Monday, June 12, 2017

Welcome To My Garden

I'm a garden girl.
One who is happiest in a garden, 
be it mine or someone else's.  

A few weeks ago, Pam @ Everyday Living
wrote to invite her garden loving friends to join her
in a new link-up, Gardens Galore.
I'm definitely a Garden Girl and happy to share my garden.
This is a post that I created and shared last spring,
so I took the liberty to repost it for this party.
We had a severe winter with extended hard freezes,
so to be honest not everything in the garden is as
colorful as it was last year at this time.

Gardening genes run through our family.
My grandmother's garden is one of my 
favorite childhood memories.
Sweet peas climbing up a trellis, 
snapdragons in candy colors,
stock, and a wealth of other bloomers. 
My mother and all three of her sisters were also gardeners.
I'm happy I inheritated the gardening gene too.

Spring arrived early in Austin this year, and the
redbud trees all over town offered up deep pink blooms.

Our ever blooming knockout roses, with their
backdrop of blue plumbego,
welcome guests just about year round.

As do the firecracker ferns and 
the brilliant yellow of the golden thryallis.

I'm a serious fan of this wonderful shrub.
I cut it back at the end of winter, and by spring it rewards us 
with these delicate yellow blooms right into the next winter.

Iceberg roses with their sweet fragrance
welcome you as you come up our front steps.

A staple in our garden are hardy iris in a rainbow of colors.
All of our iris were "pass along plants" given to 
us by other gardeners who had an abundance.

The day lilies are just beginning to 
put out blooms, but it won't be long before
we'll have a sea of these pretty blooms to greet the day.

Gerber daisies and petunias
give the sun garden annual color before the
dreaded triple digit heat of summer arrives.

Oh, and before I take you to the shade garden,
Sadie wanted you to see our crop of bluebonnets 
that bloomed earlier in the spring.
Bluebonnets grow wild along the roadsides in Texas,
but many of us Texans have them in our gardens too.

We can follow this foot path
to move on to our shade garden in the back.

The shade garden is my favorite outdoor space because
the shades of green with occasional white blooms offer the 
feeling of a cool oasis, even if it's just in my imagination.
Do you see the tall ginger plant to the left
that grows under a large live oak tree?
It's a shell ginger.

Most winters it freezes back to the ground and 
wouldn't yet be tall and full of leaves, but there was no freeze  
here this past winter.  The odd years with no freeze
means we'll get to enjoy the beauty of these amazing blooms.

Truly they are the 
most exquisite blooms!

You might come across a 
bunny here or there.

My garden bunnies like to hide 
among the holly ferns .   .   .

Or frolic beneath the canapy
of the oak leaf hydrangeas.

Oak leaf hydrangeas are native to the US,
and they seem to thrive here while most hydrangeas find
our summers too hot.  They don't require a lot of water like most
hydrangeas, nor do they need much attention.  
Perfect for a Texas shade garden!

 Our shade garden is a quiet space except
for the sound of bird calls and the occasional bark 
from Sadie as she chases a squirrel up a tree.

It's also basically an evergreen
garden so it can be enjoyed year round.

I'm trying something new this spring.
I  moved this table from the upper terrace
down to the lower terrace and brought out my topiary plants 
from the sunroom to see if they will flourish outdoors.  

Image here from Tone on Tone

My inspiration is my blogging friend, Loi @ Tone on Tone.
I've been a fan and avid reader of Tone on Tone
for many years.  If you don't know of this exquisite blog,
then head over and prepare to spend some time.
He has an amazing eye for beauty, and as you can see
Loi is an expert gardener.  Aren't these myrtles amazing? 

Image here from Tone on Tone

I'd like to add some myrtle topiaries if 
I can find a source and perhaps
do the table exclusively with myrtles 
as Loi has done in the photo above.

~ Gardens ~
You'll find more gardens to visit at 
Pam's Garden Link-Up here.

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  1. Your garden gets an A+ - amazing!

  2. Sarah, your garden is amazing...and to have bluebonnets. I can almost smell the iceberg roses... daylilies are a favorite of mine. Redbuds are a first sign of spring in NE AL, I love their color. I can imagine spending time in your shade garden, actually I would never leave. The ginger plant is stunning!. So much eye candy! Thank you for linking to my first Gardens Galore Party, stay tuned more will be coming!

  3. Such an exquisite array of plants, flowers, ornaments and hardscapes! Serious garden envy here!
    Sandra @ Dinner at Eight

  4. Very much worthy of reposting, Sarah. I have enjoyed so.manu garden yours a afternoon at Pam's hosted link party. That ginger flower - wow!

  5. Sarah, I always love peeks of your gardens. I love the walls and gates that you have!! You are a gifted gardener.

  6. Sarah, I'm always happy to take a virtual stroll in your garden! I envy you all the lush, wonderful shade to escape to in the heat. We're in the 90s the week and the humidity is rising along with the mercury...much too hot for me!

  7. Oh Sarah, your garden tour was amazing and I loved everything. It truly is beautiful and I would never want to come indoors.
    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful post.


  8. Your garden holds stunning flowers - the Iceberg Roses are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your beautiful garden with us.

  9. Thanks most sincerely for taking me along with you in this so wonderful stroll amongst all the beuties your garden holds, dear Sarah, I'm sincerely delighted by what you shared, thank you !

    Sending blessings across the many miles
    with utmost gratitude

    XOXO Daniela at ~ My little old world ~ (Dany)

  10. Your gardens are stunning! I can imagine sitting in your shade garden with a good book and a tall glass of ice tea every afternoon! I can't remember the names of any of my plants nor bushes and I admire people who can - but then gardening is certainly not my forte!! Enjoy this summer in your lovely back gardens!

  11. It's such a spectacular garden - and your home is so inviting Sarah - love the curving walls and pillars, urns, statuary and ironwork gates - all things which turn a basic 'yard' into a true garden. I know it takes much planning and years of work to come to fulfillment - you certainly have put heart and soul into your beautiful garden. The oak leaf hydrangeas are lovely, and that shell ginger plant amazing - not familiar with it but would love to have one! Sadie must be so happy in your bluebonnet garden - such a brilliant blue flower.

    As for our dear friend Loi - how I loved visiting him at the shop a while back. I know he's busy again with another new house project! His decorating/design/display skills are so amazing - I would love to have everything he picks for projects, he's the best.

    Enjoy this week in your garden before it gets too hot.
    Hugs - Mary

  12. I always love visiting your pretty garden, Sarah! You certainly know how to lovingly care for all the plants, shrubs and trees., with your inherited love-of-gardening gene that you inherited. Thank you for giving us a peek!

  13. You know I'm agarden girl too..thanks for this tour of your ery beautiful gardens..I like having little things tucked here and there so when I garden..they please me:)I can feel l'amour!

  14. Oh Sarah, this blog post is so worthy of reposting, stunning gardens. I wish I had gotten my dad's green thumb or Jim and his mom's, sadly we struggle in the garden department. I love you have bluebonnets and I love roses with fragrance, like the iceberg. Your talent certainly shows, your gardens are beautiful........

  15. Your garden is so beautiful in these photos! I am a garden girl too and I look forward to being able to create a wonderful garden at my new home once it is finished being built.

  16. Sarah, your shell ginger is exquisite! I must find out the name of my ginger. The stroll through your garden was refreshing and inspiring today. Love your rabbits peaking out from among the ferns and viewing your blooming plants and elegant pathways.
    I am a fan of topiaries also so I will check out Loi's blog.
    You look fabulous sitting by Mr. Pots.

  17. Your gift for gardening has yielded some breathtaking results. As one with a not-so-green thumb, I truly awed by results like this. That shell ginger is new to me, but exquisite in the detail. Your shade garden area looks like it belongs in a fine book of gardens!

    The photo of you and your "date" is really cute!

  18. You have your very own botanical gardens Sarah! I love the winding stone path and the many varieties of stunning blooms and foliage, it must truly be your happy place! I love the picture of your with your flower pot friend, so delightful!

  19. Your garden is spectacular! The hardscape and the landscaping are so beautiful! What a wonderful place to enjoy nature and flowers and greenery. Takes my breath away.

  20. Your garden is filled with color, brightness and cheer, just like you are. It's absolutely beautiful, a real haven. How you must love every second in it!

  21. Oh my, what a joy your garden is! I lived in Texas many years ago and still love bluebonnets. I'll have to check out Tone on Tone's blog.Thanks for some wonderful inspiration!

  22. Sarah, your garden is absolutely beautiful. Everytime I see your shade garden I salivate!! What a gorgeous home you have. I remember the times I spent in my grandmother's garden also. A garden is good for the soul..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  23. Stunning garden! Splendid arrangements of flowers; gorgeous every one and so lovely to observe them from close-up... It looks to me more to be quite an amazing botanical garden with great flowers, plants and shrubs!
    Many thanks for sharing the beauty of nature in your garden!
    A nice day and week!

  24. Your garden is a delight and brightens my morning. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.

  25. Your garden is exquisite. I particularly love the shade garden and the Texas bluebonnets. I have never heard of golden thryallis but it seems like a great shrub. I have a terrible problem with deer eating everything I plant. Do you know if this shrub is deer resistant? Thanks for sharing the pictures of your beautiful garden on Share Your Style.

  26. Your garden is lovely! Thank you for taking us on a tour.
    Barb :)

  27. Beautiful, Sarah! The shade garden is amazing.

  28. Sarah, I remember this gorgeous gardening post. Your garden is certainly beautiful! Gardening is in my genes as well and it's my happy place to be. :) Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  29. Sarah, your gardens are gorgeous. The walkways look so beautiful. Flowers and bloom everywhere. Truly paradise at your finger tips. I would never tire at looking at your gorgeous grounds.

  30. I so enjoyed revisiting your wonderful gardens today, dear Sarah, we have fond memories of our stay with you in Austin. The shell ginger plant is a stunner, a bright splash of colour in amongst the shaded green and white.
    Thank you for giving the Mosaic Monday crowd such a wonderful tour today.

  31. Your garden looks like a scene from a love story movie. Its gorgeous.

  32. It's such a joy to look at your beautiful garden and I'm so glad you put a photo of you in there too. You are even more beautiful than the flowers. We've planted knock out roses this year and we are loving the blooms! Hugs, Diane

  33. Your back garden is unbelievable. It's just so gorgeous. I love oak leaf hydrangeas and your bunnies are delightful.

  34. Sarah,
    Back for another stroll through your garden after seeing it was featured on the Scoop this week... Congratulations for being recognized. Every time I see peeks into your garden I am inspired to do more with gardens around the house. Of course, I love your topiaries.


  35. What a gorgeous garden you have! Me too inherited the gardening gene from my mother and am so happy about it!

  36. the "gardening gene" healthy and alive, thanks for sharing your beautiful garden and mosaic.
    The Fire Cracker Fern, i have seen a lot here in Trinidad, but i never knew its name

    Have a good week

    much love...

  37. What a gorgeous garden, Sarah! Everything looks so lush.

  38. Hi Sarah, just hopping by to let you know that you will be featured at SYC today.

  39. Dearest Deborah,
    Together with husband Pieter we enjoyed your garden tour!
    What a lovely, intimate garden you have, so well set up and maintained.
    That shell ginger is something else, we only got some of the fragrant white ginger lilies but this is amazing WHEN it blooms.
    Your spring is also quite a show stopper with all your garden blooms.
    We had our garden open to the annual garden tour on May 20, but I was not able to do ANY weeding beforehand. Due to a sudden swollen lower right leg, ankle and foot. I'm very worried that it is due to my CKD and later I learned at my 6-monthly checkup with the nephrologist that since end November the function of both my kidneys went down from 40% to 34%... It hit me real hard as I lost my Mom because of that but she was almost 91 with close to 7 years of dialysis. Don't want to go that road and better put it off. Thinking about the present time and trying as hard as possible to eat my low sodium diet. NOT easy when going with friends to a restaurant... It means you have to prepare your own food constantly but I usually just order a salad and bring my own dressing.
    Life is still good, people understand that we are only human and the good thing was that I finally could convince husband Pieter to put patio tiles also left from the front door. Such an eye sore for 3 years. I told him that enough people now had seen it... He did not argue and I was in heaven when I found our tiles, 3 years later at a Tennessee liquidator company. Got them already here, drove to Knoxville with Pieter for picking up our 10 boxes. By winter they will be in and that means another mile stone.
    Meanwhile I got my Texas delivery (DFW) by truck for my dream desk from Italy, it's in my blog... Took from March 2, and was fully prepaid but it was worth it and Pieter loves its superb quality too; no longer fussing about its price.
    Hope life is good to you both as well and again, wish we had such a small and intimate garden as that is easier to maintain!
    We're trying to sell our adjacent wood garden as a buildable lot as Pieter is getting too old for maintaining it.

  40. Such a beautiful garden!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  41. Beautiful.

  42. I have been puting in new gardens, I am wild over your shade hardscapes, so fluid and classic, loAds of great ideas!


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