Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Tales of the Traveling Totes # 6 ~ The Adventures Continue

Tales of the Traveling Totes #6


Miss Merri Mac has rapidly become a

Best Friend Forever,

especially as a travel buddy to share adventures.

In early January I woke to find that

Miss Merri Mac had taken up 

with a unicorn ~ a Rainbow Unicorn?

I quickly realized these two were

rarin' to go to Miss Annabelle's 6th birthday party.

Rainbow Unicorn Party!

Yes, it was a colorful event

and Miss Merri Mac was excited to deliver her 

new found friend to one happy little girl.

It's wasn't long after that my BFF and I were

off on a long weekend adventure to 

Los Angeles with girlfriends.

The mission was to search for a wedding dress

for a beautiful young woman who is 

getting married in August.

Our days were filled with the task at hand,

though we did manage to work in a tour of the Getty Villa,

window shopping on Rodeo Drive, and

dinner at the Beverly Wilshire.

One night we took in the sights and

sounds at Santa Monica Pier.

Another evening we enjoyed a quiet dinner by 

a cozy fire dock side in Marina Del Rey.

With lingering thoughts of love and romance 

after the wedding dress adventure,

Miss Merri Mac was in the Valentine mood.

Our most recent adventure was just a three hour drive north.

Miss Merri Mac and I traveled to Dallas 

where we were welcomed in splendid French style.

A delightful week spent with friends

from both the east and west coasts and Canada

who flew in to join us Texas girls  

for a mini reunion.

~ Beautiful Homes ~

~ Collections of French Faience ~

~ Delicious Meals ~

~ French Desserts ~

~ Antique Shopping ~

~ Lunch at Rise ~

 ~ Rise ~ 

The Dallas Restaurant 

for the best in 

French Soufflé  ~  Both Savory and Sweet


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The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. Your BFF certainly gets around. You have been busy lately and it all looks like lots of fun.

  2. Sarah, I've never know a little girl not in love with unicorns. I'm sure your gift made this little miss very happy and I'm sure Miss Merri Mac was happy to make the delivery. What a great getaway you had looking and searching for a wedding dress. That is always fun and I see you found time to enjoy some of the local museums and restaurants.
    I sure hate I had to miss the Dallas get together. I know it was fun and seeing all those collections must have been amazing. Spending time with this group is always time well spent! Thanks for taking us along on your adventures Sarah……...

  3. The unicorn is adorable Sarah and I have to say those ~huge~ blackberries sure caught my eye! Have fun:@)

  4. Good morning Sarah! I'm on my way to work soon and would love to sample one of the tasty souffle's for my breakfast. You and Miss Merri Mac continue to have interesting outings and "she" has proved to be a fun travel buddy and BFF to share adventures. The Quimper displays are outstanding!

  5. That trip to LA sounded like an incredible memory and a beautiful way to remember the wedding dress experience. And what fun you must have had in Dallas! It looks like a festive visit with friends.

  6. Oh my goodness, Sarah! What a feast for the eyes - figuratively AND literally! I would've thought I'd died and gone to faience heaven with your Quimper visits. Those were some seriously beautiful home settings (I hope you do a post on those alone - would love to see some of those collage shots full sized!). I have purse friends who live in the LA area, and it looks as though you took in some of the great local places they go (Santa Monica & Marina Del Rey). What a terrific winter it looks as if you & Miss Merry Mac have had! I'm looking forward to visiting with readers and this month's giveaway, and I invite yours to come visit for a chance. Happy March!
    Rita C at Panoply

  7. Wow you sure do get around and have fun! You and Miss Merri Mac have some good times together! Annabelle looks so in love with her unicorn. Those cakes were so cute- love the swirly color and layers. Going to Rodeo Drive- woohoo!! I hope the dress search was successful. The evening shots in Santa Monica look so inviting. I'm so sick of winter here! The gathering with your Quimper collector friends must have been amazing.

  8. You have been a busy traveler Sarah! Luckily you had a hard working tote to take with you! I always enjoy reading the traveling tote adventures, you all are such a creative group!

  9. You and your BFF have been having a ball!
    You get around..in the most pretty places..Can't believe those collections and beautifully presented food..the unicorn and precious girl♥
    Isn't wedding dress shopping fun? So much billow and flounce.

  10. So, Sarah, where does the real responsibility for all the fun lie? Is it you that takes the Traveling Tote or is it the Traveling Tote that carries you along? Whatever, that looks like the very best time. Really, what woman wouldn't want all those sweet, sweet experiences in one space of time? Thank you for sharing so many special times.

  11. Wow Sarah, you and your BFF have been very busy! The unicorn looks like it made a little girl very happy indeed. All the food is making me hungry and those soufflés...ooh la la! I've never been to Rise, but it looks like a great destination, and a must try soon!

  12. What fabulous trips you have been on recently! So much eye candy, it's hard to take it all in on one visit. I will stroll through this fabulous post once again!!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  13. I love the adventures of you and Miss Meri Mac! The unicorn party looks so fun and I'm sure the little one loved her gift! How fun to have such wonderful adventures with your BFF's! Glad you will be sharing with SYC.

  14. Well Miss Merri Mac got a workout this time around! I'm exhausted just reading about all your delightful adventures! BTW The birthday party looks like it was loads of fun! Oh to be 6 again.;-)

  15. I agree with Carol, you girls sure do get around!! I think that is awesome. Wedding dress shopping sounds dreamy. How fun!!

  16. Bonjour chère amie,

    Quelle vie trépidante !!! Des photos extraordinaires et fascinantes... Un anniversaire haut en couleurs et certainement en émotions !
    Merci pour ce délicieux partage.

    Gros bisous ♡

  17. Oh what fun Miss Merri Mac has had the past month...if only I was that well-traveled! We did visit the Getty Villa several years ago on a trip to Laguna Niguel, nothing nearly that exciting on the horizon this year. Those beautiful wedding gowns...*sigh*. Love that fun cake and Rainbow Unicorn Party. ♥

  18. Holy Toledo, Sarah...you've got me drooling over those luscious desserts, that A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E sweetheart & her birthday party, the beautiful wedding dresses, dripping with lace, the gorgeous place settings & I am just pea green with envy over those displays of Quimper! What a fabulous adventure!! You're so lucky to have such delightful friends with mutual interests. I'm pea green with envy over that, too.

  19. Sarah, Your cute little friend looks like she is in love with her new rainbow unicorn. The cakes were perfect for her party. I would love to go to LA and see these sites, especially the dining room at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. And those Quimper collections are incredible! It must be so interesting to have this group of collectors gather every year, and the homes are beautiful too. I must get to Texas some day! Thanks for taking us along with Miss Merri Mac. Linda

  20. Hello Sarah,
    Traveling in style with your adorable Tote by your side! Love the Unicorn Party and I think that we have a little missy in our family who would love that theme. The desserts-one word Delightful!
    Thank you for stopping by to visit me and also for sharing with Thoughts Of Home On Thursday!

  21. It's so neat to me that you and your group of friends have bonded over your love of Mackenzie Childs tote bags. How clever!

    Thanks for being with us for Thoughts of Home on Thursday. We love having you. :)

  22. Finally getting around to reading these posts...vacation has kept me busy! The food at Quimper club made me drool...yum! And I love how versatile your tote has become, especially to use it to deliver presents....you certainly have done a lot of travel - good for you!! Looking forward to where you go in the next few months!!

  23. Quite the adventure with your travelling tote and I'm happy to hear Canada was represented at the reunion.

  24. Miss Merri Mac has so much fun! First, that rainbow cake is amazing, and the cute birthday girl obviously loved your gift. I am in love with that wood, articulated fox, and of course all of the Quimper made me drool. So many unique pieces and so beautifully displayed, not to mention that incredible food that was served on Quimper. OOO, the antique shopping didn't look bad either. Is Miss Merri Mac large enough for me to fit into? I'd love to sneak away on your adventures.


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