Friday, December 1, 2023

Tales of the Traveling Tote Edition #37

Hello, December!


Meet Elvis!
My niece was rabbit sitting over the Thanksgiving holiday,
so this darling guy was a big hit at the family festivities. 

Elvis is the sweetest little guy, loves to be held, 
and is the perfect accessory for Miss Merri Mac!

Sadie and I joined the crowds of eclipse viewers this fall.
The annular eclipse was visible here in Texas mid-day.
The most fascinating part for me was seeing the interesting 
shadows projected down on the ground.  
My garden club's first meeting of the year 
was held at the beautiful Texas Governor's Mansion.
This historic home was completed in 1856 and serves as the 
official residence of Texas governors and their families.

The Greek Revival style home was designed by prominent 
architect Abner Cook and sits on a full city block surrounded by trees and gardens across from the Texas Capitol in downtown Austin.

Security restrictions would not permit Miss Merri Mac 
to join me, so my mini Courtly Check zipper pouch 
happily accompanied me for the outing.

Docents of the Governor's Mansion served as our guides for a tour of the grounds, enlightening us on the history of the building, grounds, and the families who have occupied this historic home over time.
The beautiful newly constructed greenhouse featured above 
is the first structure to be built on the historic grounds of the Governor's Mansion in 40 years.

After our excellent tour, we were treated 
to a lovely luncheon in the garden.

The friendly staff served us a delicious lunch,
 including the notable Governor's Mansion Tea Punch.

Here is the recipe in case you want to 
treat yourself during the holidays.

If you find yourself in Austin, I recommend a visit to the 
Texas Capitol and Governor's Mansion
two historic architectural jewels of our state. 
The Annual East and West Austin's Open Studio Tours 
is held over several weekends in November.
Miss Merri Mac and I stopped by a venue to meet a few of the artists.

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The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. Rabbit, Rabbit Sarah, Elvis looks so cute peeking out of your tote! Southern Living Magazine shared the recipe to Governor's Mansion Tea Punch. I made it several years ago and can attest to how good it is. The greenhouse looks like a beautiful addition to the Governor’s Mansion and the garden grounds look like the perfect setting for lunch with the shade and dappled sunshine from the pergola. You’ve been on my mind and in my heart. I know you’re missing your Sweet Sadie. I hope you’re staying busy with lots of lunches and love from friends. Wishing you a Merry December ♥

  2. Stunning spot for ladies who lunch:) They look so elegant..Giuliana has a bunny she loves it so much..a few yrs now..Beautiful pics of you and sadie:)xox

  3. The bunny is adorable and must have enjoyed posing for TT pics!! Your tour looked like a fun event and what a lovely way to lunch!! The pics of you and Sadie are so sweet and I am sure she is terribly missed. I wish you a Happy holiday season!

  4. Dearest Sarah,
    Lovely images of bunny and happy time lunching!

  5. Elvis is beautiful. How did he get along with Sadie? Speaking of security, there was NO WAY that the security at Michigan's Big House would let me near the stadium with La Countess! I loved seeing the pretty photos of the Governor's Mansion and Capitol. I'm sure y'all's luncheon was lovely! I know that the Open Studio Tours were fun: I think it's neat to see where artists create. Merry Christmas! XO, RJ

  6. Happy December Sarah! Oh what a sweet little bunny and they do make cuddles so sweet, cute name too. I love the sweet pics of you and Sadie ❤️ I'm sure the eclipse was interesting. We didn't see it, must have been a cloudy day. The garden club luncheon was lovely and such a special place. I love seeing and learning the history behind our state capitals and Governor's mansions. Such a special setting to enjoy with friends. If I ever make it to Austin I'll be sure to stop and take a tour. Thanks for taking us along. I look forward to seeing your tree, I know it will be amazing!

  7. Elvis the bunny is adorable!! What fun to cuddle with that cutie! I know your heart is heavy without Sadie and you have been in my prayers Sarah. The Governor's Mansion tour and luncheon sounds wonderful, a perfect place for your garden club meeting. I would have loved the Artist Open Studio Tours and how fun that the artists held your tote! Happy December!

  8. Elvis is a cutie. how fun to cuddle with a sweet bunny. Sadie looks adorable and is the perfect companion. My thoughts are with you Sarah. How special see the Governor's mansion and have lunch. That is a fantastic place to enjoy a lovely luncheon. The artist studio would be fun to visit as well. We have several artists in our area that put on events for the different holidays. Wishing you a Merry Christmas. xo

  9. Oh Sarah! Elvis is so adorable! But I bet Sadie was a little jealous, was she not? Your outing to the eclipse viewing looked so fun - a perfect day for viewing, and the Garden Club meeting really looked like something I would enjoy. That new greenhouse (a Hartley?) is beautiful, and that punch! Wow, it really looks like it would be good. I love artisan shows, and our city does a really nice job of hosting them. I love when you share your events, and wondering if you shopped any of the vendors' wares? Maybe someday I'll travel to TX with very good friend who originates from there, and I'll visit family and you! ps I do wish M-C would bring back some of their smaller accessories for us to enjoy again. I love your cosmetic clutch, very chic on its own!

  10. Sarah I thought Elvis was your bunny, and he is just too sweet. I would get another bunny in a heartbeat. I visit my friend's bunny often, and just adore him. I grew up with bunnies. I know your heart is heavy with the loss of Sadie. How special to see the Governor's mansion and have lunch. Wishing you a Merry Christmas.

  11. Oh Sarah, what fun! The mansion is a beautiful spot for a garden club gathering with its history and beautiful design. But I think my heart is most captured by the dear Elvis and also your photos of the eclipse and the ones of you and Sadie. Absolutely delightful in every way.

  12. Elvis is adorable, Sarah. I have been to Austin a couple of times and remember the beautiful Governor’s mansion and capital! Thanks for the punch recipe, sounds delicious. I love the photos of you and Sadie, I know she is missed. Merry December!

  13. This is so fun to see how active and fun filled your life is! Love seeing you out and about, feeling like a sloth next to you traveling toters!

  14. What a fun luncheon and how nice that they gave you the recipe for the tea. I always love getting recipes! We toured the Governor's mansion in Utah once and loved it. It had been almost gutted by a fire because someone had spliced an extension cord. They got it back into good shape.
    Bunny love! Happy December!


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