Wednesday, September 23, 2015

S is for Saluki

S is for Saluki

Salukis are considered the most ancient breed of domestic dogs.

Evidence of these dogs have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs.

A year ago August, I met a beautiful example of this breed.

Meet Wells!

I knew nothing of Salukis before I was introduced to this

beautiful Slauki rescue while visiting friends in Santa Fe.

Wells, gentle, reserved, and extremely sweet, 

immediately stole my heart.

The breed came to the Western world around 1900

and by 1928 was recognized by AKC.

Originally used by Arab nomads to hunt gazelles, foxes, and hares 

in the desert, the breed was considered "noble" and allowed

to live within the tents with their owners.

The Gazelle Hound is a common name for a Saluki.

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Of course, S is also for Sadie,

the sweetest girl ever and the one who

steals our hearts daily!

Happy First Day of Autumn!