Monday, August 14, 2017

Happiness is Homemade Bread

Happiness is Homemade Bread!

I'm happy to say,
my "chef" has long enjoyed baking bread using
a no-knead bread recipe from his Aunt Nevada.

I featured a loaf of his rye bread in a recent post here.
Made with rye, flax, teff, quinoa, and blackstrap molasses,
it makes a tasty sandwich or simply toasted with butter.
It caught the eye of my friend Kitty @ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen,
and Kitty commented that she wished she could taste it.
Kitty and I have been blogging friends for years, 
so I sent her a variety of the "chef's" 
breads made with various grains and flours.

In return, Kitty sent us a loaf of her 
homemade speciality ~ Sour dough bread made
from the Civil War starter that she was given years ago
and has kept going to use for making her own homemade bread.

Kitty also included a jar of her
homemade fig preserves.

I'm here to tell you this  
is one tasty treat!
Yum, Yum, Yum!

Add in some pretty flowers,
sweet cream butter, and a steaming cup of coffee,
and indeed, you have a delicious morning!

Thank you, Kitty, for sharing
 your love of homemade bread and
the delicious treats from 
Kitty's Kozy Kitchen!

Wishing you a little
homemade bread happiness in your day.

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  1. I am drooling! Yes, I am one of those who could live on bread and water. Kitty's fig preserves on that bread looks so good, And so do those whole figs! I keep watching for the figs to ripen on our walks through the neighborhood (there are several fig bushes along our path, and I'm not even sure the neighbors do anything to care for them). We have one neighbor whose lab eats the hard fruit before they're ripe, lol, so I know they're not ready just yet.

  2. Homemade bread....YES!!!!!!!!!!! It is one of my favorite things in the whole world.

  3. Happiness in all forms to you always!

  4. Love that pic of Sadie and the awesome green pots!

    Sara, you are so fortunate to have a live-in baker! Nothing better than fresh baked bread - and then crunchy toast!
    I'm making more fig jam this season even though I said I wouldn't - and adding strawberries for a change, it's really good!
    Two small batches done, some pots shared, one more batch this week and then I'm done! Sadly Bob may not be a chef/baker,
    but he's great at fig picking and doesn't mind fighting off bees and mosquitoes!!!

    Hugs - Mary

  5. Such a sweet post. There is nothing like homemade bread and yummy butter. Kitty is a sweetheart. My husband is a bread guy and he would love this. Sadie looks so cute. Have a lovely week Sarah.

  6. I am a bread lover and this post just made my mouth water!

  7. These all look delish - BUT what really caught my eye was that lovely yellow striped bowl! I have the large checked one and just love it, so bright and cheery! - and the spoon...hmmm, now I need to add to my wish list!! How sweet of you and Kitty to share your breads!

  8. I love homemade bread and both of these versions sound wonderful.

  9. I'm lucky to have a home made breadmaker and boy, you are so right -- it's just the best! Your photos make me want to reach in and grab a piece. (A big one!)

  10. Homemade bread and preserves...delicious.

  11. Awwww I'm so glad that you and your "chef" enjoyed the bread and fig preserves, Sarah. You styled everything so perfectly that only you can do so well. I sure have enjoyed my wholesome breads and feel so healthy after eating them. I had to look up what kind of grain "teef" is, as that was new to me. Tell your chef that I'll be on the lookout for that. I appreciate your friendship, Sarah! xx

  12. I love that you and sweet Kitty are trading treats back and forth. It all looks so delicious!

    After making my yearly trek across north Dallas to buy figs at Central Market yesterday, I want to plant a tree! We had one when I was growing up. :)

  13. You have certainly been enjoying a lot of wonderful treats indeed! Your chef's homemade bread looks delicious and adding those wonderful fig preserves from kitty is icing on the cake. How sweet you and Kitty enjoy sharing your goodies. Love the presentation as always. My compliments to the chef and hugs to Sadie...........

  14. and see??? I love homemade bread so much but I also love really creamy french often I pass the bread up so I wont go crazy with the butter!!!!
    wondering if ms kitty might share her starter???? but wait..NO!!! if I have starter, I will make bread.....and then the butter....
    see where I'm going here????
    BUT your bread looks awesome but even more awesome is the friendship you've formed with your buddy!

  15. Beautiful table, especially with Miss Molly! Bread starter from the Civil War? Is that really a thing? Does Kitty feed it everyday? I am truly intrigued, Sarah! I bet both your bread and Kitty's are delicious!

  16. That fig jam and bread looks amazing and I wish I had some right now. You are so lucky that hubby is a bread maker. Looks delish,

    Have a wonderful week and I hope it is cooling off for you.


  17. Wonderful, Sarah! On a low carb 'plan' bread is rarely an option...but if I could...

    Love that you have a man that can do something in the kitchen. Mine needs directions to the dishwasher!

    Jane x

  18. Sarah,
    Homemade bread and fig preserves... I don't even need a cup of coffee. �� Bread with butter only is heaven also. What a wonderful friendship to share bread and preserves with each other.


  19. Sarah, when you posted your "chef's" rye bread I was literally drooling. Who wouldn't appreciate a loaf of home-baked happy? My sweet mother made sourdough bread and I could have eaten a loaf at one sitting! Topping off home-baked bread with fig preserves is total bliss!

  20. Oh so delicious and your 'chef's' recipe sounds so healthy too! We've been helping ourselves to the neighbor's fig tree...such a treat that we look forward to every summer. We have to be quick to beat the birds and the yellow jackets. Love sweet Sadie's pose by your handsome green planters .♥

  21. I love bread! What a treat to exchange such delicious foodie items between you and Kitty! Big thumbs up to your husband for making bread! My grandmother always made potato bread and I loved it! I started out ambitiously making homemade bread when we were first married but it got lost in the shuffle of life. I recently got a silicone mat that is great for kneading bread on!

  22. Of course everything tastes better on a MKC plate with butter from a MKC butter box! You and Kitty have been having so much fun! Question, how do you ship bread? Did you just wrap it up really well and it would stay fresh for shipping? Not that I plan on shipping any bread, I was just curious!

  23. Amen... happiness is homemade bread!

  24. I would love to make the breads you are writing about today, but I couldn't find the rye bread recipe at the link and I didn't see Aunt Nevada's recipe. I couldn't find a meaning for the word "teef." I have only had one cup of coffee this morning. Am I not awake yet? Your green planters are FABULOUS! Thank you. ~Ginene

  25. I should never have looked at your post this late because I now am craving hot bread and butter. I haven't been able to get figs off our little tree yet, but the husband planted another just next to it. Maybe we will eventually see some figs! I have also experimented with some "alternative" flours and grains for baking. Maybe the chef would share a recipe?

  26. There was a time when I made all of our bread, but these days it's limited to cornbread.

  27. Such a nice tray with your delish looking bread and butter. Such a sweet butter dish, vase and mug. It is happiness to me.

  28. How fun that you and Kitty have become such friends to share bread with!!! It all looks so wonderfully delicious, I am wishing I had smellavision on my iPad!!

  29. Dearest Sarah,
    Mouthwatering photos and yes, you ought to persuade your Chef to share the recipe with your readers!
    Breaking bread with friends is so special and will always remain special.

  30. How sweet of the two of you! I have a start and have been making it for a while now. I put it in the freezer while when we went on vacation and haven't pulled it out yet. I heard it can be froze for 3 months. The bread and jam looks might tasty! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  31. Oh, that looks so good! I love bread and figs! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  32. There's nothing like homemade bread and these look amazing. Thanks for sharing at Thursday Favorite Things. Stop by today since you are being featured.

  33. I just found your blog through sweet Kitty's mention of you, and I had to come and visit :) I am an avid bread maker here, and I love it! I make both sourdough and honey oatmeal wheat bread for my family. Your bread looks so amazing! How fun to try such interesting combinations in your bread! I'm really happy to find your sweet little place on the web, and I love the friendships blogging brings, so I'm thrilled to meet you! Happy hugs to you today :)

  34. I've been AWOL from blogging lately Sarah but wanted to check on you to see how things are going with the storm! I hope you're not dealing with floods!
    Let us know how you're doing, please? We are all so sad to see the devastation in TX right now. makes me cry.

    Your bread & jam in this post are making me hungry. Lovely setting, too.

  35. What a delightful exchange! Both you and Kitty produce such lovely looking bread. How I wish there was a taste button on my computer! That fig jam....sigh.


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