Saturday, December 9, 2017

Snow in Texas, Y'all!

Yes, Mother Nature surprised us 
Thursday night with snow in Texas.

We had only a dusting here at Hyacinths for the Soul,
but for my family in and around Texas, 
many woke to a winter wonderland.

My niece lives near Houston and took this 
video of her horses on this snowy day.
They don't seem to mind at all!

Sadie, on the other hand, 
didn't much care her morning walk.

Back in the warmth of our home, I decided to reach back into the archives and share a previous snowy day tablescape.
This post was previously shared here in 2014.

It's cold and blistery outside,
so come on in and warm up by the fire.

I've set a table for us on the sun porch
where we'll be warm and comfortable.

These cheerful fellows are so 
happy you have joined us today.

They've actually been patiently waiting
for their turn to be featured on a tablescape.

Salad plates, designed by Williraye Studio, 
are called "Snowy Smiles". 

To pull out the red and yellow colors 
of "Snowy Smilies" I used a yellow dinner plate 
for one setting and a red one for the other. 
The Courtly Check chargers mimic 
the border of the salad plates.

The snow people thought these colorful glasses
with etched "snowballs" were a good choice.

Along with the "Treble Clef" 
flatware with its curled shape.

White winter berries ring 
the napkins which are edged in lace.

The delicate lace designs remind me of
the little snowflakes of the "Snowy Smiles" plates.

I layered various textiles 
to give the table a cozy feel.

These are actually vintage tea towels 
which are large enough to use as 
 tablecloths on my small drop leaf table.

Both have fringed ends, and the largest of the two
has rows of red check details at either end.

The other has wonderful textural details 
and end borders of this red design.

The napkins are actually 
beautiful little hand towels.

I wanted you to feel warm and cozy, so 
I pulled in a couple of my French provencal 
pillows to use as chair cushions.

Layers of rich colors
highlighted with my favorite
black and white checks
warm my heart.

Even the snow people 
are happy to be inside today.

So pull up a chair and join me
for a light lunch and a little conversation.

We can talk about your plans
for the holidays and the new year.

Perhaps you have a few garden tips to share, 
a fun new project in the works, 
or travel plans to some fabulous destination.
Have you finished your holiday shopping and cooking?
If you celebrate Christmas, is your tree up and decorated?

I'm eager to hear all your news!


The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. I love all your snowy men and plates in your tablescape, Sarah. The textiles, indeed, add the warmth needed for a day like today. While we were nowhere near the band of Benji, we are getting a slight squall this evening. Just enough to worry a mom whose adult daughter drives to work for a midnight shift. :(

  2. What a great collection of snowmen! And they look so cute mixed with your table setting! We might be getting some snow early in the week - ughhh - wish it would stay south!!

  3. Oh, I would love to visit on a snowy day. A cosy cup of tea in the setting you've arranged so beautifully woild be perfect!

  4. Love the tablescape with your darling snowmen. WOW snow in Texas. I guess it would put you in the Christmas mood. Here we have fires all around us. I am in the middle of the 2 areas of fires and the smoke is terrible along with very strong winds. With my COPD I'm not going out a lot, don't want to be sick for the holiday.

    I have only purchased a few xmas present,no cards out yet. So no wrapping, but I do have two trees up. Still need to finish the front porch and want to do something out on the back patio, as you can see it from the living room.

    Sadie looks very fashionable in her winter coat.

    Stay warm.


  5. We got six inches yesterday! So rare for us. Sadie is sporting her MacKenzie-Childs sweater. She is so cute! And of course I love your collection of snow people.....

    Stay warm, My Sweet Friend!


  6. Sarah,
    Wow, snow! We did not get any in my area of north Texas, but we did have a hard freeze, 24°, on Thursday night. The high tomorrow on Sunday is predicted to be in the 70s. Love this TX weather! :)

    Happy holidays,


  7. Hooray on that snow, Sarah! It's refreshing, isn't it? We had just an inch, but it is so pretty to watch fall under the streetlights.

    I so, so enjoyed the video of your niece's horses. How beautiful! She sounds loving and enthusiastic!

    Your tablescape is beautiful, as always. I think ME would give you the title 'Queen' in this regard!

    Love to cute little Sadie, all dressed up in her finest! Layla outgrew her sweater from last year-she's like a little sausage!


  8. Who would have thought that Austin would have snow before Normandy? The first snow fall is always special. Love the cosy table that you've set up just for two, the perfect place to sit and catch up with a friend, just delightful!

  9. Sarah, Sadie is just so cute! I love your snowmen-themed table...perfect for a snowy day! We had snow all day on Friday, really rare this time of year. Stay warm!

  10. So jealous of your lovely snow! It went JUST south of us, apparently. My grandchildren in Houston were thrilled! But, alas, school wasn't cancelled (the roads were clear), and they were outraged about that. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  11. Enjoyed seeing your dusting of snow and the horse video. Your snow is rare there I know. We don't get a lot but more often that you. Our two inches of snow before Christmas is indeed rare here! Sadie looks adorable in her sweater:) It is always fun to revisits posts from the past and enjoy seeing tablescapes so lovingly designed. The snow people deserve to be seen again and I do love the unexpected pop of yellow mixed in the stack. Finished with decorating and gift wrapping. A little travel soon:) and then I'll bake. Have a wonderful Sunday Sarah...........

  12. A pretty frosty post! We have snow too! On the ground and now gently falling..doesn't snow make you feel joy?
    I love it..till January lol..I love it for Dcember.Pretty pretty things and Sadie cracked me up:) Her face..Ray had a sweater on last night too..not MC though:)

  13. How lucky you are! Snow changes everything! SO beautiful. Your snowman tablescape is so cozy and cherry! I especially love the linen and lace.

  14. Beautiful as always - the snow's the "icing on the cake." Merry Christmas!

  15. Sarah, Your snowy smiles table setting is adorable. Love the little snowmen! Wow..snow in Texas- that is amazing! I saw on the news that it snowed all the way down to for those that rarely get snow. Hope you are staying warm and cozy. Your home always looks warm and inviting!

  16. Such a cute table! We had snow in Georgia but alas not here in Athens and the Grands were sad. I've got my tree up, my cubbies decorated and my kitchen tree decorated so I'm happy and enjoying the lights.

  17. I'm with Sadie -- I would definitely not care for my morning walk if there were snow. Heck, I didn't even love it this morning when it was 45 (but dry and sunny).... I hope it warms up soon both for you and for us here in Florida. I would love your warm cozy winter tablescapes and decorations though even if it were 80 degrees!

  18. Love the collection of snowmen and the cozy table. Sadie steals the show in her adorable sweater! We are getting some snow tomorrow, and Buffalo got hit hard but we only received a dusting.

  19. Sadie looks very nonplussed! The snow was supposed to be a light dusting here but we got almost 6 inches! It was the perfect snow day however, schools were already closed and roads didn't ice, and we never lost power so it was just a beautiful surprise! I don't know how people deal with the stuff all winter long! Your snowmen and snowmen table are adorable Sarah~

  20. Love your snowman table-scape and all your cute snowmen. Sadie looks lovely in her sweater. I enjoyed our dusting of snow -- that's about all I care to have! Merry Merry and Ho Ho HO! Happy Monday!

  21. Your dusting of snow must've been a fun sight to see, Sarah! I loved seeing your snowmen collection and your pretty table. Sadie looks so adorable, as always!

  22. What fun to have a little snow in Texas! My sister is in San Antonio and she was in Hawaii so missed the fun! We are still waiting for ours and the ski resorts must be dying!
    I just loved the name of the salad plates - Snowy Smiles! I think we all smile at that first snowfall. After a while it gets old, but there is magic in the world covered in white!

  23. Sarah, Love the snowman. I pray that the snow does not disrupt things too much. We are used to it up here but it must be a surprise down there. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week. Sylvia D.

  24. Just the thing to put y'all in the holiday spirit! heehee! What fun and perfect for us photo buffs! Love your pretty snowmen...those inside! Enjoy your week! Holiday hugs, Diane

  25. Dearest Sarah,
    Well you got the snow, we only had our first night frost on Thursday. Just got our new yard man (taking over Pieter's job, due to his heart condition) moving all tropical pot plants inside our greenhouse.
    Snow is looking beautiful if fresh but it can become a muddy mess after a while.
    Indeed those horses didn't seem to mind at all; happy in their own space.
    Lovely table setting you show here with a snowmen's touch.
    Yes, it is good to be cozy indoors. We did bike a few times but when it is rather cold, not much fun to get very cold hands.
    Our down puffer jackets do their job but it's the hands mainly, regardless of the gloves we wear.
    But we will have soon 7 nights in warmer areas as we will go to Florida to escape the dreary looking brown lawns and enjoying a more green view with sunshine.
    Wishing you both some nice cozy days together and enjoy family.
    Pieter is stable again, thanks to modern meds and even if they are very expensive!
    Sending you hugs,

  26. The snow is beautiful even though Sadie might not have. It's always pretty to look at even if you don't venture out. Love your snowmen touches for your table. I'm thinking about using snowmen for my January decor. Hoping to get a few snowmen for Christmas. I always enjoy your black and white check, I never tire of it. Merry Christmas.

  27. Trying to get caught up Sarah...I have been sick with a bad cold. Sadie is adorable. i have always admired your lovely collection of snowmen. The snow is a nice surprise. I love seeing the trees frosted with snow. Merry Christmas.

  28. I think I love your snowy tablescape much more than your snowy day outside! That's what we've had already -- the first of many to come and I'm already tired of it! But not your table!

  29. This was worth re-posting! Everything about the tablescape is lovely.

  30. So lovely and creative! I love everything you did on this table. I'm so glad you shared it again today on BNOTP. Merry Christmas!

  31. I live north of Houston and it was so beautiful waking to that winter wonderland! Definitely something we don't get to experience very often!

  32. Sarah, that snow is beautiful! We are dry as a bone here in UT. the ski resorts are suffering, and we really need it for our summer water. Loved the video of the horses. Your snowy dishes are so sweet mixed with your Courtly checks. And oh my, I swooned over those vintage tea towels! Thanks for sharing with Creating Christmas.


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