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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Shhh . . . Can You Keep a Secret?

Shhh . . .

Can you keep a secret?

Mother's Day Surprise

out on the terrace in a favorite spot.

I'm going to pamper my mom with 

delicious tea time goodies.

Big, beautiful magnolia blooms

will fill the air with their sweet fragrance.

There will be fresh biscuits 

with dad's yummy kumquat marmalade .   .   .

You can find the recipe here.

And a cup of my mom's 

new favorite green tea.

It's a blend of green jasmine tea with

hibiscus, sweet rose, and soothing cornflowers

made especially for Williams Sonoma.

My mom says it's delicious!

She likes to sweeten her tea with a

drizzle of Tupelo honey.

Maybe she'll share some goodies with me.

I love to eat!

Happy Mother's Day!

What are you going to do to pamper 

your mom on Mother's Day?

MacKenzie-Childs ~ Courtly Check Enamel Ware

MacKenzie-Childs ~ Taylor Ceramics

Grace's Teaware ~ Cup and Saucer

Susan Branch ~ Mother's Day Tiara

Williams Sonoma ~ Fortnum and Mason Mother's Day Blend



  1. I can keep a secret! Your Mom will love it! Not sure if 'Annie Belle' has anything planned for me but maybe! Hugs and Happy Mother's Day! (oh and that tea sounds wonderful).

  2. I'm keeping your secret, Dearie, I'm sure that your Mom will love what you're preparing for her !

    Wishing you much fun and much love !


    XOXO Daniela at - My little old world - (Dany)

  3. You deserve to be pampered.

    We will have a quiet day. I usually fly north to see my daughter for Mother's Day, but next weekend I am headed to San Francisco for her baby shower so we are having a day at home. My son and his wife are coming and if the wind works with us, I think I will take our brunch out to the beach.

  4. That is too precious! My day will be quietly spent and that's perfectly fine by me! Love your teacup & saucer, Sarah, and Miss Sadie is adorable. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Hi Sarah, how wonderful that you will pamper your mom in such a nice way on Mother's Day! She certainly will feel loved and appreciate it. As a keen gardener the magnolia flowers caught my eye. They are simply stunning!
    As always your dog is sooo... sweet!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
    Warm regards,

  6. Hi...Sadie is so sweet to pamper you in such a delightful way!! Adore your sweet tea cup and saucer!!

  7. What a sweet post, Sarah! I love magnolias although we don't see many of them here. Your pup is the cutest thing and I enjoyed your post so much. Wonderful tea tray. Happy Mother's Day!


  8. Sadie, you are a darling girl to arrange such a great for your Mum! Happy Mothers' Day to you......your tea party will be special!

  9. Sadie, you are a darling girl to arrange such a great for your Mum! Happy Mothers' Day to you......your tea party will be special!

  10. Sadie, my dear, you are so very special to pamper your mom on Mother Day. She is going to love all the special biscuits, tea and jam. So wish Sarah a very special Mothers Day from us.

    We are going to let our mom sleep in longer, as she has been a little under the weather. She does so many special things for us.

    Waldo, and Lili

  11. Sarah,
    What a sweet Sadie to treat you to all your favorite things on Mother's Day. Have a wonderful time enjoying your special day.


  12. Sadie is such a sweetie...she has a forever puppy face! I know she is enjoying the tea as much as you. I have to look for that at WS. I love finding something new to look forward to each day.

    I know we are both missing our mothers. Tomorrow I'll be thankful for all that she taught me and the precious memories.

    Jane x

  13. Your Mother's Day treat put a smile on my face! Thank you

  14. Ha, ha, Happy Mother's Day Sarah-enjoy:@)

  15. Sadie, how adorable you are to plan this sweet little tea time. You did a beautiful job and thanks for the tip about the WS tea...Happy Mother's Day

  16. Happy Mother's Day Sarah & Sadie! I love your tea time treats, MacKenzie-Childs accessories and pretty tiara! The tea sounds delicious. ♥

  17. Such a lovely Mother's Day celebration Sarah. Love the tabletop set for tea with your gorgeous Taylor and CC. Your chef's marlade looks beautiful and delicious and the magnolia blooms must be heavenly. Perfection! Connor and his mommy and daddy are here this weekend for Mother's Day, so that makes me very happy. Happy Mother's Day Dear Sarah and Sadie.

  18. What a lovely Mothers Day treat! A quiet day here. There will be phone calls from our kids

  19. Good morning, Sarah. I wrote a comment on my ipad yesterday from the airport but it didn't publish. I love this sweet post. Sadie is too cute and I wish I had some of those treats with my coffee today. Have a wonderful day with Sweet Sadie and your handsome hubs. xx

  20. This was sooooo cute..Sadie in the SB crown:) ♥♥♥You are such a great mom to Sadie..and in a way to all your friends and family..I don't think you need to be a mom of children.. to have those nurturing loving qualities♥

  21. What a beautiful setting for a beautiful lady!! I love seeing all your pretty MC items but I truly adore that teacup you're sipping from!
    Please give Sadie a nice pat on the head & tell her "Good Job"

  22. You're the best mom to your sweet, darling Sadie, Sarah, and you deserve such lovely treats. I loved seeing all your pretty things for your special day. I love that Gracie teacup! It goes perfectly on your tray with your MC things. Enjoy your day, Sarah, with your dear pup.
    P. S. Now I want to try the WS tea. Sadie has me intrigued!

  23. Hi Sadie. You are such a good girl and your mom is sure to love her Mother's Day. You did good and it all looks so good and pretty. Happy Mother's Day to your mom..Judy P.S. Lots of "good" in this post!

  24. I love everything in your post and I am sure your mother loved your surprise a lot!Love your teacup and the napkin!The dog is so cute!

  25. Sadie is the cutest ever. Your tea vignette is lovely. Your MC items are so pretty. Happy Mother's Day Sarah.

  26. What fun! Your Sadie knew just what you would like for Mother's Day! I'm going to William Sonoma right now and check out the tea!

  27. Sadie certainly knows her way to her mom's heart! Lovely Sarah!

  28. Your mom will love it! What a sweet thing to do!

  29. Well, Miz Sadie, you really spoiled her with those wonderful Mother's Day treats.
    Dear Sarah, this was a lovely way to celebrate this special day. I think Sadie needs to have a chat with Fleur so that I receive the same treatment next year!
    Kalimera from Crete!

  30. I love all the beautiful Mackenzie Childs pottery, special treats and tea and beautiful setting that Sadie shared with you, Sarah!

  31. How lovely!!!

    A happy Mosaic Monday

    much love...

  32. I'm crazy about your MC honey-pot and cute dipper! Your tray is indeed lovely. I know your magnolia blossoms smell heavenly.
    Fresh biscuits with marmalade and tea with a drizzle of tupelo honey served in a beautiful cup sounds like a winner to me.
    I'm still working on the Quimper Pottery post. Don't give up on me. I have 84 pics.

  33. Oh, Sarah, what a lovely post. I'm going to look for that tea in WS; it sounds delicious. Sweet Sadie is a precious friend. Love the whole setting. Thanks for sharing.
    Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  34. Such beautiful pictures. I hope you had a wonderful weekend, Sarah. :)

  35. What a lovely and special tea! Love all the beautiful pottery and flowers and kumquat marmalade - Yum! x Karen

  36. Hope you and Sadie had a wonderful day! I love your heart shaped tea strainer and the MacKenzie-Childs accessories and pretty SB tiara! The Mother's Day tea blend sounds delightful!

  37. What a nice post, Sarah. I hope your Mother's Day was wonderful.

  38. How sweet! I know you had a special day. My pampering came after a long hike! Relaxing while looking at our photos on the big screen. Enjoy your week! Hugs!

  39. What a lovely day! Somebody(ies) know what makes you happy!

  40. This was such a charming post and I know you thoroughly enjoyed your surprise, Sarah ;)


  41. Beautiful tribute to your lovely Mom!

  42. Dearest Sarah,
    That was such a sweet post and a lovely, lovely Mother's Day treat!
    Sending you hugs,

  43. Your mom must feel so pampered. I'd be over the moon if Lizzie did that for me! It all looks gorgeous, Sarah (and so does mom! That's a great photo of you two!)

  44. What a lovely tea you planned for your mom. I am sure she really appreciated it. I think tea is such a wonderful tradition. Thanks for sharing it with us on Share Your Style

  45. Oh I am smiling wide sweet Sara and Sadie. Such a perfect way to spend the day. That tea does indeed look yummy.

  46. It looks like a perfect Mother's Day!

  47. Sarah,
    What a delightful post!! Your fur baby is so precious!! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  48. All the pictures are so beautiful..
    And puppy in crown is so adorable...

    Please visit: http://from-a-girls-mind.blogspot.com

  49. How sweet is this! It sounds like a lovely day with sweet treats! I had a wonderful Mothers day with our family.

  50. So genteel! A lovely photo of you two! You are so sweet to visit me. I hope you are having a lovely spring. We were in Dallas for a coupe of days and it was lovely.

  51. How beautiful is that peak at your terrace with that tea set up! Happy Mother's Day a little late! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  52. Aww such an adorable post. I'd be happy to spend time with your cute dog. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

  53. Sweet Mother's Day post. Your pup is adorable. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm.

  54. Yes, enjoy your mother and spoil her to the max. I spent Mother's Day alone as my 2 kids went to the other mothers' homes. But, that's OK, I'm with them all the time. Love this post !!!


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