Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Eat, Drink, and Be Witchy

There's a picnic 
in the neighborhood!

While out on a walk with Sadie
I noticed this pretty fall vignette across
the street on my friend Barbara's front patio.

Cleo must have overheard me
talking about how festive it all was.
She packed the picnic basket,  
gathered her friends, and flew right over.

Greta was 
the first to arrive.

She swept off the bricks,
 and Mr. Barnaby, Cleo's Cat Friday,
unloaded the basket and set up the feast of treats.

Miss Tilly supervised to make certain
everything was prim and proper.

While Tiny Tilda 
just squealed with delight.

Mr. Pudge, never one to 
miss a sweet treat, flew in the minute
the goodies began to tumble out of the basket.

Even a few black crows 
flew in to partake.

Yes, this witchy group 
knows how to party.

Cleo even packed the best
of my Halloween dishes.

Special Quimper plates
created in 2010 in limited production.

You can read more about
these HB-Henriot plates and the inspiration for 
their designs in a previous post here.

Pumpkins, Ghosts, and .   .   .

Big Blue Bats!
~Special Cookies for All ~
Cookie recipe here.

Vintage noise makers 
to let the neighbors know  
there's a party going on.

~ Chocolate Candies ~

~ Honey Crisp Apples ~ Candy Corn ~

These girls plan to

Eat,  Drink, and Be Witchy!

~ A Word Of Advice From Tiny Tilda ~

"Life is short.
Eat the good treats first."

This gaggle of friendly witches 
are long time residents here at HFTS.
You can read more about their 
previous witchy soirees here, here, and here.

Lean in closely.  
Greta has a little secret to share.
The Tommy Hilfiger fringed wool throw
 was a recent thrift store find for $8.

Now that's something to cackle about!


The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. Such a fun post Sarah! Looks like The Girls are having a blast! Had to chuckle a the witch's hairs on the nose and chin of the one plate. And yes, I plan to get the good treats first:@)

  2. What a fun post, Sarah! Love those witchy plates.

  3. Love your plaid Tommy throw! He grew up a couple hours from where I live, and I do enjoy his style. I remember the friendly witches, and it's good to see they are still having fun! Those special Quimper plates are lovely. xo

  4. Sarah,

    Dropping by to give you a big hug. Thanks so much for your condolences.

    I didn't know that Quimper made Halloween plates! Wow, And speaking of which, I believe that the couple I mentioned to you sold.

    Love you...



  5. I love this Sarah! So cute and creative! I love the colors in that TH throw- what a great find. Those chocolates are luring me inn! Love that blue bat cookie and those Quimper plates.

  6. It looks likes fun party and if anyone knows how to put on a great party with beautiful things it's you! Great deal on the blanket
    Hugs Rhondi

  7. It looks likes fun party and if anyone knows how to put on a great party with beautiful things it's you! Great deal on the blanket
    Hugs Rhondi

  8. What a fun greeting for visitors. I agree that sweets must be eaten even if nothing!
    Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday...

  9. Oh how adorable Sarah. LOVE the witch and just the perfect little vignette. CUTE for sure. Those dishes are soooo cute too.

  10. Super cute post Sarah...LOVE this pretty display!

  11. I see the former kindergarten teacher in this sweet post. I can hear you reading this story to a circle of enthralled children.

    I got your package on Monday, but have hardly been home while helping KC set up her cute little home.

    I will send a proper thank you soon.


  12. Sarah, what a cute post! I bet your neighbor wanted you to leave the witch picnic on her patio until Halloween. Your witches did such a great job of creating an inviting picnic. Of course the Quimper plates stole the show for me. Now I wish I had the one with the pumpkin border too. Those napkins are so much fun. Your witches must have flown to design school, because they sure know how to decorate for a festive picnic. laurie

  13. Hi sweet Sarah,
    love your Halloween post. All is so nice but the Quimper plates are hilarious. Be honest, they designed them especially for you, right? Thats so perfect. Thank you for sharing this fun.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  14. What a darling welcome for all the little boo's in the neighborhood. The owl is darling. Seeing the candy corn makes me want to get some and some peanuts to mix in.

  15. Dearest Sarah,
    Quite an entertaining story!
    For me I let Halloween pass by very quietly as I'm healing from major surgery.
    Hugs to you,

  16. Sarah - how adorable! I laughed out loud, when I saw "Miss Tilly". I used to know one (we always called her "Miss Tilly"). She always wore a hat to church and was very prim and proper!! Love those Quimper plates with the witches - what finds they were!

  17. What a fun and adorable vignette dear Sarah! I specially love the witchy plates, soo cute and what a find, wish I was that lucky! Thanks for your sweet visit my friend.

  18. What FUN memories you brought back with those vintage noise makers, Sarah! We loved to run around with them!

    Who knew they made Special Quimper plates, just for Halloween?? This is the first time I've seen them. Too funny!

    Your colors in this post are sooo vibrant...must be that TX sunshine.
    We have snow flurries predicted here. Blegh!

  19. Sarah~ I have fringed throw envy and that was before I read about your thrifty find! Love that your witches found the perfect picnic spot in the neighborhood and packed those wonderful dishes to take along! I'm wild about your vintage noisemakers!

  20. Wonderful picnic! Love those plates...

  21. Now Sarah, I want to come with those witches and enjoy the fun! Those Quimper plates are the best and are a perfect addition to the picnic, in style!! The cookies look like the best treat and the Tommy Hilfiger throw is quite the deal!! This was a fun read, dear Sarah. xo

  22. Happy Pink and "Witchy" Saturday. Sarah. I love it all. And, your plates are gorgeous!!!

  23. So much fun Sarah! Your witches are adorable! I love the cute ones versus the creepy ones~your picnic is such a cute idea~and those plates, wow are they a Treat!! I'd love to have a cookie please!

  24. My girls would have loved to fly over for this wonderful picnic. What fabulous treats and yes, we witches over here believe in doing dessert first - just did it the other night - love throwing waiters off like that! Your witches are darling, your napkins are darling, your signs are darling and your treats look yum, yum, yummy!

  25. You are a master at creating a vignette of witchy wonder. The owl is the formost of all the creatures of eating the best treats and my favorite. Your bewitching party is perfect for the season with the Quimper witch plates! Glad you found the thrifty blanket a wonderful basis for this setting. I want to comment on your success even though I didn't post this week. Thanks for sharing!


  26. so so cute, loving that wonderful Mr. Owl!!

  27. Great post Sarah! That was a grand party for sure. :)

    Love the Quimper witch plates too! Who knew? Pam

  28. Sarah,
    I smiled the entire time reading about the witchy picnic at your neighbor's house, and I'm still smiling as I write this post.

    As soon as I saw your plates, I knew they had to be Quimper.

    Thank you for hosting this friendly witchy party.


  29. What an utterly delightful vignette! Halloween Quimper plates??? how awesome is that!

  30. Sarah I will hop on my broom and join this picnic for sure! What a fun display and oh those witchy Quimper plates are so special!! Thanks for joining TTF and making us all smile!

  31. Very cute post, Sarah, and those Henriot witch dishes are to die for....Christine

  32. Perfect and be witching! Your witches are better behaved than mine.
    Loved this post, so cute, and not ghoulish!

  33. I'm in love with your Halloween dishes! Happy Fall!
    Miss Bloomers

  34. Looks like my kind of party, where I can eat the good treats first without being scolded! Cute Quimper plates.
    Have a wonderful week, Sarah...

  35. Oh they are all having such a good time, I love their picnic dishes, they must do pretty witching around to have such wonderful picnic goodies and those beautiful dishes, I love their fun little picnic and their scary but sweet little faces...thanks for sharing this little get together...

  36. What a fun party for Halloween Sarah, love all the spooky friends! I’m especially admiring the plates and regretting having passed them up while on a shopping trip to Quimper. Adorable post..........


  37. So much fun lovely lady! Your witches are adorable! You did a Beautiful job putting this all together for Halloween. I hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend with your family.

  38. What a wonderful display! I LOVE the plate! Happy Fall and Happy Pink Saturday, Marti

  39. This post is so fun and cute Sarah! I am so glad you joined us at TTF this week. I have featured this post at the TTG FB page today. I hope you will drop by and like it!

  40. what a grand picnic!

    I can't quite believe that quimper has Halloween plates. It just doesn't seem to jive. But they are pretty.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  41. Sarah, only you would have Quimper witch plates! They are so neat, and your witches are so cute! These have to be some of the cutest vignettes I've seen for Halloween. You are so creative! I want to picnic with your little witchy friends.


  42. How I LOVE this time of year! Sarah dear, all of your precious art works and décor will always be remember by your family, young and I remember my mother's precious decorating and baking! POPCORN BALLS was what we made for the kids and it was more fun that to go out in those days, and where I lived...a danger zone! But passing out the candies and being in a warm house with a fireplace going on!

    Thank you for your kind words on my post. She's been gone 27 years, but love still beats on. Anita

  43. What a fun party! Very creative, Sarah! Love your new throw!

  44. I'm not only cackling at your good find, but at your cute picnic post. I would gladly join this fun picnic if I could! Thanks for sharing it with SYC.

  45. This is so delightful Sarah! Love those Halloween dishes too.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  46. You have totally outdone yourself with this very fun and bewitching post!

  47. Such a fun post, Sarah, I can tell you had fun creating this witchy vignette. Nice to see those special plates once again, I must find mine and get ready for Halloween!

  48. Those witchy dishes are so darling! Very cute post!

  49. These witches brewed up some wonderful fun, Sarah! I am aghast you trusted them with your exquisite Quimper Halloween china --I am so glad it survived the ride on their brooms! :)

    Happy Halloween!

  50. What a fun post! Glad I stopped by - put a smile on my face first thing on a Monday morning!

  51. A be-witching post indeed. Well done! xoxox

  52. A be-witching post indeed. Well done! xoxox

  53. A be-witching post indeed. Well done! xoxox

  54. Very cute vignette, Sarah. I like the deep blue color in the mix. Love the vintage noise makers and little chocolate pumpkin candies. Hope Mr. Pudge had a good time!

  55. Thank you for coming dear Sarah! I'm still in love with the witch darn cute! Happy Halloween sweetie!

  56. Oh Sarah, love the $8 throw, great color and so showy for your Halloween display/picnic. Love, love those Quimper plates.

  57. Sarah, what a delightful display! All the little guests look like they are having a wonderful time. Those quimper plates are just delightful. Hope everyone has a great time on Halloween, Laura

  58. Wow, everything is so perfect. I especially love your witch and the owl. So cute. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  59. Hello Sarah, this was so fun - loved your Witchy picnic - the Quimper dishes are fantastic - such a great post! I am delighted that you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,

  60. Sarah, that throw is just sublime and Mr. Owl happens to be my favorite of your wild little crew there. Thank you for sharing. You are one of the features today at the Anything Blue Friday party at The Dedicated House. Pop on in and grab a feature button. Here is the link to today's little blue soiree: Hope to see you again at the party! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHous

  61. What a treat! Girl, you are amazing, you are even out decorating the neighbor's steps. I want to live on your block!
    Hugs, Ginger

  62. Hi Sarah, I have never seen the Quimper witch plates and they are fabulous! Thanks for sharing this fun party at the Open House party.

  63. LOve this! Cute witches and amazing Quimper witchy plates. Happy Halloween!

  64. Those girls really know how to have a good time, love the owl! Fab post Sarah!

  65. Hi this posting. I love Halloween and love to see all the different decorations!! Haven't been on blogging for a long time, but am starting again. I miss reading your postings. I'll have to catch up! Hugs!


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