Sunday, February 14, 2016

Share Your Heart With the Queen of Hearts

Are you sentimental like me

and save special valentines through the years? 

Or collect hearts of sentimental value

that were gifts from your sweetheart or a friend?

With Valentine's Day on the 14th,

the topic selected for this month's

CAMEO meeting was Hearts.

~ Hearts ~ 

the universal symbol of 

~ love ~ friendship ~ courage ~ loyalty ~  hospitality ~

Last year the topic of our February 

CAMEO meeting was Antique Valentines.

A local woman shared her grandmother Ruth's collection

of valentines dating from Victorian times thorough the 1950s.

You can read about that meeting here.

When our planned speaker this month couldn't make it,

we decided to have a heart theme "show and tell".

Each member was asked to bring a valentine, love letter,

special memory, or a heart shaped treasure.

I chose to share this beautifully carved wood heart shaped 

butter mold that belongs to my friend, Elizabeth.

It's French; an early piece with gorgeous patina.

The wooden pegs can be removed so that the sides

swing open in order to remove the molded butter.

Elizabeth and I spotted this piece while shopping

the flea markets of Paris a few years ago.

One of our members shared 

this very special heartfelt poem written by 

her late father for her mother on Valentine's Day last year.

Sadly, Karen's father passed away over the summer.

This is just one of many sweet poems that George Benigno

wrote for his wife Ann through the 68 years of their marriage.

I chose a Queen of Hearts

theme for my table.

Red, pink, and white tulips filled various

MacKenzie Childs vases.

Goodies both sweet and savory

filled the table.

This adorable Queen of Hearts

stood guard on the buffet with the plates 

and napkins and tray of drinks.

She was my muse that inspired my theme.

A striking 16 inches tall, this queen 

makes a beautiful statement.

Image from Pier 1 

Shortly before the meeting I happened to receive 

an email from Pier 1 about their valentine offerings.

With the Queen's regal crown and the wonderful

black and white check details of her robe,

I thought, "What could be more perfect with

MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check?"

Pier 1 also offered exquisite 

crown ornaments in three different styles.  

They added the "crowning" touch

for the chandy mobile!

I was late discovering the Pier 1 valentine offerings, 

so I'm fortunate that my local store still had these items available.

Various Queen of Hearts gathered through

the years mixed with hearts and vintage valentines

to complete the center piece of the table.

This adorable one is from

Patience Brewster, Inc.  

She is available here.

I ordered this clever

faux cupcake from an Etsy shop here.

This queen was stitched by me.

I'm proud to say it is my first piece stitched in 2016

toward my goal to devote more time to stitching.

A Petei Design available here.

A few vintage valentines 

that feature the Queen of Hearts

were added to the table.

The vintage tray is 

part of a child's tea set.

One vase was filled with puffy,

sparkly red hearts found at Pier 1.

The vintage tiara was a birthday gift from my

CAMEO friends several years ago.

Glitter crowns on dowels could

be found tucked in with the tulips.

A mini metal crown sat

among a chalice of sugary gum drop hearts.

A vintage silver heart on a stand along with red glitter hearts

and petite book paper hearts filled in the gaps.

See this darling hand made valentine?

It features an adorable Queen of Hearts just for me.

A surprise from a blogging friend, 

it's the latest valentine to be added to 

my tray of special valentines!

Thank you, sweet M!

Happy Valentine's Day

to each of you!



The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. Sarah, this totally blows my mind with all the glorious details! It would be hard to choose a favorite out of all you've used here. It's really a case of synergy - sum of the parts greater than any one piece individually (and that's saying a LOT because each piece is so great on its own). I see what you meant by the strawberries as stand alones, with all those other treats. ;) Your guests had to be showering you with lots of love through compliments on this fete. Kudos!

    1. PS - never have I seen a butter mold so unique as the French heart with pegs. It's gorgeous!

  2. I have never ever seen such a collection.The thing about your one word...priceless..
    the way you mix vintage treasures with modern day things is a gift.
    That butter mold Sarah..have you tried it?

    And that letter.
    Everything so very very sweet Love your Pier 1 Queen of Hearts..they must be sold out:)
    What a fun fun gathering:)
    LOvely lady in the photo too!
    Happy day to you:)

  3. I didn't know where to look - it is all so absolutely lovely. I know that the collecting of so many elements must have taken years, even with the addition of the new Pier One items. Such a layering of beautiful elements and all put together with such style! I loved the new needlework and went right to the link, to find out that there is one shop in Canada, and it is on one of the islands between here and Vancouver. I will be calling!
    Lucky, lucky CAMEO guests!

  4. That is outstanding! I went back to peek at your photos several times, Sarah! I think my favorite shot is the puffy hearts with the jeweled crown, but hard to say right now, because my mind is just spinning from all of that glorious red!! ;) Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you for sharing so much pretty!!

  5. Your attention to detail is outstanding.I love your Queen of Hearts theme.

  6. Beautiful as always Sarah. The handmade Valentine if amazing! I love handmade cards. The butter mold is so intricate. Just beautiful. Dianne

  7. Dearest Sarah,
    Love the old heart shaped cards and molds and yes, the heart has meant a lot over the ages.
    How sweet that last poem was and what a blessing to have had 68 years of marriage bliss.
    My Mom almost lived through 66 years of marriage, only short a mere 11 days.
    Valentine's Day is a bit too close to her birthday in heaven and thus is very sentimental.
    Lovely post!

  8. Sarah,
    Almost speechless, but you know teachers really are never speechless! Everything is amazing. I would love to have seen it in person. My favorites include some that others also favor: bowl of red hearts with your bejeweled crown, handmade Valentine from a blogging friend, crown in the little candies, your new needlework queen, and the pièce de résistance is the antique French wooden butter mold. I would have wanted to pick and touch everything, and would not have had time to eat any of the treats. You have a wonderful way with presentation.

    Happy Valentine's Day.


  9. Wow...I have been peeking into these photos for about 20 minutes - so much to see and take in!! What a lovely collection of hearts and especially MC pieces - Just beautiful! I don't think you missed a thing on this lovely table - your attention to detail is amazing!

  10. Sarah, this is all just amazing! You have the most beautiful collections in every season. The Valentine's are all gorgeous. I love your Queen of Hearts table with all its glorious details.

  11. Exquisite!!!The best adjective I can relay with such a table!!

  12. Stunningly beautiful! I so enjoyed this post!!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  13. Wow Sarah! What a beautiful Valentine's post. I love all the hearts, copper, butter molds, wood and just the entire collection. The Mackenzie Child pieces with the Queen of Hearts is so fun and whimsical. Stunning table!!! Happy Valentines!

  14. Sarah, what an adorable table. I love your collection of 'Queen of Hearts' and the new additions are perfect with your McKenzie Childs collection. So happy and fun!

  15. You have such a beautiful Queen of Hearts table, Sarah. I really enjoyed your friend's French heart. How unique! And that letter! I wish someone would write something like that to me, so sweet! Happy Valentine's Day!...Christine

  16. Hi Sarah, Everything is so beautiful. Love your collection of hearts and your beautiful Queen of Hearts table setting, kind of reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. Happy Valentine's Day!

  17. Sarah, your table is so beautiful in the photos, I can only imagine how it must look for real..The butter mold is exquisite..Happy Valentines Day..Judy

  18. That butter mold is really neat- what a great find. I can't imagine my husband ever writing any poetry much less one for me- not in his bones! How sweet that your friend's mother has so many of his to cherish. The new piece you stitched is adorable- what a fun first project of the year! Love the Queen of Hearts table. You'll have to swing by and see my table.... I used the same Pier 1 Queen of Hearts and red hearts!

  19. You and your group sure have fun interests, Sarah, and thank you for sharing them with us.
    The poem that your friend shared is such a dear, sweet treasure...brought tears to my eyes.
    Your queen of the table is perfect for your MC theme, and oh, what a table!!! I loved looking at every wonderful thing, especially your stitchery!
    Hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day!

  20. Sarah, Be still my heart! I would have loved to see all take in all your wonderful Queen of Heart details in person! What a wonderful table filled with treats and your collection of hearts, crowns and queens! Your centerpiece muse is perfect with your MacKenzie-Childs pieces and I adore your hearts and ornaments hanging from the chandy! Your friend's antique French butter mold is exquisite and the handwritten Valentine brings tears to my eyes. ♥

  21. Oh yes Sarah, as you well know I am very sentimental. I knew your meeting would be a big hit and I see it was! I love the topic your chose, Queen of Hearts, perfect for this month. Your tables are stunning with your mix of valentines and MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check! Pretty tulips and the Patience Brewster QOH is adorable, I have some things of hers and they are special to say the least. What a unique and lovely item to share, the wooden heart, I've never seen anything like it. The poem from your friends dad to his wife was a special share too. I just bet the members will look back and remember this meeting as so special. Oh, I have to say you did a great job stitching your QOH!
    Great meeting and fabulous post!

  22. I don't think anyone could possibly top this table! I love the piece you stitched -- need to find my needlework trunk and get busy. No telling what is in there. I also need to pass by Pier 1 -- I love your Queen of Hearts.

  23. Hi Sarah,

    Oh my, how I wish that I could be in your group! How much fun. I'm so glad you included a bit of blue so you could play today. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday!

  24. Wow, so much beauty in one post. That;s a lot of eye candy and I am loving it! Your table is stunning, let's just get that out of the way...

    and that wooden heart, that open up? That is amazing, I have never seen anything like that!

  25. This was an incredible Valentine treat for me Sarah! You have gathered so many pretties from some of my favorite places, and thank you for including the links! The cupcake is fabulous, and the queens from Pier 1 and Patience Brewster and your stitched one are so perfect with all your McK-Chd things. I LOVE it all!

  26. Simply spectacular Sarah! Such lovely attention to detail and thank you so much for highlighting our Queen of Hearts with the rest of your decor! Love the combination with the black and white checks- just delightful! Thank you for sharing! <3

  27. Fabulous post, Sarah! Your table is simply stunning. With your collection of MC pieces you added the perfect touches. I haven't been to Pier 1 since Christmas---that is one tempting shop!!

    I love your stitched's something I try to work at in the winter months. And the butter mold is awesome...what a treasure.


  28. Sarah your queen of heart's table looks so pretty!! Love it! Yes i do save all my valentines and love notes and such. I recently came across a bag of valentines from the 194os that was in my hubbys grandparents things. He served in WW2 and there are dozens of old letters too. So much history to look 51st and learn from

  29. I love the Queen of Hearts decorations and also the cameo collection. I so love cameo's but only have a few earrings and a watch too. My aunt collected them. SO beautiful Have a good week, thank you for sharing.

  30. This is fantastic! I love a good theme, and you really have such a talent. Thank you for sharing.
    Dish Dish Goose

  31. This is amazing, Sarah. There is so much to comment on, I don't know where to begin :-)

  32. Sarah,
    I adore your tablescape for the Cameos Valentine's Day celebration, dear friend!
    I could sit for hours and flip through the photos again and again and again!

  33. Oh, Sarah, your Queen of Hearts table is absolutely beautiful and of course I love all the MacKenzie Childs checkerboard pieces.

    The heart you shared is beautiful as was the entire day I am sure.

    Thanks for sharing at SYC.

  34. What an adorable idea for a get together! I just love anything Alice in Wonderland. Your stitched Queen is so precious. Fun post with lots of eye candy!

  35. What great fun this was - love your table especially! It is so whimsical!

  36. Sarah, I'm doing a happy dance that you linked this with Thoughts of Home on Thursday. You know I love it!

    Pinned. :)

  37. This occasion was fantastic and you did a great job making pictures. It is very hard to be the hostess and blog about the event also. Very creative and chocked full of unique and special accessories so artfully arranged. The stitched Queen, the vintage Valentines, the special handwritten poem, the chandy mobile, your table with so many amazing details down to heart shaped gum drops is just over the top!!!

  38. I love McKenzie Childs though I don't own any myself. It's such a treat for the eyes. Love all of your pieces and that very interesting wooden heart. What a lovely poem, it's sound like a wonderful afternoon for all! Joining you from Tablescape Thursday

  39. Love this theme for Valentine's! Fabulous pieces!!

  40. WOWZA!!!!!!
    Beautiful collections of hearts and the Queen of Hearts Collection is to die for!! I will be running over to Pier One today to see if they have anything left on Clearance!!
    I LOVE everything that you have showcased in this amazing post!!
    I just picked up 2 crown ornaments at Michael's on Clearance in the $1.00 bins for 75 cents. I think I will stop in there too and pick up a few more to Dabble with!
    Thanks so much for sharing!! I will be pinning too!


  41. Oh that butter mold~ be still my heart. I too save special valentine's. Your collection is lovely!
    It is such a joy to have you join the gathering at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. You really help to elevate it to something very special.

  42. Wow!!! Your Queen of Hearts table is so pretty! I love all of the MK of course... it looks so pretty with the reds and pinks!!! Thanks for sharing at Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop! Pinning it too!!

  43. A very beautiful Valentine tribute And what an amazing collection you have Sarah!
    Oh to read and touch those vintage Valentine cards, and to think she has a whole collection of them - on my!
    A lovely touch of Queen of Hearts too!

  44. Your stunning table is a delight to behold...

  45. what a wonderful post Sarah. I got teary eyed reading the handwritten valentine by the man who is now passed away. Ah. That kind of love is life's blessing. And I loved the entire idea of sharing a meaningful valentine with your group. I know that my recent post (thanks for your comment) is one you can relate to because you prioritize time with friends. I always enjoy hearing about the many creative ideas you and your friends generate. You have so much fun together. Someday I would love to visit you and just follow you're such a ray of sunshine.

  46. This is all just fabulous Sarah! I love that sweet butter mold and that poem melted my heart! Oh my, was that queen of hearts ever made for you, or what? I have to tell you that hubby and I were out of town last weekend. I hopped into Pier 1 to buy the egg saucers. They had some of those crowns marked half price. I picked up four of them and then thought, Oh gosh; "I don't need these!" Well, I put them back and now after seeing yours I regret it. lol! Everything is just so fun!!

  47. It looks like you had a fantabulous valentine's day! Love your Queen of Hearts theme! So cute!

  48. Such beautiful Valentine's Sarah! And your table is SO lovely (and fun, too!). Thanks for sharing it all with us at Vintage Charm.

  49. Oh Sarah! That vintage Queen of Hearts tea set tray! I had one and had not remembered it till you just shared it. We moved when I was 12 and my Father took a lot of my childhood things and got rid of them and they didn't make the move. This must have been lost then. Too fun that you shared that! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  50. Stunning. Heartfelt. Touching. This wonderful post put a smile on my face and in my heart. Happy SYC Thursday!

  51. Your Queen of Hearts table is exquisite, Sarah! What a wonderful tradition you enjoy each year with your friends. My favorite heart is the copper one--I love copper!

  52. The goodies are all lovely but I am still reeling from the words on that beautiful card!!! How romantic is that! Thank you for sharing. I found you via Five Star Frou Frou :)

  53. This was such a delightful Valentines Day post Sarah! I'm sorry I missed seeing it earlier. I was a bit down for that holiday, understandably. Your tablescape & beautiful collection of hearts have lifted my spirits considerably. Maybe next year I'll feel more like joining in the day of celebrating love.


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