Monday, September 2, 2013

Still In Love ~ 38 Years & I'd Do It Again

Favorites on the 1st
with Alison @ The Polohouse
This Month's Theme ~ Favorite China Patterns

Still in love and
happily married for 38 years!
All these years later I wouldn't change a thing,
including our choice of fine china which we
selected together when we registered for our wedding china.

Richard Ginori ~ Palermo Brown
We selected this pattern for its simplicity 
and the touch of chocolate brown.
Our crystal selection was by Denby 
in a rich amber brown with clear stems.  

Richard Ginori china has been produced since 1735.  
As with many of the porcelain 
and china factories in the UK and Europe,
Ginori experienced financial difficulties. 
The company declared bankruptcy in January 2013.

In April 2013, Ginori was purchased by Gucci with plans to improve the factory in Florence and continue to produce 
the high-end products under its name.

Palermo Brown has been a discontinued pattern since 1988, but one can still find it through eBay and online retailers.
This pattern was also produced in several other colors.
~ rust ~ green ~ yellow ~ blue ~ black ~

As you can see, this is a very versatile pattern.
It's easy to mix it with a variety of linens,
chargers, and patterned salad or dessert plates.
Here it is paired with an inexpensive salad plate, 
Classic Tidings Tartan from Target.

Here with another fine china,
Olde Avesbury by Royal Crown Derby
and Italian pewter chargers.

The colorful Birds of Paradise and Oriental Pheasants 
in Olde Avesbury are taken from an original embroidery.
This pattern was first produced as above in 1932,
but now one can purchase many other color variations
 that have been derived from this pattern.
The green charger is by Zrike.

Our colored crystal by Denby 
compliments both of these china patterns.

Last summer I loaned our china to a friend 
for an alfresco dinner party.
She set an elegant table with gold chargers 
and white linens with an added touch of burgundy.
I just may copy this idea for our November Thanksgiving table.

I'd be a real copycat right down to the Bosc pears 
and the gorgeous rose bouquets in urns.

Or I may do something totally different 
and use the set of Mottahedeh Sacred Bird and Butterfly plates 
that were a gift from Cherry Kay @ Entertaining Women.
You can view the complete post on this table here.

I paired them with the set of 
Walbrzych salad plates that were a thrift store find
and woven rattan chargers from Pier One.

Alison gave us permission to share favorite
china patterns that we own or ones we wished to own.
She called it "wishful thinking"!
I was curious to know what other patterns might work with 
Sacred Bird and Butterfly. 
Off I went to a local shop that carries this pattern
 to see what might be a nice compliment
 to this beautiful rust design.

~ Royale Limoges ~
 Carolle Paprika Dessert Plate w/ Thin Gold Filet
Danielle Presentation Plate w/ Gold Band on White Porcelain
I'm adding the Carolle Paprika dessert plates 
to my "wishful thinking" list.
What do you think?

If you enjoy pretty dishes you should hurry on over to 
Link up you favorite china patterns and see what 
others favor for their personal table settings.

Tutorials, Tips, and Tidbits @ Stone Gable

My tip for selecting a china pattern, is to select a simple rimmed white plate that will easily coordinate with other pieces.  It's fun to mix things up with accent pieces, pretty linens, glassware, and flatware.


The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. Your dishes are so beautiful and you set such lovely tables.

    My only china is a set of hand me downs from my grandmother.

  2. Happy Anniversary, Sarah, to you and your husband. Your choice in china has endured, as your union - goes to show that making a thoughtful choice is always a good idea!

  3. Your dishes are beautiful and very versatile Sarah! Congrats on 38 happy years:@)

  4. Happy 38 years to you and your sweetheart, Sarah! Your china pattern is so versatile and has withstood the change of time. What a great choice that you and your hubby made. xo

  5. Happy Anniversary!! I say you NEED those plates.. not just on the wishful thinking list.. but I can see them used so beautifully with all your gorgeous pieces. Your wedding china was a beautiful choice. Now I'm wanting to add some brown to my wishful thinking list! Happy Tuesday.. xo marlis

  6. I just sold my 45 year old china - All of it for $100. I was glad to know it went to someone who would love it! Yours is truly lovely and it is so nice that you let a friend use it too!

  7. Happy Anniversary to the A's!
    Your wedding china is wonderful, so classic, so versatile, it goes with so many other patterns that it will always be au courant.
    Love your dishes!

  8. Happy Anniversary sweet Sarah and hubby! I love your China, just gorgeous.

  9. Sarah,
    I can see why you are still in love with that pattern. It's so classic and really very versatile. I can see it with many of my favorite patterns. I also love the shape of the pieces you showed in the first image. The shape of say the creamer and sugar bowl always hold some importance for me. The table setting of your friend, set for the season with your dishes is beautiful.
    I have never seen your pattern before. Its fun to see the different patterns people have collected.

  10. Gorgeous post! You were SO smart to choose the Palermo Brown -- it's stunning and so versatile. And thanks for pointing me to the Polohouse party. I enjoyed looking at the others who linked up!

  11. Dearest Sarah,
    Happy 38th anniversary to you both.
    Love your elegant choice of china! You certainly mean discontinued pattern instead of discounted. Replacements Ltd. does not even have a single piece in stock presently:
    Hoping that you still have your complete set for many more years of enjoyment and pairing with other pieces.

  12. That is gorgeous, Sarah...and a wise choice all those years ago. We are just married 38 years ourselves. Don't you just wonder where the time has gone?
    I think you SHOULD steal that idea for your Fall table- it will be beautiful- xo Diana

  13. Congratulations on 38 yrs. of marriage! That is something to be proud of these days! Your fine china and crystal were wonderful choices. I can see the benefits of having a pattern like that so it mixes well with other patterns.

  14. What a beautiful and versatile pattern, Sarah! I just wanted you to know that I chose your lovely breakfast on the terrace as one of my features at The Scoop this week! Thanks so much for sharing!...hugs...Debbie

  15. Whoa, 38 years that's so wonderful! Congratulations Sarah. And now I need to go back and scroll down all these gorgeous photos of china. My gosh I cannot believe these table settings, and I really love what your friend did for her al fresco setting too. It was stunning!

  16. Congratulations! Love that you are still gaga over your sweetie! It warms my heart. Love the tablescape above. You are right. It would be fantastic for Thanksgiving or any fall gathering. Wonderful post.

  17. A very happy 38th anniversary to you both. Love your elegant choice of china. It looks fantastic with the McKenzie-Childs enamelware and is versatile.

  18. Happy Anniversary Dear Sarah to you and your husband. What a beautiful selection you both choose for your fine china. I think a choice of a classic design is beautiful alone or lovely mixed with other patters as you so beautifully know how to create. A beautiful post Sarah.


  19. Happy Anniversary, Sarah to you and your husband. You selected beautiful china 38 years ago... so pretty and versatile!

  20. Happy Anniversary, Sarah! Wishing you at least 50 more years of happy days together and then eternity. Your china selection is so simple and exquisite. I love the color, very elegant and yet you can use to pair it with something in the fall. I love all the mixes that you did and your friend's tablescape is also gorgeous.....Christine

  21. You are so right - your dishes are very versatile. I can't decide which one I like it with best, but I'm impressed with how many looks it goes with.

  22. OH, so many beautiful things here to comment on, Sarah!
    I LOVE the flowers and the table setting that your friend created using your dishes.
    How much fun that must have been to sit there taking in all that loveliness!

    Your wishful thinking photos look amazing too!
    I guess I must be ready for fall because that russet pumpkin shade is just delicious right about now!

    Sharing a big three day sale with Susan at Romancing the Home next week. Working like crazy to get it all together. It will be a mix of plaids, and silver and crystal -- very RL, etc. So much fun. You would love the mix, Sarah.

    Wish you could come and join us!


  23. Congratulations on 38 years! We were 34 this May. You did fabulously well on your china. Thankfully I didn't get mine because I wouldn't like it one bit now, but I would love yours - so timeless! Your friend set a stunning table with your china. How wonderful to get to share.

  24. Belated "Happy Anniversary" Sarah & M.!!! What a wonderfully strong & happy marriage you two have been blessed with.
    Your wedding china is beautiful & so very versatile, too. Just look how well it works with so many other designs.
    I LOVE those Olde Avesbury plates!!
    I also LOVE the table your friend set with your dishes. How fun to be able to share like that!!


  25. Dish Love Sarah! Congratulations on 38 years and I would still love your china pattern too! I'm a brown girl and love fall~ Palermo Brown is so versatile and perfect for pairing with other patterns. I love it with the tartan and your friend's table...SWOON! Those rose urn arrangements be still my heart... Wishful/dishful thinking would get me in trouble :)

  26. You know Sarah, your beautiful wedding china is exactly like the set that Ruben and I agreed on at Tiffanys one day; we never got it, but the lovely white embellished with gold is still our favorite, after all these years of lovely patterns and colors. I like white plates so I can see the food!!!!!!

    Thank you my friend for coming to visit! Yes, I am a bit exhausted; funny thing is that I'm used to walking up hills, steps, lifting weights in our gym, and stepping up my heart rate. But there's nothing like the first day of school to wipe ME OUT! teeheee

    Have a super day, and in March, it will be 32 years for us! Anita

  27. Sarah, I love your classic China. It's versatile and brown is one of my favorite colors. The different china pairings all look beautiful, but my favorite combo is the Target Tartan. I'm all for a new with old mix.

  28. Ah dear Sarah - 38 years and counting - congratulations! You certainly made great decisions in picking out both the beautiful china and your handsome hubby!

    I'm not familiar at all with this china manufacturer - but it's really lovely and, as always, you know how to showcase each special piece.

    Happy day - love, Mary

  29. Sarah, your china is absolutely gorgeous. It's great to mix and match. All of the settings are beautiful. Your friend's table is so divine with the roses and pears.
    Congratulations on your anniversary.

  30. I love your china pattern, Sarah. Since brown is my favorite color, my mind is racing, thinking about all of the ways that I could use it! However, my tables would never look as sophisticated as yours - so beautiful!! Adore this post!!

  31. Dear Sarah your dishes from 38 years of happy marriage are lovely! We've been happily married 38 years as well. Feb.25th, 1975. I love, love your other choices, they're gorgeous too!
    Big hugs,

  32. Sarah, I can see why you love this china and crystal...It is so beautiful and classic..Those clear stems and brown crystal are gorgeous... I love using brown in the fall on our table...This is a lovely post and I am pinning your friends beautiful table for future reference...
    Love, Mona

  33. I forgot to say Happy Anniversary.. :-)

  34. How beautiful and versatile! The pattern goes so well with a variety of colors, and always looks great in your gorgeous table scapes. Congrats on 38 happy years, may you have many, many more!

  35. Sarah, First let me apologize for waiting so long
    to wish you a Happy Anniversary! I love your choice of wedding china which appears as durable as your relationship. You do have the most beautiful things! Dianne

  36. One set is just as pretty or prettier than the other, Sarah! I knew you had some beauties, but what fun to see them all together! (If I were you I'd be copying that friend's table's gorgeous!). ~Zuni

  37. Isn't it wondeful when we like something just as much today as the day we chose it? You've shown some pretty wonderful pairings showing just how creative one can be.

  38. Your wedding china is gorgeous, what a great combination of gold and brown. I loved seeing it with all the other combinations of beautiful china and your friend's table is stunning, I would definitely copy that totally! The bosc pears especially look so great,

  39. Congratulations on 38 wonderful years. A good strong marriage is a true blessing. I am swooning over all of your beautiful china!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  40. Beautiful...those plates are to die for! Love the hot pink napkins also.

  41. Your friend's table is beautiful, I would copy it too. It would be perfect for T'giving. Beautiful china, and yes, very versatile.
    Hope you have many more happy years together, with your china and dh! :)

  42. Sarah, these patterns are so pretty...all of them, and they make a lovely autumn tablescape! :D

    I think your friend's table using your china looks so pretty. WOW!

    You chose a classic pattern for your wedding china. I really like it!

    Lovely post, sara, and I think the Mottahehed Sacred Bird and Butterfly china is a stunning pattern for autumn!


    PS Thanks so, so much for linking-up!

  43. Happy Anniversary!!! Yesterday was Tom's and my 21st!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Olde Avesbury (hope I'm spelling it correctly) and even have it in my "wish list" on Ebay.....sooooo glad to see that you love it, too.

    I also love your wish dishes to go with it.....let me be the little devil on your shoulder whispering "get it, get it."



  44. Happy anniversary and I love your china. The simple classic patterns are the best I think to hold up over time. Jennifer

  45. Sarah,
    Happy Anniversary, dear friend!!!
    Gorgeous china pattern and it blends so nicely with your other patterned china, as well!!!
    Your friend set an exquisite table, indeed!!!
    Thank you for sharing!!!

  46. Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. HFTS and many more.
    Your dishes are gorgeous. Brown isn't used enough in tablescapes as far as I am concerned. The Olde Avesbury is a beautiful pattern.
    Have a wonderful week, Sarah...

  47. My favorite is the fallish tablescape your friend did for her al fresco party. It is the perfect table scape for Thanksgiving. I'd be a copy cat too.

  48. Sarah,
    Happy anniversary...

    Love your wedding china...If I had this set, I would be serving chocolate cake, brownies, Godiva chocolate, chocolate pie, chocolate chip cookies, hot chocolate, chocolate milk, chocolate-covered cherries, hot fudge Sundays, .... All these and more would look divine on your chocolate-banded dishes.

    Your photos are once again, divine, I saw the comment from Confessions of a Plate Addict alerting you to the much-deserved feature on this week's The Scoop.


  49. Nice post, great blog, following :)

    Good Luck :)

  50. Such a timeless pattern, Sarah, and it mixes so well with everything else. The bird plates from Cherry Kay are beautiful, and I love your friend's table, using your china. I missed wishing you a Happy Anniversary. I hope you had a nice celebration. laurie

  51. 38 years! what an accomplishment!! And I love your wedding china - so unique and classic! And I love the orange-red dishes, too - beautiful settings!!

  52. Hi Sarah and Happy Anniversary! Your wedding china is just beautiful and is timeless. Love all of the pretty looks with it. Thank you for popping in to see my dolls.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  53. Sarah, such a beautiful pattern, and like you say very versatile. Yes, I say go for the paprika, Gorgeous accent! I was such a simple girl when I got married. Didn't think I wanted china. My mil gave me a beautiful set when we moved into our 2nd home. We had been married 16 years. Still don't use it often. I guess I'm just a plain Jane. Or should I say, plain Jann? lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  54. Happiest Anniversary.
    Your wedding china is so pretty.
    We didn't even pick out dishes of any mom gave us a set..his mom gave us flatware...and we just "made do".....
    Your tables are always so pretty...such beautiful things. :)

  55. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary. This is so wonderful. And your china pattern is simply beautiful. Your friend set a stunning alfresco table.

  56. Loved this post and loved hearing all the details behind each of the patterns! Your china is lovely!

    Happy day!

  57. I am so glad that you are still in love with your hubby and your china pattern. You know how to mix things up well. I do like the Thanksgiving table too. I have not linked to this party, but it sounds like a good time. Joni

  58. You had me with the tartan one!

  59. This post is proof that you both chose well on all counts. Your pattern is classic elegance, and you have set it beautifully with lovely diverse pieces.

  60. Those tablescapes here, from your friends specially, it is a beautiful idea for Thanksgiving with your gorgeous dishes! Big hugs,

  61. Hi Sarah, thirty eight years is a wonderful and proud anniversary. Blessings to you both. Your china is beautiful and versatile. You set magnificent tables always. Thanks so much for being faithful to stop by Olive Out when I have been posting so little this summer, xo, olive

  62. Happy Anniversary!!!! Love your china and your tablescape is stunning. Such beautiful pictures of all the settings. Thanks so much for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  63. Happy anniversary Sarah! This is beautiful china and the table settings you have shown are all lovely! You've got me thinking about Thanksgiving now!

  64. What a lovely china set and so special to you both! Love the elegant colors - you've set a gorgeous tablescape - LOVE your friend's tablescape - the flower arrangements just bring it all beautifully together!
    I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  65. Love the Olde Avesbury with the brown, and I hope that you've already ordered the Paprika to play with your wedding china as well as the Mottahedeh. It's spectacular with the Sacred Bird! Happy Anniversary to you both! I always adore a good love story. Cherry Kay

  66. Happy belated anniversary, Sarah! Your wedding china is beautiful and so unique. I love how versatile it is!

  67. Too much going on right now or I would have loved to have participated in this party. You made an excellent choice in your wedding china. It is amazingly versatile.

    - The Tablescaper


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