Monday, July 23, 2018

A Place Like No Other

 I've recently returned from a very special trip.
January brought a milestone birthday for me this year,  
and my gift from my very thoughtful husband was a trip 
to upstate NY to attend the MacKenzie-Childs yearly Barn Sale.

 I packed my bags, and the week of July 9th, 
Miss Merri Mac and I boarded a plane for Syracuse, NY.
If you've followed along here, you know I've long been
passionate about MacKenzie-Childs, thier Made in America 
ceramics, as well as their notable whimsical style in all they sell.

Aurora, NY is a sleepy village about 50 miles southwest of SYR. An easy drive through the beautiful countryside dotted 
with grazing cattle, crops, and quaint little towns,
brought me to Aurora in just over an hour.

In fact, Sherwood Road took me directly E. B. Morgan House,
 my home away from home for the week.

"Once home to Colonel Edwin Barber Morgan, co-founder of the New York Times and American Express,  E. B. Morgan House combines luxurious modern aesthetics with the unparalleled beauty of an historic stone mansion.  E. B. Morgan House offers seven stylish guest rooms, private marble baths, exquisite living spaces, gracious porches that overlook the lake and lawns, and an exceptional collection of original modern art.  
Guests are invited to enjoy E. B. Morgan House as they would a home, with the sumptuous comforts of the library, parlor, dining room, and pantry."

From the minute I walked through the stunning 
etched glass doors, I knew I was in a place like no other.
I had previously visited E. B. Morgan House in 2006, 
while on a day trip to Aurora with a friend from Rochester.  
I knew the background story of how Pleasant Rowland, founder of American Girl Dolls, had generously used her fortune to
 revive the village of Aurora, home of her alma mater, 
Wells College.  For almost twenty years, Pleasant Rowland and
the Aurora Foundation have restored more than fifteen buildings
in the village of Auroa with a wellness center and spa currently under construction.  What a beautiful legacy!

Built in the 1858 as a private home on the shore of Cayuga Lake,  
the Italianate style E. B. Morgan House was renovated in 2003 
to become part of the Inns of Aurora.  
With delightful verandas both front and back, they offer the perfect spot to soak in the beauty of Cayuga Lake.
I had the pleasure of Room 202; a room with a view!

Greeted with my favorite champagne, and a turndown
service like no other, the luxury of this inn is magic.
Beautiful fabrics and finishes, bright, happy colors, equisite contemporary art, and touches of MacKenzie-Childs create an unmatched ambieance for this place that is like no other.
 Each morning as I savored the quiet and beauty from the veranda,
I sipped my morning coffee from a beautiful 
MacKenzie-Childs mug.  
A home away from home, both comfortable and luxurious.  

 Evenings were spent down by the water around the cozy fire pit as we watched the glorious sunset, glass of wine in hand, and
shared our adventures of the day with other guests, all the while marshmallows roasted for the indulgant childhood treat of s'mores.  Fireflies flitted about, and the stars twinkled above.
Oh, how I'm missing these magical times!

The E B Morgan House in Aurora, 
a place like no other.  

More posts to follow with details of the 
MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale 
and more adventures of my trip. 

The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. Sarah, glad you had such a fantastic week! It was great seeing you, and having a short tour of the Morgan House. Memories were surely made :-)

  2. So glad you enjoyed your stay - Aurora is a hidden treasure in NY!

  3. Oh My! What a wonderful place to stay, simply perfect from the Veuve Cliquot and macarons to the special MC mug for your early morning java! Love this place, you lucky, lucky girl. I think that Mr Hyacinth is a keeper, n'est pas?

  4. Glad you enjoyed your trip. Thanks for sharong your lovely ceramics. Have a good week


  5. Wow! That really is the perfect place for you to stay. It's beautiful and I know you had a marvelous time! Can't wait to hear more about your trip! Hugs!

  6. This place was MADE for you:)Truly! How sweet of your husband..Happy Bday for this special yr..I love that Inn:)♥

  7. Oh, my goodness! Sarah! What a wonderful trip and just made for you. Thanks so much for the introduction to the E.B. Morgan House. Can't wait to see "inside" the Barn Sale! Fun!

  8. Sarah,
    What a beautiful inn with its lakeside setting for your Mackenzie Childs trip. What a wonderful husband to give you such a thoughtful birthday present. I enjoyed seeing the inn and learning a little about Aurora.


  9. That sounded so enjoyable, luxurious and peaceful, staying in such a beautiful place Sara. Looking forward to seeing what treasures you've added to your MC collection - I know the sale must have been great!

  10. Oh Sarah, lucky you, and what a special gift from your sweet hubby. The E. B. Morgan House looks enchanting, and a place I would love to visit. Did the Chef go with you? I can't wait to read more of your adventure.

  11. What a wonderful beginning to your special birthday trip, Sarah! ThecEBMorgan huh ouse looks so sumptuous!

  12. What a lovely gift and getaway from your husband. The house looks like a delightful place to visit and relax.

  13. Sarah, what a beautiful and most memorable birthday this trip will be! That is just gorgeous. I can only imagine the respite that this place offered each morning and evening, away from Texas heat and the adventures each day of your trip. Lucky you!

  14. Dreamy! I love Upstate New York so much! Nobody would ever guess how beautiful it is if they have not been there. I would love to stay at the EBMorgan house. I know you girls had a wonderful time!

  15. What an amazing and perfect Birthday gift Sarah. it's a beautiful place and the Inn looks beyond all expectations. ... wish we'd spent more time in that area when we were traveling.

  16. What a beautiful and memorable way to celebrate your birthday!

  17. Sarah, such a lovely “home away from home” for your trip to NY and Aurora for the MC barn sale. Your sweet husband gave you a gift that you’ll treasure in memories for a long time. Your room was perfect and with a view! I can’t wait to see more of your trip and what delicious goodies you brought home! Thanks for sharing a little of your exciting trip.......

  18. Sarah, what a beautiful trip you enjoyed compliments of a sweet and thoughtful hubby. Your home away from home looks elegant and charming! I will be looking forward to seeing more of your trip!

  19. Delightful post. I loved the history of the inn and all its amenities. I also enjoyed learning that the founder of American Girl Dolls helped revive houses in Aurora.
    The inn sounds amazing. Such a treat for your birthday!
    I look forward to hearing about the rest of your trip.

  20. Sarah, I keep losing my comment so I hope this one sticks! I have trip envy! What a beautiful inn, surroundings and scenery! I know you enjoyed the reprieve it offered from the heat. Looking forward to seeing more of your getaway and Barn Sale finds. ♥

  21. It sounds like a wonderful trip for anyone but especially for YOU! And what a fabulous place to rest after your long flight. That's a beautiful region of the country and I'm dying to hear more about the trip!

  22. Sarah, The place looks heavenly! I know you enjoyed your visit there and I look forward to the goodies you found there. Have a great week. Sylvia D.

  23. What a wonderful and thoughtful birthday gift. Happy Birthday.

  24. Oh how I wish I was there with you, Next time I visit Long Island I'm telling my friend we are going there

    I see the sweet baby got a New York toy?

  25. Dearest Sarah,
    That indeed was a home away from home and a very luxurious one.
    Glad you got this as a memory of your milestone birthday!
    Looking forward to your other adventures.

    PS so happy that your posts are showing once again on the side line of my blog!

  26. Oh Sarah, what a wonderful place to stay! Wow, champagne and treats on an MKC plate, you must have felt like a queen! Your husband gave you the gift that will keep on giving with the wonderful memories of your grand experience! Can't wait to read more!

  27. what a beautiful place to stay! It is nice to pamper ourselves at a fancy hotel!

  28. Your trip looked like so much fun. Your sweet hubby gave you the perfect gift. What a lovely little town Aurora is. Love touring the E B Morgan House. Sounds like a well planned and fun trip. Maybe one day I can go myself. Thank you Sarah for picking up my goodies.

  29. I was truly hoping when I came near the end of this post, that you weren't finished with the whole tale of the trip!! I was mesmerized by the pictures of the Morgan home. My husband and I stay most often at B&B's when we travel, and of course, I'm not in any way comparing your stay to those we've had, other than it's so darn better than a 5 star hotel!!! My mind just drifted back to some special times when you shared the pictures from your evening and morning, and the tasteful treats on the silver platters. Pure luxury and hospitality!

    Looking forward to more...

    Jane x

  30. Oh, Sarah, what a perfect way to spend a birthday! Thank you for sharing your photos; I went to college in upstate NY (Oneonta State) , and I know how lovely it is there. Happy Birthday, by the way. Kudos to your hubby for coming up with such a special celebration for your day.

  31. Sounds absolutely magical. Happy Belated Birthday! We will lunch very soon! xoxo

  32. Sarah, what a wonderful birthday trip! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  33. Somehow, your blog dropped off my sidebar and I always read from there. I am putting it back on when I am done here. What a wonderful, wonderful spot! Amazing. My aunt lived right on Cayuga Lake and her neighbor was Rod Serling. I was lucky enough to meet him as a kid. Love that you were able to make the trip an enjoy every moment of it! xo Diana


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