Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Twinkly Lights and Winter Whites

Though January is when we pack up our Christmas things

and give Santa a well deserved rest,

I like to continue to savor the twinkly lights

 and winter whites of the season.

The sparkle of the trees covered in lights

lend a magical touch to a winter night,

Just as a friend's winter wonderland vignette

does as it drifts across her mantel.

A group of girlfriends recently spent a cozy

evening dining by this sparking scene.

We gathered to celebrate a milestone birthday, 

chatting and laughing together in the glow 

of this magical winter wonderland.

Candles flickered and glitter sparkled.

Frosted trees covered in tiny lights

twinkled through the night.

Nearby we enjoyed Chinese food 

amid a forest of frosted trees.

Each one glistened in the candlelight

with its own majestic elegance.

Mark Roberts' jeweled baubles nestled

at the base in drifts of snow,

Spears encrusted with

sparkly jewels.

Place settings of silver and gold

included a Golden Ticket.

Each guest hopeful that

their's would hold the winning numbers!

Alas, only one winning ticket at the table.

The birthday girl won $10!

Our Chinese takeout was 

followed with  a fortune cookie   .   .   .

And birthday cake for our

sweet friend, Elta.

It was a beautiful winter evening

shared with cherished friends.



The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. What a delightful evening. I love twinkly lights and changing to white. I am in the process too. I have a hard time packing Saint Nick away. HeHe I giggly thinking of Toy Story. I bet he's not to happy to get pack away!
    I wanted to let you know that the new link is up at Our Holiday Journey! Come over and share your lovely party table! The party is here:
    Don't forget to comment too for points in the Happy Birthday to me Giveaway!

  2. what a lovely evening and that mantle is gorgeous!!!

  3. What a fun time you must have had Sarah! Happy Birthday to the birthday girl. Love the fireplace mantle and the lights. I'm leaving our Christmas tree up for a dinner party on February 4.

  4. What a fabulous time you had, Sarah! Lovely icy decor! Happt birthday to Ella!....Christine

  5. How pretty the mantle and table was!! I adore the mercury glass trees!!

  6. This is such a lovely fireplace and I like the way it was decorated. You know I'm not a minimalist, and this is something I would love to do. Or try to. ;-D

    And the elegant and festive. Great menu, too!

    Happy milestone birthday to your friend and love to you and all of your dear are blessed.

    Jane x

  7. Beautiful winter white decor, love the Santa's, candles and baubles, the twinkly lights and glitter are the icing on the cake!

  8. Darling Sarah,
    I so love your mantel decoration, it fascinates me so, so much, so as your table does, this was such a lovely set for a wonderful evening spent with friends ... for sure ... you've created a so cozy wintry atmosphere !

    Hope your New Year is off to a good start,
    I'm sending hugs and ever much love to you,
    may the remainder of your week be filled with joy and blessings

    Xx Dany

  9. What a beautiful post!! So much eye candy and I am sure it was a spectacular time that was had by all who attended!!
    I love the lights so I keep trees up year round and decorate them for different Holidays!!

  10. What a magical setting for a birthday party! The mantel was beautifully done and so was the dining table. Love the outdoor lights on the tree!

  11. Sarah, what a gorgeous setting for a birthday party...the mantel and tablesettings were both stunning in details!

  12. Sounds like a lovely winter's eve, Sarah. Those outdoor lights are spectacular, as is the fireplace decor. And what a great favor with the lottery tickets!

  13. Ooh I love your friend's fireplace mantle and the table decor, as well! It sounds like the birthday girl had a wonderful time celebrating with friends. Spending time with girlfriends is good for the soul! Happy New Year, Sarah!

  14. This is exquisite, Sarah. Just beautiful. Like you, I leave lights and wintry things up all season. It just helps brighten the dark, cold nights. I love every bit -- the mantle, the gorgeous table. How special I would feel to gather here!

  15. I'm new to commenting, so apologies if this is a repeat! The short version is--consider me inspired to collect for next year! Thank you!��

  16. What a fun party!! I love all the lights and the gold. I think the lights are what I miss most when I take down Christmas. Maybe I'll start leaving up some white lights for a sweet winter glow! Hugs.

  17. Such beautiful winter decorations for Elta's birthday celebration! The mantel is truly a winter wonderland and i love the forrest of trees. I'm sure everyone enjoyed the lovely winter setting. What a special and fun evening this must have been!

  18. I am quite smitten w/ her small lit trees..the tablesetting.and I love chinese food..there have been many exquiite and glamorous tablescapes for the holidays..
    So luxe:)!

    LOve the Santa at the top too..
    I loved seeing an evening with your friends Sarah.
    I have been in a cleaning up..organizing mood in the Christmas and craft section..I found those large white lghts..we had them in the late 70's..and they work perfectly..the store doesn't even exist anymore..well I had to keep them and we will find a spot for them outside next yr..

  19. What a beautiful setting for winter dining and celebrating among the twinkling lights and sparkling decor! I love the glow and twinkle of lights in January to beat the winter blues. The mantel is truly a winter wonderland! I used to sell some Mark Roberts' ornaments and accessories when I had my shop which I miss but not the hectic holiday season :)

  20. Beautiful look Sarah. Love the winter look and trees. The sparkles add so much to the evening. You ladies know how to have fun. Chinese food is a favorite, so I would love this menu. Happy Thursday Sarah.

  21. It looks lovely! It is delightful to enjoy the lights on a cold winter's night! After a foot of snow last weekend we were lucky to get some warming to melt it all away. Although it looks so pretty it creates havoc. Many days were spent planning and decorating for a dinner dance last Sat. But it was all for naught as it had to be cancelled due to to storm. Monday I spent the day taking it all down and packing it up to bring home. The flowers all went to waste , sad as it was a charity event . It's the chance you take when you plan winter events here in NY!
    My mantel is bare right now, Christmas is packed away and Valentines decor, minimal as it is will replace it.
    Hope all is well with you, healthy 2017!

  22. Sparkle in January is most welcome, isn't it? What a beautiful setting for celebrating a birthday. I can just imagine the laughter and conversation. Happy 2017.

  23. Your friend's home is warm and inviting Sarah! Love the pretty mantle:@)

  24. That looks like a lovely celebration for a January birthday! A little sparkle is welcome in the dark winter evenings.

  25. That looks like a lovely celebration for a January birthday! A little sparkle is welcome in the dark winter evenings.

  26. I love my twinkly white lights in January, too. I still have a few "snowy" things out, even though our snow was short-lived. Chinese take-out seems like an excellent idea for a party!

  27. Everything was beautiful - loved the mantle and lights. Stunning table and I know the Birthday girl felt quite honored.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely post Sarah.

    Have a magical weekend.

  28. I like this Winter White movement, too. Not that I've done anything about it...I think the party setting was absolutely stunning. We need more light during the darkest time of year. Happy Birthday, Elta!

  29. The decorations are delightful, I love the complete whiteness like a winter whiteout, I am just starting to enjoy Christmas again after loathing it for some years (don't ask me why) love decorating but hate taking it down/

  30. What a lovely party! I adore the napkin rings!!

  31. I do love your friend's lovely winter vignette. It's so pretty and festive! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  32. I am all for winter white, dear Sarah, and when mercury glass is thrown in the mix it makes my heart go pitter patter. Hope you have a delightful week, sweet Sarah!

  33. Twinkle lights are perfect for winter. They're beautiful glow helps to warm the cold winter nights. The winter wonderland mantle and table are both gorgeous! Thanks for sharing with SYC Sarah.

  34. Dearest Sarah,
    Love that very special and elegant looking Birthday cake for Elta!
    Also the lights and silver and gold decoration looks so lovely.
    My latest post is not showing, remember that is the reason we met... Can't figure it out why but hope it will go away on its own.
    Sending you hugs and best wishes for good health in 2017.

  35. Wonderful, Sarah. The perfect setting for a cozy winter evening with good friends.

  36. What a beautiful home you have and it sounds like you had a wonderful evening.

  37. Looks like a super fun party and the decorations are so pretty. What a beautiful setting to celebrate. Thanks for sharing at Your Inspired Design.

  38. Hi Sarah, I also love the twinkling lights inside and outside the house way beyond Christmas time, simply because they add such a warm cozy light to the house.
    Wow, that is quite an elaborate table setting that your friend put up for the for the girls get together/Birthday dinner. The chocolate Birthday cake is right up my alley, birthday or not! So tempting!
    Warm regards,

  39. Sarah,
    I love white lights and have them on a topiary on my front porch all year. Wonderful way to celebrate a friend's birthday...


  40. The sparkly icy decor is lovely!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!


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