Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tea with Two Patriots

Meet Mary Kate



They've been busy preparing for all the July 4th festivities

and are eager to relax with a cup of tea on the porch.

They've set the tea table with Richard Ginori China

and their favorite red polka dot tea service.

Look at the star spangled 

details of this beautiful china.

Lucy chose a chocolate 

cupcake for her teatime treat.

Mary Kate has her eye on a cherry cupcake.

What flavor would you like?

It's very hot here this summer,

but they've picked a shady spot on the front porch.

Shall we join them?

All ready for the neighborhood 4th of July Parade,

Mary Kate has on her special star spangled dress.

She is very patriotic and most proud to be an American.

Lucy's mom made her dress 

with both stars and stripes.

See that big lone star?

This girl is proud to be both American and a Texan!

Looks like these proud little 

patriots found the perfect spot.

With the red, white, and blue flying in the breeze and

fireworks shooting across the tea table . . .

These two are all set 

to enjoy a patriotic tea time.

Lucy wishes you a Happy 4th of July


Mary Kate says,

"Don't forget to fly the red, white, and blue."

"Y'all Come Back Now!"

The dolls and everything on the table were

thrifty finds as well as the table and chairs.

You can read about the make-over here.