Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Tales of the Traveling Totes # 10 ~ The Adventures Continue

Welcome to Tales of the Traveling Totes # 10.

When Patti organized our little group of tote travelers

in 2015, who would have guessed that we'd

be continuing the fun two years later

and adding new travelers along the way.

Yes, exciting news!  Another traveler has hopped on board.

Meet Katie and her traveling partner, Miss Daisy.

I first met Katie through her blog, Preppy Empty Nester

and have since had the fun of meeting up with Katie

 here in Austin as well as on Cape Cod this past summer.

With a header like this, Katie definitely belongs in this group!

Katie is a perfect fit for The Tales of the Traveling Totes series. 

Katie is the master of wit and humor with weekly musings on 

Hodgepodge WednesdayFriday Files, and other frequent posts

where she shares beautiful homes and places

of interest in and around Boston.

Chowdah and Chili, her faithful companions, 

will no doubt be involved in the fun.

As for Miss Merri Mac and the other Courtly Check girls here,

we've been staying pretty close to home of late 

with only a few nearby getaways.

An overnight Mah Jongg retreat with a group 

of twelve friends, took us to an amazing lake house 

on the shores of Lake LBJ.

Too cold to be on the water, but the view was spectacular.

Anyway, we were way too busy inside with a Mah Jongg

tournament, playing into the wee hours of the morning.

Mid January found Miss Merri Mac and me 

on the road with the CAMEO group

for antique shopping in the Texas hill country

as we made our way to the beautiful 

Frio Canon on the Frio River.

After a full day of shopping in the small hill country towns,

we settled in at this beautiful Frio River property.

Lots of delicious food and laughter as we stayed up late

enjoying the company of good friends.

Everyone likely knows about the fall and spring 

antique markets in Round Top, Texas 

and surrounding area, but did you know 

that there is a winter show too?  

It’s just one venue at the Big Red Barn.

The weather isn’t always the best,

but who cares when antique treasures await.

Our most recent jaunt was up to Dallas to 

meet up with  Quimper collector  friends.

You may recall the gathering last year that I shared here.  

I had conflicts for arriving in time for 

the beautiful sale and luncheon, but I didn't want to miss

seeing the friends who flew or drove in for the annual event.  

Miss Merri Mac and I hopped on one of the new Vonlane buses 

and headed to Dallas for a few days of fun with Dallas friends.

I didn't take many photos, 

but I saw a wealth of beautiful Quimper!

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The Traveling Tote Girls are giving away

this lovely green MacKenzie-Childs Flower Market vase

just in time for your spring bouquets.

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Giveaway is now closed.
Congratulations to our winner,  Bonnie @ Living With Thanksgiving!

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  1. Sarah, You girls have too much fun with your travelling totes! I want to sightsee and antique shop with Miss Merri Mac :) The Big Red Barn is calling to me, I need to get to Round Top. I've never played Mahjong, but it must be addicting and it looks beautiful on Lake LBJ. The M-C Flower Market vase is a beauty, what a generous giveaway!

  2. Hello, dear Sarah. First of all, I never knew that Round Top had a market in the Winter. It sounds like you and Miss Merri Mac had lots of fun with your girlfriends these past 3 months. You are so sweet to mention me and I am so happy that I have had the opportunity to meet you in person. Hope to see you this summer. Thanks again for inviting me to join this little club made up of lovely ladies. Enjoy the rest of the week.

  3. Sarah, your winter travels are the kind of travels I love best! Short jaunts, fun times, good company, and shopping antiques! Thank you for encouraging Katie to join our fun to widen the net of adventures recaptured. It's such a treat getting to visit all the places the totes travel, even when it's armchair journeys. That photo of the Quimper jester-shaped vases is incredibly gorgeous! Good luck to all our readers commenting for a chance at the MC vase giveaway, and Happy March!

  4. You sure do get around in style and in friendship!
    Every small jaunt looks just perfect for a group of 12 friends..:)
    I don't think I have ever had are loved:)

  5. I love to hear about all the interesting short trips you take ... Texas sounds like a fun and exciting place to live! Your tote certainly enjoys traveling and I am happy you get to share all these special times with us - Happy Travels!

  6. You always go to the most interesting places Sarah! I bet the Big Red Barn was full of temptations, and a trip to Dallas must always be incredible fun. I know you had a wonderful time playing Mah jongg with 12 friends in a beautiful setting, wow, that is indeed special- The Quimper things, swoon, I've never seen that style before! Thanks for the fun today and for hosting the giveaway!

  7. How fun. You are a busy girl. Your stops with your tote are the best.

  8. You are so busy. Love the tote tales! Nice intro to a new to me blog. I love reading your posts and this one is no exception. So happy to put my name in the "tote" (aka hat) for the drawing of this gorgeous vase! It would get so much use chez moi!
    A bientot!, marlis

  9. Sarah, You and the CC girls have enjoyed wonderful getaways recently. Knowing you an how you enjoy Mah Jongg I know the retreat with your friends was wonderful. What a lovely place, the lake and lake house looks like a great location to gather. Oh I would love to tag alone with you and your Cameo group for sight seeing of beautiful antiques. And, how I would loved to have joined you in Dallas for meeting up with the Quimper girls. I'm sure the faience was breathtaking. Merci, loved your fun post!

  10. found you through katie's blog...loved getting a glimpse into your travels! I go to round top twice a year but sadly have never made it to the big red barn but happy to say this makes me think this month it might happen after all ;)

  11. What a delightful post! I found your blog through Katie as well. I recently started my MC collection/obsession, and one of these happy totes is definitely in my future! I'll be going to Round Top later this month with 4 wild & crazy junkin friends! Oh, the adventures from previous trips are so fun, and as the saying goes, "What happens in Round Top, stays in Round Top". Would love the win this sweet little Flower Market vase... ;-)

  12. You ladies are having way too much fun. but I love it. How sweet to be able to grow your group. Love your totes and sweet names. Katie is sweet lady, whom I had a pleasure to chat with and design a whole new look for her blog. The travels look exciting. Thanks for sharing your adventures at DI&DI.

    1. Linda, you are welcome to join us! Grab a tote from MKC!

  13. The totes are absolutely lovely! Definitely great for travel! And thank you so much for your lovely giveaway opportunity!

  14. It looks like you've had a great time with your totes, Sarah. I didn't know about the Big Red Barn, and I'll bet that was some fun shopping. The vase is such a pretty piece, but count me out, as I was the lucky recipient of the gorgeous acorn ornament.

  15. Sarah you and your friends look so fun, I wish I lived closer I'd love to get together with you and Katie-she is such a hoot! Also that retreat sounds so interesting and what a beautiful location. Can you believe I've never played Mah Jongg?!

  16. Oh my, I love Katie's header :) What a great new addition she must be to your group and the traveling tote gals have to be the most fun loving group. I just learned how to play Mah Johngg! We have a group of traveling friends (couples) and spend a week in Palm Desert every year to golf, relax and just have fun. One friend brought her set and taught me at the pool. The other two gals just learned within the past few months also so it was fun and relaxing. Love the game!

  17. So happy to have discovered you through Katie and the traveling tote.

  18. Sounds like a fantastic trip and fun with friends!! Thanks for sharing with us.


  19. I think I'd love to visit Round Top! Alas, too far for me. Thank you for such a pretty give away!

  20. Well I see that you have been having a regular good time! So lovely to have fun with friends. Except for visiting family I think I am becoming quite the homebody myself. Nice to catch up with you and your lively gals!

  21. Katie looks like she will fit right in with you fun gals and your traveling totes! I am not familiar with her blog. I'll have to hop over and say, 'hi'. Looks like you are having so much fun!! I love hanging with blog friends. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  22. Sarah, oh, the tales those travelin totes could tell! Happy travels..Judy

  23. I love reading about the travelin' totes' adventures! Those Quimper vases... never seen any like them before!

  24. It look's and sounds like you had a great time, I would love to go to all those shops.

  25. Sarah, I love your travelin tote series and I believe you and Miss Merri Mac are having way too much fun. The Quimper vases are stunning!

  26. What lovely adventures this tote has shared with you ladies! I so enjoyed visiting and reading about all the fun. Visiting Rountop is on my bucket list as is visiting Texas, especially Magnolia Farms in Waco. Fixer Upper is one of my favorite HGTV shows and has definitely put Texas on my radar as a vacation destination.

  27. Sarah, Oh what FUN! I read Katie's blog every morning and thanks to her I have discovered yours. My son lives in Texas and I have come to love Texans. You guys are great. Enjoy your travelin'totes adventures and I will be with you in "spirit".

  28. Visiting from Rita's tote adventure post, and I find this so much fun to read about all that you girls are doing. So fun! Your post makes me want to visit Texas all the more. Someday!

  29. Well, Hello! I am visiting you courtesy of Patti at Pandora's Box! I will need to take some time to look around at your place, too. I am fairly new to MC, but it so reminds me of the things we sold at Laura Ashley - feminine and beautiful with some bold design as well. That vase in particular is so beautiful! And I also haven't yet been to Round Rop yet I pass it each time I go to Brenham - can you believe it?? (:

  30. Wow dear Sara, you have been busy with your charming friends. . . . . . . .and your Traveling Totes! Good for you - keep going.
    Hope you will join in the Scribble Picnic - it can be something simple created quickly and as Michael says, just a very casual get together with new creative friends.

    Happy weekend - going to get chilly here - concerned for the azaleas which are already showing pink buds!
    Hugs - Mary

  31. I long to one day go to Round Top! You and your tote have had a jolly good time and shared loads of eye candy with us! I love Katie's blog -- how fun to have her join Team Tote!

  32. Love seeing all the different places that you look for your antiques. Although I am in Texas have never made it to Round Top still on the bucket list! Love reading of the adventures too!

  33. Sarah, Love the traveling totes adventures. Your trip to Dallas for the Quimper group sounds like fun. The picture of the vases is stunning. My neighbor collects Quimper and in a few weeks I will be featuring her collection on my blog. She has some very nice pieces.
    Great to be introduced to Katie from Preppy Empty Nester. I will visit her soon.
    Loved seeing your Round Top adventures too. My plans to attend Round Top in a few weeks has fallen through and I am disappointed. One of these days I will get there.
    I always enjoy the Traveling Tote series so thanks. The giveaway vase is lovely.
    Have a great weekend.

  34. Love McKenzie Childs Courtly Check items!

  35. Hello Sarah! You guys have made a lot of fun wth your tote adventures! I always think if you when I see a Quimper piece. I hope someday to go to Roundtop and experience the fun! What a lovely giveaway! I would love to own that sweet little vase!

  36. I found your blog through Katie. Love the MC tote! I will have to spend some time reading about your adventures.

  37. I love all the places that your traveling totes have been. What a fun way to record your travels. Anything MC is good to me. Thanks for the fun.

  38. Y'all are so cute! I love this series. The Quimper pieces you've shared are so pretty!!! Wow. Every time I see it I think: "I'd love to collect that!" But I just don't need to collect anything else!

    Maybe Shanley can get back with the group because she'll be doing some traveling soon.

    Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for hosting such a nice giveaway!


  39. Just found the traveling totes! Wow! Sure glad I did. I'll be backtracking and catching everything I missed. The Vase is so pretty! Have a great day!

  40. Sarah, I think I hit publish too soon? Hopefully my comment shows up :-) I meant to add that we are a fun loving group, and I would love to learn Mah Johngg! One of my readers (Bev) would like to enter the drawing the vase. She doesn't have a blog, so I told her I would enter her name.

  41. What great fun you are having! The traveling totes certainly do get around! Have a wonderful day!

  42. Dearest Sarah,
    What a great idea those Traveling Totes have been!
    Love that Quimper Fleur de Lys vase; WOW.
    Great photos and in your region you also have fine antiques for killing a colder day.
    Sending you hugs for a lovely Sunday.

  43. Sarah, you and Miss Merri Mac certainly know how to fill a winter season of fun! I didn't know that Katie was part of your traveling crew. I will have to pop over to see what she and Miss Daisy have been up to.

  44. Dear Sarah, Miss Merri Mac has certainly taken you to some wonderful places and what lovely friends you've made along the way. I always enjoy reading about your trips and visiting along with you, especially when you take the bus to Dallas!

  45. This is such a fun idea. To meet up with blogger friends and explore the world. And you care certainly having a great time of it.

  46. Your traveling totes certainly do see a lot of interesting places. What a fun group to be a part of. Looks like Katie will fit right in.

  47. That tote goes on the best trips! Lovely! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  48. Wonderful mosaics, have a good week

    much love...

  49. Looks like you ladies had such a wonderful time. Thanks so much for sharing it with us at the DI & DI Link Party. We hope it brings you many new friends to enjoy your wonderful blog. Have a great night!

  50. Hi Sarah, sounds like you had a lot of traveling fun! I definitively would be up for some antiquing in Texas. For some reasons they seem to have particularly great antiques in this state. I knew about Round Top, but nope, I didn't know that there was a winter show at the Big Red Barn. So thanks for bringing that up. I hope I can go at some point.
    Beautiful giveaway!
    Warm regards,

  51. Sarah,
    What a great post filled with so much eye candy!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by and for sharing your memories of the Old Curiosity Shop dishes!!


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