Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Whoooo Is Ready for Autumn? ~ Fall Tablescape Blog Hop

Whoooo is ready for autumn?
The autumnal equinox officially begins 
on September 22nd this year.  
The days will be shorter and the nights longer.

Welcome to our
 September 2022 Fall Tablescape Blog Hop
A sincere thank you to Rita, our amazingly organized and 
talented leader and author of the beautiful Panoply
Links are at the end of this post.

After our long hot summer, I eagerly anticipate the
arrival of September, and though many schools in Texas begin the
new school year in late August, I always associate September with
a fresh start, school buses, and the hopefulness of sweater weather.
 As a retired elementary teacher, it's a time dear to my heart.

It doesn't always bring a chill, but at least the temps 
tend to be more reasonable.  We suffered an extreme 
summer, the hottest on record for us, but yesterday we 
woke to this ~ temps in the 70s and the high was 81.

I recently saw an IG post asking:
 "What inspires a tablescape for you? 
Do you start with the flowers or do you 
set the table and then decide on the flowers?"

For me, I typically decide what I want to use on the table,
then I head to Trader Joe's and find the flowers.
One never knows what will be available, but I'm never
disappointed with the amazing selection of seasonal flowers.
How could I resist these gorgeous dahlias and orange tulips?

Our dining room is not large, so I usually do 
coordinating flowers on the buffet and the table.
With autumn in mind, I chose to use a brass compote 
in which I inserted a ball of chicken wire to serve as
a flower frog to easily arrange the flowers.
Works like a charm!

For the small, lower arrangement on the table, 
I focused on yellows with a pop of orange.
Our tortoise look glass ice bucket offered just
the natural touch my fall table called for.

Labor Day 2022
Simple Cozy Breakfast For Two 
Lemon Yogurt ~ Apple Walnut Muffins
Champagne Mimosas to Toast the Occasion

I always pull out my Rachel Kozlowski owl plates in the fall.
Autumn just naturally calls for plaid!

I often like to use the bare table and then layer to create a mood.
Here I started with a beautiful Crown Linen Design flax napkin 
that is beautifully embroidered with a pine cone motif.

Next I placed autumn leaf placemats centered 
on the linen and bare tabletop, and centered atop
the fall leaves is a tree slice charger.
A folded damask linen napkin adds a soft texture and 
draws attention to the blue plaid of the owl's shirt.
 Wexford Orange dinners by 222 Fifth mimic the colors of
the autumn leaves and frame the West Elm owl plates.
The Calaisio napkin rings, hand woven of water vines and rimmed in beads, offer more natural texture along with the faux bamboo flatware.  The Crown Linen Design stripe napkins seem to fit right in.
I'm all about the mix and love color and texture.

The wonderful orange glass stemware 
was a gift from my IG friend Bonnie Chase.  
Bonnie found them at a thrift store in Colorado last summer, 
and sent them my way because she knows of my fondness for orange.

The vintage Shorter and Sons majolica owl pitcher is English.
From the 1930s, it's the perfect vessel for fresh orange juice.

And of course Veuve Clicquot 
is always my champagne of choice.

We enjoyed La Fermiére's lemon yogurt along 
with fresh baked apple walnut muffins.
I discovered this delicious yogurt at a local marché in Paris years ago.
The clever packaging caught my attention with its blue glaze crocks.
I consumed the yogurt each morning for breakfast, washed the crocks,
carefully packed them into my suitcase, and brought them home.
Now my local Central Market carries this brand!

Last autumn,  La Fermiére was sold 
in limited edition orange crocks.
The orange crock fit right in with my 
plate stack choices for my tablescape last year. 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Hand Block Printed Linens by Just Darviny
Woven Ratan Mats, Hapao Pattern
Country Estate Delft Blue Charger, Juliska 
Mottahedeh Sacred Bird and Butterfly Dinner
Rachel Kozlowski, West Elm Owl Salad Plate

I always save the crocks, keep some for myself, 
and give the others to friends or thrifts.  

We use these little crocks for various things, but my favorite
is to use them for individual flowers at our place settings
as I did with my Labor Day Breakfast Table.

Take note of this label.  
You might ask your local grocery 
to start carrying this product.
It comes in various flavors and makes 
the perfect meal, snack, or even dessert.

Mortimer highly recommends it!

Like a squirrel gathering nuts, 
I hope your've gathered some useful ideas from
my tablescape to set a simple autumn table of your own.

My advice is to scamper about your home 
and gather up things you already own that would
lend interest to the mood of a fall tablescape.

There are plenty more ideas and inspiration
to be found as you hop from post to post.
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Thank you for joining me today.  
Please leave a comment to let me know you stopped by.
I'd be interested to know if you take inspiration form your flowers,
or if you start setting a table, and let the table inspire the flowers.
Wishing you a colorful, cozy autumn ahead.
Sadie and I are ready!



The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. Good Morning Sarah, I knew when I read your post title that I was going to love your table! Both of your flower arrangements are gorgeous. . . I wish we had a Trader Joe’s closer to us and I’m a fan of chicken wire for easy flower arranging. I’m a fan of your ‘mix and match’ style and your dapper owl plates are hoot! Love the pop of blue from your damask towel wrapped around your charger. I’ve never heard of La Fermiére and love how your repurposed the crocks as wee vases for your place settings. As always, it’s a treat to join you at the table and hop with you, Happy almost Fall to you and sweet Sadie! ♥

  2. Sadie is adorable! You have some really cute owls for fall.

  3. Despite loving summer, I actually am kind of getting ready for fall! I do love the change in season, the fall colors, the pumpkins, etc. Your fall creations are inspiring and creative. So lovely. Judee visiting from Gluten Free A-Z Blog.

  4. Whooo is ready for autumn? I am for sure!!! Our weather has not been as brutal as yours but I am beyond ready for fall.
    Sarah, you have outdone yourself! Your post is especially lovely today! I adore the dahlias and tulips. The dahlias are gorgeous! You are so blessed to have Trader Joe's. I have never had the pleasure to even buy a dahlia to arrange! I remember fondly, my grandmother and aunt growing them.
    I miss Texas and Central Market! I will remember the french yogurt brand. Those crocks are perfect for your fall table.
    To answer your question about what comes first, the flowers or the table setting it is always the flowers for me. Then, I begin thinking of a container to use and hopefully all the rest comes together.
    Love your plate stack. Just Darviny linens are perfect accents and your dishes are very cute and whimsical.
    Your cute owls and squirrels are adorable and sweet Sadie is the best.
    Always a pleasure to be inspired by your posts.

  5. Sarah, you always inspire me with your tablescapes. You bring whimsy and magic to each setting you create. If only the nearest Trader Joe’s wasn’t sixty miles away. I love dahlias, they are the perfect autumn flower. I have not heard of the French yogurt, but the petite crocks are darling. I would also be washing and saving them. They are lovely used for individual florals and make the ideal takeaway gift for guests.Your style of mixing is impeccable and every detail is perfect. I am so ready for fall, it has been a long and hot summer. It is always a pleasure to hop with you. Happy Autumn to you and Sadie!

  6. Sarah, so many beautiful and cute details! You are such a talented floral stylist! Can't believe how you transformed flowers from TJ into such stunning arrangements --- they look like they came from a professional florist!. Those orange glasses are wonderful; lucky you! Love all the darling love owl elements too. But, it's that vintage squirrel planter that captured my heart! Would be such fun to explore your home for all the decor and tableware treasures you've collected.

  7. What a sweet table for you and Monnie! I adore the stemware - they always catch my eye! The owl theme is perfect for autumn and whenever I see squirrels I am reminded of my Dad, who loved them! Glad the cooler weather is moving in for you - we are also welcoming it!

  8. Good morning, dear Sarah. Your tablesetting is absolutely stunning. And those owl plates are so darn cute. Hope you had a good Summer despite the temps. Enjoy your week.

  9. Sarah I love owls and used to have a huge collection that I have since narrowed down. :( but I adore yours. the owl plates in plaid are so cute and your floral arranging tips are great. thank you for including Sadie in your post. Happy Autumn to you and yours

  10. Hello, Sarah and Sadie! Sadie, you are so cute, and you look like you're ready for fall. What a cute table, and I bought La Fermière yogurt just last week at The Fresh Market. It is delicious, and I do love the little crocks. I like your ideas for using them on tables! I also like the vintage Shorter and Sons majolica owl pitcher. She's so pretty! The floral arrangement on your buffet with the tulips and dahlias is so pretty, and the smaller one on your table is just as pretty. You and I are alike in that I also featured Rachel Kozlowski plates on my table, lol. Your dapper owls are so cute! I hope you have a wonderful fall, Sarah!

  11. Sarah, of course I've gathered some useful ideas and inspiration from you with this tablescape; I always do! It's the unique twists you use, such as using the yogurt jars (I actually have a small collection of English butter crocks that came with lids that are very similar), and your cross use with linens that tie so beautifully with your patterns which make your design technique so very special! Your flair for pattern, vintage items, and a touch of whimsy make everything you do so appealing. I'm sure Monnie felt like a special guest with your table setting. You made Labor Day a celebration! Thank you so much for bringing such good taste to the blog hop. Happy September! I know you loved those cooler temps over the weekend. They are a promise of more to come.

  12. Sarah, I am ready for fall and cooler temps. It's been way too hot. Love your whimsical own plates. The yogurt sounds wonderful and I adore the cute little crocks. They are perfect vessels for flowers. Your mix and match plate stack is lovely. Your collection of owls and squirrels is so sweet. A beautiful table to welcome fall. Sadie is always a cutie pie. A pleasure hopping along with you.

  13. I AM READY! After our record Texas heat this year, I know you can relate to my longing for cooler temps! Your whimsical owl plates are just adorable--pinned! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  14. Sarah, what a delightful table! Like Mary, the title let me know right away this would be a favorite. Everything about your table is inspiring. Magical, and filled with whimsy, your table setting would make everyone smile immediately. Using the French yoghurt crocks for little bouquets is brilliant. I know anyone would be blessed to join you at this table, or any table with you. Happy Autumn to you and Sadie! xo Lidy

  15. Sarah, this is so delightful! Your owl things are indeed a hoot! The plate stacks on the wood slices atop of the CL napkins and leaf placemats are such a great combo of fall colors and textures~ those yogurt crocks are so pretty, I hope I can find that brand, it sounds so good! What a lovely idea for a special holiday breakfast, such a fun and delish way to start the day! Glad your temps are cooling off...I would have to say that my inspiration for tablescapes comes mainly from flowers, I am spoiled because my son often brings me beautiful flowers and I immediately want to put them on display with a table setting! Cheers 🥂 September!

  16. Sarah, how lovely your breakfast table is! I just love that you have put such thought into each and every detail! This is what I love about a tablescape, the little things that make a difference, the blue napkin that picks up on the plaid shirt, the little yogurt crocks, orange juice served up in an elegant pitcher. These are why we do the things we do and you deserve a blue ribbon for this holiday breakfast table!!

  17. Sarah, what a treat to stroll through your blog post and gather inspiration. The fall floral arrangements are beautiful, love these colors. Not ready here for fall, hard to believe summer 22 is is only a memory now. I am in love with the place setting, especially the Rachel Kozlowski owl plates. I love their face and of course the plaid. I really love how you put the little crocks to use and they look so pretty with flowers. I'm seeing little peeks of some of your treasures I haven't seen before, the Shorter and Sons majolica owl pitcher is gorgeous! The table was perfect for your Labor Day breakfast. Happy September Sarah. I love how you've welcomed autumn.......

  18. This is such a happy table setting from the Owl to the beautiful floral arrangements on the table and on the side board. I am going to try to find your yogurt as those crocks are wonderful. Your breakfast menu is a perfect continental repast with the addition of champagne...you can't go wrong. The napkins are a wonderful compliment to the plaid owl shirts on your plates. Enjoy September, Sarah!

  19. You had me at those gorgeous flowers! You are so lucky to have Trader Joe's. We don't have them here in Canada sadly. I had to do a double take at your leaf placemat. It looks so real!! Your owl plates are darling, and I really like the way you used a log slice as part of your plate stack. I really hope I can find that yogurt brand locally, as those crocks are so cute. And Sadie! What a sweat pea!

  20. Sarah, you really capture the fun of fall with your whimsical owl plates. LOVE the blue and orange color combo with the plaid. The wood slices are perfect for your bit of rustic tablescape. Love it all and I always go back and pin all the fun. Happy September, Sarah, enjoy those cooler temps!

    1. PS that vintage owl pitcher is over the top amazing!!

  21. This tablescape is amazing, Sarah! I love your owl plates and your centerpiece is just stunning. I don't live near a TJs but I always hear such good things about them. The way you sprinkle bits of fall around your home is really inspiring. Can't wait to see more this season, CoCo PS: Your little pumpkin is so cute!

  22. I have such a love for fall, and owls, and squirrels, well you get my drift, I'm loving all you shared!

  23. Sarah, those owl plate are amazing. Love all the other owl embellishments. The hints of orange definitely bring in the feeling of fall. Your orange glasses are the perfect addition. How sweet of Bommie to sense them to you. Enjoy our cooler weather.

  24. Sarah, we are just now getting some cooler temperatures - in the mid-80s! I am more than ready for a major fall cool down. You put together a lovely combination of TJ flowers and the owl plates and the English owl pitcher. And I think your advice to shop the home is what we should all be doing. So much more practical than spending money :)
    Happy fall,

  25. Sarah, your post is just delightful!! a I am loving all of the owls- especially the plates with the dapper owls wearing plaid. I couldn’t agree with you more, Autumn does just call for plaids!!! Your flowers are gorgeous, right down to the little crock with the sweet flowers tucked into in. It is always a pleasure to hop with you!! Happy Fall🍂🍁🧡

  26. That is the sweetest photo of Sadie, and I'm glad you and Sadie are enjoying some cooler temperatures. You make the nicest floral arrangements with Trader Joe's flowers, and the dahlias are stunning. I planted dahlia bulbs, and they just started blooming two weeks ago. They are the highlight of my garden right now. I am smitten with the owls wearing plaid. Happy Fall!

  27. The owls are seriously delightful! They add a whimsical touch to a casually plaid breakfast setting. I enjoyed everything you added that gives it the unmistakable fall touch, from the lovely flowers to the gorgeous champagne glasses. Have a wonderful COOL week!

  28. What an absolutely enchanting table, Sarah! I love those owls, more than I can say -- both the plates (especially) and all the other "wise" touches. The flowers are great -- TJ's always has magnificent blooms. I'm glad you're getting a break from the heat -- but I wish you'd send it up here to Michigan! I could use a few more weeks where it would be sunny and low 80s!

  29. Thank you, dear Sarah, for delivering my daily dose of eye candy! xx

  30. Dearest Sarah,
    Yes, indeed it has been a very hot summer.
    We noticed while we were on the road en route to Jenny Lake Lodge in Grand Tetons, Wyoming and passing through Shamrock, TX on the way back with 106°F: https://mariettesbacktobasics.blogspot.com/2022/08/from-hyatt-place-santa-fe-to-hyatt.html
    We enjoyed 11 sunny days during our trip and long solo drive for me with my Pieter but we're so grateful we FINALLY were able to do this. Self publishing our academic book was taking up so much time and now we're catching up on everything else.
    You outdid yourself with your autumnal table setting—very lovely!
    Trying to host our chancel choir members' Christmas party here in three weeks, so that requires a lot of work! But like our trip out west it is NOW or NEVER.
    Our health is not getting better and we ought to seize the moment.
    Hugs and wishing you both the very best and a meaningful Advent.


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