Monday, June 25, 2018

Something New In The Sun Garden ~ Cosmos

I tried something new in the front sun garden this spring.
I spread Cosmos seeds early in the year, and we've
enjoyed a colorful bounty of delicate blooms since spring.

For over a decade, I've had Knockout Roses growing in the front.
They were a lovely welcome as you approached our home
and perfect year round in this sunny spot. Over the past
year they began to decline and limp along.  
I decided to pull them out to try something different.
Not knowing what I want to plant just yet, 
I simply scattered Cosmos seeds in after the new year. 

I'm happy I did!  
These easy growing flowers are perfect for 
our sunny spot at the front walk.

Cosmos is from the Greek word, kosmos
which means beautiful.

And beautiful they have been, with their tall feathery leaves
and vibrant colors ~ magenta, pink, orange, and white.

 Cosmos attract bees, and bees have certainly been buzzing around.
Here is one I managed to capture on the nearby Coneflowers.

My favorite thing about these pretty blooms, 
is that they are easy to grow, attract bees and butterflys, and are
perfect as cut flowers to bring inside to fill containers in our home.

Their bright colors and daisy like appearance 
are sure to bring a smile, don't you think?

 They are perfect happy blooms with which to fill my
MacKenzie-Childs vases, mugs, and flower frog bowls
of various patterns in the Taylor ceramics.

They are also the perfect addition to 
my favorite Courtly Check!

Since I'm linking this post to two special garden parties,
I baked Coconut Cherry Cupcakes for us.
It is a party after all!
Check back later in the week for a full post 
and details on these tasty cherry treats.
Be sure to stop by and visit the other garden posts.
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  1. Delightful post.....lovely mosaics.
    Happy Monday!

  2. Such pretty flowers - you certainly have a green thumb....If i were to scatter seeds, nothing would ever appear!!

  3. The cosmos are so pretty, what a lovely way to welcome guests(and the bees and butterflies) to your home. They are the perfect cut flower to enjoy indoors too it seems and look great with MC ceramics. You already know from FB what I think of those cupcakes and I am waiting patiently for the recipe to try once we return to Normandy after our short break in the Dordogne.

  4. Hi Sarah, I love Cosmos -- they seem to dance! Gorgeous colors and if the bees and butterflies like them, I do too! Have a fun filled week!

  5. Your flowers are just lovely and it's always nice to have enough blooms to make bouquets for inside! Enjoy your afternoon. I know it's hot there AND here...take care and stay cool! Hugs!

  6. Sarah, the Cosmos look stunning in your garden! Your pictures are just beautiful! I can’t wait to get the details on the cherry cupcakes. They sound delicious!

  7. Beautiful flowers. Happy Mosaic Monday


  8. Your post brings back happy memories of my first house. Left with some sod and mostly exposed dirt, I scattered cosmos and zinnia seeds all over. Barely covered them. And was rewarded with gorgeous flowers. Thanks for the memories!
    Sandra @ Dinner at Eight

  9. What a wonderful choice for filling in the rose bed, Sarah! They're gorgeous!

  10. Sarah, I love the cosmos!, they look so happy in place of your roses. Their pretty colors say a big welcome to your home and they are stunning in your MC. Thank you for sharing you beauty at Gardens Galore!

  11. Just beautiful Sarah, both the cosmos and your pretty blooms paired with your Courtly Check! My MIL always had cosmos the reseeded year after year and they were so pretty swaying the breeze. I should plant some by my Potting Shed in her memory.♥

  12. Next year I am planting a cutting garden to the side of our new home and I just added Cosmos to the list of flowers! Yours look beautiful!

  13. Wow Sarh, you have been busy. Love the beautiful cosmos. What a great addition to your lovely garden. They look so fabulous with your Courtly Check. Happy Tuesday Sarah.

  14. Great idea Sarah. The cosmos are beautiful and make a great way to fill the space until you decide what you want to plant. They make such pretty and colorful arrangements to enjoy inside, love your vignettes. Hope you are enjoying a wonderful summer. Hugs..........

  15. Sarah, these are great and look beautiful in your home cute. I don't know much about Cosmos but they're beautiful

    Hope you enjoy your week


  16. You have a seriously green thumb! I don't think I have ever tried any of these, but I will look for seeds now. I think they might work in the area around our birdbath in the back yard.

  17. I love your new flower choice for the front garden area. Cosmos is such a happy cheerful flower and I love their airy leaves. They look great cut and placed in you MC vase! So glad you’ll be joining the Garden Party this Friday!

  18. So lovely, Sarah! Both my Mom & Grandmother belonged to the same garden club & their *mascot* flowers were cosmos! They had beautiful yards, full of them every year. Your beautiful pathway brought back lovely memories for me. Thanks for sharing!! Hope you're getting some of that much needed rain, but not TOO much.

  19. So pretty Sarah!! How wonderful to have bright fresh blooms to bring inside! I am alas, not a gardener, I have to buy or paint flowers to enjoy them!

  20. I love your cosmos. You have inspired me to try it next year. Your collage of arrangements in your MC vases, mugs and containers made my heart sing. I will be pinning these!
    Wow, this has been a busy week of parties!

  21. There is something about a blowzy flower that doesn't demand care or attention. Then you just suddenly notice how carefree it is. I planted cosmos from seed when I first started gardening over twenty-five years ago. To my surprise, they took off after a couple of good rainfalls. I later planted them at the lake, and so many of my neighbors wanted to know what they were. Now, I tend to buy a few 4 packs and plant them in bunches. They really are sweet.

    I love all your pretty MC vases and pretty flowers. Oh, how much fun we'd have just talking gardens over a cup of tea!


  22. So colorful....truly a perfect complement to your collectible vases ..... I bet it was hard to decide to pull the roses, but obviously the result showed it was the right decision!

  23. Sarah, Lovely cosmos flowers. I planted some of those as well. Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Sylvia D.

  24. Your cosmos are very pretty, especially with your black and white checked pieces. Cosmos grow in my garden, too. I love their airiness and colours.

  25. Sarah,
    I love cosmos and grew them years ago when I lived in Austin. I planted a few white cosmos plants from the nursery earlier in the spring, but they are pretty sad now in this unrelenting heat. Your gardens always look fresh and inviting for a stroll.


  26. I'm adding cosmos to my list! I knew that bees and butterflies love them but I've never planted them. Sarah, every peek of your home is so pretty. I'm glad you shared this!

  27. I love Cosmos and have a few reseed every year. Still small right now. I sprinkled some orange ones this spring that a friend gave me. Anxious to see if they do anything. I plant so heavy that sometimes they are lost. :) Such a pretty flower and a warm welcome to your front bed! Thanks for sharing with the Garden Party and SYC.

  28. Beautiful flowers and photos. Love the colors!

  29. Sarah, your cosmos are just beautiful and how pretty they pop against your MacKenzie-Childs collection ;) Thank you for sharing at Vintage Charm--pinning!

  30. I love cosmos. You have a nice assortment of colours. I usually plant them in an old barrel. This year I planted daisies instead.

  31. Sarah, I love your cosmos! Mine didn't do well this year because I scattered seeds under a tree in the shade and all the rain we have received this year! Next year I'll plant them out in the sun! Your pictures are beautiful!


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