Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Southern Lady Autumn Inspiration

I'm a fan!
Southern Lady
Another stellar publication of Hoffman Media.
This beautiful magazine celebrates those who live in the south.
It inspires and delights and brings southern
hospitality into the lives of each reader.

Case in point!
Enchanted Evening
Southern Lady ~ October 2014 
"As the sunset paints the sky the brilliant 
shades of fall leaves, gather friends for an elegant outdoor 
meal served in dazzling surroundings."
Enchanted Evening, Southern Lady , October 2014

Enchanted Evening, Southern Lady , October 2014

And dazzle it does!
Just look at the details on this table!
In addition to the magical alfresco setting,
 everything on the table delights and enchants my senses.

Enchanted Evening, Southern Lady , October 2014

Especially this salad plate!
Do you recognize it?
It's one of my favorite patterns
~ Bird and Butterfly, by Mottahedeh ~

Lucky me!
I have a dozen dinner plates in this gorgeous pattern.
All were a gift from the sweetest, 
most generous blogging friend,
A heartfelt "Thank You, Cherry Kay!"
I adore these plates!

Sacred Bird and Butterfly by Mottahedeh
This design is true to the original 
antique Chinese export china used in the 
Nathaniel Russell House in Charleston, SC.

The design is in 
iron red with 22k gold rim.

Click here to read
about the details of this autumn table
that I created for a 50th birthday celebration.
While not as elaborate and awe inspiring as
the incredible table featured in Southern Lady,
my table features layers of textures and natural
elements to compliment the elegance of the china.
I hope you will take a look.

Our Thanksgiving celebration last year also
featured my treasured Sacred Bird and Butterfly plates.

With twelve guests for dinner, 
I decided to keep things simple
with two tables of six out in the sun room. 

I used natural linen table toppers over
longer brown linen cloths for the textiles.

Napkins were heirloom white linen with hand
stitched monograms by my husband's grandmother.
Each presented with a sterling antique French napkin ring.

The little bundles of hypericum berries and greens
were copied from an idea seen in Southern Living.

Simple arrangements of sunflowers and mums
in natural bark containers offered a touch of color.

Battery operated faux bark
candles gave a warm glow to the setting.

Woven chargers, enameled and silver flatware, 
and rosewood steak knives offered
additional textural elements.
As you can see, I like texture!

Thanksgiving Dinner 2013
~ Not The Traditional Fare ~

Prime Rib Roast
Brussel Sprouts and Carrots
Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Mashed Potatoes
Cornbread Muffins


Your can order your own copy of
Southern Lady, October 2014 here.
Believe me you will not be disappointed!
It is filled with gorgeous photography, scrumptious
recipes, and boundless inspiration.



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  1. I love that magazine! A friend of mine bought me a subscription for my birthday..I can't wait to get the newest issue each time. Your table looks like it just came from the pages of Southern Lady. Just beautiful!
    Miss Bloomers

  2. I LOVE your table. Do you have a source list? I'm especially interested in your table toppers and floor length cloths and the bark candles. Thanks!!

  3. Susan, thank you for the compliment on my table.

    The table linens I rented from a local rental last Thanksgiving. No idea what brand.

    The battery operated candles I’ve had a number years. They may have come from Hobby Lobby. I have some real candles with bark coverings that I bought at World Market. I think they still carry them.

    The bark containers were purchased at a store in Boerne, TX. Don't recall the name, but I’ve had them for a number of years too. Wish I were more help. I know how frustrating it is to want a source for things.

  4. Love Southern Lady magazine. Beautiful photos.

    Your table is so pretty with the linen table topper, gorgeous hand monogrammed napkins and elegant napkin rings. The Mottahedeh china is so lovely accented by hypericum berries and greens atop rattan chargers.

    And...your scrumptious plate of Thanksgiving dinner is so inviting.
    Going back to view," click here" for the details.

  5. Thank you so much for the kind reply. I understand how it is to not remember; I've had some of my table accessories for 35-40 years or less and still use them, but cannot remember where I got them. Hahaha Your table is lovely and I know your guests will love it, too.

  6. I'm currently resting in bed with welcome ice packs on my new knee and compression cuffs on my feet...playing with my new phone. Imagine my delight when I opened your blog and discovered our wonderful Mottahedeh plates...brought to new heights in your talented hands. Can you see the big smile on my face?
    Thanksgiving will be at KC's this year, but I'm going to try to design a Thanksgiving table for my dear blog friends...perhaps the Sacred Bird and Butterfly! Thanks for inviting us for a peek, dear friend. Cherry Kay

  7. Dear Sarah - your Thanksgiving table was so lovely last year. I especially love the hand-stitched monograms sewn by your hubby's grandmother, and the French serviette rings, such treasures.
    Know you will wow us with this year's table most likely - if you are the chef again!

    I'm not cooking this year - eating out and then heading to the coast for a couple of days on Friday.
    Hugs - Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.
    Mary x

  8. Sarah, those plates are just perfect for fall! I loved seeing the photos of your Thanksgiving tables -- so pretty! I also enjoy (and subscribe to) Southern Lady. Such eye candy!

  9. What a welcoming Thanksgiving table, Sarah. The plates,with their color, go so well for the big occasion. I love your treasured, monogrammed napkins and the napkin rings. The meal looks wonderful! Nothing can beat prime rib with all those sides!

  10. Your table was so lovely Sarah. I love the flatware and those plates are beautiful. I will check out Southern Lady magazine. It looks like something I would enjoy.

  11. Sarah, what a beautiful plate and lovely table! The magazine looks amazing! Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  12. Absolutely stunning, Sarah! I love it all.♥

    Southern Lady is the only subscription I still have, and I have subscribed since the first issue.

  13. Sarah, what a beautiful table! Just as stunning as the one in Southern Lady! Southern Lady happens to be my favorite magazine; and I look forward to receiving it in my mailbox each month. So much inspiration can be found in those pages!

  14. Those magazines look awesome!
    Your table is gorgeous and yes, those dishes you have are to die for! I thought this as soon as I saw them and how exciting they were featured in a magazine! Yes, you are lucky.
    You are making me hungry for some turkey and trimmings.

  15. Your plates are beautiful in every setting Sarah, I always love seeing all of your elegant things. I do remember the birthday table, the textural elements you combined were just stunning! I am a huge fan of Southern Lady [published right here in my home town] but haven't seen this issue, it does look fabulous, thank you~

  16. all so that color orange!

  17. I know i will enjoy reading that magazine just from the pictures you've shown. The plates, your plates are beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving, Sarah!

  18. Hi Sarah,

    What a lovely table you've set with the trademark colors of the season. I especially love those battery operated bark lanterns - such ambiance! Your culinary masterpiece must have been scrumptious, and I'm sure was the highlight of the day.

    Thanks for sharing, and wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  19. Beautiful china makes for a beautiful table. The meal looks much tastier than turkey! I love chicken, but turkey, not so much.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Sarah.

  20. Beautiful! Love those gorgeous fall colors.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  21. Absolutely beautiful table setting Sarah. What a lovely gift from Cherry Kay. those plates are divine. I love how you added the
    greenery to the napkins. Your dinner from last year is looking so tasty. Enjoy and have a blessed Thanksgiving. xo

  22. This has become my new favorite magazine. Your Thanksgiving table looks so pretty. I love those bark vases, and the table covers are so elegant. What a clever idea to add the little berry bouquet. laurie

  23. Dearest Sarah,
    What a lovely find in Southern Lady! You did set your tables so nicely with the Sacred Bird and Butterfly by Mottahedeh. Quite a lovely gift from your blogger friend; Cherry Kay!
    Loved also the hand embroidered napkins by your husband's grandmother. So graceful to use all together...
    Hugs and wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving; whatever fare you will serve.

  24. Sarah, those plates are gorgeous! What a sweet gift from your friend. Southern Lady looks exquisite! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  25. Beautiful table and that china is perfect for the season. Gorgeous!

  26. Gorgeous Thanksgiving table settings, Miz Sarah, much nicer than the magazine although those are stunning too.
    Hope your Thanksgiving this year is just as good as the one you've shared with us here.

  27. What inspiration for my Thanksgiving table! Thanks so much. I love your plates. Happy Thanksgiving!

  28. Love the photos of the tablescapes.

    And the un-traditional Thanksgiving dinner last year sounds fantastic. In fact, my husband said, "If she's doing it again this year, ask for an invitation!!" Kidding, just kidding. But it does look delicious.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving! xoxox

  29. Thank you for sharing the pics from the magazine....gorge! Your table is lovely. Love the double tablecloth. Those are very pretty plates!

  30. You have such elegant exquisite taste. This table is lovely, and the china is beyond compare. I looked at your previous table set with this, and both are just gorgeous.

  31. Such a pretty table! The dishes are gorgeous, and I love all of the textures you combined. I never heard of that magazine, but I think even this Northern lady would like it!

  32. Sarah, What a wonderful table with your combination of textures and beautiful plates! I'm a fan of Southern Lady too and that issue is full of beautiful inspiration! I've always admired your monogrammed napkins. You probably shared that they were hand-stitched by husband's grandmother but I missed that detail. What a wonderful heirloom, I'd be afraid to use them and risk gravy stains :) We just got back in from out of town and turn around and leave on Wednesday for Thanksgiving. Wishing you and Sadie a Happy Thanksgiving. ♥

  33. gorgeous setting, Sarah. I am not very good at setting up tables but I love looking at other people's creations. I love the south. The hospitality and the history and all the gorgeous homes and of course food. I would love to visit Savannah...maybe this summer.

  34. Hi Sarah, I love Southern Lady magazine, too. This is the first year I've subscribed to it, and I really look forward to seeing it arrive in our mailbox every other month. :)

    Your dishes are truly gorgeous and such a generous gift from Cherry Kay. Love the pictures from your Thanksgiving table last year. Thanks for sharing, Sarah, and have a very Happy Thanksgiving!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  35. Dear Sarah,
    Thank you for introducing me to this gorgeous china pattern. I love how warm and luminous it looks! And I'll have to check out Southern Lady at my bookstore. Happy Thanksgiving!! Cheers, L

  36. Love those dishes - isn't Cherry Kay the sweetest ever?? Your meal looked delectable!! And your table was so pretty! Enjoy this Thanksgiving!

  37. Beautiful table setting Sarah! We are having a beef roast too. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  38. Such a beautiful setting, love the richness of color. Also impressed with your prime rib! Wishing you a very happy thanksgiving~

  39. Sarah, I do enjoy Southern Lady, especially around the holidays, so much inspiration. I have my Christmas copy now to enjoy with my morning coffee. Sorry I’m late to this party, crazy busy here with Thanksgiving and football. Love your table setting, it would look gorgeous in a spread in any magazine. How sweet of Cherry Kay with the gift of these plates!
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.

  40. Such a beautiful tablesetting. Prime Rib is my all time favorite, so this looks totally amazing. I wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  41. Love that magazine and it adapts so nicely into other regions of the world. The plate are such a special gift and so perfect for the Thanksgiving table which you have so beautifully arranged...Everything is perfect even the roast beef..WOW, now that an amazing looking plate of food....Have a wonderful celebration with your family ... Thanks for sharing ..Hugs

  42. Dear Sarah!
    Loving this post!
    I wanted to come by to wish you and your family a Happy, Happy Thanksgiving!
    Hoping that your day is filled with all that is wonderful!
    Sending hugs,

  43. Sarah,
    You are a true Southern lady whose hospitality and graciousness are examples for all of us. Your photos of your home are filled with beautiful ways you make others feel your friendship and love.

    I hope this Thanksgiving with friends was filled with serenity.



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