Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Tales of the Traveling Tote #30

Rabbit, Rabbit

I wish I could report that my garden looked this fresh and colorful,
but alas the recent winter storms has it dull and lifeless.

This has been typical of our winter months.  
Swinging temps and a recent ice 
storm have taken a toll.

I wish I could share that Miss Merri Mac 
and I have been jetting off to exotic destinations, 
but we've not ventured out of Austin.

January did bring some festive celebrations,
as it is my birthday month.

Cheers to another year around the sun!

We also attended a ZOOM with Susan Branch,
though it was from the comfort of our living room.
Cary Memorial Library in Lexington, Massachusetts,
hosted, Let's Get Cozy with Susan Branch.

It was a delightful hour + as Susan chatted informally 
with the hosts about her style, her books, her family, 
her life, and what is on the horizon.
If you missed it, you can see a video at the link below.

Susan and Joe came to Austin in June, 2016 
on their cross country book tour for 
That's when Miss Merri Mac and I first met Susan.

Susan is known for the quotes 
she intersperses through her books.
She is currently working on a new book, 

Miss Merri Mac and I also traveled to Cape Cod 
to hear Susan speak at the special 
Beatrix Potter 150th Celebration.
You can read about both of these adventures here.

Have you read Susan's autobiographical trilogy?

February brought us Valentine's Day,
so Miss Merri Mac and I ventured 
out to buy "the chef" some sweet treats at
Pottery Barn's pop-up for Blue Goo Bakery.

Thought this one said it all!

As I was leaving, I noticed this cute shop nearby.
Sugarboo and Company ~ Dealer in Whimsy

A fun source for 
Galentine gifts.

This adorable sign and heart message board
now hang in my niece's home.
Her last name is Darling!

Our next adventures will post June 1.
I hope by then that Miss Merri Mac and I 
will have done some traveling of our own!

Good Luck and Happy Traveling
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The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. Sarah, you find the best gifts, big and small! Your eye is so well trained! Your winter months look as though they were well spent, embracing the cozy at every opportunity. Cheers to March and rejuvenation!

  2. Rabbit Rabbit Sarah, Wow, what a temperature swing! We had colder than normal temps in January so we are two weeks behind where we usually are as far as the spring blooming trees and shrubs. What an adorable shop, ‘dealer in whimsy’ and how fun to find that ‘darling’ sign with your niece’s last name. Happy belated birthday to you and glad you could raise a glass in celebration with friends! Zooming with Susan Branch is the next best thing to travelling, I remember your fun SB posts. Happy March ♥

  3. Hello Darling..:) Love the group phoyo also.I had the pleasure of meeting Susan also..And have loved quotes since the tender age of 10,so the book looks like a must .Did you offer those treasures to your niece?I know Darlings..In fact one very very well..Have not heard from her in yrs..

  4. I know what you mean with the temperature swings, we get the same here. I see you made the best of it with a few outings and your birthday with friends. These times are made for pulling up trips from the past to enjoy again through photos. Your Zoom with Susan Branch must have been so interesting and fun, I just love her to death! Happy March Sarah.......

  5. Sarah, we have experienced the drastic temperature swings, fortunately no ice storms. Your birthday celebration with friends looks perfect…I spy a fabulous coconut cake! How fun to zoom with Susan Branch. I know your niece loved the “darling” sign. Happy March!

  6. Rabbit, Rabbit - The Zoom visit with Susan must have been fun - I enjoy hearing about her life and have read her books (enjoying 2 more than the third). I am also looking forward to her next book! How nice to share a glass of champs with friends for your birthday! The Darling sign is so cute and perfect for your niece - fabulous gift!

  7. I'm so glad you got to sip champagne with friends to celebrate your birthday Sarah! And what fun to zoom with Susan Branch, I love her artwork. I love the darling sign and how much fun to gift it to your niece named Darling! We have had crazy temp swings too, but looking forward to temps in the 70s this week! Happy March sweet Sarah!

  8. Rabbit Rabbit Happy March Sarah. So happy you got to celebrate your birthday with friends. How special to meet Susan Branch and get your book signed. You do find the best gifts around Austin. That Hello Darling sign is so cute. Crazy how the temps change.
    Enjoy this month and bring on the bunnies.

  9. We sure have have ups and down in our temperatures, Sarah! Looks like you had a wonderful birthday! Meeting with Susan Branch through zoom must’ve been a fun time, but meeting in person awhile back was the best. I’m really coveting those cute leopard shoes of yours, I must confess. Hopefully you’ll be able to travel soon.

  10. Dearest Sarah,
    Happy belated Birthday to you, glad you share my birthday month!
    Lovely images.

  11. Meeting with Susan Branch through zoom sounds like a lot of fun, and I recall when you met her in person. I remember when we read Susan's autobiographical trilogy which I must read again. Hopefully you’ll be able to travel soon.

    Sarah, we need to meet up again in Aurora! Perhaps you'd like to enter the Golden Ticket sweepstakes that MKC is offering from March 3-6 (it's on the calendar they sent us), and maybe one of us will win the trip and get to be a ceramic maker for the day, and have lunch with Rebecca and the amazing ladies! 😊

  12. Sarah, I love your adventures with Miss Merry Mac. I look forward to viewing the videos with Susan Branch.
    Your birthday celebration with friends warmed my heart. So good to be with our friends.
    How fun to find the neat sign for your niece.
    Our weather has been crazy also but no ice fortunately. It's been in the 80's already. My azaleas are open.

  13. Tales of the Traveling Tote are always so much fun and interesting. Loving this post and your visit with Susan Branch whose artwork is so enjoyed by everyone! Sandi

  14. Well, for not getting out of town, you've been a lot of places! First of all, big happy birthday wishes. I think I must have missed that one on FB so I'll say it now -- I'm a firm believer of celebrating as long and as happy as possible! I loved every photo -- all the pretty vignettes, that wonderful big heart (what a place) and of course, Susan. I almost did that Zoom, too but something came up. I may have to check your link. I love her books, but I wish she'd finish the second England book before the quotes. She's such an inspiration to me artistically. I'm sure her life is like everyone else's with ups and downs, but it certainly looks like my idea of heaven on her blog!

  15. I love Susan Branch's art and books. I might watch the video with the link you provided. I bet it's interesting! I hope you enjoyed celebrating your birthday with your friends! :D Y'all are too, too cute!


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