Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Welcome Fall ~ A Tablescape on the Terrace to Celebrate

Welcome to Fall in Texas!
 The extreme heat continues to inflict us 
with its debilitating presence, and truth be known, 
my heart wasn't very enthusiastic about setting a fall table just yet.
With the official start of autumn still a few weeks away, 
I decided to set my table with a hint of autumn 
colors among a neutral palette.

Thank you for joining us today as we launch our 
Welcome Fall  Tablescape Blog Hop 
Thank you to our host Rita @ Panoply
the lady who keeps us organized and on track.
Blog hop links to a list of beautiful autumn 
inspired tablescapes are at the end of this post.

Pull up a chair and join me out on the terrace where I set 
a table for two out of love and respect for my husband.
He had a passion for food and was an excellent chef; I have a
passion for setting an interesting and inviting tabletop.
Case in point is this small tabletop quilt with its rich brown tones
 and touches of plaids, a $5 estate sale find a friend sent my way.
 Remember, unexpected and vintage textiles can add interest to a table. 

The burlap placemats add a layer of protection for the quilt, 
but I also like the textural feel for added interest.
The chargers are inexpensive ones from 
Michael's clearance a few years ago.  
I like the touch of color they lend to the stack.

The hand painted stoneware plates were 
Goodwill finds many years ago. 
~ Salad plates are Zanzibar by Clay Art ~ 
~ Dinner plates are Ipanema by Home ~ 
I like how the earth tones play off of each other and that
the rims are a textured bamboo that add contrast one can see and feel.

The simple green glasses 
add more texture and color.

These napkins were part of a surprise gift I received some weeks ago from a most thoughtful friend on Instagram, @vivo.veronika 

Brenda sent me a package of linens in a variety of exquisite patterns.  
I chose to include the thistle pattern on the left for today's table.
Visit Brenda's site here to view her collection of 
stonewashed linens and Italian flatware.

The flatware is English silver-plate with faux ivory handles, 
a recent vintage find at a favorite antique shop.

I gave each stack a topper to add a bit of color and interest.
The majolica leaf with bird has long been among my stash, 
often used for nuts or sweet treats.

The petite majolica pitcher is a recent thrift store find. 
Though new, I was drawn to the colors and dimensional leaf details.
I snipped some of the fairy fan-flowers growing in a porch container
and filled these pieces with delicate lavender blooms.

The star of the table is my vintage Derbyshire MacKenzie-Childs hand painted glass canister that was in the collection of a friend.  
Knowing my passion for older MKC, she gifted it to me as a surprise,
which I much appreciated and consider it an honor to have this
 rare and distinctive piece within my collection.

I filled the canister with hydrangeas, Persian buttercup ranunculus, 
montbretia, ornamental cabbage, and northern sea oats.

I forged the sea oats from a neighbor's flowerbed
and plan to scatter the oats in one of my beds later this fall
in anticipation of growing my own crop next year.
They add a perfect fall touch!

I grouped the flower filled canister along with my MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check owl and a variety of fresh pears from the market 
on an oval tray that features a border with carved details.

Here is a close look at the detailed 
edging on this distinctive tray.

The canister comes with an exquisite wood lid, 
so I tucked it in among the pears for added interest.
Notice the detail of semi precious stones on the canister.

Meet Frida Cowlo, 
my "touch of whimsy" for this setting!

Thank you for joining me today.

Setting this table has me in the mood
for cooler days and dining alfresco.

You can view last year's 
Whoooo Is Ready for Autumn?

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~ Enjoy ~

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Every leaf
speaks bliss to me,
fluttering from the
autumn tree.
                    Emily Bronte


The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. Good Morning Sarah! I always look forward to seeing your beautiful table elements, layered accessories and linens and this one is no exception! I have ‘quilt envy’ over your topper, what a wonderful gift and bargain too. The pattern play and mix of textures on your table with the bright plaid chargers, bamboo rimmed plates, burlap placemats, beautiful napkins and majolica is delightful. What a stunning MKC canister (and gift!) that serves as a vase with your pretty loral details. I appreciate your touch of whimsy from Frida Cowlo too. 😊 As always, it’s a treat to have a virtual seat at your table. I’m beyond ready for fall! Happy Tuesday ♥

  2. Good morning, Sarah! I know you braved the oppressive heat to set your most lovely table on the terrace, thank you. The quilt is a gorgeous foundation for your fall table. I have a large collection of quilts that I should use more often for my tables. The quilt is a very beautiful gift. I have often said that your eye for detail is stellar, and this table is no exception. The MKC canister serving as a vase is stunning and what a special gift to you. All of the elements draw me in…plaid chargers, plates, burlap placemats, and those gorgeous napkins. Frida Cowlo provides a happy smile to your setting. I always enjoy hopping with you. Wishing you cooler weather soon and Happy Tuesday!

  3. Dearest Sarah,
    You certainly have a true passion for creating a perfect table–setting!
    Love that owl and wishing you also good luck with growing your own sea oats.

  4. Monnie I am certain loves it:) You will alawys have a table for two.It's in your heart.Frida Cowlho is the bomb:):):) I hope temps cool soon for you.Debilitating endless days of heat...Take care...

  5. Good morning, Sarah! I share your dislike for these extreme temperatures. I know your heat in Texas is similar to ours here in Oklahoma. We had a little cool down yesterday, but triple digits are on the horizon for next week. Fall can’t arrive fast enough! On a happier note, your table set alfresco is such a gorgeous welcome to fall. I have enjoyed reading about all of your pretties that you assembled for your table. The Mackenzie Child’s canister is a showstopper! The estate sale quilt also provides such a lovely backdrop to your table, and your floral arrangement is beautiful. It is always a joy to join you on these hops. Enjoy your day! Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors

  6. Hi Sarah, I know you must be wondering where Fall is as you have been battling oppressive heat all summer! The quilt brings Fall to mind immediately with it's colors and texture. The MC painted lantern is quite stunning and I love the flower combination you filled it with especially the sea oats! It looks lovely with your owl and the pears. The place settings are so pretty, and your tables and vignettes always have so many wonderful details and candy for the eyes! The napkins are lovely also. What a lovely cozy spot to enjoy and linger when the weather gets cooler~ so pretty {and that cow pillow cracks me up!}

  7. GORGEOUS! I'm a Texan living in Louisiana - it's just too hot to think about fall!!! But you have inspired me! I had that same tray I think if it's Southern Living at HOME - it was always my favorite for fall gatherings. Love the quilt as well. Such a lovely table!

    1. Yes, the tray is from Southern Living at Home. It belonged to a friend and ended up with me when she downsized. Lucky me. It's a beauty!

  8. A lovely table to usher in fall Sarah. The quilt makes a wonderful backdrop for your pretty table for two. The gifted MKC painted vase is gorgeous with the added flowers to compliment your table. The plaid chargers are a nice addition. I always look forward to seeing your fabulous tables. Frida Cowlho the cow is darling and definitely makes me smile. Always a pleasure hopping along with you.

  9. Hi Sarah! We are in the same boat with this relentless heat dome--I have never longed for fall temperatures as much as I do this year! Your tablescape on the terrace is absolutely charming, and I love the purple accents.

  10. Sarah, you are so right to ease into the autumn. I cannot imagine living through the sustained temperatures you have had to endure. Way up North here in Canada we have had some very hot and humid days, but he temperatures are certainly giving a nod to fall. Your table perfectly reflects the change of season. I absolutely love your floral display. The textures and colours work so perfectly with the changing of seasons. What a lovely gift of those gorgeous napkins. But, oh my gosh! Frida Cowlo stole my heart! A pleasure to join you on our tour of tables for autumn!

  11. Hello, Sarah! I understand about the heat: We've had record temps is seems almost daily during August. I love all the little details of your table set for two. I really love the quilted table topper, and of course the vintage macKenzie-Childs glass canister used as a vase. The little majolica pitcher is so sweet: What an excellent find! Your flower arrangement is stunning, and I think the addition of sea oats is perfect. You always inspire me, Dear Friend! I learn a lot from your talent.

  12. Sarah, I always look forward to your wonderful tablescapes. Of course the quilt got my attention first. I just love the colors and how you've used it for a table topper. The Majolica and MC pieces play so well together. Always a joy to see your lovely table settings. We've had a slight break in the temps and really hoping we won't hit that 100 mark again this year!

  13. What a lovely table, Sarah, and so touched that you set it for two in honor of your dear husband. The quilt is beautiful. I'm such a fan of quilts but I always get nervous on the table (and must be careful with what I serve -- even with placemats!). Speaking of, I love your burlap maps. What nice texture. All the pieces look lovely together, along with your colors. I'm not ready for fall yet (I don't feel like we've had summer) but I'm always ready for those lovely, rich tones.

  14. Such a beautiful setting, always enjoy all you share but your pillow put an extra wide smile on my face!

  15. Sarah I loved reading about your table and the wonderful gifting by dear friends of many of your elements. It speaks highly of you and your wonderful friendship with each one of them. That is so special and a treasure money can not buy. Your terrace is lovely and your loved one would be proud of you in setting the table for him too. Even though the Captain and I have been married for many years, I lost a husband also...so I fully understand your thoughts and feelings. In fact my late husband and I lived near Dallas for many years so I also understand the weather there. Hang in there...it will get better.

  16. Sarah, immediately I was drawn to your earth tone quilt as your tablecloth. So cozy. And paired with your lovely collection of MC, it is a darling contrast. What a wonderful friend to gift such a beautiful vase. It is meant to be together with your unique owl. Frida makes a sweet and charming pillow that adds such playfulness to your table. You certainly captured the homespun, coziness of Fall with your inviting tablescape even though it seems everyone in the nation is experiencing some out of the ordinary weather and temperatures for the end of the summer season. Hopefully, the Fall weather will be just as tranquil and welcoming as your tablescape.

  17. Sarah, I am loving the sensory overload of patterns and textures on this table! There are so many gorgeous details on all of the pieces, I had to take a long look at each photo to catch all of the elements that make up your beautiful table. The quilt top makes such a wonderful backdrop with all of those cozy fall colors. Very nice!! Really enjoyed this!! I hope you have an enjoyable autumn season🍂🧡🍁

  18. What a way to welcome autumn! I would enjoy sitting here as you describe all of the elements on your table! The quilt is a lovely anchor for all of your treasures!

  19. You were very brave, Sarah, to venture outside to set you table. The heat kept me indoorsHowever, outside was a great background for the mix of textures and patterns that you used in your tablescape. Using a quilt as the tablecloth is always a fun element that adds color and texture to the table. There was lots to look at in this welcome fall tablescape. Have a great week.

  20. Such a lovely outdoor table, Sarah. I especially love your quilt which sets the stage. I also love your faux ivory handled flatware and your beautiful centerpiece. The sea oats are perfect for Fall. I’m ready for cooler temperatures, too!

  21. I agree it's been difficult to set a convincing fall table when we're still sweltering, but your charming table in fall colors definitely looks forward to cooler/drier days! The quilt is a fabulous base for all your distinctive touches and I love your mix of fabulous linens with the gorgeous vase. It's wonderful to hop with you again!

  22. Sarah, your table was an absolute delight and ohmygosh, kudos to you for venturing out in the heat to set such an beautiful table. Even up here in Canada we have heard of the extreme heat down there. The quilt is such a lovely base for your table and that canister is gorgeous and what a fabulous gift. I loved all the flowers in it but was particularly struck by the sea oats - I very much hope they give you bounty next year. The plates have a wonderful mix of texture to them and the napkins are so pretty. Courtly check owl and Frida Cowlo are such fun additions to the table. I wish you a happy fall and I hope some cooler temps come your way.

  23. Hi Sarah - Thanks for your comment on my Sunflower Table. Yes, sister time is so special...especially since we are the only ones left in our family. Such good memories to share when we get together. Your table is GORGEOUS and I love the owl. Now I want to get all my Fall items out and in use. Thanks for sharing !

  24. Fighting with my domain name people, so temporarily have to come in via "Anonymous". The browns in your quilt and the soft lavenders that you have interspersed are just perfect for this magical tablescape. The wall color for your stairway also plays a vital role. You've created such an idyllic scene; I've no doubt that Monnie is looking down with a loving smile on his face. You two always exemplified the path to a great love story. Such a blessing for you and those who know and come to know you. Love, CherryKay

  25. Sarah, you have a rich collection of beautiful fall dishes and table accessories.You’ve arranged them beautifully for a lovely table. Your owl is the sweetest. The rich colors you’ve used are perfect to celebrate the coming fall season.

  26. Sarah, you have a beautifully currated table with many delightful finds and pieces you've been gifted with. I is fun hopping with you. I hope your fall is filled with sweet memories

  27. Sarah,
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!
    What a delightful Fall tablescape!! I love the quilt used as a tablecloth!! And that owl canister is =definitely the Star!! So pretty....The colors of everything are so pretty. I do have to chuckle whenever i see someone share green glass. I remember having it and getting rid of it all when it went out of style 30+ years ago...And now it is back again with milk glass, amber glass brass and copper...What goes around will definitely come around again, right??? Have a great Holiday weekend!!

  28. WOW! It took me a while to go through this beautiful post, taking in ALL the many unique details, Sarah. Simply outstanding, and many worth mentioning. First, how lucky was that quilted textile to land in your hands, to be reloved again? ❤️The plate stack (Goodwill, seriously?!), the individual topper dishes (thrift store?! I'm dyin' over here), and the flatware (love us some vintage finds!). Those Vivo Veronika napkins had me opening a separate tab to go back to, just lovely. But that Derbyshire glass canister with gems applied is one I have never seen before and probably won't again - beautiful! I don't what's more beautiful, though - the vase itself or the floral arrangement. And I did not know montbretia is basically the same as crocosmia. Is that a perennial or annual for you? Mine have long been spent in my garden since early July.
    Again, WOW. Thank you for bringing for wonderful talent to this blog hop, Sarah. I love the fact of keeping the Chef's presence alive with a place setting reserved in his memory. Happy September.

  29. What a glorious table! I love absolutely everything. Quilts, as I have come to find myself, make excellent toppers. So much so that I think I need to give some thought to making some simple quilt squares of my own out of some of the fabulous fabric that I have bought over the decades because I liked it, and never did a thing with it. The burlap placemats with the ruffled edge are perfect here, and I love the combination of colors. You have gotten some wonderful thrift store finds. Clearly, I don’t go often enough, or mine don’t have wonderful majolica pieces. This was a fun post.

  30. This is lovely Sarah - a beautiful fall table even though it's still so hot. We're starting to cool down, which is nice, but I feel for those of you still sweltering! It's so nice to be able to use your friends' gifts - and so wonderful of them to give them to you, and you to acknowledge them. And I love your sea oats! I don't know that I've ever seen those before. It'll be so fun to have some in your garden. Thanks for the great table and centerpiece inspiration!


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