Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Grateful Heart

Gratitude ~ the quality of being thankful; 
the readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Welcome Friends!

It's quiet at our home
this Thanksgiving holiday.

Typically we host a Thanksgiving meal here in our home with
friends who may not have family with whom to celebrate.

This year we will join friends in their
home for a small Thanksgiving celebration.

The weather in recent weeks has given me
cause to be grateful for a perfect Autumn with 
sunny skies and crisp cool days.

Just enough chill in the air to cozy
up by a fire with hot tea
in the late afternoon.

~ Autumn ~
A time to savor and appreciate the 
rich spectrum of seasonal colors    .   .   .

To relish morning walks along a creekside 
as water flows from recent rains   .   .   .

To bask in the beauty of Mother Nature's
change in the seasons   .   .   .

To huddle in the warmth of a favorite sweater
and snuggle up with out sweet Sadie girl   .   .   .

To reflect on the gratitude one feels for   
the many blessings of our lives.

For our blessings  
are plentiful!

We've abundant  
food on our table   .   .   .

A warm home to
shelter us day and night   .   .   .

And beauty can be found
all around us.

I'm especially grateful for the good health and love
of my wonderful family and friends,
and for each of you who visit and comment here at
Hyacinths for the Soul.

2014 has been a year of final
good-byes to several women close to my heart.

At times sadness rushes over me, but even with death, we can
choose to be grateful. I want to cherish each special memory,
to honor these amazing women and feel grateful for the beautiful
 life each led, the incredible legacy each left behind, and
especially so for the love and friendship we shared.

"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it 
is like wrapping a present and not giving it."
                                              William Arthur Ward

Research shows it is helpful and important to make 
an ongoing list of the things for which one is grateful.

On this Day of Thanksgiving, I thank you 
for allowing me to share a grateful heart.

"Give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way."
                                                              Native American Saying


The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. Your home looks very inviting with its many fall touches. The paintings of water over the fireplace, and of the huge orange bouquet are beautiful. Have a great feast.

  2. Bonjour,

    Un billet très touchant rempli d'émotion, de tendresse et de délicatesse.
    Je vous souhaite une joyeuse fête...

    Gros bisous ♡

  3. What an amazing and absolutely beautiful post this was - like a perfect little book filled with All Things Good.

    May God be with you on this day of thanksgiving - and may peace and love always be with you.

  4. Beautiful post, I heard your voice all the way through. I'm thankful that we are friends and give thanks for the very good times that we have shared together over the years.

  5. Hello dear friend such a beautiful post, in both pictures and words. I hope you have a very lovely Thanksgving Day. hugs, Rhondi

  6. Your lovely words with the beautiful photos of your gracious, gorgeous home, certainly makes me feel thankful just knowing you dear Sarah.

    May this special day be perfect as you relax and enjoy time with friends while sharing a meal together. As you say, we all have many blessings to be thankful for, especial our health, homes and so many blessings.

    Enjoy each moment -
    Hugs, Mary

  7. Oh my goodness, dearest Sarah, what a lovely post on gratitude for all the blessings and people in our lives, and those who have passed. I was so touched by the photo of you and your Angel Mom. Thank you for your friendship. Happy Thanksgiving blessings to you, your hubby and Sadie.

  8. Oh Sarah, so beautiful is this post, and I am thankful for your gift of sharing these pictures and thoughts with us, with me, on this day. May your heart be full of the honorable memory of your mother, today and always. Have a beautiful day sharing with your friends.
    Rita C at Panoply

  9. Happy Thanksviging Sarah..Your home is so lovely.
    THose beautiful heads of silver hair..struck such a note with me..Touching touching.

  10. Sarah, such beautiful words and images. So much love this year but sadness also. Thank you for being my friend.

  11. Happy Thanksgiving, dear Sarah. Sending wishes for continued blessings and love from me to you and those you hold dear.♥

  12. It is a pleasure to visit and get to share in your life. I always find beauty and inspiration with each visit.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Dearest Sarah,
    Lovely post! For sure your dear Mother will be smiling down from heaven. Yes, being grateful that you had her for that long.
    We too got invited by our friends that treat us like Family. Feels warm and being loved makes us even more grateful.
    Sending you love,

  14. What a beautiful post! Very heartfelt and poignant.

    Your home is so beautiful. That mother of peal flatware is GORGEOUS!

  15. I, too, have many blessings to count and be grateful for. My husband and I have truly enjoyed this especially beautiful autumn this year. We are blessed to be surrounded by our family and loved ones.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Sarah.


    Denise at Forest Manor

  16. This is an extra special post today. :)

    You chose the most beautiful images from your home and paired them with wonderful thoughts and words.

    I too believe that we can choose gratitude. :)

  17. Sarah,
    This is a beautiful post with heart warming thoughts and photos. Thank you for being in my life and for sharing with me your expressions of gratitude. As always, an inspiration.


  18. Oh Sarah, how I too feel that thanksgiving is a healing power. And the loss of those you love seems to rush over us especially during these times when tradition comes knocking at your snowy, cold doorstep. But like being by the fire, gratitude energizes us to move on and be just like those brave souls that filled us with inspiration. There is no other way to live. YOUR HOUSE IS GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh thank you for this lovely tour of your quiet home. Ours was quiet too, but what a delicious turkey....I take the untraditional route and make mine the way my Puerto-Rican father-in-law made it, with lots of garlic and cilantro and other Latino good!

    Thank you so much for coming to visit. May each day be one of gratitude for us all!! HUGS! Anita

  19. Dear Sarah, What a wonderful way to honor your lovely mother and friends by sharing this post of Thanksgiving! It has been such a beautiful autumn in the south and I love your seasonal touches around your home. I know your heart is full of so much sadness and yet thankfull at haveing such wonderful women around you. I think of you often dear friend and I'm thankful for the sweet time we spent together recently.
    Sending you hugs.............

  20. What a moving statement on the attitude of gratefulness, Sarah. I think I will print it off & refer to it frequently.
    I was so touched by the photo of you with your sweet Mother. I have none like that at all. I must remember to take more pictures of my hubby before it is too late.
    Loved seeing all the autumn vignettes throughout your beautiful home. You truly have a knack for arrangements that are pleasing to the eye & interesting as well. I lingered over each.
    Hoping you had a wonderfully Happy Thanksgiving!

  21. I feel deeply touched and moved by your beautiful sentiments in words and pictures.
    I am deeply thankful for all the blessings around my home and family as well as friends like you in the blogging world.

  22. Sarah, Thank you for a beautiful post and a reminder of the truly important things in our lives for which we should be grateful.

  23. Sarah,
    Your home is so warm and beautiful just like the sentiments you shared about gratitude. We all have so much to be thankful for, even as we lose those we love we can celebrate the time we shared together. Thank you for always being a gracious blogger, your words of encouragement are appreciated!
    Miss Bloomers

  24. Sarah,
    Such a heartfelt post, dear friend!!!
    With each photo and each quote, this reaches to my very soul.
    A Blessed Thanksgiving to you, too!

  25. What a beautiful post Sarah! I think small and intimate gatherings are the best way to Give Thanks. Hope your Thanksgiving was as wonderful and special as your post and I love seeing glimpses of your warm and inviting home and collections. I'm thankful for your friendship ♥

  26. lovely words and sweet sentiments! Your room with the fireplace looks so cozy!

  27. Sarah, this is such a beautiful post! I truly enjoy your lovely blog and amazing talent!! All of your vignettes are so sweet. I too miss those who have passed, but like you; am grateful for the memories! I definitely believe that 'gratitude is an attitude'. If we find gratitude we will be a much happier person! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  28. Very sweet and touching post, Sarah. We are truly blessed, and I appreciate your thoughts on gratitude.


  29. Thank you for sharing this heartfelt and beautiful post.

  30. This is such a beautiful post, Sarah! Your rooms are so lovely. I'm glad it has been a pretty fall for you. Thanksgiving brings so much to mind. Especially about loved ones here and gone. It can be a bittersweet time. This is a lovely tribute to your friends who have passed on this year.

  31. Sarah, this is a beautiful post. I love the way your décor always looks so elegant and yet inviting. I'd love to sit in one of those chairs by your fireplace. I know you've had a difficult year. It's good to be able to still be grateful. Hugs, Laurie

  32. There is much to be grateful for, particularly those who have touched our lives but have passed on. Your fall musings are a delight.

  33. What a wonderful post!! Have a great day.


  34. I've gone back and re-read your beautiful, thankful post. Such a blessing to me. Thank you, dear friend.

  35. Hi there, I hopped over from Masterpiece Monday! I really enjoyed your post--such lovely photos and reflections of gratitude! Blessings, Cecilia

  36. What a beautiful and thoughtful post, Sarah! You have embodied the true spirit of favorite holiday for so many reasons! I hope yours was wonderful!...hugs...Debbie

  37. Sarah it looks so fantastic in those two chairs by the fire. Take care my friend!

  38. Sarah, that beautiful, BEAUTIFUL picture of you and your mother made me tear up. I was thinking of you on Thanksgiving. We spent it on the road trying to get to my niece's wedding which was so sweet and pretty. Glad to be home. I have been pretty sick for the last two months, but I am finally seeing the light of day in terms of getting a handle on it. Decided I would try to blog a little while I have Mr. Magpie's computer. I dropped my IPAD and did a number on it, cracking it and taking out a chunk of the glass.

    I give thanks for blogging friends like you. You are a special lady, my friend.



  39. I am grateful to have you as a friend...and to be able to bear witness that every poigant thought is genuinely you. Thanks for your gentle take on life. Cherry Kay

  40. Beautiful post Sarah, and very touching. I teared up too with the picture of you and your Mom. Yes, we do have so many things to be grateful for.

  41. Oh, Sarah, this is an absolutely beautiful post. The words, the pictures that beautifully illustrate the words and the message all spoke to me.

    I am particularly thankful this year for my improving health. I have never had health issues before and my anemia was a big scare. Now that I am at 98%, I really appreciate each thing I can do that I could not for the last few months.

  42. Beautiful post, Sarah! We do have much to be grateful for!

    I know that feeling of sadness for those that have passed from this earthly world to their heavenly reward. I miss my Mom and Dad very much, but especially at the holidays.

    Wishing you a blessed and happy Christmas season!

  43. What a beautiful post, Sarah. So touching and almost made me emotional. You have a beautiful home and beautiful furnishings too....Christine

  44. So many things to be thankful for! Including you my friend!

  45. A beautiful post. Your Tksgiving was beautiful all over your home and I specially love the place by the fireplace; so lovely, warm and cozy.
    We always have so much to be thankful for, so this special day is just to remind us.
    Thanks for your sweet visit.

  46. Hi Sarah! I am back to thank you for your visit and also to tell you that I have the same issue with word verification. Drat! I think it may be the new reality with blogger. Wishing a lovely season for you!

  47. Hope you are doing well! I noticed verification on a few other blogs that I know are anti-verification and was surprised so I guess that is why!

  48. So beautiful, so true..thank you Sarah for expressing what I often cannot. Cerelle


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