Sunday, May 30, 2021

Hurray for the Red, White, and Blue

America the Beautiful
Celebrate the patriotic holidays of summer 
and indulge your patriotic spirit.

Fill your favorite 
blue and white container
with blooms from your garden.

Or perhaps a white container 
with blue and red.

Add a bouquet of flags to any arrangement,
  and you'll have an instant patriotic look. 

You can always just fill a 
vase with a bouquet of flags.

Set a festive table, 
and dine in patriotic style!

It's the perfect time to use your blue and white transfer ware 
on the table, with a touch of red of course.

A nautical theme also offers
a fun patriotic look for your table.

Give your table settings layers 
of red, white, and blue.

Napkins, napkin rings, and table accents
can each add to a patriotic theme.

Decorate cakes and cookies in
red, white, and blue.

Bake a flag pie using the berries of summer
for the perfect patriotic colors.

Memorial Day Weekend
It's the prelude to the patriotic holidays of summer.
The perfect opportunity to pack a basket 
in anticipation of a picnic.

Gather together some of your 
Red ~ White ~ Blue 

Spread your quilt and enjoy a picnic 
at the lake, on the beach, your favorite park,
or where ever your heart desires.

Memorial Day
A time to honor all those 
who have given selflessly to their country.  
From the Civil War soldiers 
to those fighting today on foreign soils,
we remember the men and women who have died 
while serving in the US Armed Forces.

Summer doesn't officially begin until June 20th,
but for me, Memorial Day signals the start of summer
and leads the parade of patriotic summer holidays.


The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. My heart beats Red, White and Blue so I love your patriotic fanfare, accessories and sweet treats too! Love your sentiments shared for Memorial Day. Wishing you, the Chef and Sadie a relaxing day and sweet kick off to summer. ♥

  2. Dearest Sarah,
    Yes, it is a very special day where all of us have to value our Freedom!
    So many have been brave enough to liberate other nations that were less lucky.
    Beautiful table settings and kudos to the Chef for that Patriotic looking pie!

  3. Beautiful collection over the years of your reds, whites, and blues to honor our unofficial start of the summer season, Sarah! I love them all. Have a good day!

  4. So many attractive patriotic touches with your lovely collections,food, and flowers. I join you in remembering those who have sacrificed for our freedoms.
    We are visiting our son and family in San Antonio for the holiday. It is good to be back in Texas.

  5. Beautiful vignettes! I agree that I always consider Memorial Day Weekend as the beginning of summer. Happy Memorial Day, Sweet Friend!

  6. I like this post. I wish you had shown more of the quilt.

  7. Wonderful red, white, and blue displays Sarah! I agree, Memorial Day is the unofficial beginning of summer! It's crazy on the coast this weekend, lots of boats full of celebrators! I love all your flower arrangement ideas and your wonderful red, white and blue plate stacks...Happy Memorial Day!

  8. I love all the patriotic vignettes you have created! Just so beautiful with the flowers and pretty dishes.

  9. Sarah, this is a great post. Red, white and blue is always such a favorite and the many ways you put it together is so special. I especially always love your table settings..Happy Day..xxoJudy

  10. What wonderful displays for Memorial Day! I love all the place settings! Enjoy your day, Sarah!
    Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  11. Love your red, white and blue and especially the whirly gig!

  12. Sarah, your patriotic displays are always a joy to behold. Red, white and blue makes me pause and be grateful that brave men and women have given their lives for our freedom. Memorial Day is the unofficial beginning of summer, enjoy your week!

  13. Beautiful post Sarah! I love all your gorgeous red, white, and blue displays. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a wonderful week!

  14. Lovely vignettes Sarah to celebrate patriotic holidays. Such special collectibles to share your love of country using red, white and blue. The quilt stopped me mid scroll, it is gorgeous! I've enjoyed all your pretty vignettes too. Have a wonderful week........

  15. These were awesome. I especially liked the vintage blue and white pitcher. Thanks for sharing at Centerpiece Wednesday

  16. Lovely vignettes, and I always look forward to your patriotic holidays. I'm so grateful that brave men and women have given their lives for our freedom. Happy June.

  17. This is all fabulous, Sarah. The pie, the transferware (I adore transferware), the flowers, the flags -- everything. A wonderful post. I hope you holiday was terrific!

  18. Sarah,
    LOVE all of your patriotic displays and tables!!!All so pretty as always!! I hope that you and your family are well!! Thanks for stopping by!!


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