Saturday, May 13, 2017

Shhh . . . Can You Keep a Secret?

Shhh . . .

Can you keep a secret?

Mother's Day Surprise

out on the terrace in a favorite spot.

I'm going to pamper my mom with 

delicious tea time goodies.

Big, beautiful magnolia blooms

will fill the air with their sweet fragrance.

There will be fresh biscuits 

with dad's yummy kumquat marmalade .   .   .

You can find the recipe here.

And a cup of my mom's 

new favorite green tea.

It's a blend of green jasmine tea with

hibiscus, sweet rose, and soothing cornflowers

made especially for Williams Sonoma.

My mom says it's delicious!

She likes to sweeten her tea with a

drizzle of Tupelo honey.

Maybe she'll share some goodies with me.

I love to eat!

Happy Mother's Day!

What are you going to do to pamper 

your mom on Mother's Day?

MacKenzie-Childs ~ Courtly Check Enamel Ware

MacKenzie-Childs ~ Taylor Ceramics

Grace's Teaware ~ Cup and Saucer

Susan Branch ~ Mother's Day Tiara

Williams Sonoma ~ Fortnum and Mason Mother's Day Blend