Monday, September 11, 2017

Fall Is In The Air

As Hurricane Irma continues its path of destruction, my thoughts and prayers are with all who are in harms way.  Thank you to all who have written to ask about our sweet family who sheltered here after Hurricane Harvey.  They have returned to Houston and have begun the process of dealing with the aftermath of the flood that left over 3 feet of water in their home and totaled both of their cars.
After Harvey left Central Texas, Mother Nature kindly sent us a wonderful cool front.  There is a touch of fall in the air with the cooler temps, and I have been motivated to join my chef and do a little baking myself.  
Pecan Oil from Wimberley Valley Gourmet in Wimberley, Texas
A friend recently gave "the chef" a bottle of pecan oil. We visited Wimberley Valley Gourmet to see how they recommended using the pecan oil, and as expected, they share a variety of recipes on their web page.  Since we keep Texas pecans in our freezer and already had some bananas on hand, I decided to try the recipe for their banana nut bread .

The recipe is extremely easy and straight forward 

with just a few ingredients.

Basically all I needed to whip up the 

recipe was a whisk and a spatula. 

I baked it in my favorite loaf pan,

a ceramic piece in the Piccadilly pattern

from MacKenzie-Childs.

A mug of dark, rich coffee with a

slice of this nut bread is the 

perfect combination for a crisp, fall day.

Simplicity at its best!

Wimberley Valley Gourmet Banana Nut Bread
You can find the recipe here.

The Piccadilly loaf pan is retired, 
but other baking pieces in this cute pattern are available at

I'm sure you have noticed we have a new look here at

Hyacinths for the Soul.

A big thank you and shout out to Linda @ Life and Linda

for giving us a new template and blog update.

I am extremely appreciative of Linda's talent and generosity.


The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. Sarah, that banana bread looks wonderful! What a treat to receive pecan oil. I used my favorite Picadilly loaf pan last evening to make zucchini bread. My first loaf all summer. Loving your new template and blog update. Have a great week.

  2. I LOVE banana bread - yum! Blog looks cute!

  3. Wow, Linda NAILED it! I love how your blog looks! LOVE the header with sweet Sadie, and your About Me photo is too, too cute. I also like the thin purple rule lines.

    I also read this post ;P

    Now I'm wanting some warm nut bread for breakfast!!!

  4. Gorgeous photos, sweet Sarah!! What I would do for a piece of that delicious bread with my coffee. Enjoy your week.

  5. Hasn't this weather been unreal for us? I wish it wouldn't get hot again this year.

    Your MC tray looks so pretty set with the banana bread. Sounds delicious with a hot cup of coffee.

    Sarah, I ran across the neatest Youtube video this weekend and thought of you and your MC crowd. You might like this:

  6. MMMMM! I wish I had smellavision! Your bread looks wonderful. Sounds perfect on this crisp morning!

  7. YUMMY! And I love when you pull out all your MChilds. So pretty! Happy Monday!

  8. Love your new look, so stylish and so very you! Bananas and pecans a match made in heaven, there's something so grounding about baking, it's one of my favourite ways to spend time in the kitchen.
    Your relatives will have a lot to do in the coming weeks and months as they try and put their life in Houston back together, I'm sure they appreciated the love and support that you and Chef gave them in their time of need.
    Happy MM, stay safe.

  9. I love your new look! So bright and happy! The bread looks so good, I think banana nut bread is one of my favorite things to eat. Guess what? I found another La Madeline French Lesson Mug! Love it!

  10. Love banana bread, Sarah. Your blog looks great - love the profile photo of you in the MKC chair.

  11. Sarah, the Banana bread looks so good. The mornings here area little cooler, so I could bake. Loving the cute baking dish. Thank you for writing about me cresting your new blog design. I appreciate the shout out. Enjoy Sarah.

  12. Sarah,
    Banana nut bread is good any time of the day! Would love to have a slice out on my back porch today. It's 12:20 pm and only 81°... pure perfection.


  13. Everything looks delicious, Sarah...the bread and the blog! 😊

  14. I love your new template and update Sarah! Your bread looks delicious, even more so presented with your Courtly Check and beautiful loaf pan. ♥

  15. Sarah, what a fabulous treat, banana bread and Nespresso coffee presented so beautifully! Love the MC loaf pan! The new blog look that the talented Linda did is fabulous!

  16. Sarah - it's funny how cooler temperatures bring out the baking in all of us! I made my first cake in a long time since the temp is dropping and the smoke from forest fires is keeping us indoors. (Making lemonade from lemons!!!) Our prayers are with all those affected by storms around the world.

  17. Your blog looks so elegant--love the new dressing. Your banana bread looks scrumptious!

  18. So glad that your relative are safe. So sorry about their home. So many people lost everything.

    So glad that your getting cooler weather, our Fall is never coming. I shouldn't be so ungrateful about the weather, but I don't think we will ever get cooler weather.

    Love your new header and Sadie.


  19. Such a tempting setting with beautiful orchids, your love McChild's items & that yummy banana bread! I didn't know they even made pecan oil. Thank you for the link to the recipes.
    Your blog looks the touch of Hyacinth purple!!!

  20. Such a delicious bread to bake with the first cool weather of fall. I've never used pecan oil so I'll have to look at their web page. Sarah, you do have so many prettty pieces of MC and I love the tray you set for coffee and a slice of banana bread.
    Linda did a lovely job with your blog. Enjoy this wonderful cool weather!

  21. While I've never heard of pecan oil, it makes perfect sense! It must give a really rich flavor to baked goods!!!! It's in the 50s here in the Kansas City, Mo area this morning, and that bread and coffee would pretty much hit the spot after a morning of gardening with cold water splashing on me! Glad to know family is OK, but sad they have a long road to recovery with that water damage. Water is a blessing and a curse. I hope they're able to get everything straightened out and back to some semblance of normalcy soon.

  22. Thank you for the update on you family, Sarah. I talked to a lady in Target yesterday who was here from Tampa, staying with family. One never knows, do they?
    Your banana bread and coffee are so beautifully displayed with your M-C pieces. I so love that loaf pan! Using pecan oil must add a delicious flavor and moisture.
    Your new blog look is perfect for it!

  23. I love a good nut bread, Sarah. This sounds just delicious!

  24. Oh what a mess! So glad they were safe though!
    Wow, all of your MC's are wonderful. Did you go to the barn sale? Too fun.
    Yes, temps are cooling a bit here too, welcome change, but not too cool yet!

  25. We bought some pecan oil once upon a time in Natchitoches, Louisiana. I have long ago run out, never seen it again, but will check this out. Today in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma's remnants, it was a great day to bake. It was garlic cheddar biscuits with some leftovers and a salad, but I feel like banana bread cannot be far behind. Thank you for sharing. BTW that peach tart was wonderful!

  26. I'm drooling over all your MKC pieces Sarah, not to mention your bread with pecan oil, sounds divine! We are shaking our heads in disbelief as we were completely spared from Irma on the coast...smack in between 2 of the most powerful storms in history~ I continue to pray for your sweet family in Houston.

  27. It is disheartening to see loved ones go through difficult times. I'm so glad you could help keep them, literally, safe from the storm. I'm so glad for your visit and that you found something beneficial there during these trying days. Thanks for letting me know! I love your new fresh look on the blog. The recipe looks delicious!

  28. Dearest Sarah,
    Congratulations to this wonderful blog lay out!
    Noticed it right away to the right about the name for your blog; how precious.
    So sorry for the family that was with you, for finding so much damage to their home and both cars.
    Life can be tough at times.
    Your photo styling is so classy; love the orchid blossoms with the yummy bread.
    Love the way your recipe is being shown separately!
    As for Irma, we hope that those without power in my town will soon get it restored.
    We are so fortunate for not having any damage, only 8 hours without power and 2 days without Internet and TV. So many homes have damage from fallen trees, or cars being hit. And mainly power lines being ripped out.
    Florida is worse with all the water damage... Sad but also wonderful to see how people come together as one nation and help each other!
    We sold our Dutch bikes to a nice man from Houston but he has not received them yet as shipments are all delayed. He escaped any damage but helped with his boat some 130 families escape.
    Heartwarming stories!
    Sending you hugs,

  29. Your loaf looks just delicious. The only problem with banana bread is that once I stop eating it, I can't stop (even in a plain old pan....)

  30. Your blog looks so pretty Sarah and your bread...delicious! Happy weekend!

  31. Sarah, Your blog looks fabulous. Love your new look.
    I am so sorry your family suffered so much loss. I will pray for them as they rebuild their lives. Not an easy fix.
    Your lovely MC pieces are so pretty and banana nut bread looks delicious. Those orchid blossoms are gorgeous. You have a flair for styling.
    My cousins stayed with me for five days as they fled Jacksonville on the wake of Irma. One has a tree on their house and they are still waiting for tree cutters to come. Fortunately, it slowly fell and rested on the side of the house they don't use. The other cousin had no damage. Their street flooded but it did not come in her house. They are thankful damage was minimal.
    I am slowly catching up reading blogs after being off line for a week.

  32. Save me some from the next loaf! Looks delicious! xoxo Steph

  33. I'm so glad you were there for your family but sorry their home suffered Harvey damage ... our tiny cottage" and the resort it is in in Fort Myers escaped Irma with very little damage . That banana bread looks amazing! I'm off to read the recipe.

  34. Hi Sarah, Your new blog design is so fresh and pretty! I am sorry to hear your relatives had so much damage, but at least they were safe in the shelter of your home! We are hoping hurricanes José and Maria will not impact us here. Yum -- your bread looks so delicious! I could eat a piece right now. Linda

  35. Sarah I am utterly starving after reading this! (I've had my tea but no breakfast yet!) I do love banana bread but my family prefers pumpkin bread, so I'll be making that soon. Wish I had your pretty baking dish! Love the new look. Linda's great - she helped me move from blogspot to my own domain and it went off seamlessly! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

  36. Sarah, your new format is really beautiful and easy to read and sort through. Linda does a wonderful job of it all. Banana bread looks so good and your beautiful serving pieces really sets it off. The orchids add just the right touch..Have a wonderful week..Judy

  37. Love this new header and blog look Sarah! I'm getting ready for a change too, i bet it feels so good. I'm so happy to hear your family is getting their life in order again. What a traumatic event and it's terrible about Puerto Rico now. We have to keep praying. The loaf looks yummy, I want a bite. :)

  38. Hi Sarah! Love all your pics of your wonderful MC wares! And your yummy goodies I could make disappear I think! MMMMM. I need to get baking - haven't in 2 weeks.

    I like your new blog design - it's nice to freshen things up sometimes, isn't it?

    Glad to be back blogging, sure missed it - and missed you! Hugs! ♥

  39. Sarah,
    Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words!! I love the black and white of MKC! Whimsical yet elegant in it's own right!!

  40. Sarah I always learn something wonderful here. Pecan oil. Who knew? But I need some! :)

  41. Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit. I plan to give your recipe a try. Sounds delicious. CherryKay


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