Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Blue Skies & Sunshine ~ The Italian Countryside

Blue and Yellow

Let's Dish about a 

favorite color combination.

I happened upon this gorgeous tablescape 

at one of my favorite shops in town.

The sunny yellows made me smile and 

pull out my camera so I could share the happiness.

Love the variety of square 

planters filled with yellow gerbers.  

I like the contemporary touch 

they lend to the very traditional china.

The white linen cloth accented with 

these bright lemons gives the table a crisp look.

Notice how the addition of the 

yellow linen placemats anchors 

the blue and white china so it 

doesn't get lost in the sea of lemons.

The blue and white china is 

Blue Italian by Spode.

Considered a design icon, this pattern was 

inspired by the Italian countryside and

features an 18th century Imari Oriental border.

The pattern goes back to 1816 

and is one of the most popular and 

successful patterns in Spode's collections.  

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