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Tales of the Traveling Tote # 18

Rabbit, Rabbit!
It's March 1st and time for another edition of 
Tales of the Traveling Totes.

Yes, it's getting to be a habit!
It's the Chef's idea, really it is!  We try to go 
each first Sunday of the month for 
Milkshakes, Burgers, and Bubbles 
at the Peached Tortilla.  

Oh, my!  December's mega shake was amazing!
Abuelita chocolate with churros and roasted marshmallows.
Miz Checkers is always ready for a mega shake!

If Miz Checkers is always ready for a mega shake,
it's Miss Merri Mac that's always ready 
to tag along on a fun get away.

Yes, first week in December, Miss Merri Mac and I 
headed north to cold country.

You might recall that Miss Merri Mac and Miz Checkers
joined me on a visit to Kansas City a few years ago.
You can see more of this fine city in our post here.
This trip was to visit QCI friends, 
the Napoleon exhibit at the Nelson-Atkins Museum
the National Museum of Toys and Miniatures
the Kappa Holiday Homes Tour
and of course a little shopping.
My friends' lovely home was all decorated for the holidays.
You might notice that in addition to collecting Quimper
my friends also share my love for MacKenzie-Childs.

It was cold and snowy most of the time,
but that didn't stop us from getting out and about.
The Kappa Holiday Homes Tour happened to coinside with
our visit.  We spread the tour of four homes over two days.
Photos weren't allowed, but suffice it to say we walked away
with lots of inspirition for decorating for the holidays.

Top on my list was to visit the Nelson-Adkins Museum, host to this exhibit created by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.
Focused on the "Imperial Household", the exhibit reflected the ambiance and splendor during Napoleon's years in power as it explored how these majestic and artistic works were used to fashion a "monarchic idenity for the new emperor, 
his family, and loyal entourage." 

This short video will give you a 
quick overview of this excellent exhibit.

 The opulence and grandeur of the items was
part of Napoleon's propaganda as he played the role of Emperor.

 It was enlightening to learn more about
the behind the scenes of his "imperial household."

Six high-ranking men were given titles as grand officers to direct the pagentry of Napoleon's Court.  Napoleon used portraits and sculputre of those within the household to project an image of his power and authority.  All the splendor to reflect an emperor! 

Fashion was a significant aspect of Napoleon's reign, and both Josephine and Marie Louise set the standard for the fashion of the day.  Napoleon also used fashion as a useful propaganda tool.

Napoleon in His Study Wearing the Uniform of a Grenadier of the Guard
Of the many portriats and works of art comissioned to reflect Napoleon's power, this mosaic of cubes of colored glass and inlays of stones was among my favorites.  
Zoom in on the details.

Also high on my list was a visit to the 
National Museum of Toys and Miniatures.
Begun as a small museum featuring the collections of 
Mary Harris Francis and Barbara Marshall, this museum now houses the world's largest fine-scale miniature collection and one of the nation's largest toy collections on public view.
 Featuring over 72.000 objects, one can indulge 
their inner child with a look at toys through the ages.
Soft Toys ~ Mechanical Toys ~ Marbles ~ Games ~ Dolls and Doll Houses ~ Miniatures ~ Just to name a few.

Two complete floors house this incredible collection of
vingettes of miniatures, doll houses completely furnished, toy and games through time, and on-going special events and exhibits.
Another attraction is the "toy tisserie" that is viewed from the lobby up through the stairwell to the second floor.  Created for the reopening of NMTM after extensive renovations, it was the project of my friend and talented artist, Sarah Lugg Regan 
and her assistant, sculptor Ben Breslow.
You can read more about this project here.
Of course shopping was on the agenda too.
Kansas City has beautiful antique shops!
Need I say more?
 J'Adore Home and Gardens was a favorite for some holiday shopping.  This delightfu shop is filled with beautiful things for the home and garden along with rooms dedicated to themed Christmas decorations.
 I found this Putz village scene atop one of 
the mantels to be totally enchanting.

 Another Kansas City must see for me was Nell Hill's.  
I've long followed Mary Carol's blog and have all of her beautiful
 home decor books.  A  visit to shop this incredible home furnishing store was the perfect way to round out my Kansas City visit.
Nell Hill's, just north of downtown KC, is located in the beautiful
Briarcliff Shopping Center.  With 16,000 square feet spread over two levels, it features sixteen fully furnished living spaces to give the shopper the feeling one is within a beautiful home.  Indeed, Nell Hill's is the perfect inspirational design destination. 

I must also say our KC visit included fabulous meals both in the home of our hosts and at several venues around town.
Kansas City is home to some wonderful French restaurants.
Cafe Provence ~ French Market ~ Café Europa

After our action packed KC trip, the holiday festivities kept us busy up through the beginning of the New Year, and as expected we
indulged in our monthly Peached Tortilla First Sunday treat.
A collaboration with Holy Roller, the mega shake was a
Chameleon Gold Brew Horchata Milkshake 
topped with Horchita Cake, Cinnamon Miso Caramel, 
Whipped Cream, and Toasted Coconut.
Yes, we share!  Double Straws!

As always, many thanks for joining me.  I hope you will leave a comment before heading off to visit the other 
Traveling Tote Adventures at the links below.

A special request for thoughts and prayers for our 
fellow toter, RJ @ Sketchy Reader, as she is 
away caring for a family member.

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  1. Rabbit, Rabbit! Oh to visit Nell Hill's...! You take the most educational and interesting trips Sarah~ I must add 'delicious' too, looking at those decadent shakes. I love a 'homes tour' inspiring, even if I come home with a bit of 'house envy', there are always some 'take away' decorating ideas. Happy March! ♥ Mary

  2. Sarah, what a wonderful trip to Kansas City. I adore home tours especially at Christmas. I have collected all of Nell Hill’s books and I would be excited to visit her store. The shakes are pure decadence! Happy March💚

  3. Looks like you had a fabulous trip - and the museums and shopping adventures look like a fun time! It's always fun to visit shops in other areas for inspiration and to see unique items! The Toy museum looks interesting - I spied a checkerboard!! Thanks for taking us alone with you! Some day I will have to visit you and enjoy a milkshake!! Rabbit Rabbit!

  4. Mary years ago told me about Nell Hills..did you know Mary? From Oregon?

    Fun pics!!I am sure Kansas is wonderful..after all Dorothy thought so:)

  5. What a fabulous visit you had to Kansas City, Sarah! I loved tagging along with you to all the places that you visited. Of course, you always have me at those shakes at the Peached Tortilla First Sunday Treat! Thanks for sharing your travels with us.

  6. Oh my, Sarah, I never realized KC had so much to offer. Miss Merri Mac would have, no doubt, been part of Napoleon's fashion image, no propaganda about it! Nell Hill's - on my bucket list. And those shakes - note to self: if traveling to Austin, make SURE it's at the first of the month!

  7. Sarah, what a wonderful trip you had with a special friend to visit special friends. Her home is lovely and I see she is also enjoys MC as well as Quippier. So many special places to see. I always love home tours, wish they'd allowed pics. I know you love all things Napoleon so glad you were able to see the museum exhibit. Jim would have loved that. I would have enjoyed all the antiquing. Nell Hills looks dreamy and all the Christmas decor. What a fun way to begin the Christmas season with Miss Checkers and Merri Mac. I think I know what you'll be doing this Sunday. Your chef has great ideas :) Happy March

  8. hi Sarah, Thank you for taking us on your fabulous trip to Kansas City! I love the museum and the old toys. There nothing more fun than a home tour and visits to oh so special shops! You are teasing us once again with those milkshakes, don't be surprised if we all don't show up on your doorstep, ready for a visit to the Peach Tortilla!

  9. I enjoyed looking at the photos and reading about the trip to KC and the other places you and your tote have been. Those milkshakes look and sound so amazing. :)

  10. I want to come down and visit you and your handsome hubby every first Sunday of the month. What a fabulous trip to KC! And so nice for you to have the opportunity to catch up with your friends. Have a wonderful weekend, dear Sarah.

  11. Oh Sarah what a wonderful holiday trip you had with so many unique places to go. I would love the holiday home tour. What a treat and the museum - wow.i am with everyone else - I want the shakes. We had ones like that at Black Tap Inn New York and now they have one in Vegas and one is opening in downtown Disney - not close enough for a weekly visit - but once in a while. You two are just ok much fun.

  12. Sarah, what a fun trip. To visit Nell Hill's must be super fun. How lovely to visit friends and shop. I want one of those fabulous milk shakes. Your hubby is wonderful to suggest you go once a month for one of those dreamy milk shakes. I want to climb in one of your bags and enjoy a taste of your travels. Have a lovely weekend. I am sure I will be dreaming about one of those yummy shakes.

  13. What a wonderful post, Sarah! OMGOSH- I felt like I was right there with you. That Napoleon exhibit must have been fascinating -to see the clothes and images of that time up close. I would have loved to go through that toy museum, too. I bet there were lots of fun things there and probably some you remember from your childhood.

    I am smitten with one of the last pictures of that silver tree and the putz houses. LOVE it.

    My dd's in-laws live in Kansas City. I think she has to go visit them for an extended visit now. Have a wonderful weekend, dear Sarah, and take care of that traveling tote. xo Diana

  14. Wow, Sarah, You had a great trip to KC.I love all the museums and that home tour sounds wonderful as does the shopping at Nell Hill's. Enjoying the trip with friends was enjoyable I know.
    The shakes and burgers are amazing at the Peached Tortilla! How fun a tradition has evolved to go the first Sunday of each month and try out another special.

  15. Miss Aurora and I will be in San Antonio in November, but it won't be the first of the month. I was hoping to join you and the chef for the milkshake. :-) I know very little about KC but I would like to visit sometime soon. I loved the museum and the old toys. Nell Hill's has been on my list of places to visit forever. Wishing you a good week ahead. xo

  16. An amazing post, I enjoyed reading... happy MosaicMonday!

  17. Great post. It's on my wish list to visit Nells Hill one day. Her place is so inspirational.

  18. Dearest Sarah,
    Wow what a spunky bunch of daring ladies you are for doing this in winter time.
    But the glow of the season only did add to it all and inside the cozy homes over delicious meals it was bliss.
    So happy for you having made tit to Napoleon's exhibit!
    The afterglow no doubt did carry you almost through the entire winter...

  19. Your milkshake, wow. It looks like something a king or someone like Napoleon would definitely want served. You certainly took in interesting exhibits in Kansas City. I'm overwhelmed just looking at your cool photos. :-)

  20. Sarah - the significant quantity of eye candy in this post has me on a sugar high! From the milkshakes to Napoleon's fashion to the Christmas decorations - I was like a kid in a candy store! Thanks so much for joining up with Mosaic Monday this week - it is a truly delightful post!

  21. I have been thinking of you lately! I miss seeing you so much. We need a lunch date soon. Looks like life is good for you!

  22. What a fun trip! Thanks for sharing your adventure at Vintage Charm!

  23. Thinking of you dear Sarah and hoping all is well in Texas.
    Sending Easter greetings.
    Hugs, Mary


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