Thursday, December 1, 2022

Tales of the Traveling Tote #33

Rabbit, Rabbit!
Welcome December and welcome to our 33rd edition of 
Tales of the Traveling Tote

Austin doesn't see brilliant color like the northeast, 
but some of our trees give us a taste of autumn color.

One recent morning I drove 
out to Westlake, the area where I taught school.

I thought you might enjoy a
peek at fall in Austin.

I pulled off the road to snap a few photos 
of this area at the base of Tom Miller Dam,
the beginning of what we know as 
 Lady Bird Lake that runs through
central Austin.  

You can read about this historical bridge above.

Miss Merri Mac and I had plans to attend a fun Market Day,
but alass our Texas weather has not 
been very conducive to outdoor activities.
Perhaps I can capture some photos at the 
December market to be held later this month.

It's difficult for me to think we are already in December.
 Wth the holiday season revving up, Miss Merri Mac 
and I recently set out to get us in a holiday spirit.

Window shopping is part of the fun.

We like to shop local 
to see the holiday offerings.

Miss Merri Mac is always welcome and 
readily makes a few new friends along the way.

We thought it would be fun to share this cute winter snow scene encountered in one of our favorite shops, Hearth and Soul.

The charming little abodes 
look to be hand crafted.

Each one showing creativity with lots of detail.

I found myself studying 
these little architectural jewels.

I honestly couldn't pick a favorite.
Each one was charming!

As well as each of the darling gnomes.

The week of Thanksgiving, Sadie and I drove over to 
historic Georgetown, TX  to my niece's home 
for the annual family Pie Baking Day.

We arrived too late for the actual making of the pies,
but my nephew showed off the products of the morning labors of
six beautiful homemade pies prepared by my sister's 5 grandchildren.
1 Cherry ~ 2 Pumpkin ~ 1 Pecan ~ 2 Buttermilk

Of course we couldn't leave without a stop at
 our favorite antique store, Gatherings!

Do you see that cute little Mrs. Claus!
 It's actually a mini creamer, but I couldn't resist her charm
and thought she would fit right in with my own Santa mugs.

Back in the neighborhood, we are beginning to see lots 
of homes decorated with lights.

We don't add outdoor lights to our home, but it's
certainly a treat to these beautiful displays.

Sadie has been sporting her favorite sweater.
What about you?  Are you holiday ready?

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The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. Miss Merri Mac looks cozy amongst the charming snow scenes. It's that time of the year, and I especially love a gingerbread house display at the local establishments. I am admiring all those pies! What a wonderful tradition to have. Sweet Sadie is stealing the show in her holiday sweater yet again. Thanks for the tour of Austin in the Fall.

  2. How fun Sarah and Miss Merri Mac adventures. Sadie looks adorable in your tote. Window shopping is always an adventure. The gingerbread display is so cute. Love the fall dress in the window. How delightful to visit your nephew and see all of those delicious pies. Looks like a gorgeous kitchen. Thanks for taking us along Sarah. Happy holidays.

  3. Dearest Sarah,
    Miss seeing my comment on your previous post: Whoooo Is Ready for Autumn? ~ Fall Tablescape Blog Hop... Did it end up in your trash?
    Fall in Austin sure did look perfect for some special photos.
    And the Pie Baking Day looks like a perfect event.
    That huge tree with all the white lights looks like a dream and so does Sadie in her favorite sweater!
    Happy Advent Season to you and yours.

  4. You've shared so many interesting photos in this post. My husband is a bridge engineer and would be interested in the Emmet Shelton Bridge. Looks like the Christmas decorating is in full swing. I especially like the house with what looks like hanging lights? Beautiful post. Thanks It's Judee from Gluten Free A-Z Blog.

  5. Hi Sarah, it looks like you and Miss Merry Mac have had fun visiting some of your favorite spots! Window shopping is always fun, and I love all those pretty houses at Hearth and Soul~ Sadie looks adorable in your tote, what a little sweetheart! The pie making day tradition is so much fun, such a great idea for Thanksgiving. I love the light covered tree in your neighborhood, that is really beautiful! Happy December my sweet friend!

  6. I find Austin's fall color very definite! The darling shops you find and frequent are always of interest to me, Sarah. I agree, those little houses are just darling little works of art. Your Mrs Santa creamer will be a great addition to your holiday touches. That little needlepoint rabbit is too cute. Wishing you a very peaceful and loving December, Sarah. ♥

  7. Rabbit Rabbit Sarah! Love seeing Sadie peeking out of your tote and she's so cute in her sweater! Your foliage shots are beautiful and my favorite season...I always try to hang onto pumpkins as long as possible before I trade them in for jingle bells and boughs of holly. I do love seeing the Christmas lights. We have talked about doing something to our dock for the holidays but at 50 feet down and back it would be an undertaking to make it look festive.🎄 Wishing you a Merry December. ❤️

  8. Austin looks a lot like out little corner of the world. Color not brilliant but lovely and still going. It's nice to take day trips and rides, especially nice weather days. To bad the market day was cancelled. Hopefully with a large city there will be more for you and Miss Merri Mac to enjoy. It is hard Sarah, I can hardly believe December is upon us. Our tree is up finally, late this year. I've found my wreathes and hung those but still have the mailbox to decorate. Sounds like a wonderful trip to visit your niece for the pie baking. Antiquing is alway in order, love those Santa's and how cute Sadie is in her sweater. So, to answer your question, I am not finished, this is like putting a puzzle together............

  9. Sadie is so cute, and I love her special sweater! She has fantastic taste! ;P
    I had no idea Austin is so pretty in the fall, but your photos prove that your city is full of fall color. Miss Merri Mac and you found some of the cutest little houses. Each are so unique, and I can see why you couldn't pick a favorite. Pie Baking Day looks like loads of fun. Did Sadie have some sweet potato pie? Our Westies love sweet potatoes. In answer to your question, I am not anywhere near ready for Christmas. I still need to decorate, but at least most of my shopping is done. I hope you have a joyful Christmas, Sweet Friend!

  10. I hope to see Austin one day! The colors of fall were so pretty this year, werent they? Sadie looks so comfy in your tote! I also enjoy shopping local, and seeing all the unique displays. And those pies - YUM. Hoping you enjoy this holiday season

  11. Sarah, Austin’s colors are beautiful. I have visited your city a couple of times in July and both times the temps were above 100. I still enjoyed lots of shopping. Sadie looks cute in your tote and her adorable sweater. Yum, those pies sound amazing. Happy December!

  12. Lovely post dear Sarah. Like your neighborhood like ours is also starting "to look a lot like Christmas" - but we've not done any outside decorating yet other than the faux tree in the gazebo! I did have Bob drag out the decoration storage boxes from the attic yesterday and started on the indoors, not doing quite as much this year though!
    Love Miss Sadie's sweater - she'd need it here today, woke up to 21F which is the coldest morning to date this season!
    Hugs always - Mary x

  13. A fun jaunt..s:) I love seeing where you go and what catches your eye..Miss Sadie looks happy to be out and about:)xoxoxox

  14. What fun I had with you and Sadie, thank you!

  15. What fun! You get around. It's nice seeing autumn trees, especially since now all our branches are bare! Pie making day! That sounds divine! And Miss Sadie is such a cutie -- definitely ready for the season!

  16. I always love your posts about the Traveling Totes. I think it is a wonderful way to spend some time with friends-shopping and enjoying each other's company. Love the little Mrs. Santa creamer. It's perfect with the Santa mugs~. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. xo Diana


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