Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Let's Dish ~ Easter Dinner Details

Let's Dish 

about the details of 

Easter Dinner

on the terrace.

First off the theme was 

Hen and Chicks

The exquisite arrangement above was created 

by the talented Bonni from Posey.

I love the way she paired orchids with succulents 

and this clever touch of yellow detail to fit into 

the theme of Hen and Chicks.

I added some colorful 

little hens to nest below.

And a silver compote filled with 

tillandsia (air plants) and a tiny Beswick chick.

With ten dinner guests, I set two tables.

This was the centerpiece on the larger table.  

I filled a silver basket with mixed 

hen and chick plants and trailing sedum.  

Hens and Chicks 

are succulents that form in clusters of rosettes.  

Babies or "chicks" form from 

shoots off the mother or "hen".

They can be red or green.

Some of the "hens" were flowering.

The handles of the silver basket 

have a sweet tassel detail.

And a wonderfully fluted base.

Little yellow chicks 

added a touch of whimsy.

I also tossed some 

chocolate carrots around the tables.

It's spring, 

so the tables were set with our colorful 

and whimsical MacKenzie Childs plates.

You might recall that they 

were the topic of last week's Let's Dish.  

You can read that post here.

Flatware is Italian by Showroom

napkins are by April Cornell

and vintage napkin rings with silver initials

were a find at Round Top last year. 

The smaller table was set with pastel plaid 

with a nesting hen for the centerpiece.

This sweet hen on nest is unmarked, 

but definitely vintage.  

I think she has the sweetest face.

Vintage yellow linen napkins were 

found at a neighborhood estate sale.

Pewter napkin rings were used at this table.

I added other touches of yellow with annuals.

And filled this terracotta hen 

with yellow kalanchoe and more trailing sedum.

The Quimper hen on nest was filled with cornbread.

Served with sweet cream butter.

MacKenzie Childs bowls in the 

Flower Market pattern held a variety of salads.

Printable recipe for 

Wild Rice Salad w/ Dried Sour Cherries here.

We also add brussel sprouts to the mix.

Main course was leg of lamb.