Monday, January 16, 2017

January's Winter Delights


Unlike many of my friends, January is 
actually a favorite month for me.

We don't often have severe winters here in central Texas. 
In fact our winter days can be a roller coaster
of temperatures and weather patterns.

Some of Our Doggie Friends Enjoying a Recent Snowfall

While much of the country was covered in snow,
we only had to contend with frigid temps in the 20s.
The next week, we were back in the 70s.

Bruce and Pearl, Aix-en-Provence, France - Photo by Jeff Smith

I read that much of France is expecting an Arctic blast.
Though this image is from a previous French snowfall,
it's obvious my nephew's frisky Catahoulas love the snow.

Sadie, not so much!
Sadie is content to stay inside and play 
with her indoor snowman.

Most January days are simply cold and dreary here.
But, that's OK with me.
I love J a n u a r y!

I get to wear sweaters and 
wooly scarves.

Go to a movie, or .   .   .

Stay inside by a cozy fire
and read or stitch.

You'll find me on the sofa with a cup of hot tea while 
the chef sips on his mug of hot chocolate.

I get to celebrate my birthday in January, 
the birthdays of some dear friends,
and a great niece and nephew.

Yes, January 
is a favorite month.

Did you see the amazing Wolf Moon
shinning brightly in the dark winter sky?

Are you living among snowy scenes, 
out playing in the snow and enjoying the winter sports?

Or do you like to stay inside where 
it's warm and cozy?

Are you savoring 
the long winter days?

New England Winter on Cape Cod - Photo by John tenBroeke
Or, are you one of the eager
beavers longing for spring to arrive?

Tell me, are you a fan?
What do you like to do in January?
 Is January a favorite month for you?



The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. I like January as it is really the last of winter (usually) up here in the Pacific Northwest. Some of the Witch Hazels and early plums are flowering despite lower-than-normal temperatures. I like to spend evenings as you do, with stitching on my lap and a lively stretch of a few hours. I wish you a belated Happy Birthday!

  2. I am thoroughly enjoying this January. January in California can be warm especially in drought stricken years. But this year, we are having winter. I have dug out my fun boots and warm sweaters for cold days, I am staying in and finishing long forgotten projects and enjoying being cozy.

    As to going to movies, we just got home from seeing La La Land and loved it. Steve came home and bought the sound track on iTunes so I am listening to it and imagining Ryan Gosling dancing in my living room.

  3. Happy Birthday! We had a January thaw last week, it was 62 in Boston. Now it's cold again. But the forecast is warmer for this weekend. A crazy winter. So nice to find your blog!

  4. Lovin' your snowman collection Sarah! We're all over the weather charts here in Philly, headed for a bit of a warm up for the next few days... We'll take it:@)

  5. I do love your collection of cute snowmen. Here in NOLA, it has been warm. I want more winter-like weather, for I have sweaters to wear. xo

  6. I do love January, I find it restful and days of hot cocoa are perfect for me. But our weather has been feeling like spring for the past several days! Happy Tuesday!

  7. Sarah, after the busy holidays I am so happy to cozy in and relax in January. Like you in TX we have extreme swings in temperatures and weather patterns in AL. A week ago we had ice, snow and cold, this week we are at seventy and spring like weather. I do cozy up the house for January and February. Love your collection of snowmen, my sister collects them too. Enjoyed the photos of the frolicking pups.
    January is a good month, it's your special day month. Happy Birthday Sarah!

  8. Hi Sarah. I like January here in Charlotte. We have lots of spring like weather but there is always the potential of a snowstorm which is exciting since it comes and goes quickly. When I lived in Canada,January was a month to endure.

  9. Happy Birthday:)!
    Yes a fan of January ..even in QC..the change of seasons works for me albeit more work in every season..the beds of flowers need putting to sleep and waking up..the leaves need to be admired then raked..the snow makes everything dreamy..except the shoveling..all a price we pay for 4 seasons..not to mention warm mitts..
    layers upon layers..but OH the cocooning.
    I know it is what we are used to....and many many move south:)
    Sweet and dear collections as always:)

  10. I'm with you, Sarah, and absolutely love January (and February, too). To me, it's so calming, relaxing, and cozy. I loved seeing your Sadie all comfortable with her snowman toy and on your bed surrounded by cute pillows.
    It was so nice here yesterday that I went to the nursery to buy some pansies and violas to freshen up some outdoor planters. I also bought a fiddle leaf fig for an early anniversary gift for my youngest son and DIL.
    Happy birthday month, Sarah!

  11. I love January! The fresh start of a new year, sometimes cold enough for sweaters and scarves!! I usually get inspired to remove more clutter from my home and it always feels good. Yes, January is a good month! You snowmen are adorable!

  12. Love all your adorable snowmen! I have to admit I'm not a fan of January. I guess a few things I like about this month is that the Christmas tree in down and I get the urge to organize. It does signal the beginning of a new year, so I look forward to new experiences. We had an ice storm this past weekend and today the sun is shining. Love seeing sunshine on long winter days. Enjoy your favorite month Sarah!

  13. We have a house in the Texas Hill Country. A vacation house for now. We will retire there when the time comes. While I love it there the majority of the year, January and February are miserable for me because of Mountain Cedar allergies. You are so fortunate if you are not allergic. We were home for Christmas - it was in the 70's. After all the craziness of the holidays, it is nice to take time to exhale!

  14. I so enjoyed all your wonderful snowmen, Sarah, and as always, your sweetie Sadie. Here on the Lake Michigan shoreline we have a good amount of ice on the lake, but rain for a few days and sunshine and 50 degrees will melt everything away, I'm sure. It's a mild winter, not as pretty, but it sure makes traveling so much easier. Enjoy your warm winter fire... summer heat will be here before we blink. Have a blessed day my friend!

  15. I enjoyed seeing the puppies playing in the snow, and Sadie, of course! Your snowman collection is so much fun. January isn't my favorite month, but if I had a cute snowman collection I'd probably enjoy it more! ;P

  16. That moon was unbelievable. And I love your snow folk. I'm getting mine out too, finally, so they can enjoy the rest of the winter with me. Always a cheerful addition! Sending happy smiles your way.

  17. I like the snow and cold in December, but we have had over 60" of snow so far and now I am done. We have no snow left on the ground and today is a rainy day (which is fine with me) I love your collection of snowmen and especially the pooch with his little snowman toy!! I have decided that I would like to live in an area where the weather is always between 40' and 80' - does it exist? Happy birthday, dear friend (your card will be late- I don't know where the days go!)

  18. We get no snow, but I do love rainy days, cuddled with a throw and a good book and cup of tea.

    Love your snowmen, in fact this year I went crazy buying a few. I also did a snowmen tree for my little bedroom converted into a den. It was so nice to sit in there and watch TV and see the snomen tree.

    Yes, the dogs looked like they were having so much fun. Now my two - Waldo loves the rain and comes in and stands for me to dry him. Lili does not like the rain, run out the door and does her bathroom stuff and right back in to be dried and to her bed she goes and curls up for a nap. She is a bedhead.

    I also love warm wooly sweaters, vest and my warm bot bedroom slippers. Iam very content to stay in where it is warm and nest.

    Wishing you a most wonderful Birthday and may all your wishes come true.


  19. I chuckled when I began your post saying...hey! thats chloe and gracie! Hey! there's chili and chowdah!!!
    And like you, here in deep south, we don't have snow. I get excited just having chilly rainy days in january...a time to snuggle on the couch with my sophiejane and not feel guilty about it. read in the middle of the makeup! I like january because everything gets brown and I don't need to do yard work or garden work. Plus, I just had a birthday too!!
    Bottom line? I just like being lazy and january is perfect for that!

  20. I like cold weather b/c it's usually dry and naturally curly hair hates humidity! Sill reason to love winter, but it's true. I do like sweaters and scarves too. Happy January birthday! Dianne

  21. You make January sound very appealing! I love an excuse to stay in and love the coziness. Your snowmen are so dear, perfect for Christmas and all winter long!

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Sarah! I have one in about three weeks. We are winter babies!! ;-D

    Jane x

  22. What a great collection of cute snowmen in this post and general all over coziness ; you have captured January perfectly :)

  23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SARAH!!!! Love all your darling snowmen, but that needlepoint pillow just makes my ♥ melt. Beautiful work!!
    I hope you have a lovely day/week/month/year!!!!!

  24. In January I do get cabin fever but I also am on a mission to clean, purge, and organize. I am doing pretty good. It feels so good to get rid of things. I made a rule for myself: we have lived here 4 years now so ANYTHING we have not used in those 4 years is going! Happy birthday!!!!

  25. Happy Birthday Month to you Sarah! (that's how I like to celebrate :) I love to see a little snow and have some seasonal cold weather in January and February...not in March though! Chloe & Gracie are happy to have an occasional romp in the snow along with Chili and Chowdah too. :) We're back in the 70s this week after single digit temperatures a week ago. I fear all the trees and flowers are going to bud and inevitably be frost nipped if the weather stays this mild like they're forecasting for the next 10 days. Doggie kisses to sweet Sadie. ♥

  26. Happy Birthday to you! I would like to see a little snow. I hope a birthday lunch is in the cards for us soon!

  27. Well my friend, we are up to our knees in snow. (maybe I am exaggerating a little) :) But I don't mind it for a while. I don't get the winter blues, but because I have such a love for gardening, I am counting the days till spring! Thanks for sharing with SYC. p.s. Happy Birthday to you!!

  28. Happy birthday to you... Lovely winter images. Love the slow pace that January brings. Your pooch is adorable.


  29. Hello Sarah! Happy Birthday! I love this post, it is a great celebration of winter! I do love the winter and the snow, but the ice not at all. I love long walks in nature at any time of year, I just dress well for it. If it is dangerously hot and humid or icy, though, I do my walks in a mall, but it is much more effective and enjoyable to walk in nature! Lovely post and blog, thank you so much for sharing. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

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  31. Lovely post, Sarah, I recognised the little house on Cape Cod despite it's being buried beneath the snow, great photo. Miz Sadie has the right idea, staying indoors by the fire is what I like to do in January. This year, in Normandy, we've experienced high winds, storm surges in the English Channel and cold frosty days with beautiful sunrises.
    A bientot.

  32. I love January too! We had snow a few weeks ago here in VA, it was very pretty. I'm with you, I love to stay inside reading, sitting by the fire, sewing a bit, visiting blogs. Nothing could be better except the lake in the summer ;)

  33. It is not my favorite month. Your snowmen are so cute! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  34. I cannot say January is a favourite month for me. Here on the east coast of Canada, we get lots of snow and cold temps, so for me it's time for reading, sewing and other indoor hobbies. A good time to rest after Christmas, and rejuvenate! Love your snowman collection!

  35. Happy Birthday to you....and to me! January is my favorite month and my birthday month too! Hugs!

  36. Happy Birthday! I like Sadies point of view about the cold!


  37. Having a January birthday would make the month very special! I like both snuggling by a cozy fire and reading or stitching, and, if the mood strikes, walking in all kinds of weather. But the darkness of January tends to make me sluggish. Soon, it will be February! Belated Happy Birthday, Sarah!

  38. Love all of your snow men and the pups are sweet too!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  39. I am not a January lover though this January is being good to me! Love all the snowmen!

  40. Well, I get pretty excited when we get a warm sunny day in January, so I guess I am one of those people waiting for spring. I like your approach to this month, though.

  41. The things I like about January are the quiet times after the holidays, and getting reorganized for the year ahead. I am not a fan of snow and spend the month with fingers crossed we won't get snowed in! Like your adorable Sadie, I much prefer playing with my indoor snowmen! Love all your cute winter decorations and poochies playing in the snow. Happy Birthday month Sarah!

  42. Dearest Sarah,
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Well, December, January and part of February are NOT my favorite months. As I grow older I'm more and more dreading winter; however mild one might call this in the south!
    Having lived in the tropics for three winters, it has changed us forever and we long back to that warmth.
    But I've utilized those dreary, often dark and also wet and stormy days, for crocheting 100+ hours on my new curtain for our veranda. It is hanging proudly since almost a week now. Need to do another, half this size but I let my left hand's index finger and thumb heal back to normal. Both feel kind of numb and sore, maybe blistered inside? Never mind, I feel happy for having tackled this while Pieter did all the cooking. Yesterday I've prepared a meal for our best friends and they came over for a cozy evening together.
    Sending you hugs.

  43. wow!!! so lovely snowman in all forms... I love it...

    Please visit:

  44. I adore all of the darling snowmen and January. I enjoy all the seasons. Have a wonderful week!

  45. I LOVE January!! Happy Birthday to you and yours.....
    I keep a few strings of twinkly lights around, candles are good too. I also keep some of the live greenery...well, green!! It lasts a long while in water, so I enjoy it! I also have an enormous magnolia tree, so I can have that greenery around for weeks. I have a fairly extensive collection of crystal and glassware. January is the perfect time to use it allllll and light up the house with rainbows.
    Blessings to you,

  46. January is a great month. Starting a new year is always refreshing. Happy birthday Sarah. Such a darling snowman collection and the sweet doggie faces. I am a stay inside cozy type person. I hope your week is fabulous.

  47. Sadie!!! She is working those bangs :) What a precious cutie! I'm with her - stay inside. Happy February, Sarah. I'm a little late here. xoxo

  48. I like January just fine...Feb is good..when I really think about it, I love all the months with no real favorite....I don't mind snow if I don't have to drive on it...but I do love the summer months a LOT. :)

  49. Oh Sarah! Please enjoy that winter wonderland for me too. I really miss wearing sweaters, hearing the crunch of snow and sitting by a fire. Happy to hear you are well and happy. Thanks for stopping to visit and just an update on the ROCK group I posted about there are no more than 15,000 members...AMAZING!
    Happy February!


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