Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Z is for Zephyranthus

Z is for


Here in Austin, one can spot

colonies of these growing in open grassy fields or

grassy areas beside  sidewalks that run along city streets.

They spring from the ground after a rain.

~ Small ~ Sweet ~ Sturdy ~

Left to Mother Nature to tend them,

the bulbs which produce small, 

grass like leaves are no fuss.

~ No Watering ~ No Pruning ~

These bulbs, originally came from 

Mexico or Guatemala, but have spread

and naturalized through the south.

Cold hardy in zones 8-10, they

are related to Amaryllis.

The starry flowers can be pink to yellow to white.

The blooms last a day or two, but plants will rebloom numerous 

times spring through fall after rains that follow 

periods of drought or dry conditions.

~ Zephyranthus ~

Derived from the Greek god of the west wind,

Zephyus, meaning flower.

Rain Lily ~ Fairy Lily ~ Zephyr Lily ~

Rainflower ~ Magic Lily ~ Atamasco Lily

Actually not lilies at all, but in the Amaryllis family.

Congratulations to 

Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch

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Thank you to all who joined in the fun 

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  1. Oh those are so pretty and even more special since they grow so easily. I just potted an Amaryllis hoping for flowers by Christmas!

  2. Beautiful flowers!

  3. I love this sweet flower Sarah. Does remind me of an Amaryllis. What a delight it would be to see a field of these growing! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  4. I love these pretty flowers!

  5. Dearest Sarah,
    We only do have some of the tiny white ones and we brought the bulbs from Indonesia.
    They seem te be almost tropical and do naturalize.
    You got some very lovely ones!

  6. These are pretty, especially the one with the rain drops on :)

  7. Sarah,
    Beautiful Z! I wonder if the white 'magic lilies' that have been springing up after a rain in my neighbor's ditch are these? It is a sight to see when they sprout and bloom, seemingly overnight. I always wander over and walk up and down the road looking at them with a smile on my face and a light-hearted feeling.


  8. Thanks for all the information on the zephyranthus, Sarah. They do resemble a mini amaryllis, and must be such a sweet surprise when they appear. Congratulations to Anita for winning the Starbucks gift card!!

  9. That is my kind of flower Sarah! I wish they were hardy in my neck of the woods, they would be blooming to beat the band with our record rainfall :)

  10. Sarah, what a lovely surprise to find these popping up after it rains after a long period of with no rain. It's almost like an apology from mother nature! I love the white ones. Thanks Sarah, what a great giveaway for Starbucks so congratulations to Anita on winning the gift card!

  11. Well aren't these just the prettiest flowers to peek at this morning! Everything here is red, gold or brown...and quickly heading towards bare. Congrats to the winner!

  12. Pretty little flowers! I don't remember seeing these when we lived in Texas, but it has been a while!

  13. Wonderful macro shots of beautiful flowers!

    Happy weekend coming to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  14. I've seen these growing wild before, just didn't know their name!! Pretty!

  15. I love flowers that grow in random places...these fit that bill perfectly! They're beautiful! Thanks for letting us know about them, Sarah! ~Zuni

  16. I do not know this flower, but I am going to look into it for my garden.

  17. What a beautiful flower Sarah. The first I had heard about it. Have a nice weekend!

  18. I like that name -- Zephyranthus. Such a manly name for a delicate looking flower.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  19. I hate to admit it, but I'm not very good at identifying flowers. Do we have those in Houston too? I'll have to be more observant.

  20. Sarah, those pink flowers look so delicate. Love their soft color!

  21. A field of these flowers would make a lovely spectacle! Our wild flowers are mostly a type of sunflower unless you are at higher elevations. Yes, fall is upon us. Turning colder. So nice to have a visit from you! The little putz houses seem to be everywhere this season. I love the vintage vibe. I have a couple from JoAnns craft store now too! Not too early to gather things up!

  22. Beautiful photo shares. I am always smiling when I stop by. Take care and see you soon. Have a wonderful weekend.

  23. Beautiful flowers ... their colors so vibrant in grey winters

  24. Wonderful flowers growing all on their own!

  25. Texas always has pretty roadside flowers and they do better than in a yard. Did not see these around h ere tho. So nice having you drop by today.

  26. Sarah, such pretty little flowers. It is amazing how something so delicate can flourish with no care..Happy Thanksgiving to you..Judy

  27. Such delicate and gorgeous flowers and a perfect Z for Alphabe Thursday :)
    Wren x

  28. Beautiful blooms.
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  29. Such pretty flowers. Hello Sarah. Just stopping by to check in, I've been away trying to get through my yoga course and I've missed visiting you. Hope all is well. Can you believe we're in the middle of November already?

  30. Pretty pink flowers, Sarah! Looks just like an Amaryllis! love the soft muted colors :) Thanks for sharing these beauties with us! Happy Thanksgiving! Hugs, Poppy

  31. These are beautiful Sarah! I like that Mother Nature takes care of them, I'm a no maintenance gardener :)

  32. Beautiful flowers...we love going to Austin...such a fun city.

  33. Such beautiful flowers, Sarah--very delicate looking yet hardy. It is snowing here--Denver may get a foot of snow! No more flowers until springtime for Colorado!

  34. Pretty flowers Sarah! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!

  35. Sarah, thank you for introducing me to this charming flower. I'll put them on the "to plant" list. Congratulations on completing your marvelous A to Z series!

  36. Oh I adore that tote Sarah and the flowers are gorgeous! The next time you are in my neck of the woods I hope we will be able to have lunch, tour a museum, etc.


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