Monday, August 13, 2018

Keep Your Sunny Side Up

My sweet mother used to send us off to school saying,
"Remember, keep your sunny side up!"

It's a thought that has stayed with me for a lifetime!
If we go through the day with a happy attitude,
those around us are likely to feel the same.

 I've noticed that the Texas sunflowers are beginning
to show up in the flower markets.

Their sunny faces make me think of 
my mother and her wise words.

I've a fondness for pretty accent pillows,
especially those done in needlepoint.
When I spied this pretty pillow at a consignment store on a
 trip to Dallas, I knew it would have to go home with me.
Just look at the detail and those scalloped edges!

It's been moving around a bit, but for now 
it has landed on the chase that is on the upstairs porch.

It's just a small little porch, only room for a rocker and a chase
with a small side table by each.  What makes it special is that it 
looks down on our back garden, so one feels as if in a tree house.

It's a pefect spot to relax with a cup of coffee, a good book, or a needlepoint canvas that is a work in progress.

Tell me, do you have any wise words from your mother?
Do sunflowers grow where you live?