkin.

You can count on Marsha to add whimsical, 
unexpected details to her tables.
One has to smile at the vintage wire rimmed 
spectacles added to each pumpkin.
The charming salad plates are Rosemary by Myott.

Marsha was very kind and sent me a photo 
of this charming plate and the mark.
Wishing I had come home with these.  
I love the colors for fall!

Eyeglass cases lined in velvet were laid 
open to hold the vintage siverware.
Ivy from the centerpiece added an artistic 
touch as it meandered across.

Wooden candlesticks, a stack of salad plates, and 
additional cases with glasses gave varried interest to the potted ferns and ivy at the center.

Marsha's booth is a favorite of Marburger shoppers.
There is always a line at the cash register.
If you are attending the Marburger Farm show this week
stop by and say hello to Marsha and tell her I say, "Hello!"
You can follow Marsha on Instagram

I've shared some of Marsha's creative tables before.
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Have you ever visited Round Top Antiques Fair?
Tell me about your visit!