Wednesday, July 4, 2018

With Liberty and Gelato for All!

 Happy 4th of July!

Or as some say here in Austin,
Happy 4th of Gelato!
The morning was hot and muggy, and since my usual
"parade buddy" is in Colorado enjoying the 4th,
I decided to forgo our annual neighborhood parade 
and take myself to Central Market for a cool gelato.

Liberty and Gelato for All!

 The gelato bar at Central Market was loaded with 
4th of July tasty treats!

 There were more than a dozen choices.  All with clever titles.
~ 4th of July Cake Batter ~ Liberty Lemonade
~ Red, White, and Blueberry ~ Yankee Doodle Candy
~ Star Spangled Banana ~ Red Velvet Revolution
~ American Pie ~ Patriotic Peach ~ We the People Watermelon 
~ Corn in the USA ~

My choice:
 Baby You're A Firework! ~

 A fun way to celebrate the 4th of July!
Happy Birthday, America!

Before leaving, I traded my cute flats
for my Courtly Check rain boots.

Because this is 4th of July, 2018 in Austin, TX.



The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. You are way too cute to even think about keeping Austin weird, Sarah! What a fun day for you, and counting.....!!

  2. Hi Sarah, what 4th of Gelato fun. Great pics and you look adorable in your MC’d boots. Love it.

  3. I meant to type MC’s boots. Oops

  4. You are just too cute! Those boots are prefect for you! Dianne

  5. Sarah,
    Great tour of Central Market 4th of July treats and your Courtly Check rainboots. I am envious you had RAIN! Have a grand time at the MC Barn Sale. I hope you get to skip the line.


  6. Sarah, you look darling in your Courtly check boots. What a wonderful way to celebrate the 4th. I know you are going to have a blast at the MK barn sale.

  7. You look so cute posing in your CC boots Sarah! Gelato is a great way to cool down in this hot and muggy weather. Send some of that rain this way please. ♥

  8. You are just so chic, Sarah! Central Market sounds good and so does the rain. We didn't get wet yesterday but it was unseasonably cool. We loved it! Hope you have a wonderful time at the barn sale!

  9. Sarah, you are too cute! I do love gelato...looks like a fun day!

  10. So so cute Sarah! I mentioned on IG I love your outfit:)

  11. I will take a big delicious scoop sweet Sarah!

    Thank you so very much for your sweet comment. It truly made my day.

    I hope you had a wonderful fourth of July and are enjoying this hot summer!


  12. Hi Sarah, you look adorable with the boots on. 4th of Gelato looks fantastic.


  13. This is a very happy post -- and the ice cream makes me feel a bit cooler! I hope yours was happy.

  14. What a fun post! Central Market looks like a great place to hang out.

  15. You look adorable Sarah!! Gelato sounds like a great idea!! Love the clever names, so cute! I hope you had a wonderful 4th of Gelato!

  16. Dearest Sarah,
    Oh my, how clever you got well prepared with your perfect rain boots!
    You had me laugh out loud with the Star Spangled Banana gelato... Oh my, for inventing all those names is on itself a job.
    We too had heavy rain in the morning and noon time but lovely later in the afternoon when we drove to our friends' for a lovely dinner with 6.
    Happy belated Independence Day to you and yours and glad you enjoyed it.

  17. Sarah, I love gelato and I love your cute boots! We have rain off and on here in SW Florida these days and I expect with the talks of hurricanes we might be getting more. Have a great and wonderful day.

  18. Gelato sounds like the way to celebrate!

  19. What a fun gelato bar, Sarah! Love all of your festive photos! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  20. The gelato bar looks like so much fun!

  21. Oh you cute thing in your courtly boots! Talk about gelato heaven. It would be almost impossible to pick a goody from all of those. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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