Sunday, August 5, 2018

It's All in the Details ~ Barn Sale 2018

It has long been a dream to experience the 
MacKenzie-Childs' Annual Barn Sale,
and this was the summer for me.
As they say, "There is a first time for everything!"

The MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale is a four day event held at the 
company's headquarters just outside of Aurora, NY.
The tranquil property, once a dairy farm, is situated on 65 acres overlooking  Cayuga Lake and welcomes thousands of shoppers
every summer.  Last summer over 27,000 attended.

 Faithful fans of the brand come from far and wide to attend this event.  I say an event, because it is much more than shopping for discounted items.  It's a tradition for many, an annual trip for couples or a getaway for a group ofgirlfriends.  Many arrive the day before and set up camp to claim their spot in line to be some of the first to enter the tents that open early on a Thursday morning.

For all intended purposes, it's a time to celebrate and connect 
with others who share a passion for this special, 
whimsical brand of handmade ceramics, enamel ware, furniture, things for the garden, and other home accessories.

Both shoppers and staff sport attire in tribute to their favorite brand.
Yes, the day is a sea of black and white checks!

 And, yes,the lines are long, but the comrodary shared with those waiting in line is hugely fun.  Food and drink vendors are set up both outside and within the shopping area.  Music is broadcast and the atmosphere is that of a large outdoor party or festival.

My Traveling Tote pal, Patti @ Pandora's Box  drove over from
 Syracuse for opening day to share her shopping expertise.
We arrived at 6 am and waited in line less than two hours,
all the while having a great time chatting and laughing with
the throng of other MacKenzie-Childs fanatics who get up
at the crack of dawn to stand in line to spend money.

I love to shop, so it's no surprise that some things came home with me, but the real treasures of my trip were the friendships that resulted from the amazing group of friendly people.  
There were Instagram friends who recognized each other and made the effort to introduce themselves and also the newly 
made friends met while we waited in lines.

Who knew there is a group called, 
Barn Sale Line Friends

Once the line makes it to the covered walk, 
shoppers are close to entering the shopping tents.

MacKenzie-Childs staffers, like this cutie, are on hand to tag shoppers with a wrist band for the day.  The wrist band is the ticket into the shopping tents and allows shoppers to come and go without having to wait in line to re-enter the tents that day.

Patient, good sport spouses,like Jim and Jack,
 often wait outside the tents to ferry goods
to the car while the shopper keeps on shopping!

Once inside, the tents are jam packed with racks and boxes 
and tables full of various MKC goodies from linens to ceramics
to garden goods, to furniture to holiday to accessories to .   .   .   .
Words can't begin to describe the incredible inventory.

The property of the MacKenzie-Childs headquarters was bucolic even with the two acres of tents and all the food and drink vendors. 

Oh, I've much to share with you about this incredible 
former dairy farm property, but I'll save more for later.

I have a complete post on what's inside the Farmhouse,
so look for another post along with .   .   .

A post spotlighting the goods that arrived in these boxes.
Still much to share about this magical experience!

The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. I feel your excitement, Sarah! I know it was so much fun to share with old friends and new ones that love MC pieces.
    Can't wait to see those boxes unpacked with what you bought.

  2. What a fun time to go to the MC barn sale. Nice to chat with other MC lovers while standing in line.

  3. Looks like you had a blast! While I don't share your passion for MC, this event sounds like a great time. Can't wait to see the farm house and what you bought. Dianne

  4. Sarah, I can only imagine how much fun you must have had! It is so beautiful there and being with all of your fellow MC fans was a blast, I'm sure. :)

  5. Sarah, what a fun trip. It looks like so much fun. A chance to meet some fellow MC lovers is wonderful. Love the cute photos. There was no way I could go this year, but I appreciate you being my personal shopper. Maybe next year.

  6. What a wonderful time you had, retail therapy of the very best sort with good friends it must have been a dream come true! So looking forward to seeing what was in those huge boxes and to taking the house tour soon.
    Happy MM, my dear friend!

  7. LOL the boxes Sarah! You did well..I told my husband just yesterday that Moonie had arranged all this:)What a special and memories!!
    I'd love a box Reveal:) Like the Fab Fit Fun Boxes..:)

  8. I'm so happy for you dear Sarah, that you were able to go and had such a fabulous time. It really looks beautiful there and I'm looking forward to seeing the interiors post! Like everyone, can't wait to see what the boxes hold - and know your MC collection will be adding more wonderful items.

    Hugs - Mary

  9. What an amazing shopping adventure! Everyone is SO happy....I would have been too! Can't wait to dig into those boxes! heehee!

  10. I can feel your excitement through this post! Happy times!

  11. Sarah, I can feel your excitement. What a fun time! Meeting fellow bloggers and instagramers must have been the icing on the cake. Can't wait to see what treasures are in the boxes and the farmhouse tour. Fun series!

  12. Oh seeing those pictures makes me want to go more than ever and grab what I can

    So glad you got to go and show us all these pictures. Now I need to see whats in your boxes, I'm telling my friend on Long Island this is a must for us next year

  13. Oh what Courtly Check fun you had...I can only imagine what goodies and traveling tales you have to share! Love seeing all the shoppers in their attire. ♥

  14. What a fun time Sarah! I look forward to more photos and seeing what treasures you found!

  15. Sarah, I am so glad your dream came true and you had a special friend join you. Of course, I can see you made a few more while you were there. I am looking forward to upcoming posts. Have a great week. Sylvia D.

  16. Wow! Now that would be a fun thing to experience!

  17. Wow, I had no idea MKC was such a big deal. I rarely see it here. Looks like a fun time was had by all.

  18. That had to be an experience you'll never forget! Seriously fun!

  19. What a fun time, looks like everyone truly loves it. What a great way to make friends too.

  20. Fun, fun, fun! I enjoyed watching your updates on Instagram, Sarah! Thanks for sharing your adventure at Vintage Charm!


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