Thursday, October 3, 2013

Happy Owl~Ween!


Ready for Halloween?

Time for the 2nd Edition

of Michael Lee's 

Mystery Ingredient Club

The Mystery Ingredient

~ The Creepy Sprinkles Lab ~

Thank you, Michael Lee!

The Creepy Sprinkles 

were the perfect ingredient

to make this centerpiece sparkle.

Moon Pies

on Sticks

The biggest challenge for me 

was finding the Moon Pies.

Walmart provided the source,

and once in hand I went about 

gathering the other ingredients.

Halloween Inspired Cake Ball Sticks

Orange and Black Icing

Oreo Cookies

Brown M and M 's 

Candy Corn


And the Star .   .   .

~ Sprinkles ~

Southern Living 
provided the inspiration here.

This is such a quick and easy idea

that I plan to use it for other holidays.

I think the possibilities are abundant.

I had fun with this project 

while at my sister's.  

You can read about this 

heirloom table and setting here.

Happy Owl-Ween!