Friday, April 27, 2018

Spring ~ A Promise of New Beginnings in the Garden

 A group of blogging friends is hosting a garden theme party today
and invited me to link something garden related.
With much of my time out working in my spring garden,
it leaves little computer time, so this is posting late in the day.

 We are enjoying a beautiful spring this year
with gorgeous days and perfect temps.

My faithful companion especially likes to be outdoors
this time of year basking in the sunshine.

My patch of bluebonnets started sprouting in December.
They peeked early, so they were at their best for our early Easter.
As you can see above though,  
they are now fading and going to seed.

Prennials and newly planted annuals are in bloom and
freshen up the front beds that get the afternoon sun.

The daylillies are full of buds.
It won't be long before they give us a daily show.
Just this mornng, a pretty yellow bloom 
greated as I walked out to the garden.
Take a look below to see what is soon to come.

Daylilies are considered a 
"sure bet perennial."

They are hardy plants that can adapt to most 
any soil and are both drought and frost tolerent. 

As their name implies, the blooms last for one day,
opening early morning and withering by nightfall.

Multiple blooms grow on each stalk
so that new blooms open
day after day.

Daylilies grow in clumps with long,
linear arching leaves.

Alabama Jubilee

Johnny One Note

~ D is for Daylily ~ 
Plant some in your garden!

Thanks to our garden hosts.  Stop by to visit their links below.
Home and Gardening with Liz ~ Life and Linda  
Poofing the Pillows

Happy Gardening, All!
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  1. You have such a lovely garden! Irises and daylilies are my go-to's. I should have been out working in the garden today, but instead I'm finding beauty in the posts from everyone at the party, lol! Of course we've had several days of rain, so the clay is muddy and sticky......
    Sandra @ Dinner at Eight

  2. Sarah, I always adore your garden! Your Day Lilies are going to be so gorgeous! I have a few clumps in my garden as well. Your pooch is so cute, and I don't blame her one bit for wanting to be outdoors with you! Thanks for sharing with the Garden Party.

  3. Sarah, I love a virtual stroll through your garden! We had 4 inches of rain earlier this week so things are a soggy mess around here but the good news is the pond in full! I'm getting a late start in the garden this month with our cold snap and rain and have lots on my 'to do' this with containers and clean up this weekend. Miss Sadie looks adorable and perfectly content to curl up and watch from her basket. ♥

  4. Sarah, what an enjoyable walk in your garden with my steaming cup of coffee! Your day lilies are ahead of mine. I love their new show every day. Miss Sadie is so cute curled up. I will be weeding and planting in my garden this morning! Happy Saturday!

  5. I always enjoy when you share your garden Sarah. Knowing how you love working in your garden I’m not shprised to see so many beautiful flowers. When I think of TX and flowers it is always the bluebonnets that come to mind. Your daylillies are a favorite of mine too.Mine have just begun to bloom and are full of buds. I can see Miss Sadie is very happy being outside with you, such a sweet companion. I enjoyed the garden tour......

  6. Sarah, I'm so glad you were able to join us! Your daylilies are beautiful. Yes they are a sure fire plant for us and I'm planting lots of them! I put 14 out in the front flower bed a couple of weeks ago. Already looking forward to the day that I can begin dividing and spreading them around more.

    Sadie is so precious out there among the blooms and snuggled in your basket. :) My little Belle sticks her nose in everything I'm doing while we are out there. She's hoping to find a toad!

    So glad you joined the garden party. Mark your calendar for May 25th. :)

  7. Oh my goodness...what a delight! This stroll through your beautiful gardens is food for the soul, especially since we are still cold & grey & rainy around here. I can almost smell the flowers! Thanks for taking us on your walk with you.

  8. Sarah, your gardens are lovely! And, your little gardening pup is adorable. Wishing you a happy spring and happy gardening!

  9. Your garden is amazing. Your adorable companion in the basket stole the show, sorry. Adore the variety of colors

    Happy weekend


  10. Your garden looks lovely! Did you notice the little green lizard on one of your daylilies? It is on the first close up of the orange one.

  11. Oh. Sarah, what a wonderful post! Your garden is a feast for the eyes and soul! Absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  12. Sarah, your gardens are just lovely. I could sit and enjoy a cuppa with your faithful gardening assistant! Such a cutie.

  13. You have such a lovely garden! I love your little helper she looks so comfortable in her special doggy bed!

  14. I love your flower garden. It is so nice to see them. We are having a late spring and not much is in bloom.

  15. Sarah, your gardens are so beautiful. And I love your day lilies! My art teacher and her husband grow tons of them, and some of the varieties are truly stunning.

    I hope you're having a wonderful weekend! We've been out cleaning up from all the rains and thundershowers from the week.

    Linking from Poofing the Pillows,
    Ricki Jill

  16. Thanks for joining us dear Sarah. Your gardens are gorgeous. The day lilies are so pretty. What a Glorious display of color. Sadie looks darling all curled up. Our dogs 🐶 love 💕 being outdoors with us as well. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  17. I’m so glad you joined the Garden Party! Your gardens are always a joy to see. I never thought about it before but it’s true that daylilies are a sure bet perennial! For me the daylilies are a safer plant too vs. the asiatic lilies which I’ve found certain creatures like voles will eat! Love seeing the blue bonnets- someday I hope to visit Texas when they are in bloom and witness the fields of them. Lady Bird Johnson started a wonderful movement! Sadie is too cute laying in your basket- what a sweetie!

  18. Oh Sarah, your daylilies are gorgeous! I wish I was a gardener, your gardens are so lovely!

  19. Your garden is filled with beauty, Sarah! I smiled at sweet Sadie, basking in the sunlight, and also the gecko on the daylilly. I know you're enjoying being outside working in your flowerbeds.

  20. You have such a lovely garden and flower beds, and I know it gives you great pleasure. There may be hope for my garden when I retire! Irises do very well at my camp (yes even with all that snow that is staying until May this year), and I have been collecting daylilies from a daylily farm. My most recent purchase was Sandra Elizabeth which blooms into fall here. Your Sadie is just so precious in that basket.

  21. Such a beautiful garden, but that basket of love stole my heart!

  22. Sarah,
    I always enjoy seeing what is blooming or about to bloom in your garden. A garden party wouldn't be the same without your garden. Sadie in the basket with bluebonnets is a quintessential spring Texas photograph.


  23. Gorgeous photos of your garden. We have day lilies too but they are a long way from opening. Lots of green leaves though. Have a good week. B x

  24. Always a joy to see how your garden grows, Miz Sarah. The pansies are delightful and so is Miss Sadie, cute as a button in your gardening trug!
    Wishing you a week full of beauty, sunshine and flowers, my friend.

  25. Loving the beautiful blooms Sarah! The purples and silvers you have next to each other are seriously rivaling your gorgeous day lilly's.

  26. Very pretty! I can't wait until my daylilies start to bloom. I ordered some "new to me" lilies. It will be fun to see them bloom. Spring has arrived!

  27. What a pretty garden, Sarah. Your walkways and walls add such a lot to the beauty of the planting. We are still hard at work on creating something in the back garden of the New Old Cottage. It has been a challenge! Your Day Lilies are just beautiful. You are so far ahead of us!

  28. Your daylilies are so beautiful, Sarah! I wish I could grow them here. All I've done in my garden so far is a clean up ad some trimming. Our weather has been nice lately and things are beginning to really bloom and come alive. I'm looking forward to going wildflower hunting with my camera soon.

  29. You have such a green thumb! The day-lilies are spectacular. I need to ask your advice. Shortly I am posting some photos on IG of those red lilies that were here (the ONLY thing) when we bought the house 11 years ago. We have never divided them, but it is past time, now that we the trees Ray planted are closing in that area. When is the best time to do that?

    Thanks for your advice.

  30. Beautiful photos from your garden, Sarah. The day-lilies are gorgeous. I have a few and the orange flowers pop next to one of my blue hydrangea bushes. Spring is full of many delights, isn't it?

  31. Oh my - what a lovely full garden. Spring is just beginning here in the Pacific Northwest, soon we will be overcome with sweet flowers.

  32. Gorgeous are your Daylilies. Thanks for sharing

    much love...

  33. What a beautiful garden! You are obviously much farther south than we are, but the sun is shining on the mountain top today and I look forward to seeing blooms in my garden soon!

  34. You definitely have the most beautiful garden I've seen in blogland! I know you are happy to have nice weather to spend time outside! Enjoy your week my friend!

  35. Isn't spring the most glorious time of year. Your garden is lovely. No wonder you enjoy being out in it. I have day lilies in my garden, but no cute puppy! Have a great week and thank you for stopping by my blog this week.

  36. Sarah, I love your day lilies! Have a great week. Sylvia D.

  37. Your gardens are beautiful Sarah! Food for the eyes and spirit for sure! I didn’t know there was such a wonderful variety of daylilies.

  38. The garden looks lovely, Sarah. We'd all enjoy an afternoon with the flowers and your sweet companion.

  39. Sarah you have such a gorgeous green thumb. I adore your sweet gardening companions.

  40. Your dallies are gorgeous. Nice colours. I have orange and yellow. They are not in flower yet. We are later here in Eastern Quebec.


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