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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Crazy Busy

October has been busy here at 

Hyacinths for the Soul 

with trips in and out of town.

We've already celebrated my mom's 98th birthday,

Attended the wedding of a dear friend,

Met up with friends to celebrate

"the chef's" 50th class reunion, 

Hosted a dinner party, and

Celebrated the 2nd anniversary 

of Aquarius, a hip San Antonio boutique.

Still to come

50th Birthday Luncheon

honoring my cousin and

featuring the exquisite Sacred Butterfly 

plates that were a gift from

Will share photos next week.

With all that is going on in October,

do you find yourself 

indulging on Halloween candy?

Unfortunately I do!

Candy Corn ~ my October food obsession.



  1. Hi Sarah!

    Sounds like you are enjoying all those activities. It's just the start with plenty more to come. What would we do without holidays in the Wintertime?

    I try not to have any sweets anymore because once I do I just can't stop! Especially candy. Of course I expect I will indulge just a little :)

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  2. Sarah, you sound like you are having a great time! October is a busy month! M-C and Halloween just go together. Yes, I always indulge in candy, even candy corn which I love to craft with, but don't even really like :). Joni

  3. Sarah, sounds like you have a busy schedule. This definitely is the start of a busy time of the year. Enjoy!


  4. Yes, I love candy corn too, and I should not have it. However, I must admit, I indulge.

    You are so blessed, Sarah, to have your mom live such a long life. Hug her often.

  5. Nice to see that you have plenty going on in your life Sarah.
    That candy looks good and glad it's just eye candy from where I'm sitting.
    It's wonderful to still have your mother I am fortunate to still have mine too now age 88.
    Continue having a wonderful October.

  6. Sounds like you're having a great October Sarah! And I do love candy corn too:@)

  7. October for me has been crazy busy with work and it will be that way through the end of November. I'm excited about all of it though and am feeling like this is the best (though most challenging) year of my career.

    Congratulations on your mom's 98th!! And from the sounds of it there are lots more celebrations to come. Enjoy!!

  8. October is one of our busiest months, too. You have had lots to celebrate this month!

    I found some plump, large, gummy candy corns at The Fresh Market and Williams-Sonoma, and they are the bomb! I need to leave them alone.

  9. I'm glad to see that being busy hasn't kept you from taking time for some candy corm!

  10. Sarah, you are one busy lady! That counted cross stitch is gorgeous. Are you working on that between all of your social engagements? I am coveting your vintage jack-o-lantern that is in your first mosaic. I don't remember seeing it on your blog before. It looks like the one we had when I was a child. My sister got it when mother died. Just think, the Christmas holiday season isn't even here yet, and you're already flitting from one event to another! I hope you have some good vitamins! laurie

  11. I love candy corn and it's my only Halloween candy obsession!! I love that little sign. You have been super busy and it all sounds like fun! Hugs, Linda

  12. Hi Sarah, you busy gal! Sounds like lots going on. Cute mosaic and yep, I'd love some of that candy.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. Hi Sarah, I had Halloween candy last night. Your life sounds like it is brimming over with blessings. xo, olive

  14. I love Candy corn!! But even more, I love your vases!!

  15. Hi Sarah! It sounds like you have been having a great month! I'm looking forward to seeing your table with the beautiful plates. Happy birthday to your mother! My son and I are both October babies too. Luckily, I don't like candy corn, but I don't allow mini mounds or reeses cups into the house. I would eat every one long before Halloween arrived! Linda

  16. Looks like you've been having plenty of fun! That's great and better than being bored! Yes candy corn is hard to keep around, but chocolate candies even harder! Can't wait to see your lovely plates from Cherry Kay! Congratulations on your mother's 98th Birthday! What a milestone that is!

  17. It sounds like all wonderful things to celebrate, Sarah! I hope the rest of October brings many more joys.

  18. I like candy corn too, Sarah. Great images. Sounds like you have been hopping all month.

  19. That candy corn looks even better in that ornate silver bowl.

  20. Love your MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check with the bittersweet. Perfect fall colors!

  21. The cross stitch is lovely! October certainly has been busy for you - but the 'good' sort of busy!

  22. 98 YEARS OLD? HOW FANTASTIC MY DEAR! This calls for a celebration of colossal degrees, including candy corn and ANY OTHER TREAT!! LOVE IT! And thank you for your kind visit! I am indulging in tea at night; I love the cold weather and tea...that is what I LOVE THE MOST!

    Enjoy your day! Anita

  23. Sounds like super busy and fun. Love your collages and all the checks. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  24. October has been a busy month. Maybe we can make time for lunch before it is over!

  25. Good for you having all that energy to keep up with all of your engagements. You collage is so cute...it reminds me to pick up my cross stitch!

    This month has actually been slow for me and not enough to post about. But I know the busy days are just around the corner. BTW, I am crazy for Tootsie Rolls!


  26. Sounds like you are quite busy, Sarah! I used to do counted cross stitch all the time and loved it. Happy birthday to your Mom!!

  27. This is so cute,Sarah! I don't think I have ever tasted candy corn. Happy birthday to your mom! 98. Wow! What a blessing! And I thought my mom was old....Christine

  28. You have been one busy lady!!

    Jocelyn @

  29. You're certainly having lots of treats this month. How fabulous that your mom is 98! Sending belated birthday wishes to her. The cross stitch is cute with the cat and crows and your courtly check for Halloween is so sophisticated. Love it all.

  30. Sarah,
    I live for October to indulge in candy corn, dear friend!!! Candy Corn mixed with cashews sends me over the edge with giddiness!!! Sweet and salty!!! YuM!!! Congratulations on your Mother's 98th Birthday...best of wishes to her!!!

  31. Candy corn...that is one of the four major food groups...right? I'm always a bit devasted when I see that it's been wasted on a craft project. ;-). Cherry Kay

  32. Wow! Sounds very busy. I love that little surprised looking pumpkin plant holder. Too cute. I really like the counted cross stitch one of my favorite pastimes. I'm visiting from Savvy Southern Style and I too love candy corn. Yum. Won't you come by and share at Totally Transformed? I know my readers would love to see. http://pjhdesignsoneofakind.blogspot.com Hope to see you there. :-) Peggy

  33. I don't buy Halloween candy until the last minute. It would never make it.

  34. Sarah, How wonderful you could celebrate your mothers 98th birthday. Sounds like you had a busy but fun month. Thank you for linking to the Open House Party.

  35. Hi Sarah,

    I know you have been crazy busy! Can't wait to hear how your visits and parties went.

    I usually buy the Halloween candy one or two days early so I am not tempted to dig into it! Reese Cups call to me in my sleep when they are under my roof!!!


  36. Lots going on, and candy corn is pretty good.

  37. Happy Pink Saturday, Sarah. You are always the queen of making Halloween fun and glamorous.

    Blessings to your mother.

  38. You have been quite busy and with some wonderful, memorable occasions. Yes, I indulge in candy corn - my favorite halloween candy! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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