Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ahhhh Summertime in Maine

Bear Island Lighthouse, Built in 1839

Lighthouses & Steep Rocky Shores

Nesting Osprey & Deep Cold Waters

Acadia National Park

Simple Summer Cottages

Doors of Welcome

Seaside Vistas

Comfy Spots

Cool Summer Gardens

Queen Anne's Lace

Quiet, Sleepy Harbors

Shore Birds

Foggy Mornings

Steamed Clams

Lobster Traps & Buoys

Friendly Lobstermen

Loads of Fresh Lobster

Evening Bonfires on the Beach

Ahhhh yes, summertime in Maine.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Roos, Hens, & a Few Chicks Too

Roos and hens and a few chicks too.


(Click on photos to enlarge)

Shelia @ Note Songs

Heart of Home Party

Roosters and Chickens ~ Honored Guests

Summer in Texas

I think the sign says it all . . .

So come into the cool of the AC, and grab

yourself a refreshing glass of iced tea.

And let me tell you about a great book

for those of you who favor feathered friends.


by Linda Arnaud

More than just a cookbook, in addition to 85 of the author's favorite chicken recipes, the pages of this book are filled with gorgeous photos of hundreds of chicken collectibles. As the publisher says, "A barnyard of delights for collectors of folk art, kitchenware, and cookbooks." Need I say more?

You'll find a copy of this book available here on Amazon.

Another unusual recipe book is one written in French, but also full of delightful photos of chicken collectibles, including many pieces of French faience.

It's no secret that here at HFTS one finds

a collection of French faience in many forms.

And tucked among pieces of faience

are other small treasures that often

fall into the category of feathered friends.

Egg Cups and Covered Dishes

Chicken Inspired Vignettes

At Various Times During The Year

Pottery Barn Chicken Wire Tray

You can read the story of these

delightfully hand painted eggs here.

They were a gift from the very talented and generous

Vintage "Take Courage" Card Stand From England

Folk Art by New Mexico Artist, Mark Kluck

Note Cards to Write a Party Thank You

to Our Hostess, Shelia of Note Songs

Does your mother know you're out partying?

Grab a partner and dance on over to join

all the other roos, hens and chicks at the party.

Also joining

Friday, August 5, 2011

Tour de Duck

~ A Bus ~ A Boat ~

A Big Pink Duck

In search of cooler temps, we flew off to the eastern shore . . .

And spent a few days in Boston before heading north to Maine.

Come along as the pedicab winds

its way through the streets of Boston . . .

To our destination at the

corner of Beacon and St. Charles . . .

and a favorite spot,

The Boston Public Garden.

The first public botanical garden in America, The Boston Public Garden was designed for meandering with paths through grassy lawns, beautiful blooming beds, and a charming lagoon where one can still ride the Swan Boats.

Created over 100 years ago specifically for The Lagoon, the Swan Boats are still operated by their originators, the Paget family.

The grassy banks along The Lagoon are

the perfect spot to linger on a warm summer day.

The Lagoon is home to many live ducks . . .

And graceful swans.

And the Public Garden is home to

the famous Mallard family of


The bronze sculpture by Nancy Schon was created for the Garden in 1987 as a tribute to Robert Mc Closkey and the book that introduced Boston Public Garden to children around the globe.

Robert Mc Closkey published his now famous children's classic in 1941. It was awarded the 1942 Caldecott Medal for Mc Closkey's exceptional charcoal drawings.

Mrs. Mallard proudly leads her

caravan of eight ducklings along the Boston cobblestone.









One of my favorites, MAKE WAY FOR DUCKLINGS, is a classic that I think belongs in every child's library. It offers children a "duck's eye" view of Boston and child-like behaviors to which children easily relate. Click here to read about another famous city park with a wonderful statue in tribute to ALICE IN WONDERLAND.

You can find MAKE WAY FOR DUCKLINGS, here on Amazon.

Robert Mc Closkey published eight books for children.

His work often reflected his island life in Maine.

Three More Favorites:




Come back soon for a peek at our trip to coastal Maine.

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