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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Savor the Moment of the Last Days of Autumn

The chef and I along with our sweet Sadie girl

enjoy nice morning walks though our neighborhood.

Lately I've noticed that some have already

added wreaths with red bows, 

greenery swags on doors and windows, 

and Christmas lights in trees and on houses.

Whoa, Nellie!

I'm not ready to move on into the holiday season 

of red and green, holly, and Christmas trees.

I'm still savoring the softness of autumn

with its russets and warm earthy colors.

I like to see pumpkins and gourds

and fall flowers at the entry of homes

to welcome guests and those of us who stroll 

by on neighborhood walks.

We are still all about 

turkeys and pumpkins here.

Lots of soft lush and plump 

velvet pumpkins!

And favorite containers filled with

beautiful fall flowers.

Thanksgiving will be scaled back this year,

only a small group of friends for brunch rather

than a dinner for twelve as is often tradition.

The chef is currently

at work planning the menu.

Like the squirrels burying their winter stash,

I too am savoring the delights of autumn

for the winter months ahead.

Yes, I want to savor the delights

of autumn before I embrace the upcoming

transition into the holiday season 

and winter months ahead.

 What about you?

Are you one to eagerly rush into

the holiday frenzy?

Have you already begun to decorate

for the Christmas season like many of my neighbors?

I plan to share a tad more autumn bliss

before the end of November,

but the first week of December I will join

Laura @ Decor to Adore's 

Christmas in Texas Blog Hop.

Like in the image above, I will have some 

uniquely Texas decor to share.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Z is for Zephyranthus

Z is for


Here in Austin, one can spot

colonies of these growing in open grassy fields or

grassy areas beside  sidewalks that run along city streets.

They spring from the ground after a rain.

~ Small ~ Sweet ~ Sturdy ~

Left to Mother Nature to tend them,

the bulbs which produce small, 

grass like leaves are no fuss.

~ No Watering ~ No Pruning ~

These bulbs, originally came from 

Mexico or Guatemala, but have spread

and naturalized through the south.

Cold hardy in zones 8-10, they

are related to Amaryllis.

The starry flowers can be pink to yellow to white.

The blooms last a day or two, but plants will rebloom numerous 

times spring through fall after rains that follow 

periods of drought or dry conditions.

~ Zephyranthus ~

Derived from the Greek god of the west wind,

Zephyus, meaning flower.

Rain Lily ~ Fairy Lily ~ Zephyr Lily ~

Rainflower ~ Magic Lily ~ Atamasco Lily

Actually not lilies at all, but in the Amaryllis family.

Congratulations to 

Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch

Miss Merri Mac and I will get your

Starbucks Gift Card  off to you this week.

Thank you to all who joined in the fun 

and left a comment on Miss Merri Mac's 

Adventures Celebrating the Golden Days of Fall.

The next Traveling Totes Series is December 15th.

You won't want to miss the generous give away

sponsored by Patti @ Pandora's Box.


Monday, November 2, 2015

Y is for YES and Yippee! ~ Tartan Parade 2015

Y is for 

YES and Yippee!

MacKenzie-Childs Pocket Watch Ornament


Alison @ Polohouse 

decided it was time for another

Tartan Parade!

iPhone Tartan Case ~ Mackenzie-Childs Glasses ~ Tartan Wool Scarf

To quote Scott Meacham Wood, the King of Tartans,

"All tartans are plaid, 
but not all plaids are tartans."

Tartan Ware Tea Caddy c1880 ~ Marburger Farm Antique Show

But who wants 

to be that technical?

Part Of My Personal Collection of Tartanware

I simply adore all the 

vibrant colors and textures.

Vintage Brass Lamp With Tartan Shade

I say a resounding 


Tartan ~ Plaid ~ Paisley @ Marburger Farm Fall Antique Show 2015

Tartans ~ Plaids ~ Paisley ~ Checks

Vintage Paper Maché Tartan Balls c1970

I'm a fan of all.

Sadie Mercedes In Tartan Frame

Be it fall, 

Winter, Spring, or Summer,


Antique Tartanware Napkin Rings At Christmas

Around the house ~

Wool Dress and Scarf @ Madewell ~ Part of My Fall Wardrobe

Around my neck.

Stack of Tartan Plates From The Cupboards

Tartans ~ Plaids ~ Paisley ~ Checks

Arita Tartan Cup and Saucer ~ Antique Tartanware Glasses Case 

Life's Little Instruction Book

I say YES!

Store Window ~ Madewell in Austin, TX

Are you seeing a pattern here?


Tartans ~ Plaids ~ Paisley ~ Checks

I never met one I didn't like!

How about you?

Alison @ Polohouse 

is hosting a Tartan Parade.

Join the fun HERE,

Click HERE to enter my Fall Giveaway!

Also Joining

Friday, October 30, 2015

X is for EXcited for the Golden Days of Fall ~ Traveling Totes #4 + Fall Giveaway

X is for


about the Golden Days of Fall

Welcome to Tales of the Traveling Totes #4

Texas is often hot and dry well into October,

so we don't experience the beauty that

one sees in the Northeast with  

the blazing glow of changing leaf color.

Our autumns are much more subtle.

They are indeed, Golden!

Miss Merri Mac and I

have to find our flaming orange hues

at the local plant centers.

And the many pumpkin patches

that pop up around town in early October.

Even Miss Mini Mac enjoys exploring

the abundance of russet hued pumpkins and gourds

that seem to be at every market in Austin.

Loading up a few plants

to put out in the fall garden.

A favorite fall activity is

of course shopping the venues during

Round Top Antiques Week.

Miss Merri Mac 

and I wouldn't miss it!

Always the first week in October.

A highlight this year was meeting

Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch.

She was there signing her new book,


Farmhouse French Style.

What a treat to meet a blogging friend

whom I've admired and followed for many years.

You can find her book HERE.

Autumn in the Texas Hill Country west of Austin

is always a beautiful time of the year.

One such delightful day trip is to a

nearby olive grove at the Texas Olive Company.

Halloween is definitely

a big part of the Golden Days of Fall

here at Hyacinths for the Soul.

There is the Annual Halloween 

Dinner Party with long time girlfriends.

You can see previous years' dinner parties


Miss Merri Mac and I have also joined girlfriends

at several Halloween themed Happy Hours

where the treats were very scary.

Previous Halloween Happy Hours 

can be seen HERE and HERE.

Great ideas for party food!

Miss Merri Mac has her mask

and is ready to be filled with Halloween treats

to share with all those little goblins 

that will soon be on the street.


Golden Days of Fall!

Let's Celebrate!

All who leave a comment on this post will be

entered into a draw for a $25 Starbucks Card,

Miss Merri Mac's treat as a Thank You for

following along and joining us for

Tales of the Traveling Totes.

Winner will be announced November 11, 2015.

Below are the links to more 
Golden Days of Fall with the Traveling Totes
Join the fun!

Patti and Miss Kenzie @ Pandoras Box

Linda and Miss Rosie @ More Fun Less Laundry

Debbie and Miss Aurora @ Mountain Breaths

Colleen and Miss MacKenzie Joy
Tami and Miss MC La Mer

Rita and Miss Luna C @ Panoply

Next Traveling Totes Series on December 15th.


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