Friday, February 18, 2011

French Toast ~ A Favorite

Sharing my favorite breakfast food today.

I fixed a special tray just for you.

F is for my Favorite

~ French Toast ~

It's certainly no secret among my friends that one of my favorite foods is French Toast. If it's on a menu, that's usually what I order when we go out to eat breakfast.

But you can see this isn't exactly what
comes to mind when one says, "French Toast!"

No, indeed!

Since you've stopped by for a visit I've pulled out some essential ingredients to make us a little treat this morning. Most any bread works for this dish, but I like to use challah bread in thick slices so it's nice and fluffy.

While you're here you may stay in our "French" guest room. I'll just bring up a breakfast tray with a pot of rich fresh ground coffee and a glass of chilled orange juice.

Just for you, I've used French linens. The napkin ring is also French.

F. L. G.

I have a group of French napkin rings that I've found when exploring weekend brocante markets in France. I like to think about who might have owned these little rings of silver and have a bit of fun imagining whose monogram is delicately engraved upon them. This one I think must have once belonged to Françoise Louise Gauthier.

I like to top French toast with a bit of
mascarpone cheese and fresh berries.

But I also like to eat my French Toast with lots
of confectioners sugar and a little maple syrup.

What do you like on your French Toast?

French Toast is a rich, sweet dish,
so I like to add a side of sausage with mine.

Americans eat French Toast for breakfast,
but the French like to offer it as a dessert.

They refer to it as pain perdu, or "lost bread".

I tucked in the new issue of Phyllis Hoffman's Celebrate Spring for a little reading pleasure.

Enough of my talking, you must be ready to eat.
Settle in and enjoy your own plate of French Toast.

Bon appétit!

There on the bed resting on the pillows are Brigitte, Gabrielle le chat, and Zoé le lapin. You can read about them here.

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The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. I could eat it anytime of the day!!!Looks scrumptious!!!

  2. What an amazingly lovely virtual breakfast. I had such a nice time visiting your blog this mornig. Love the presentation and the wonderful looking french toast. What a visual feast. TGIF and have a wonderful weekend.

  3. That is a beautiful little tablescape and I do love blue and yellow when it is used together...I wish I had that french toast for supper...(I'm from the south ya know)...:-)

  4. Hi Sarah,
    your post is again so great. The french toast look so yummy and with the Eifel tower stamp just gorgeous. And the plate and mug are so nice and springy. Is it also Quimer? Such a breakfast would be a great start into a wonderful weekend. I hope you will have it both.
    Greetings, Johanna

  5. I made French Toast this morning for my son as he requested!! I had raisin and cinnamon bread from the bakery.

    Your table setting is your china and especially those napkin rings!!!
    Pamela xo

  6. What a beautiful setting plus my favorite breakfast food. Love those napkin rings. I how I long to go to France.

  7. Sarah, I like maple syrup with mine. I have booked the next flight and will be with you in the morning. HA.

  8. Happy Pink Saturday!

    It's a favorite in my family.

    ~ Gabriela ~

  9. That has to be the yummiest french toast. Looks so nice. Love the napkin rings. What a find. Actually, you post made me hungry and I realize I need to start dinner, lol. Happy PS

  10. Please don't wake me from my dream!
    I'm still eating my french toast in my french bedroom surrounded by all things lovely!

    Thanks for sharing and the hospitality.


  11. Very pretty Sarah! Lovin' your bread stamp! I haven't made Challah in a long time, it's been on my mind so gotta correct that! I grew up having French Toast with cinnamon and sugar-yum:@)

  12. Beautiful tablescape Sarah! I love French Toast too and my favorite way to eat them is with powdered sugar and a sprinkle or two of fresh lemon juice.

    Lots of love,
    Susan and Bentley

  13. How very charming, and what a luscious-looking breakfast!! Or dinner on a cold night, or a lazy lunch-for two . . .

    Just lovely.


  14. I would love to be a guest of yours!! That French Toast looks yummy. I like mine with real maple syrup and a sprinkle of cinnamon...

  15. Tablescape filled with charm! I love French Toast too and my favorite way to eat it is with maple syrup. I'm easy!

  16. I love French Toast too but you make it sound so much more decadent and luxurious.

  17. Oh My! Looks so good. I have not made french toast in years, I am trying to stay away from as many eggs as I can, so it is off limits.
    Would love a plate of it with sausage and eggs - Yum!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  18. What a beautiful tray you set and my that looks yummy too.

  19. Happy Pink Saturday Sarah Sweetie....
    Oh what a beautiful table you set. I love French Toast, and this is the best looking toast ever. I love the thick break, and the berries, and maple syrup. Sarah I hope you made lots, cuz sweetie you are going to have us all lined up outside, waiting to sit at the table with French flair sweetie.

    Have a beautiful weekend. I so enjoyed traveling to Paris with you today. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  20. Yummy, yum! Set a place for me! You always set such a scrumptious table. I also am a huge fan of french toast. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  21. Yummy, yum! Set a place for me! You always set such a scrumptious table. I also am a huge fan of french toast. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  22. Oh, what a decadent breakfast! Yum! I like mine with a little confectioner's sugar, and -- if she's here -- my mom's homemade syrup. All it is is water and brown sugar boiled, but somehow mine never tastes as good as hers.

    Bon Apetit!

  23. Oh, MERCY! I have to wait 8 hours before we go out to eat ... this looks deelish! Such a beautiful presentation.

    Happy PS weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  24. The food looks delicious! I will be very full after this. Happy PS>

  25. Ma belle!!! PAIN PERDU, BRIOCHE, c'est tout bon!!! J'adore le pain, et quand j'étais en France, je ne mangeais que le pain!!! Oh Sara, this is exquisite, just EXQUISITE! There is nothing like sinking your teeth into a squishing and melt-in-your-mouth slice of French toast and especially displayed on such finery! HOw lovely you are! And thank you for your kind comments...I was so tired last night when I posted, I did not know if anything made sense! Have a wonderful weekend, Anita

  26. OMGosh, when I came here I never dreamed I would be invited for such a delish breakfast. Thanks you so much for the virtual breakfast. Now I have to make French Toast Ÿ

  27. Hi Sarah - what a gorgeous post - and yummy, too! All your details are just beautiful...the food, the linen, plate, napkin ring - fantastic! Linda

  28. We love French toast around here, but it would be even more lovely to eat it in your pretty setting. The napkin rings and linens are *to die for* Very lovely :D

  29. Yum! You are making me sooo hungry! French Toast has always been my favorite! I like it with butter and maple syrup the best! Powdered sugar is good too. I have an allergy to egg whites so now I can only have French toast if I make it at home and use the yolk only and meticulously clean it... So I can never order it out! Happy Pink Saturday! Your pictures are beautiful!


  30. Beautiful photos! I love French Toast also - my mom used to make it and now I make it only with her recipe - which is really simple - eggs, milk, sugar, and cinnamon - the cook in butter and I love it just like that with butter only - no syrup or sugar - YUM! Thanks for sharing and Happy Pink Saturday!

  31. Sarah, I wish I was in that pretty guestroom of yours right now. Of course, I love all of the Frenchiness in this post - that china and the linens and the wonderful napkin ring. What a cute bread stamper. Breakfast looks delicious. If was staying in that guestroom, I might never leave. Thank you for sharing this for Favorite Things. Have a wonderful weekend. laurie

  32. I think I may be in heaven. I loved visiting you, you are the best hostess and breakfast was beyond perfect. Happy Pink Saturday to you and yours, Char

  33. I'm with you....I love French toast and yours looks divine, helped along by being presented in such a perfect way. Wish I were joining you for a late breakfast.

  34. Such a Delicious Post Sarah! OMG I want Breakfast in Bed at your house...LOOK at the Quimper Plates to make it PERFECT! Your French toast looks SO GOOD. and we can Read about spring. Here with all our snow, we will also Dream about spring! Have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs to you,

  35. Oh my gosh, Sarah, this is gorgeous!! French toast is my favorite food!!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  36. Oh my goodness Sarah...this looks beautiful and the whole about if I show up tomorrow morning?!


  37. Oh my this looks so yummy! Love that little stamper for the toast!
    Happy PS!


  38. Now I want French Toast for dinner, Sarah! :) Your presentation is beautiful, as always!

  39. What a beautiful post. Love the pictures and your story. The french toast looks so yummy. Have a wonderful weekend.

  40. I'm loving this post. I'm such a French toast lover, too. It's one of our family favorites.

    We like ours with powdered sugar and some warm maple syrup drizzled over it.

    And now, I'm hungry. Probably not a good idea to get caught up on blogs while waiting to fix dinner, was it?

  41. This breakfast looks lovely!

    I would like to invite you join my blog party "Being Creative" starting tomorrow. I hope you join in!

  42. So good makes me want to eat now. Happy PS Laura

  43. YUM! I love French Toast! :)

    March 2nd! Food For thought.... Okay! I'm there! :)

    Thanks for letting me know...:)


  44. I love french toast but mine never comes out looking as pretty (or delicious) as yours! I typically use syrup on mine but I have been known to top it with grape jelly.
    I think I'll make french toast for breakfast tomorrow!

  45. I love French toast too! I haven't made it for so long so as soon as the weather starts to cool down a little here I am going to make some! I will think of you when I do!

    Best wishes and happy week,

  46. Hi Sarah..your going to have a very crowded guest room when we all show up for breakfast...the French toast looks delicious...The Boss eats that all the time...he likes his made with a blueberry sauce ontop...but Heaven forbid...I have to put his sausage on a seperate plate so it doesn't get syrup on it....OYe!

  47. *sigh*
    What a wonderful breakfast!
    I love French toast too - with maple syrup and two strips of crisp bacon and a cup of good coffee...mmmmm

  48. Hi Sarah,
    A delightful post, so mouthwatering, sausage with maple syrup would be my side of choice. svp.
    I was in heaven, reminiscing about that beautiful guest room.

  49. How adorable is that bread stamper! And I so love French Toast! I like my with a little bit of Grand Marnier in the egg mixture & a Mimosa on the side doesn't hurt either :-) Love your prepared tray for your pampered guests~

  50. Yummy-this sure makes my cold cereal for breakfast this morning pretty lame! I love French toast with syrup and bacon. Your setting is so beautiful and welcoming. Thanks for stopping by to visit and I hope you have a wonderful Pink week!!

  51. What a LOVELY setting! I wish someone would bring me a breakfast that looked like that. I, too, have the little pink plastic French Toast press, but haven't had the best of results with it, alas. Your actual version looks delicious.

  52. Hello Sarah...

    Absolutely delightful, my friend! Ohh yes...I would just adore being a guest in your lovely home...and receiving a breakfast tray such as this...well, it would be divine! Everything is sooo very beautiful...from the french linens right down to that yummy plate of french toast and sausage! Mmm...a little butter, fresh berries, and syrup sounds perfect, Sarah! It was also such a treat to get a little peek of your beautiful guest's gorgeous!!!

    What a sweet post! Thank you so much for sharing it with us for the Sunday Favorites repost party this week, dear lady!!!

    Have a super Sunday!

    Chari @Happy To Design

  53. How yummy, Sarah! Of course, I am also eyeing the plates! lol Love the stamper, too! And the napkin ring...gorgeous! Your "red on red" post was fun as well! You just say red toile or transferware and I am in! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  54. Hi Sarah,
    this is a lovely post! I love French toast just the way you served it any time of day.


  55. Oh you have made me absolutely hungry! Loved it all.

    Bella Rosa Antiques

  56. French toast is one of my favorites, too. ESPECIALLY, served on such a lovely tray. Yummmmmy

  57. French toast is one of my favorites, too. ESPECIALLY, served on such a lovely tray. Yummmmmy


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