Thursday, September 1, 2022

Tales of the Traveling Tote #32

Rabbit, Rabbit
Welcome September
The forlorn look on Sadie's face 
reflects our rather lack luster 3 months.
Extremely hot and dry in Austin, we have 
stayed close to home this summer!

Those of you who follow along with us 
might recall that in 2020 we celebrated our 
Five Year Anniversary of the Traveling Totes.
In recognition, MacKenzie-Childs sent us each 
our very own custom Serendipity Bag created with 
fabrics that they felt reflected each of our personalities.  

Miss Poppy is the perfect companion 
for when I do get out and about.

One of our favorite jaunts is to the 
Red Poppy Capital.

Georgetown, Texas is just up the road from Austin
and is home to one of my precious nieces.

It's where I'll find my sister, 
as fortunately she visits frequently.

Sister Time is the Best Time!

Miss Poppy is the perfect size and weight.
Visits to Starbucks are frequent, and this happy colorful bag always generates conversation and receives compliments.

Imagine our delight when we took a new route 
for our afternoon coffee and spotted Mrs. Powers. 

Such a charmer and a favorite, we couldn't resist 
stopping to introduce ourselves and chat a bit. 

It prompted us to swing by our favorite yellow door 
and say "Hi" to the brass Mrs. P who lives there.  
Looks like she is ready to welcome fall!

This charming Mrs Powers Dinner and Door Bell 
welcomes guests to my friend, Alison's home.

"The Mrs. Powers collection, which includes the Mrs. Powers Dinner and Door Bell, Garden Gate, and Tomato Tuteur, was inspired by the late Joan Powers, who lived near our studios in Aurora, New York.  Joan was a regular visitor to the Shop in Aurora and became friends with Rebecca Proctor, our chief brand officer and creative director.  Out of that friendship came the Mrs. Powers Dinner and Door Bell, which we modeled after an iron bell that Joan used to call her husband, who was a farmer, in from the fields.  Later, we added several more iron pieces:  the Mrs. Powers Garden Gate, the Mrs. Powers Tuteur, a door knocker, and a weathervane.
             MacKenzie-Childs Blog ~ From the Farm, March 2020 

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Fall is quickly approaching, 
and in no time it will be December.

The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. Rabbit Rabbit Sarah! I wish I could some of the rain with you that we've had the past month. We haven't had your extreme heat, but this August was the 10th hottest on record here, I'm beyond ready for fall! I've had Mrs. Powers gate envy since the first time I saw it. If I win the lottery it will be my first purchase :) Love the cute photo of you and your sister. My sister is coming for a visit over Labor Day...sister time is the best time. Happy September ♥

  2. Such cute shoes yet again:) Love when you see yoursister:) Great friend..great companion

  3. Sarah, it's been much like your summer here, staying close to home because it's just to hot to be outside. Nice you are close enough to visit your sister and nieces in Georgetown with Miss Poppy in tow. I'm sure you filled her with wonderful finds while you were there. Yes, sister time is the best. Love the sweet pic of you two How fun you saw the Mrs. Powers gate on your visit. I've come close to ordering it! I do have the dinner and door bell and door knocker. Hope you have a great September Sarah.......

  4. Lovely post Sarah. Love your poppies. How sweet your sister is close by and you two can spend precious time together. I sure miss my sister who passed in 2004. Sadie looks so cute but sad. Mrs. Power is so fun. Mackenzie Childs is so tempting to buy more. Happy September.

  5. Sister time is the best and I love the pic of you two.
    Thanks for mentioning more about Mrs. Powers Gate. The more I hear the more I remember, LOL!
    I agree with Mary, I wish I could send some of the rain we have had to you. The heat and humidity have been worse than usual here, I think, or I am older and feeling the effects more. Thankful for air-conditioning.

  6. Well, Sarah, your visit to Georgetown and sister time certainly begs to be compared to any other trip. Sister time is most definitely the best! I love the Mrs Powers line. That gate would sure be a super cottage touch on my sun garden! Sadie's forlorn look in the opening picture could also describe my lackluster summer, too; however, life is good! Happy September!

  7. Happy September, Sarah! I love the photo of you and your sister. Like Rita, the Mrs. Power’s gate would look great in my cottage garden. I love Miss Poppy, she is so charming.

  8. As soon as I opened your post and saw sweet Sadie, I smiled. You found the cutest slides to coordinate with Miss Poppy. Starbucks is a favorite here too. I hope fall weather is on it's way to Austin soon and that you will be back to enjoying being outdoors. I love the photo of you and your sister, and I'll be spending time with my sisters on Monday at my niece's Labor Day party. Happy September, Rabbit Rabbit!

  9. Sadie must love to be toted around in your TT! Love seeing your Serendipity tote and it looks fabulous with your cute sandals! I am envious that you have a sister - you seem to always enjoy your get-to-gethers!

  10. Oh my goodness, Miss Poppy and your shoes - what a shot! Looks like Miss Poppy gets around! I love that she gets comments wherever she goes. I hadn't heard of Mrs. Powers, but I sure love her. What fun garden decor.

  11. Oh Sarah, that first photo of Sadie peeking out of your tote is so precious! Miss Poppy is such a fun tote, I love mine too, we are so lucky to have custom made MacKenzie-Childs totes! I'm glad to get to see your sister and nieces so often~ I did not know the story behind Mrs. Powers, so fun! Happy September!

  12. I've been tempted by the Mrs. Powers Gate for a long time. I'm still thinking about where I would actually install it. I do have an idea. I know that you all have been so hot this summer. We had rain all day today, and we're told that cooler weather is imminent. Hope that it will be cooling off down your way, too! Here's to Autumn! CherryKay

  13. Pup, Mrs Powers, Poppys and a sister too! What a wonderful read, I didn’t know about the enchanting Mrs Powers! Thanks so much for sharing 🖤🤍

  14. Trip will be in your neck of the woods next week! There will be a little football game in town, LOL!
    I love seeing all the Mrs. Powers things on your walk. I absolutely LOVE that line! A Poppy Festival sounds like fun, and I think your Serendipity Bag fits right in with poppies, especially red ones. I love your pretty bag!
    I hope you and Sadie have a nice Labor Day Weekend!

  15. You always look so fashionable, Sarah! I really love all your personal MKC totes that were made especially for each of you. What a fun story about Mrs. Powers, and also to visit your sister. Of course, Miss Sadie is always a delight to see. Happy September!

  16. How fitting to have your poppy bag with the poppy backgrounds!

  17. Hi Sarah! I adore your new tote!! It is made of beautiful fabric!! Enjoy you time traveling with it! I know I will enjoy your photos of your adventures! How was your group started?


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