Tuesday, February 15, 2011

RED ON RED, by Stephanie Hoppen

By Stephanie Hoppen

Available here on Amazon.

With February being the month to celebrate RED and Pink, I went to my bookshelf to pull out one of my favorite decorating books to share for FFT. RED ON RED, as the sub title says, is all about "creating stunning interiors using reds and pinks."

Poppies in Santa Fe, NM

This is definitely the go to book for inspiration if one wants to add the punch of red into one's life. Gorgeous photos fill the pages of this book starting off with a a double page spread of a painting of a single poppy by Galley.

Original Oil by Fatima Ronquillo

With occasional text of descriptions and decorating philosophy, the author shares examples of the various emotions RED elicits when used in decorating one's home, and illustrates how RED will provide a variety of style or set various moods.

There are plenty examples of rooms painted or draped in vibrant Red, but for those of us who aren't adventuresome enough to live wrapped in walls of red, Ms Hoppen offers a wealth of eye candy though other details.

It is RED used as an accent color brought in through simple details and accessories that peeks my interest, and there is no shortage of exquisite RED details and accessories within the pages of this book.

Stephanie Hoppen 

covers styles from Baroque to Gypsy.

Accents can be as simple 

as a stack of books with RED spines . . .

To hand-painted 

details on furniture . . .

It might be a cachepot 

for a house plant or . . .

Stylized flowers 

holding court on a bookshelf to . . .

Fresh flowers 

in a vase.

Details might 

offer a touch of romance . . .

A bit of mystique . . .

Or the whimsy of 

folk art from a foreign country.

Textiles such 

as vintage quilts . . .

Or accent pillows . . .

Provide details that offer 

a chance to layer textures of RED.

Fresh fruits and vegetables 

on a kitchen counter . . .

Jars of 

pickled peppers . . .

A bowl of fresh red cherries ~

Ms Hoppen suggests it's easy to bring in touches of RED.

The glorious photos throughout the pages of RED ON RED illustrate how occasions of entertaining in our homes offer the perfect opportunity to bring in the energy and the glamor of RED.

Be it a party theme 

that features RED . . .

A simple accent 

of RED through a textile . . .

RED accented china . . .

Photo Courtesy of Susan @ BNOTP

Or gorgeous Ruby RED stems of crystal.

RED definitely makes a statement at a dinner party.

And that brings us to Food For Thought in RED ON RED.

Rather than a table of RED accents, this year's Valentine's Day table at HFTS was set with a theme of chocolate brown and gold ruffles as a nod to those RED heart shaped boxes full of ruffled golden foil cups of delectable chocolates. It was the . . .

~ Red Velvet Cup Cakes ~

The sweet ending that 

presented the piece de resistance of RED.

My dear friend Maggie @ Normandy Life also baked Red Velvet Cupcakes for her Tea Time For My Valentine post that you can visit here. Maggie's are much prettier than mine, but I'm serving just as she did, one for you, one for me, and one to share.


is a beautiful decorating book that will feed your soul.

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  1. Oh My Sarah! You have some serious Reds this week. You truly put in some work for this post, too. Just amazing and so fun to see it all.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. This is a great post Sarah. Red is a color I use in moderation. I do like splashes of it, and enjoyed it for Valentines day. I do not wear red, even though I probably look OK in it..I just feel too loud in it LOL!

  3. Hi,
    I really like the dishes & your choice of napkins to accompany them. My kitchen is and has always been red.
    Please visit me. I found you on Rednesday.

  4. Oh, I so enjoyed this post! I believe that every room needs a little red, and until the summer enjoyed a pomegranate red kitchen. I'll have to look online for this book because it looks like one I'd take down over and over again.

  5. It was so strange - I was reading your post and thinking that "red" is a great idea for a post and maybe I could do something on that! (Well you know us bloggers, we are always looking for things to blog about?) when out of the corner of my eye I saw a movement in my garden - it was my neighbour's ginger cat called "Red" jumping over my garden wall! How's that for an omen?

  6. Good morning Sarah,
    Loved your red post today, the images and ideas have set me thinking that there needs to be more than one red room in this old house!
    Your cupcakes look divine and I'll gladly share one with you, now that mine are all gone!

  7. Great post...Red is one of my favorite colors...I use it everywhere!

  8. I even use red in my bathroom! The paint color is Slate by Restoration Hardware, and red happens to be a great accent. Great post, and I'm adding this book to my wish list. I love the last picture with the bent fork and little red heart hanging ;o) It feeds my soul!

  9. I absolutely LOVE red. Our dining room used to be painted scarlet, and I loved it! It was the one room in our house I did not want to paint, but my husband did not like it, so we painted it pink. Then I repainted it gold.

    I love this post. I will probably look at it a few times today. :D

    Ricki Jill

    PS I will try to find a copy of the book at the library.

  10. That definately sounds like my kind of book...I have decorated with red for years. I have had a red dining room, a red office and a wall of red in the master bedroom over the years.

  11. I love red! Next to pink, it's my favorite color. And I'm the kind gutsy enough to put it on a wall.

    Right now, I'm all about red as I try to pop it all over my kitchen. This post gave me some great inspiration!

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  13. Oh Sarah!! I love red! Have it everywhere!! I also have that same decoratng book!!! My outdoor furniture frame is all red!! It's so cheerful and you can pretty much add any color with it and make it fun or elegant or casual. In the summer, I add my turquoise/red pillows from Target to the seats. Looks fresh and happy!!

    Thank you for sharing!

    Warm Hugs,

    ps...I will be having a "Reading Spot" party in March. Will have details and button up later this month! Hope you'll join me!

  14. Sarah, I love your since red is my favorite color! I just ordered the book to add to my decorating book collection.



  15. Red is my favorite accent color. A little pop makes a room so much prettier. These were wonderful suggestions and photos.

  16. Loving all of the red! I am going to have to check out this book! I love color...can't get enough...no white for this girl;)!

  17. You know I love red. That looks like a great book. I can't believe I haven't seen it before. Thanks for sharing all this red.

  18. Hi Sarah!
    I love red and have lots of it in this home!!
    Pamela xo

  19. That book looks like a must-have for red lovers! I'd love to know how to combine red and pink in my kitchen, without it looking too girly-girl for my husband!
    Happy REDnesday!

  20. I love these beautiful photos! I am especially crazy for the book pictures and the wooden heart picture! You should frame that one for sure!

  21. Such wonderful inspiration pictures Sarah. I do think red is such a happy color. I probably have a little red in every room of our home. This looks like a beautiful book. I think your cupcakes look so pretty. laurie

  22. I love your REDS. Red is such a powerful color -- even just a touch of it will spark a room. We painted our dining room red, and it still surprises me with its presence when I walk in there.

    Terrific post!

    And thank you, Sarah, for your kindness and sympathy on the loss of my father; your sweet comment was very much appreciated.

    Best wishes, Cass

  23. Sarah:

    Such a celebration of RED!

    - The Tablescaper

  24. Sarah~ What a fun concept for a book! Love all your red accents in your home, especially that adorable palm waving monkey pillow!

    I've always been more a red girl than pink! Beside a RED powder room, I have another room that has a liberal dose of red and our lake house which is very casual has a couple of pieces of furniture from Pottery Barn that are red!

    Your red velvet cupcakes look delish~ Thanks for sharing this, I need to take a closer look at this book!

  25. Hi lovely lady. You know I love red sweet lady. Im having a
    {Give-a-way}on my Tablescapes this would look good on you also sweet lady!! come have some fun.xxoo

  26. Oh, such beautiful reds. They are, every one, just fantastic. The color red is a favorite of mine but I do use it in moderation...well, except in my kitchen (red cabinets AREN'T moderation) :)))

  27. Sarah,
    Gorgerous red post!
    My favorites were the red stacked books, "touch of romance" journal and feather pen, and the vintage quilt! How inspiring to take one color as a theme! I use a lot of red in my home decor; however it soon will be time for "the wearing of the green"!

  28. Wow, this is a book I could love. Thanks for sharing it and all of the stunning photos, Sarah.

  29. Sarah, I am blown away with all the beautiful red things. You know it is my favorite accent color...I am scared of a whole wall.
    Loved most the ABC pillow and the quilt...and I want---need the cupcakes to keep up my strenght, haha. So maybe they would cure what ails me? Thank you for your always so very kind words. I really appreciate it!
    I still have a long haul ahead of me, from what I have been told. But I am an optimist and know it will get better.
    So now I will explore all the rest of your blogs I missed.
    Many warm hugs,

  30. I luv the red & white quilt and the cupcakes are soooo DELICIOUS! Thank You for stopping by......Julian

  31. Oh, this is a fabulous post Sarah! I love the story you shared of red. It is a wonderful idea for this month. Think of all the uses of red in art and literature. A very interesting idea to use it in your home. Love this. Now I need to go check that book out. Thanks for linking up!

  32. I love the color red, Sarah! It always makes me happy. I don't have that much of it in my home besides accent pieces, but one day I'd love to incorporate more of it in my decorating. I'd love a red and white kitchen!

    Your red velvet cupckes look delicious! I love the way you iced them.

  33. I have heard that said about black too, that every room needs some.
    Love all your reds, esp the cupcakes which look delicious!
    I never got to use my decals!
    I have been under the weather.

  34. So much eye candy on every page of the book, Sarah! Thanks for sharing it with us. Your cupcakes look fabulous...Christine

  35. Hi Sarah,
    I was about to turn off my computer when your sweet message popped up. I was just thinking about you about 15 minutes ago as I was sitting here looking at the new March/April Southern Lady magazine. There's a six-page spread of a Mad Hatter party and they use the Courtly Check chargers, napkin rings, etc. Have you seen this magazine?

    Love all the pretty reds you have posted here!


  36. Sometimes only red will do! I'm a new follower Sarah! I missed a ton of people when I first started out. Best to you--J.

  37. Hi Sarah, I just love all your red!! It's so pretty.


  38. Love all you reds! The cupcake takes the cake! Yum! And so pretty!

  39. Hi Sarah...

    Well my friend, you had me at RED and then when I read Red "ON RED"...I just had to come and see! Hehe! As a lover of red myself, I always appreciate this fabulous color in decor! Ohhh my...the cover photo on this book...all that glorious red toile...it's just gorgeous! I think "red" just says, "look at ME!". It's definitely bold and vibrant! Even when being used just as an accent color...it still just sings!!! Well, here I am...going on and on! You'd think I was infatuated with the color red! wink! Hehe!

    Sarah, your red velvet cupcakes look beautiful and I bet they were really yummy! They are certainly the perfect sweet for a Valentine's table! I will have to remember to bake some next Valentine's day!

    I hope that my note is finding you well, my friend! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Chari @Happy To Design

  40. A delightful post - had me smiling.
    My tastes run to the whimsy and gypsy.

  41. Hi Sarah~ I think I have to have that book! :) lol! I love red- my favorite color and I have thought about getting that book before... Thanks for the inspiration! Your reds are lovely- I love the stack of red books and the red cherries! Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  42. that was fun fun fun, i am indeed seeing red! tell me when its time to see teal, i would love your inspiration!

  43. I loved this! I'm going to find that book! I will love it! I noticed other books on your shelf--The Artful Chicken and The Artful Christmas. Are they part of a series? Do you have reviews on them?


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