Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Let It Snow

Time to bundle up in Paris! With temperatures plummeting to record lows, Paris is a winter wonderland covered with snow just in time for Cuisine Kathleen's Winter Wonderland Party.

Here in Texas we don't often experience snow, so we have make our own winter wonderland. Come on in and join the fun.

Fresh new fallen snow has drifted 

in and blanketed our little forrest of trees.

Rooftops are capped 

in soft pillows of snow.

Little snow-girls are 

dressed in their party best.

Others have arrived with glistening 

gowns and orbs of pink delight.

Bells ring of 

the sheer joy of it all.

While snow-people 

are popping out everywhere!

Star struck and 

full of wonderment.

Each and everyone gather 

for the fun and festivities . . .

Among trees 

that glisten with snow.

So put on your snowsuit and

come join the snow-people here at HFTS.

There are sweet 

treats for everyone!

Click the link to join the

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