Monday, March 4, 2024

A-Tisket, A-Tasket, My Flower Filled Basket ~Monday Morning Blooms

Welcome to Monday Morning Blooms!
When my friends invited me to join the March edition of 
Monday Morning Blooms with an Easter theme, 
I immediately responded, "Yes, absolutely!"
Easter arrives early this year, just weeks away, 
so their thoughtful invite prompted me 
to quickly "spring" into action.

I'm always thrilled and honored to
join my talented, flower loving friends,
Mary, Pam, and Lidy.

Thank you, friends, for inviting me to be a guest
this month as we "march" toward Easter.

If you caught my recent Tales of the Traveling Tote edition,
you might have noticed that spring in Austin is 
bursting forth with a symphony of color.
You can read the post here.

After a drab winter it makes my heart sing to see all the trees 
with delicate blooms budding out on the bare branches.  
I often snip a few branches and bring them inside.
Easter falls on March 31st this year, 
a short 27 days away.

This post is all about inspiring you to use fresh spring flowers and perhaps a few bunnies and eggs to celebrate the upcoming holiday.

I filled a favorite vase with 
flowering branches for the buffet. 

Needlepoint stitched over the years also settled 
in on the buffet as a nod to Easter.

This little guy is one of my favorites.

Flip him around and you get the 
backside with his cottontail.

Peter Rabbit is an impressive 15" tall.  

A trip to Austin Flower Co. yielded several bouquets of exquisite ranunculus sourced from Winkelmann Flowers
a small flower farm outside of Austin. 
A-Tisket, A-Tasket, I filled my basket!

Ranunculus are also known as Buttercups
and they certainly look like soft, silky butter.
These spring bulbs bloom for four to six weeks,
and as cut flowers will often stay fresh for two weeks.

I was taken with the soft pastel colors, the bright fuchsia, 
and the curly edged pink and green blooms. 

I never did discover the actual name of this variety, but this bi-color stunner immediately caught my attention.  Notice the way the pink mingles with the pale green that radiates out from the center.

I added in a few simple stems of both white and pink Wax 
Flowers for added texture with a touch of faux Lilly of the Valley
 to hide the vase within, but basically this basket is chock
full of the exquisite, Ranunculus blooms.

I recently added this scalloped edge wicker tray to my 
tabletop stash specifically to use on the center of our table.
It's the ideal base for a centerpiece 
vignette with an Easter theme.

The eggs were handprinted by a friend in the 1980s.
She sold them at local shops, and I would add 
an egg or two to my collection each year.  

I used vintage MacKenzie-Childs dishes to set 
a table for two, all a little frilly and girly.
The delicate floral details on this set are a perfect nob for
Monday Morning Blooms.

 According to the MacKenzie-Childs catalog listing, 
"Chelsea Luster harkens back to Victorian England.
The lusterware technique uses copper lustre, a semi-precious metal that becomes indecent with age.  Timeless beauty." 

The lusterware floral ceramic napkin rings add 
the perfect finishing touch to ring the ruffled edge 
napkins from Arte Italica Crown Linen Designs.

I have a set of eight of the napkin rings, and each features delicate floral bouquets all the way around, each ring with different flowers.
They make a beautiful finishing touch to most any place setting.

I added my ruffled velvet placemats stacked with mother-of-pearl scalloped mats for added texture to soften the look of the bare table.
My favorite vintage mother of pearl and silver flatware is yet 
another nod to the frilly, girly ambiance of the dish stack.

With a spring floral theme, I thought it fitting 
to use these vintage Anchor Hocking green stems.

I recently added the Adoring Amaryllis Bauble Stocking to my collection so I wanted to feature these two pink minis at this table.
I tied my Bauble Stockings with some MacKenzie-Childs 
Courtly Check ribbon, added a few blooms, and hung them 
on the back of the chairs for an added festive touch.

A-Tisket, A-Tasket, a flower filled basket!

Embrace the wonderful spring blooms available to you, 
bring them into your home, and let your heart listen to 
the symphony of the tapestry of their beautiful colors.

Enjoy your visits with my flower friends below.
Be inspired with their beautiful flower filled posts.

Lidy @ French Garden House


The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. Oh Sarah…what a feast for the eyes this morning! I’m scrolling up and down oohing and aahing to take in all your Easter goodies and floral beauty! I love Ranunculus but don’t run across them very often, no Trader Joe’s nearby or wonderful flower company to source flowers. What a treat it must have been to create such a beautiful arrangement. I love the little pops of wax flowers studding your arrangement. I adore your new scalloped basket and handsome hare, needlepoint creations, beautiful eggs and Courtly Check bunnies and MKC Chelsea Luster plates. The little stocking on your chairs with ribbons and flowers are icing on the cake! I wish I had some Redbuds to snip branches from this morning. Thank you for joining us for some flower therapy this morning…it’s always a treat to have a virtual seat at your table. Happy March! πŸŒΈπŸ‡πŸŒ·πŸ’š

  2. Sarah, I agree with Mary, this is a feast for the eyes! The Redbuds haven’t started their blooming here, but your cut branches remind me of the beautiful color yet to come. The needlepoint stitching is amazing, the large Peter Rabbit makes me want to take up needlepoint! I love the exquisite ranunculus, their blooms are stunning. The frilly and girly settings are so lovely with the gorgeous lusterware floral ceramic napkin rings adding the finishing touch. Your collection of Bauble Stockings are adorable! It is always to treat to have you join us for Monday Morning Blooms and flower therapy. Happy March, Sarah πŸŒΊπŸŒΈπŸ‡πŸ©·

  3. My dear Sarah, you never disappoint. In fact, you have exceeded my expectations. Those ranunculos! Gorgeous, striking, divine! You are so blessed to acquire these. And, I am glad to know they last so long!
    Love your collections. The needlepoint, the Bauble stockings, your new scalloped basket, hand painted eggs are all so elegant. I could go on and on.
    I hear the joy in your heart with each sentence and that is encouraging to us all because we know how much you miss your dear Monnie.
    I am behind on the TT posts. I look forward to reading yours. I am going out of town today so I must hurry now.

  4. Sarah, your basket is so beautiful with those amazing Ranunculus Blooms. A neighbor grows them in her flowers farm. The painted eggs, those adorable Bauble stockings are so cute. Love your lusterware along with the CL velvet ruffled placemats. How special your needlepoint is. Peter Ranbit is so handsome. A beautiful vignette to welcome this new week.πŸ‘πŸŒΊπŸ°πŸ©·

  5. Dearest Sarah,
    Lovely bouquet you got and I love Ranunculus asiaticus (or Persian buttercup). Back in The Netherlands I've always loved the early spring flowers, the yellow Buttercup.
    Did use Ranunculus for my small and large Delft white picture frames:
    Also with my Christofle Knife rests and Napkin ring...
    You have quite a collection of delicate needlepoint Easter items.
    Enjoy your spring!

  6. Good morning, Sarah! This post brightened my morning and made me smile! You always create the most beautiful displays. Your floral arrangement is absolutely gorgeous! How exciting to have a floral farm to visit nearby. I love all of your MacKenzie Childs pieces. They are the perfect setting for your Easter table. It has been such a joy to visit your beautiful home today. Wishing you a wonderful week, sweet friend! Shannon@ Belle Bleu Interiors

  7. Oh to have fresh flowers from the garden again! How wonderful. Your table is adorable. I remember how springtime smells in Texas when the earth comes alive. It is wonderful!

  8. Dear Sarah, it is such a blessing to have you join us this month! I have to join Mary and Pam and say your post is a feast for the eyes, and balm for the soul. Every single photo is filled with spring and floral wonder. Your collection of special bunnies and eggs, the little bauble stockings, every single thing spells out a love for spring! Thank you so much for gracing us with your presence at our Monday Morning Blooms. Xo Lidy

  9. Dear Sarah, it is such a blessing to have you join us this month! I have to join Mary and Pam and say your post is a feast for the eyes, and balm for the soul. Every single photo is filled with spring and floral wonder. Your collection of special bunnies and eggs, the little bauble stockings, every single thing spells out a love for spring! Thank you so much for gracing us with your presence at our Monday Morning Blooms. Xo Lidy

  10. What a stunning post! I love your gorgeous flower arrangement in the scalloped basket. The ranunculus is so pretty. Your collection on needlepoint bunnies is beautiful. Thanks for sharing a showstopper table. Happy Easter.

  11. Oh Sarah, I adore all your needlepoint bunnies! So many pretties, and wonderful Spring bouquets! Your MKC hanging bunny is adorable on your beautiful MKC vase of spring branches. The basket of gorgeous ranunculus is breathtaking! It looks so pretty on the low basket tray with the bunny and eggs as a centerpiece for your table. The handpainted eggs are incredible. Your plate stacks and napkin rings are so special and you always have the best sweet treats! The stockings with blooms hanging on the chair backs are the best final touch! It has been such a pleasure to visit you today!

  12. The most beautiful collection of Spring flowers imaginable, Sarah. I have
    contacted Hinkelmann to see if they would ever have seeds available. Your
    setting is perfection and each appointment just blends seamlessly into the
    beautiful whole. You inspire.

  13. Your spring blooming branches and ranunculus floral arrangement epitomize spring, thank you for sharing such beauty!

  14. This was feast for the eyes. The needlepoint and hand painted pieces are gorgeous and those ranunculus are stunning! Beautiful, tasteful displays. Pamela

  15. Oh my, Sarah! Those branches are stunning in that pitcher -- so simple and so darned wonderful! All your blooms are striking. It will be a bit before we see any outside (though possibly sooner than we think; it's unseasonably warm here in the north). But I did get a bulb garden the other day, and I suspect it will be the first of more to come!

  16. Absolutely gorgeous Sarah. Your floral arrangement is so detailed and beautiful. No Trader Joes near here, so fresh flowers are only available at the supermarket and are never fresh enough. I'm so impressed with those amazing painted Easter eggs. What treasures! Your vignettes and accessories are always a joy to behold! Happy March!

  17. Sarah, not just the beautiful collections (the M-C, the eggs your friend made, your needlepoints), but those flowers! Oh my, the pink and green ranunculus just are beautiful, but your arrangement has a very old world quality to it. I love the cut branches to force blooming indoors. Each and every little vignette is adorable. That new wicker tray will be extremely versatile, and its little scallop adds to the frilly and girly overall look. So tastefully done!

  18. Oh, Sarah. You have the most lovely collections and display them so beautifully. I know I've told you before but I just can't say it enough. Those ranunculus are beautiful They really are the prettiest I've ever seen. Everything looks so springy and bright. Something that is badly needed right now. Happy Days to you my friend..xxoJudy

  19. Hi Sarah! It's the first time I hop on your blog and what's a stunning post! I love all these floreal decorations and Easter goodies!

    1. Welcome, Roberta. Thank you for the kind words. I hope you will be a regular visitor. Happy spring!

  20. I don't know if I have ever seen a prettier flower than your ranunculus! My! Such exquisite beauty! And the way you have them arranged is just stunning. I am visiting you from Pam's blog. God bless you this Easter season!

    1. Cheryl, thank you for your kind words. I appreciate you visiting and leaving me a comment. Happy Spring!

  21. Sarah Oh my word, this is so outstandingly beautiful and amazing
    I visited you via Life and Linda: Love Your Creativity Link Party #243
    My links: 125+126. We will be delighted if you share your blog post links with us at SSPS. Link under BLOGGING

  22. Wow! So pretty. I love your exquisite napkin rings. Beautiful!


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