Thursday, October 6, 2016

It's Fall in Texas, Y'all!

Welcome, Friends,
It's Fall in Texas, Y'all!

Welcome to day four of the 
Fall In Love With Texas Blog Tour.
I hope you've been visiting my Texas
girlfriends this week as they have each shared their special
take on celebrating the fall season here in Texas.

Autumn is my favorite season in Texas ~
the gentle change in the landscape,
the nip in the air, and the abundance of russet colors ~
each fills my senses and my heart.

Here in Texas we don't see the dramatic 
change of autumn leaf color,
but we do have plenty of burnt orange in our autumn days.
We live in Longhorn Country!

Austin is home to the University of Texas @ Austin,
where UT football is a favored sport, and fans
are not shy about celebrating burnt orange.

Both the chef and I are UT graduates,
but neither are avid sports fans.
We do however like to celebrate the burt orange 
of autumn here at Hyacinths for the Soul.

Redware Pottery

Velvet Pumpkins

Needlepoint Pumpkins

Real Pumpkins in
All Shapes and Colors

Outside Pumpkins on  
the Front Porch

Faux Pumpkins 
in the Garden

Bittersweet, Acorns, 
and Horn Votives

Cozy Sweaters

Woolen Throws

The Warm Glow of 
Copper and Brass

Harvest Plates

Fall Luncheons

Cozy Dinners for Two 
by Candlelight

Bouquets of 
Favorite Roses

of Hot Tea

A Slice of Pie

What about you, dear reader?  
How do you celebrate the season of autumn?
I would love to hear, so please scroll down and leave 
a comment to let me know.  Then I can stop to visit you.  

A big Texas Thank You to 
Katie @ Let's Add Sprinkles
for organizing this wonderful week of our

Fall In Love With Texas Blog Tour.

Hop on over to these Texas gals for more Texas love.

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The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. Sarah, this is just what I needed with my cup of coffee this morning. I feel like such a slacker as I am still enjoying our idyllic "summer" here. I will start decorating for fall once we return from my niece's bachlorette party this weekend at the Finger Lakes wineries. The foliage should be nice and it will inspire me to decorate. Your home looks so inviting, and I just love that pumpkin dish. Thanks for the wonderful tour. xo

  2. Sarah, I love how you celebrate fall in Texas. Your luncheon table is gorgeous as are your Harvest plates. I sure hope we need those throws soon!

  3. Your velvet pillows are just gorgeous. You saved a lot of pumpkin stems. I love the needlepoint pumpkins too. They are precious. Thanks for sharing your beautiful tablescapes. It all looks fabulous.

  4. Ooh Sarah, I loved seeing the outdoors around Austin, and then touring through your lovely home. The red clay pottery, your dishes, velvet and needlepoint pumpkins, and all the rest of your decor just says Fall in the most beautiful way. You have such a special style of decorating to make your home as cozy as can be. Thanks for sharing your home with us.

  5. I think someone loves fall♥

    Your collections are so precious.
    I am with's so summer here..albeit the leaves are changing..

  6. Love all those velvet pumpkins but the needlepoint ones are the best. What a neat idea and that tea pot with quail well that's a perfect touch. Beautiful home, thanks for sharing.

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  7. Hi Sarah! It's always a treat to visit you but fall is just gorgeous at your place!! I truly love the real colors of autumn and you've put together some lovely areas inside and outside your home! And you even fed me - well almost. Yummy! Hope you're doing well, sweet friend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Sarah, Your fall decor is just amazing! And you have it everywhere to enjoy for the season. Thank you for sharing on the FILWT Blog Tour.

  9. Sarah, this is beautiful like I knew it would be. ;)

    I love visiting your home because you do the seasons so well and you don't miss a detail. Sharing on Facebook.

  10. Good morning, dear Sarah! Oh my! What a treasure trove of Autumn splendor. LOVE those needlepoint pumpkins!!! And those harvest plates positively steal my heart. Love all the photos of your lovely treasures but my favorite is always of your beloved Sadie. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy every minute of your Texas Fall!

  11. Sarah, what a wonderful post. Love the Austin Longhorn information. I am amazed at all your beautiful pumpkins. Love the velvet pumpkins. Also love the basket of wool throws-so inviting. Your table setting is just beautiful. Eye candy everywhere. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Hi Sarah, You have shared our Texas fall beautifully. Love the burnt colors of rust and orange too. Your pumpkins are all gorgeous. Love the bowl of velvet's and the basket of throws ready to curl up with is such a special touch. Your table set for a autumn dinner is beautiful. Such a treat to visit your lovely home. Enjoy the remainder of the tour. It's been so much fun and inspiring. Hugs!

  13. Oh I enjoy your posts...all the fall inspiration and eye candy! Always fun to visit your blog! Beautiful!!

  14. Hi Sarah, You have shared our Texas fall beautifully. Love the burnt colors of rust and orange too. Your pumpkins are all gorgeous. Love the bowl of velvet's and the basket of throws ready to curl up with is such a special touch. Your table set for a autumn dinner is beautiful. Such a treat to visit your lovely home. Enjoy the remainder of the tour. It's been so much fun and inspiring. Hugs!

  15. Love your presentation of Fall in Texas. My favorite would be the large dough bowl with the variety of real pumpkins.
    First I have seen of the Heirloom Needlepoint Pumpkins ... they are beautiful.
    Happy Fall.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  16. Sarah those heirloom needlepoint pumpkins are just amazing! I also adore the chinoiserie tablescape. You've truly captured some lovely autumn essence.

  17. Hello Sarah, Beautiful post for welcoming Autumn. I love those Juliska Harvest Plates...pretty.
    We like to seek out any fall colors out and about. Thanksgiving is our grand fall celebration for sure. Hope you have a good weekend. ellen b.-The Happy Wonderer

  18. You have truly captured the Fall in our lovely State, you even treated us to a little woodsy Fall color, that I love so much!
    I could almost smell the Autumn fragrance and I enjoyed the tender details of your vignettes, colors, throws and dishware.
    Lovely, lovely!
    Happy Fall!

  19. I could happily spend all day on this blog post. I love your needlepoint pumpkins, red ware, brass and copper, tartan throws and let's not overlook the Longhorn! Everything is beautiful Sarah and I am so pleased and proud to call you my friend.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  20. Sarah, it's all so beautiful! Can you tell me where you got the floral bowl (orange and green) that is holding velvet pumpkins? It's gorgeous! You have pulled out all of the stops! Well Done! Thank you for sharing your talent with us! Happy Fall Day to you! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  21. What a wonderful tribute to our beautiful state of Fall in your part of Texas. Great job on this post.

  22. Sarah,
    You have shared burnt orange in so many places and styles that I have overlooked. Seeing your collections is a wonderful stroll through your burnt orange, your home, and our state. I enjoyed this post so much.


  23. Sarah, I love everything.
    You are so talented and your lovely fall vignettes are so welcoming.
    I need to know more about those needlepoint pumpkins๐Ÿ˜Š


  24. I love all of your fall colors and arrangements. The roses are gorgeous!!

  25. Oh Sarah, I can't decide which of your home displays I love the most, but those basket of throws, the Juliska tablescape, and those needlepoint pumpkins all have me bowled over! The best of your pumpkins on the porch is your little 4-legged punkin!

  26. Sarah, so much to love about Texas! I also live in a state where we see only subtle changes from summer to autumn. Still warm days but cooler nights. Your landscape is lovely there and I imagine your gardens are gorgeous. Beautiful colors of fall inside with all of your pumpkins and vignettes. I love the color of the Harvest plates and I'm sure those pies are as good as they look. Happy Fall Sarah..............

  27. Your needlepoint pumpkins are so wonderful! I have never seen anything like them. I also LOVE your harvest plates! They are beautiful!

  28. Sarah, I'm really enjoying visiting my Texas sisters. My autumn is more maroon than burnt orange, lol. Ha, I really love the colors of autumn - even orange! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think you nailed it...warm soup, hot tea, coziness all around. I love it when it's cool enough to have an fire going in the fire pit. Ahhh, Fall! My favorite season of all! Love your pretty pumpkins of all kinds!

  29. You have so many beautiful fall touches throughout your home! I love our cozy plaid throws and your toile dishes are beautiful! So happy to be touring with you this week!

  30. What a delightful array of autumn themed items...soooo colorful!! I think I must love October the best out of all the months.
    This was such a pleasure to visit your blog today.

  31. Fall in Texas never looked so good as it does in your home Sarah! Plaid throws, beautiful dishes and piles of pumpkins! I am SWOONING over those needlepoint pumpkins! I have a floral needlepoint pillow cover sitting in a closet passed down to me from my grandmother. I wonder if I have courage to repurpose it into a couple of pumpkins? Happy October to you. ♥

  32. You post is a feast for the eyes! I plan to look through all these houses this weekend because I haven't had time this week. They will all still be up, I hope? Your photo collages look fantastic, BTW.

  33. Sarah, so much eye candy to admire and take in. Your home is lovely. Everywhere you look, I see beautiful vignettes and a lovely touch of Fall. The basketry of woolen throws is so perfect. Loving your fall table. The Juliska plates are gorgeous. I do love your black and white MC. Truly a pleasure to tour your beautiful home.

  34. Love all your Texas Fall! I do a little orange and amber with pumpkins,pottery and glass.

  35. Your pics are awesome and we defiantly know you love fall!! I am an Okie so no offense go SOONERS!!! I would like to invite you to come share away with us at our blog hop!

  36. Boy do I adore these tours. Yours is stunning. I enjoyed every section. Love velvet pumpkins but the needle point ones are beautiful. I have never seen them very elegant. I'm a HUGE fall person too. By the way pretty assortment of throws


  37. Happy days of October... love them!


  38. Dearest Sara,
    Lovely post with very nice fall colors.
    My favorite photo is the one where you display your roses in such an incredible way!
    Enjoy this very special time and yes, my Italian wool throw might get used in a couple of weeks...
    Hate to say goodbye to sandals and shorts!

  39. I love all your Fall accessories but I've never seen needlepoint pumpkins before. I'm really wanting some. So unique.

  40. A great post, Sarah! The Redware is new to me and I love it. The needlepoint pumpkins are also interesting...passed down? Made by yourself? So original and beautiful!

    Enjoy your cool weather. I know you Texans truly appreciate it. :-D


  41. Happy Pink Saturday, Sarah. Thank you for always making Pink Saturday special.

    Your home looks lovely. Those needlepoint pumpkins make my heart go pitter-pat. Redware pottery is always very popular here in North Carolina.

    Enjoy your Autumn. It is my husband's favorite season of all. We are definitely enjoying the cooler days and nights. Very little color change here, but it is still a bit early for us.

  42. Love everything, especially your unusual pumpkins. Such a FALL FEAST and awesome eye candy

  43. Hi Sarah. I'm a bit late coming to the fall tour. Your are my first, and probably will be my favorite stop.๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ I love the way you decorate for every season and you have so many beautiful things. I LOVE the needlepoint pumpkins!
    We are heading to Houston later this week to visit the grands?
    Rhondi xo

  44. Love all the beautiful pumpkins and your dishes also!

  45. Sarah you know how much I love your seasonal displays, my dear this year you have gone above and beyond. Simply stunning, thank you so much for bringing Fall in Texas to Normandy today on Mosaic Monday.

  46. Gorgeous seasonal displays, love orange. I'm visiting from Mosaic Monday.

  47. Oh my!! Everything is Autumn-licious.

  48. Such a lovely post, with so many pretty displays! I am just smitten with those needlepoint pumpkins! Happy fall, Sarah! xo, Andrea

  49. I love all of your pumpkins...the velvet ones are gorgeous and that big wooden bowl filled is nice too! Happy Fall!

  50. Sarah,
    Beautiful Fall decor!!So charming!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  51. Beautiful fall! Those velvet pumpkins have me drooling in envy. There's nothing like a pumpkin to say "It's Autumn!"

  52. Beautiful tour Sarah! I especially love the needlepoint pumpkins, so unique!

  53. really some beautiful fall decorations. the pumpkins in the bowl, so simple but so lovely.

  54. Hi Sarah, I love everything you shared today. Your Fall photos really caught my eye. However, my absolute favorite was the sweet pup in the Fall photo.

    Thank you for joining Blue Monday with the lovely post today.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  55. I'm in love with the orange transferware and those gorgeous plaid blankets.

  56. All your decor is beautiful but I especially love the harvest plates. Gorgeous!

  57. Love all the Texas fall decor! Beautiful! I'm so glad you shared this at our Dishing It & Digging It Link Party! Looking forward to seeing more of your creativity! :)

  58. Hi Sarah,
    Oh what a beautiful Fall here in your corner of blog-land! Those little pumpkin pies look scrumptious, and everything else is decorated so lovely. Thank you for the Fall tour - Well Done!

  59. Sarah, you certainly have a beautiful fall in Texas and your pictures are just gorgeous. Love all your handmade pumpkins, and those heirloom hand stitched ones are so special. Do you save all your stems from the real ones you use or is there a place where one could order them? I have looked but have had no luck so far..Happy Fall..Judy

  60. Oh I LOVE this post! Puts me right in the fall mood! I have those lovely Juliska plates, aren't they perfect for Fall???

  61. Great post! Love your velvet pumpkins ( I am keeping 'real" pumpkin stems and plan to make some next year. Also love the stitched ones! I also spied some Pandora Checks :-) You certainly have lots of lovely decorations! Enjoy the fall!

  62. Sarah, I love your burnt oranges. Those needlepoint pumpkins are fabulous!! Did you make them? Your dishes are so pretty and I adore your assorted real and velvet pumpkins as well! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  63. Fabulous tour. I love how you added the mosaics. Your photograpy is great. I loved this visit. I hope you'll add The Fabulous Fall party to your link list and come over and link up!
    The party goes all the way to the end of the month. You can link anytime.
    The party is over here:
    Let's party! Happy Fall!

  64. Glad to see fall has arrived in Texas and that you have gotten your fall decor out for the Texas bloggers party. Lots of cute pieces, Sarah.

  65. Happiest Fall,Sarah....I love your tour and those blankets caught my's turned a little cooler here this week but think it's supposed to warm up again on Sat. Tech is playing a game and everyone is hoping it's going to be nice weather...

  66. Everything is so beautiful, Sarah! I love burnt orange. I think it is both happy and warm. ..Christine

  67. All so pretty Sarah!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  68. My goodness, Sarah, your fall decorations are pretty. I especially like your collection of velvet pumpkins and amazing heirloom needlepoint pumpkins. The needlepoint ones are the first I have seen. Amazing!
    I thought of you and your McKensie Child pieces when I saw a fabulous display in Harrods last week. I snapped a pic and hope to share on my blog soon.

  69. Sarah, your fall decor is so lovely and I especially love your gorgeous table settings! Thank you for sharing @Vintage Charm. Pinned!

  70. I love all of your pumpkins, but am absolutely swooning over those pumpkins with the crows. Happy fall!

  71. What a great collection of fall images! Those needlepoint pumpkins are the most unique I've ever seen! Love the dough bowl with the real pumpkins and bittersweet.

  72. Looks like you are all set for fall. Who needs the cold!!! Your faux pumpkins are beautiful, and so are you fabric ones. I do love fall. I love the change of food, and the change of the weather, but not the cold that follows!

  73. I love it all, especially the needlepoint pumpkins! I've never seen those before, did you make them?

  74. You have a big array of orange colored decorating items that are very pretty, and you are set for Thanksgiving. I like the faux pumpkins with the crows in your garden, and that orange Longhorn.


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