Friday, February 13, 2015

Be Mine, Valentine!

 ~ CAMEO ~

Collecting Antiques and Memorabilia

and Educating Ourselves

My CAMEO Antiques Club met

Thursday morning for our February meeting.

My friend, Carol, hosted us in her

lovely country home.

Carol served a delicious light brunch

from her kitchen island.


non-alcoholic drinks 

Were served in delicate vintage champagne coupés

and other fancy glassware.

Chocolates and sweetheart shortbread cookies

filled a ruffly pink beribboned bowl.

"Antique Valentines"

were the topic of the day.

 Carol's friend, Corey,

graciously shared her extensive,

 beautiful collection of sentimental mementos

that she inherited from her Grandmother Ruth.

Grandmother Ruth's collection began when she was

a young child in the early 1900s, and her Uncle Ed

would send her special valentines.

Some of Ruth's collection dates to the 1800s

and are quite large and heavy.

Satin ribbon and three

dimensional details were a

significant theme for the early ones.

Delicate layers of cut paper doilies

and beautiful images were the focus on others.

Many opened up in "pop-up" form,

and some had tissuepaper honeycomb embellishments.

The mechanical ones were adorable

with their roaming eyes and movable parts.

It was an honor

to see this incredible collection with

its endearing personal story.

Thank you, Carol and Corey!

"If you don't love my dog

then you needn't love me!"

That's right!

Love me, love my Sadie girl!

St. Valentine's Greetings

 to each of you!


The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. Oh how I would have LOVED to have been there to hear about and personally SEE this gorgeous lifetime collection!
    What a treat, Sarah. I was at an estate sale last year and the woman who had owned the home had large old Victorian valentine's. They had priced them all so high that I decided not to purchase any. They were so delicate and beautiful though and as advanced as our world has become --- there is just NOTHING like the old embossed graphics that the old ones have,,,, they just take my breath away!
    Happy Valentine's Day to you and Sadie and Mr. HFTS.


  2. wow, love your pictures!!!!! happy valentin, angie from germany

  3. Be Still My Heart...What a beautiful collection of Valentines your friend has... I'm awe of the detail on the three dimensional ones! Love the whimsy of the dog Valentine and of course your Sweet Sadie :) Wishing you a Sweet Valentine's Day and Doggie Hugs & Kisses from Chloe & Gracie ♥

  4. What an amazing collection of old Valentine's obvious the graphics are beautiful. Too bad we still didn't make them the same way.
    Your little Sadie is so cute with her MC style bone.
    Enjoy the weekend with your sweetie!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day! Sadie is a cutie-pie...have a great weekend Sarah!

  6. Lovely post! Such a fun collection of old Valentine's cards.

    Jocelyn @

  7. Who wouldn't love sweet Sadie?! Looks like you had a delightful afternoon with friends.

  8. And thank you for sharing them with us.

    What a wonderful collection Corey inherited.

    Have a lovely Valentine's Day!

  9. I love the tissue paper honeycomb decorations. I have vintage also, hope you'll have time to come see.

  10. What a lovely time you must have had - and what a great idea for a gathering. The antique cards are treasures!

  11. What a wonderful valentine collection, that's especially nice because it was her grandmother's. The brunch looks delicious.

  12. I was so happy to see Sadie hugging that cute bone!! This collection is quite a treasure! I just adore that ruffled pink striped bowl - gorgeous!! Looks like your club meeting was quite amazing!! Happy Valentines Day!

  13. I was just back at my blog bemoaning the fact there are no pretty valentines any longer! So sweet and innocent, and don't forget - beautifully crafted!
    I don't think the dinky teenage-mutant-ninja-turtle cards will endure as long.

    Thanks for the story!

  14. Oh my, how could someone not love your Sadie girl! I want to nuzzle her through the computer.

    How lovely was your lunch, and the collection is fabulous. I'm oohing and aahing here and need to go look again. Your photos are fantastic too.

    Happy Valentines Day!

  15. Dearest Sara,
    That is an amazing collection of turn of the century Victorian ribbon cards and such! Coincidentally, I've posted some of these as well today...
    Sending you blessings and a Happy Valentine's Day.

  16. What a wonderful party. I would have loved to see all those beautiful old fashioned Valentine cards. Aren't they just so beautiful. Sure can't them like that anymore.
    Everything looks so good - all the terrific treats. Hugs to Sadie from Waldo and Lili.

  17. I love when you share your meetings and clubs with us, dear Sarah. I enjoyed seeing all the vintage Valentines, but to see them in person must've been swoon worthy!! The brunch looked so wonderful and those shortbread ❤️ cookies with the raspberry on top...I'm sighing!
    Happy Valentine's Day to you, your hubby and your sweet Sadie!!

  18. The party looked both beautiful and delicious! Love those antique Valentines...

  19. Sarah, what a very special meeting this was. The antiques club was fortunate to have such a delightful collector to speak on vintage cards. Oh how I would have loved that. The cards are stunning and are little works of art. Your friend Carol hosted a lovely brunch, I'm sure it was delicious. The pink beribboned dish was perfect for serving pretty heart cookies. Great snap of your cameo and roses and who wouldn't love that sweet face of Miss Sadie Mercedes! I could give her so many hugs........
    Happy Valentine's Day Dear Sarah...........

  20. Happy Valentine's Day,Sarah. Incredible cards!!! I would have loved to seen them, too.

    Happy Pink Saturday and Valentine's Day are the perfect pair.♥

  21. Sarah:

    I've always admired antique valentines. How wonderful to be able to see such a vast collection up close and personal. It looks like your hostess set out a lovely spread! I'd love to see a post on her beautiful and varied glassware.

    Of course I love your dog! Happy Valentine's Day.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  22. I very much enjoyed this collection of Valentines. Cute doggie! Several times I have tried to leave a comment but it gets "eaten". I hope this works.

  23. What a treasure! Beautiful photos--and the brunch looks delicious. Please give Miss Sadie a hug from Zap, Murphy, and Mister (she could be Zap's fraternal twin). And thank you for the beautiful Valentine--it warmed my heart on a difficult, cold day. xxoo

  24. What gorgeous Valentine's! What an awesome collection. Glad you got to see them and thanks for sharing with us.

  25. Lovely lovely party, hostess and interesting topic. Wonderful. Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!

  26. Oh, I am so glad to see that she is taking good care of her grandmother's Valentines and that she is sharing them with others. What a wonderful collection. Those honeycomb cards are so delicate. I have some, but they are close to falling apart. I loved seeing this collection. And yum, the brunch looks delicious too. Happy Valentine's Day, Sarah. Love you and love Sadie too. I also like her MC bone!

  27. Sarah- What a wonderful get-together. That collection is just amazing that she inherited. How wonderful that she has it. The food looks great and I LOVE that pink & white ruffled dish.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you- xo Diana

  28. What a wonderful way to enjoy antiques, especially these valentines! I don't think I've ever seen such an assortment as part of one collection, and the colors still so vivid, the paper so intact! I wonder if Corey talked about they had been kept over the years by her Grandmother Ruth. Sarah, thank you for sharing these, and I hope your days are filled with love. Sending you some from the hills of WV this weekend,

  29. such a beautiful collection! I just have a few of the old ornate ones (still hidden in packed boxes), but when my grandmother passed away, she had a few from my grandfather, but had some of my dad's and uncle's school valentines from the 20's and 30's. Your brunch looked wonderful, you have some great topics in your group. Have a wonderful evening!

  30. What a truly special collection. And what a fun club!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  31. Sarah,
    I am now starving after looking at your photos of the wonderful food for your club's luncheon. Our contemporary Valentines look so plain compared to this wonderful collection. I enjoyed seeing all of them.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you,


  32. Hi Sarah, what a wonderful gathering for your club's get together luncheon. Corey's inherited collection is stunning and I enjoyed seeing them. Love the ribbon dish. Your sweet Sadie is so cute and I love the black and white checked toy bone.
    Have a blessed day.
    Hugs, CM

  33. Oh I need to join this group its right up my alley. I have both a collection of antique cameo's as well as Valentines. :)
    Have a beautiful day dear one!

  34. I have no doubt that Carol, Corey and I could be friends! What a beautiful event! Carol's home really is pretty and inviting! I love the vintage pieces from Grandmother Ruth's collection! Well done!

  35. Oh my gosh Sarah, her collection is amazing! Absolutely fabulous for sure. I saw the little cameo. I have one that once was my mothers. None of my vintage Valentines, which don't hold a candle to hers are from family. All just found treasures, oh and a blog friend sent me a few that I love!

  36. Is that a McKenzie-Child's "bone" by Sadie? What a discerning dog! What a precious collection of valentines! The food and presentation are beautiful!

  37. Wow, I was thrilled to the bone to see these fabulous cards! No one ever sent me anything like that - ever!! I didn't even know ones existed like that! What an honor to be able to be there and see these in person and I am soooo glad you shared!
    Yes, your comment finally made it - don't know why computers get so crazy! So glad you got some of the cupcake cups already - aren't they the funnest and I found if you turn them inside out they are super easy to clean too!

  38. Such beautiful vintage cards. I bet it was so much fun to see them all and share a wonderful meal together. The decor is divine. Sadie is the sweetest doggie ever.

  39. Looks like a wonderful gathering Sarah! Thank you for linking with Home Sweet Home!

  40. What a fun party and fabulous collection of Valentines.

  41. What fun! I would have loved seeing those vintage Valentine's in person. I love Sadie, such a cutie!!!
    Always so nice having you share at AMAZE ME MONDAY...thank you!

  42. Such a stunning collection of Valentine's, it must have been fascinating to hear the history of them all.
    Love you and your little dog, too!

  43. I don't know what's prettier, your friend's kitchen or the Valentine's!

  44. That looks fun! And they certainly don't make Valentine's now like they used to!

  45. I LOVED seeing the old Valentines! What a treasure she has there! Thanks for sharing them. I also love the ruffled bowl:)

  46. What a beautiful and special collection! I'm so impressed that they are in such good condition as they look quite delicate. Thanks for sharing it with us. And how cute is Sadie :) xoxo

  47. Oh my gosh, I'm in love with those antique Valentine's! How did I miss this post? I am now a follower. :) How lucky for your friend to have her grandmother's Valentine's, wow!
    Thanks for sharing your club meeting with us.

  48. Look at that face! Of course I love Sadie and you too! Sarah thank you for sharing these pictures from your club meeting. I only wish I could see the details of the vintage Valentines up close, what an amazing collection. Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day with your sweetie Sarah!

  49. Sarah,
    The lunch looks delicious and inviting with all the Valentine decor. That beribboned dish could live at my house. :)



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