Monday, July 4, 2022

The Stars and Stripes Forever

Marching into America's 246th Birthday like a pro!
July 4, 2022 ~ Happy Birthday, America!

Welcome to Monday Morning Blooms!
Featuring the talented bloggers
Mary, Lidy, and Pam!

Today, Hyacinths for the Soul is joining as guest host. 
Thank you, Mary, Lidy, and Pam!  
Monday Morning Blooms has long made 
the first and third Mondays of the Month my favorite days.
I'm extremely honored and humbled, my friends!

Join me on the terrace for a salute to our 
Stars and Stripes Forever!

Traditionally, July 4th begins with 
neighborhood parades held all over Austin.
I'm usually on the sidelines, cheering on the festivities, so I
layered my stack with these darling tea towels with a nod to a parade.

These tea towels, Primitives By Kathy, have been part of my linen
stash for years.  I have a habit of picking up unique tea towels 
in pairs when I find them.  It's a habit I picked up from my mom.
These pieces are beautifully embroidered and well made.

The table cloth is Ocean Waves by Just Darviny.
I jumped on the chance to pre-order this one 
last year when it went into small batch production.  
It's 90" round, perfect for my table, and the
scalloped edges are finished off with blue binding.  
These linens are all hand blocked in India.

My Monday Morning Blooms 
are meant to mimic an explosion of fireworks.
I stacked two favorite cache pots, one within the other,
to give the arrangement height and shape.
It's a trick I use often because it gives a base layer for adding more.

I bought 3 mixed bouquets from Trader Joe's
to fill the large cache pot, then added 
in red alstroemeria at the base.  

The mix has a lot of red, white, and blue varieties,
but also included a burst of yellows, corals, and rusts. 
An explosion of color much like fireworks.

I added in more blue and white pieces to hold paper
flowers and candy suckers twisted in patriotic colors.

Be the Fireworks!

I'm all about the mix on a table, so I layered scalloped 
edge mother-of-pearl placemats atop the cloth.  
They mimic both the scalloped edge of the cloth and the 
luminosity of the antique mother-of-pearl flatware.
Note the folding flag fans?  It's super hot here this summer!
Austin set an all time record with 
30 triple digit days just in the month of June.

Lidy, recently wrote a post on using your
collectables on the table.  
This stack reflects that philosophy.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Red Square Plates  ~ Waechtersbach, Germany
"Liberty Blue" Transfer Ware ~ Enoch Wedgwood Co.
Red Italian Transfer Ware ~ Spode
Antique Mother of Pearl Flatware ~ Meridian Cutlery Co.

Blue glass stems are unmarked
 and perfect for this table.

Victorian Red Napkin ~ Crown Linen Design 

Tables for two remain the norm here.
A place for my husband, and .  .   .

A place for moi!

I added a few patriotic pillows to the chairs.

Just for fun, I placed a tea towel over the back of the chair
as another idea for using those seasonal kitchen towels.

Vintage "Liberty Blue"transfer ware, made by Enoch Wedgwood was produced in 1976 exclusively for Pacific Northwest Bank 
 during America's Bicentennial period.  
Over the years a few pieces have come my way,
and I always enjoy setting a table with these pieces 
of beautiful royal blue transfer ware that depict 
patriotic scenes of American history.

Yes, we are Home Sweet Home for the 4th.
Tell, me how are you celebrating today?

Visit my talented blogging friends at the links below and be inspired with their patriotic floral inspiration for a July 4th celebration.

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Happy 4th of July



The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. Happy Independence Day Sarah! I love your explosion of fireworks in your flower arrangement and centerpiece for your table! Your vignette is so festive with your red, white and blue lollies, Mary Englebreit ‘Be the Fireworks’ sign, and paper flowers and your tea towels are dog gone cute too! I always love the mix at your tables with your colors and textures. The pretty red and blue transferware pieces paired with your mother-of-pearl placemats and flatware with those beautiful embroidered CLD napkins…*sigh*. I’ve been watching the weather and the heat in Texas, but I didn’t realize you set a record for 30 days of triple digit temps though…whew! I pledge allegiance to air conditioning, I’m afraid I would sprain my wrist fanning myself with the patriotic fan at your table. 😊 We’ve been fortunate to spend some time in the NC mountains to enjoy some cooler temperatures but we’re back home to heat and humidity.

    We’re thrilled you were able to join us today and celebrate the red, white and blue! Wishing you, Monnie and sweet Sadie a Happy Fourth ♥

  2. Sarah, I have always enjoyed how you mix patterns and your use of color! The fireworks explosion in your flower arrangement is so appealing and gives off the perfect patriotic vibe. As always, your plate stack is curated with your gorgeous collections! The Just Darviny tablecloth is a lovely foundation for your table. I love the scalloped edge and how your paired it with the scalloped mother of pearl chargers. We both agree that the embroidered CLD napkins make a stunning statement anytime, but especially for a patriotic table. The tea towels are so cute and I love the pillows. There is so much to take in and enjoy in your red, white, and blue table. Oh, my 30 days of triple digit temperatures would get the best of me.

    It is a pleasure to have you join us today in our celebration of the red, white, and blue. Wishing you, your hubby, and Sadie a Happy 4th!

  3. What a beautiful table. Thanks for explaining your process. Helpful things I never considered before like taken shape inspiration from the tablecloth or repeating the finish on the flatware. Especially liked the double compote to maximize florals. Pamela

  4. Sarah, what a festive Red, White and Blue!! Such a gorgeous table filled with too many beauties to take in all at once. I am inspired by your floral fireworks - what a brilliant idea! The tablecloth is a stunning back drop for your mix of red and blue plates {yay for the mix!} you have so many fun and festive patriotic things, towels and pillows really caught my eye! We are so blessed that you were our special guest for our Monday Morning Blooms - thank you so much. Wishing you and Monnie and your sweet Sadie a very Happy July 4th! Stay cool - I’m with Mary about the air conditioning. xo Lidy. Ps. We have a Catalina 30. Somehow I never read how the name for your wonderful blog came about before today!

  5. Sarah, I love your patriotic transferware plates in red and blue. You have inspired me to get some of mine down that are hanging up high and create a tablescape.
    You have so many cute place cards,theme pillows, and tea towels. I love your patriotic cookie and ornament too.
    Austin has been extremely hot! Wow, triple digits for a month is a long time. I complained about four days.
    I am pinning your lovely post. Happy Independence Day to you and your husband and Sadie too.

  6. You have so many wonderful collections, I jump at the opportunity to scour the many details. You are a fitting guest to MMB, especially with your patriotic collection, Sarah. This time the MOP placemats caught my attention, together with the flatware. It's all those little details that I love - the little Uncle Sam bisque doll, the framed 'Be the Fireworks' (Mary Engelbreit?), the tablecloth, the suckers and, of course, the florals beautifully lush and full, just like an explosive firework! Happy 4th, Sarah. Here's hoping July temps are more forgiving to Austin than June's were - incredible! I'm surprised those fans have any life left!

  7. So lovely Sarah. I love your collections. Your patriotic transfer caught my eye. I love the CLD linens. The star and stripes forever is so special. Wonderful collection of pillows. Gotta love Trader Joes. You create such beautiful vignettes. Happy 4th to you, Monnie and sweet Sadie.

  8. Your July 4th decorations are so festive and beautiful. So much thought went into your table settings, flowers, etc. Love it all. Judee from Gluten Free A-Z Blog

  9. Hi Sarah! This is Christine, I am having a tough time leaving a comment under my acct so I will enter it as anonymous. As usual, you put together the best vignettes and tables. I love them all, so patriotic!….Christine

  10. You and your blog friends are so talented Sarah! I love seeing your collections, and what a wonderful collection of pillows. You are the master of the Trader Joes floral arrangements! Happy 4th to you, Monnie and sweet Sadie.

  11. What a lovely spot on the terrace to set this table for two to celebrate Independence Day! I love how you pull so many delightful collectibles together. The Stars and Stripes theme is perfect and so is the floral centerpiece representing "fireworks" for the Fourth. The collection of patriotic dishes always grabs my attention as well as your pillow collection and towels. I'm sue the two of you enjoyed this perfectly set table in this beautiful serene setting. Bravo Sarah!

  12. Your table is so delightful Sarah! So many wonderful red, white and blue details! I love how you stacked your cache pots for additional layers for your centerpiece, so smart! The Uncle Sam place cards are so fun and the tea cup full of spilling cherries adds a cute whimsical touch. Love the pillows and your linens, such a wonderful table for 2 for Summer!

  13. Hi Sarah, this is the perfect tablescape and centerpiece vignette for the 4th! You know I love that gorgeous stack of transferware perfection! Your shaded table on the terrace is so lovely. Pinning all the absolute patriotic beauty. Stay cool, it's almost as bad up here!

  14. So pretty Sarah....your explosion of color is perfect for the 4th of July. I, too love the cherries in the teacup and the Uncle Sam placecards. You are one talented lady.
    Kari @ Me and My Captain

  15. Sarah, I just had to re-visit your blog and tell you everything is gorgeous. Love this post!


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