Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Summer Blooms at Lazy Day Farms

It's mid July, and yes, I'm feeling lazy.

The Mad Tea Parties are scheduled for July 23rd,

but alas I've not set a table for this year's party.

Too hot to be outside, and life has filled

my schedule with other things.

Instead, I reached into my photo files while in the

comfort of my air conditioned home and pulled up this rather fun  

 Lazy Day Farms table to share this week. 

I spied it last April in a booth at Marburger Farm.

This charming table was created by the very talented,

Marsha Smith of Cottonseed Trading Company

out of Jacksonville, AL.

The chippy white table with wooden folding chairs

looked right at home on the wood chip floor.

I admit, I was extremely tempted to snatch up

this vintage Lazy Day Farms truck.

It made such an adorable plant container!

I frequently wear a straw hat during the heat of summer.

As cute as these were, I already have plenty of my own,

but don't they add an adorable touch to this setting?

Rusty, vintage garden tools also appealed to this gardener,

even if they were past their prime for actual gardening duties.

Wouldn't it be fun to use these to decorate a potting shed?

I thought the vintage floral hankies tied

on the rusty tools were the perfect touch to soften 

each of these simple place settings.

Each of the ironstone shallow bowls featured a darling

floral pincushion made from vintage quilt squares.

Lucky I snapped the photo when I did because

a buyer was ready to scoop these up to purchase.

Stems of carnations added both height and more color.

How simple to just pop a few stems in a vintage milk bottle.

A soft pillow in the wooden chair offered up a

bit of comfort as well as loads of charm 

with its vintage seed packet motif.

Between the pillow and this vintage seed package display nearby,

it's no wonder that my mind drifted to thoughts 

of one of my favorite summer bloomers

as I looked back on this garden themed table.

Each summer zinnias have offered a burst of 

bright color to many summer gardens.

In my garden I have mixed zinnias among Dusty Miller,

 a silvery lace-like plant that grows here year round.

Both frost and drought tolerant, with a soft furry texture, 

I like the nice compliment to the bright colors.

Zinnias make excellent cut flowers

with their vibrant blooms and strong stems.

Cut a bouquet of zinnias, pop them into a favorite container,

and straightaway you have a burst of summer 

color to enjoy in your home.

According to the LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS,

Zinnias are symbolic of "thoughts of an absent friend."

I like that thought!

Though I'll be absent as a party participant this year,

 I look forward to all the fun that awaits.

Vanessa's ~ A Fanciful Twist 


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The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. I'm in the Mad Tea Party but the star of my show - a vintage Alice doll got lost by FedEx so I am scrambling.
    I so love zinnias - those are some beauties.
    I'd fall for that Lazy Day Farm truck too ~

  2. Oh what a great post - I loved everything. The zinnias are so pretty. I don't know why I don't plant them. It's to hot and late for me to do much gardening.

    The Lazy Day Farm truck is darling and I would have snatched that up in a hot second LOL.

    We are having a heat wave and I have not been out of the house since early morning. In fact I water the yard in my nightgown with a duster. Shame on me.

    Have a great weekend.


  3. Wonderful post, dear Sarah, how I have enjoyed strolling around Marburger Farm with you today, it's a gorgeous place. Love your zinnas in the Q pot and white ironstone jug, I have some miniatures in pots on a table outdoors but some pesky bug has taken a liking to them and has nibbled all the leaves!
    bon weekend.

  4. Sarah, We are breaking heat records here and inside is where I am spending my summer, just way to hot outsideI I love the booth at Marburger Farm, I could have spent a lot of time there soaking up all those vintage pieces from the garden tools to the quilt pincushion. I think the Lazy Days Farms truck is adorable and perfect for a plant, it steals the show! When I think summer flowers I think of zinnias and your two arrangements are lovely. Stay inside and keep cool, another hot weekend expected……..

  5. What a fun tablescape you've shared with us! There are so many sweet ideas to borrow! I agree with you Sarah. The garden hats are a perfect touch!

  6. Sarah, love the fun Tablescape you shared! It is extremely hot here and staying indoors is preferred! Zinnias are the color of summer! Happy Thursday, Pam @ Everyday Living

  7. What a cute table! I love the truck and Zinnias are a favorite flower of mine. It is hot hot hot this summer and i'm trying to take it easy!

  8. Sarah, Roll on those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer! Do you remember that song? I love the vintage truck and I would have been very tempted to drive it home with me! I also love this cute table with the clever "flatware" and quilt flowers! I don't think they would appear on a native wildflower list but I wouldn't mind having some in my garden too. My husband's grandmother used to grow so many zinnias in her garden and she would bring them to me. I have them in pots on my deck this summer and they are such a happy sight when I look out in the morning. I will also be a guest at the mad tea parties this year. Maybe I'll see you at one! :) Linda

  9. I love that table setting and the TRUCK:) Your flowers from your gardens are beautifl're such a great gardener..and Tablescaper:)
    I have loved when you visit places and clic away and share..:)

  10. I would have had to grab that truck Sarah! This table is full of unique ideas and touches, and your blooms are beautiful!

  11. Oh yes, Sarah, I would have stopped at that display also! Love the vintage straw hats, something my sister always collects, and those garden tools with hankies - adorable - as are the pincushions. The truck would be versatile for year round display (how cute would baby boo pumpkins or mini cypress be?!). And what wouldn't look great in a Quimper container? The hardest thing might be picking a favorite from your collection! Zinnias are one flower I've never grown but they're so pretty...maybe next year. :) I'm looking forward to the Mad Tea Party, always a treat to see the inspiration and interpretations of the theme.

  12. Oh, such a cute tablescape, Sarah, and I love the vintage truck! Of course, pin cushions are darling, and would be great to make from an old quilt that's past its prime. I love zinnias and I'm going to go and see if I can find any seed packets for planting. I had some growing in a planter and my son forgot to water them when I was in Ohio and they bit the dust! Thanks for sharing all the great ideas, and I hope you're staying cool!

  13. Loved your post and the truck is adorable. I think I would have had to bring that home. I don't plant zinnia's very often, they start looking so bad this time of year here in N Fl which BTW, we are sweltering too. Too hot for me to be outside and my gardening efforts have ceased. I did plant a miniature zinnia one year that did very well but I haven't seen it in our nurseries this year. I had to laugh at Mary's comment, since I have a really private back garden and I do the same, water my plants in the early morning with my gown and robe on. So shame on me too but what the heck, it's comfortable.


  14. Lovely table Sarah. You always have the prettiest props and accessories. I could be lazy now.LOL Busy times keep me busy. The little truck is too sweet for words. Always a pleasure to see what you are up to.

  15. You are a lot of fun, Sarah! Clever too. Darling trunk and tablescape. Your zinnias are very pretty. I'm partial to them because my mother always grew them. Sadly, I have too much shade for zinnias. I did grow huge ones in Alaska though. The long days in the summer were great for flowers.

  16. What a darling table Sarah! That truck is too cute and yes, I love the garden tools. Have some I'm going to use in my shed. Drooling over that seed packet display piece! I adore Zinnias as well. Just got small ones in this year, but they look pretty! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  17. Sarah, I love the Lazy Days of Summer table...I would have been tempted by the truck, along with the adorable flower pincushions and vintage tools with hankies! Too fun and creative and the vintage seed rack display is calling my name! Every year I tell myself I'm going to plant zinnias, maybe next year. Hope you're finding a way to beat the heat and stay cool. We're in for a dreadfully hot weekend and I'm wilting like my flowers. :)

  18. What a super fun summertime table, Sarah! You were smart to capture your photos while you were there. LOVED the little floral shaped pin cushions...I'm borrowing that idea, for sure.

  19. Lazy Day Farms sounds like the place I want to be! Zinnias are one of my favorites and a must every year in our garden. Have a wonderful vacation Sarah!

  20. I love the whimsy of that table. There's so much to look at. I'd have been tempted by the truck as well!
    Your combination of the hot pink zinnia and dusty miller is really lovely and something I will remember for next year.

  21. I love the whimsy of that table. There's so much to look at. I'd have been tempted by the truck as well!
    Your combination of the hot pink zinnia and dusty miller is really lovely and something I will remember for next year.

  22. Dearest Sarah,
    LOVE your Zinnia flower photos and in our first home in the USA, we've had plenty of them.
    They do tend to mildew easily so we gave up on them.
    As far as chippy and rusty things go, I've never been a collector of any such items.
    Sending you hugs and blessings for peace.

  23. Summer wouldn't be summer without Zinnias. They are pure sunshine! And all that chippy patina - yes, please!
    Thanks for the sharing, Sarah.
    Stay cool :)

  24. PS - I met Cinnie in Castine. She's renting the house across from our new one. Such a fun connection.

  25. Beautiful flowers. Thanks for sharing at Your Inspired Designs.

  26. I love these flowers...think I'll plant some tomorrow..:)
    cute, rustic table.
    I will be at the Mad Tea party...mostly pics from a past post but I asked if I could do that and she said it was fine...

  27. It has been such a hot summer everywhere this year, and it is hard to get motivated to do much outside. Your zinnias are doing well despite the heat--they are so pretty and so colorful!

  28. What a pretty garden table - love all the vintage goodies! The zinnias and dusty miller make such a pretty combination :) x Karen

  29. What a cute tablescape. I love the pincushions: so darling! I've always wanted to visit Round Top. Maybe one day!!! I love zinnias, but I didn't plant any this year *sadface*

    I'm participating in the Mad Tea Party, but my party is minimal this year given the heat and getting Shelley ready for college.


  30. Your zinnias are beautiful! and yes, it IS hot out!

  31. WOW! Lots of fun happening this weekend and HERE! Sarah, you have given me an idea for my little trucks....I have been running into a problem lately finding or rather, BUYING fresh flowers for any photo shoots. But there are tons of wild flowers I can pick, and what better container to hold them in for a photo than a few vintage trucks!

    Thank you dear one for coming to visit my blog. Your kind comments are always a joy to read.

  32. Love, love, love the vintage Lazy Days Farm truck. I think I will borrow the idea for my son's new bedroom.

  33. Sarah,
    Thanks so much for stopping by!! My old blog is still up but it is unreadable to the public. Multiple gadgets were added and continue to be added every time it is clicked causing a huge amount of blank space between the header photo and posts making it look like nothing is under the header. I also do not have access to the template so I can not change, add or delete anything including the hacked gadgets. I have been able to move over all the old posts that I wanted to but I have lost all the comments on those posts and most of my followers. I was able to move all my followers from Blog Lovin over but not the 700+ from Goggle Friend connect.
    THe new blog looks just like the old one.
    What an amazing post this was!! So much eye candy!!! Love it!!
    Have a great day!

  34. I truly enjoyed going back in time with your table scaper. I can truly relate to vintage goodies. I have an old truck like this except it is blue.

  35. Hello Sarah, Happy Pink Saturday! Thanks for visiting my blog. I love, love, love Zinnias and you have some gorgeous ones. I've never seen such lovely staging of flea market finds, vintage treasures ever. I'm going to look at rusty, old things in a different light. Thanks for sharing.

  36. Sarah,
    Adorable Lazy Day Farms Tablescape, dear friend!
    Your zinnias are absolutely gorgeous!
    Ours are deep golden, almost orange and came back in the sweetest la' petite variety this year!
    Stay cool, and enjoy the Mad Hatters participants this year!

  37. Sarah- you have provided us all with inspiration based on what inspires you.
    I love the tablescape, and I am a devout zinnia fan.
    Mine are at the end here due to the heat- but I am thinking about planting a fall crop :)
    Happy TOHOT and weekend my friend!

    White Spray Paint

  38. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Your Inspired Design. Your tablescapes are lovely!

  39. I too love zinnas. It reminds me of my Me-Me. We would always start them in her garden from seed.

  40. There are so many great take aways in this post Sarah! That sweet hat and darling truck are my favorites. Thank you so very much for linking up this week at Thoughts of Home on Thursday! We love the special sparkle that you add to the gathering.

  41. I am so glad you shared this tablescape at DI&DI Sarah. It is so charming. I would be tempted to buy that little red truck as well. Such a unique table setting. Your flowers are lovely in the pitcher. I hope you have a fabulous week.

  42. You have a lovely blog and I thoroughly enjoyed all your photos. Thank you so much for visiting and leaving such kind comments - it truly is appreciated. Happy Summer to You, Dru

  43. What great finds on that table! The truck is perfect for potted plants -- maybe add in a few zinnias! All the flower pics are such beauties :)

  44. That little truck is so cute.

    Thanks for reminding me about the Mad Tea Party. I have seen Vanessa's fabulous photos on Instagram, but I haven't dropped by any blogs to see what everyone has done this year.

  45. This tablescape is absolutely adorable. I love all of the elements. So much rusty and vintage touches. Thank you for sharing at Vintage Charm.

  46. Sarah, I love every single thing about this tablescape--so fun! Blessings, Cecilia

  47. Sarah, that truck is soo cute! It would have been hard to resist. Thank you for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  48. This tablescape is so adorable. The elements are so perfect for a garden theme. I picked your post to feature on Vintage Charm this week. Thank you do much for sharing at Vintage Charm.

  49. Sarah,
    that table is adorable, love all the rusty elements and the pin cushions, well really all of it! That truck is so cute, it would be hard to resist! The colors of those zinnias are gorgeous!

  50. There is something about zinnias…their bright colors just speak of summer and backyard fun.

  51. Thanks for sharing, love seeing the little farm truck, it looks great with the arrangement. It's fun seeing the old farm tools too. The zinnias are beautiful. My sister-in-law has beautiful ones in her yard that I saw this week. It reminded me that I used to grow zinnias and now need to add them to my list for next summer.

  52. Such a clever display! So cheery. I definitely don't have enough straw hats. Yes where did the summer go? I still have lots of lazy to do myself. I'm going to wring it ll out til the last drop. So nice that you traveled along with me on the road these past weeks. Great having your input!

  53. I love the little truck as a planter! I would have never thought of it..I haven't done much entertaining this summer but you are getting me in the mood! Maybe a late summer party..


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