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Christmas in Texas - Blog Hop

My Friend's Texas Longhorn Mount Decorated For The Season

Ho, Ho, Ho,


Store Window in Georgetown, Texas

It's Christmas in Texas,

or more specifically, 

Christmas in Longhorn Country.

Unique Door Wreath In My Neighborhood

I'm joining my Texas blogging buddies for a 

Christmas in Texas Blog Hop.

A Texas sized "Thank You" to our hostess,

Stacey @ Poofing the Pillows. 

I'm honored to be included in this group of

talented Texas bloggers.

Looking Down To My Friend's Basement

We are still in the process of 

decorating for Christmas here, so

I thought it would be fun to share some of the

more uniquely decorated homes of

my friends that live in and around Austin.

My Friend's Antler Tree

This antler tree certainly isn't for everyone,

but it makes a festive display downstairs in a friend's basement.

This mount is on the back porch of a Texas home.

Love the festive touch for Christmas.

Thanks, Erin, for sharing this image.

A Friend's Mantel

Another friend decorates the mount over her 

fireplace with gold Christmas balls.

Friend's Breakfast Room

Her breakfast room table is set

with a Santa theme so her grandchildren

can enjoy meals and special treats with Santa.

Hand Decorated Cookies ~ Sweet Sugarbelle
Image Used With Permission

Speaking of treats for the grandchildren,

Sweet Sugarbelle of Lubbock, TX created these

darling Texas themed cookies specifically for the holiday season.

Sweet Sugarbelle - Image Used With Permission

She is one talented baker and generous blogger.

If you want to make your own cowboy snowmen,

you can find a complete tutorial here.

One of my favorite holiday traditions is Christmas stockings.

Ours are traditional stockings, but often one will see 

cowboy boot stockings hung on a mantel here in Texas.

These are from North Pole West, a cowboy Christmas store. 

The rope garland with barbed wire stars is very clever

and would be perfect for my friends who have ranches. 

Boot Stockings Available Here

Texas Boot Stocking ~ Linda @ A La Carte

When my friend Linda @ A La Carte

read this post, she sent me a photo of her own boot stocking.

Though Linda now lives in Georgia, she was born in Texas.

She fills this stocking for her grandson every Christmas.

A Friend's Rusty Star Tree

A common sight in homes around Austin

is a metal tree from Mexico that holds candles.

Many of us bought these metal trees in

the 1990s and decorate them for the

different holidays throughout the year.

This one is decorated

with rusty stars.

Each one a  tribute to 

Texas, the Lone Star State.

"The stars at night are big and bright
Deep in the Heart of Texas"

Deep in the Heart of Texas, written by June Hershey in 1941, 

is a popular song that elaborates on the merits of Texas.

The song is a favorite of Longhorn fans 

played at pre-game performances

by the University of Texas Longhorn Band.

Friend's Needlepoint Ornaments

 This grapevine tree features only

Texas themed needlepoint ornaments

lovingly stitched by a friend who lives in the Texas hill country.

"Deck them halls, y'all!" and the

cowboy Santa on the side chest let everyone

know this home celebrates Christmas Texas style.

Capitol of Texas Annual Christmas Ornaments

Beginning in 1996, an annual ornament representing the 

Texas State Capitol has been produced and sold.

Each ornament, finished in 24k gold plate, is dated with the year.

These special ornaments are sold in the gift stores at the 

You can read more about the Capitol ornaments here.

A friend who lives in an historic Texas home began collecting these

when she became a docent at the Texas Governor's Mansion.

She shares her beautiful collection on a 

special tabletop tree in her entry hall.

 Milagro Wreath 

The same friend hangs this special milagro wreath on the door

to her husband's library.  She adds a milagro

each year that represents something significant for their family.

Milagro in Spanish means surprise or miracle.

These religious folk art charms are traditionally used for healing.

Here in Texas, they are often used in jewelry or

ornamentation, such as on this wreath.

Christmas Tree 2015 ~ Texas Governor's Mansion 

The main Christmas tree at the Texas Governor's Mansion

this year is decorated with a Texas theme in red, white, and blue.

Beautiful glass ornaments in the shape of the Texas flag 

and bright stars are the standouts on this tree.

Texas Flag Glass Ornament

Each year a group of individuals are invited to help

decorate the Texas Governor's Mansion for the Christmas holidays.

The first lady of Texas selects the themes for the decorations.

The decorations this year are all about the proud

state of Texas and a festive nod to the hispanic heritage 

of many in our state, including 

 First Lady of Texas, Cecelia Abbott.

Detail of Christmas Garland,  Texas Governor's Mansion 2015

It was an honor and privilege to be included in the group this year.

Look for an upcoming post that will feature photos of each room 

of the Governor's Mansion beautifully decorated for the holidays.

Texas Themed Ornaments

For those of you who live here in Texas or anyone

who wants to add a distinctive western theme to their own

Christmas tree, you can find the above ornaments in the gift store at 

Bob Bullock Texas History Museum.

Austin, TX Skyline, Zilker Christmas Tree ~ Image Used With Permission

I hope each of you enjoyed the uniqueness of Christmas in Texas. 

The holidays here are colorful and festive and reflect

 the pride Texans have for the Lone Star State.

1950s Record Available Here ~ Image Used With Permission 

" May your days be sunny and bright
May your hearts be happy and light
Merry Texas Christmas, You All"

Everyday this week a different
group of Texas bloggers will have a 
special Christmas post to share.
Hop on over to the following to see what
these girls have created to share today.

Thanks, Stacey for all the organizing and leadership.


Also Joining

Come As You Are Christmas Tour @ Common Ground

December 9-10


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  1. Sarah, these pictures are just awesome! Your friends have some beautiful homes and decorations. I love my Texas so much and it was really neat to me to see all of these special images that are unique to our state. No wonder you haven't had time to complete your own decorations when you are busy at the Governor's mansion!

    Thank you so much for participating in our blog hop. I'm going to sit here and pretend I have a sugar cookie to eat with my coffee while I visit others.

    Have a wonderful day and Merry Christmas.

    Stacey :)

  2. How fun is this?! I swear, because I have several family members who live in TX, a very good girlfriend here in town is originally from TX, WV plays in the Big XII, and I worked for Columbia (offices in Houston) - it just seems like TX is very much like WV - only many times bigger. Love it all, Sarah. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wonderful array of interesting ornaments..treasures some are.I find that front door in your neighbourhood stunning.

  4. Oh Sarah,

    I lived in Fort Worth Texas for one year, and I can vouch that Texans have pride, but it is well placed! Thanks for playing today. I loved seeing all of the Texas treasures.

    Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!

  5. Good Afternoon Sarah, I love visiting friends to see how Christmas is celebrated.... and your friends have wonderful, unique tastes when it comes to Christmas decorations. I love, love, love, the cowboy Christmas stockings and the antler Christmas tree, whilst it's like nothing I have ever seen, there is something about it which is really appealing.
    It has been so much fun seeing all the wonderful decorations.... in actual fact it has been quite a treat.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Best Wishes

  6. Oh what a fun post! I loved seeing all the different Texas-themed decor. I'll bet non-Texans will enjoy it as well! And, what fun that you got to help decorate the governor's mansion! I'm so happy you shared it all and I'm thrilled to be touring with you and our fellow Texas bloggers!

  7. Thanks for the tour of your friends homes, they have some pretty unique ornaments. fondly ~lynne~

  8. I loved seeing all the Texas themed Christmas decor! Your friends are so creative! So many fun ornaments and those cookies are simply amazing! Thanks for sharing it all with us!

  9. Hi sweet Sarah! Oh, I loved this post with all of the Texas themed Christmasing! Are you trying to make me miss Texas? :) Well, for certain, I don't believe any state has the pride that Texas does and we are proud to tell all of our new Yankee friends we are from Texas! ;)n Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. What a great tribute to Christmas in Texas! You've shared so many unique decorations. I'm going to file the Santa breakfast table idea for the future.

  11. I loved seeing all of the different decorating ideas reflective of your part of the US! I especially loved your neighbors longhorn over the red door! The antler tree was so unique, and I like the idea of decorating the governor's mansion - looking forward to hearing more about that!! Your friends certainly know how to "deck the halls"!!

  12. Hi Sarah! What a marvelous post! I am hopping over from Estelle's through the Texas Blog Hop. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all these Texas homes all dressed up for the Christmas season! I simply adore Texas decor and your friends are so talented! You gave us such a beautiful overview of how many talented Texas bloggers we have! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas! I invite you to visit me this week for more holiday Texas homes!

  13. These are wonderful, Sarah. I collect the Capitol ornaments. Love them.

  14. Oh Sarah this was the PERFECT Christmas in Texas post! I LOVE the Governor's tree that you took part in decorating. The pine cone garland in your neighborhood is amazing. Truly lovely!

  15. What fun to see all the Texas-sized themes throughout your post, Sarah! I enjoyed seeing your friends' homes and all the other pretty sites around Austin. The cookies are just darling and almost too pretty to eat, but I sure would love one!

  16. Such a wonderful post, Sarah! I have to admit that it makes me emotional to see these and feel my Texas pride! We are actually headed to Austin today to attend one of our daughter's events at UT, I sure wish we had time to do some sightseeing and visit the Governor's Mansion. Cannot wait to see your post about it! Merry Christmas!! xo, Andrea

  17. I love those longhorns, decked out for the season!! There is nothing like that in my neck of the woods, so it's fun to see!! Merry Christmas!!

  18. Sarah,
    Just stunning Texas Christmas decorations! All of the variations on the antler theme are magnificent. The antlers over the front door, the antlers with gold balls over the fireplace, and the antler tree are all so beautiful, unique Christmas in Texas. Now, I want to display antlers.

    See my special Pinterest board, Christmas in Texas,, where I've pinned almost all of your beautiful examples of Christmas in Texas.


  19. Talk about a TEXAS sized tour of TEXAS Christmas!!! You outdid yourself! This is absolutely AMAZING!!!!
    I must say - you have some awesome friends!!! I totally LOVE that Antler Tree!! Only in Texas.....

  20. I love all the Texas Christmas items! So much fun. My Mom sent me a big boot stocking a few years ago and I usually fill it for Tiger. Fun post!
    (0nce a Texas, Always a Texan)

  21. Love it, so Texas. Love that we could all do this together. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!

  22. What a cute Texas post...Happy Blog Hop xoxo

  23. Hi Sarah, what an incredible post sharing the decor of your Texas friends as well as the special history we have here in our great state. This tour has been amazing and the antler tree is over the top fantastic. We celebrate Texas Pride!! So enjoyed the tour. Have fun in our blog hop! Merry Christmas xo

  24. This was fabulous Sarah! A really wonderful tribute to the creative and proud citizens of our state. I am all choked up while writing this comment. I have to read through this again to take it all in. Thanks my dear friend!!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  25. Oh my goodness! What an interesting post. I especially loved the rustic metal and all the unique ways of decorating with horns and antlers. There are certainly some creative women in Texas :) Thanks for sharing.

  26. Sarah, such a delightful post, to get a glimpse of Christmas around our state!
    Merry Christmas,

  27. This is a lovely Texas post!!! Merry Christmas to you as well!
    I have all of the Texas capitol ornaments across the front of my mantle...they are so pretty and catch the light beautifully!
    Blessings to you,
    signed: the Connecticut yankee who married the Texas gentleman! He has lived and worked for 82 years within a 10 mile radius of where he lives now :^)

  28. Such an amazing round up of Texas Christmas ideas! Love it!

  29. Sarah, such fun pictures! I love that red front door! How wonderful to be invited to help decorate the mansion! Congratulations! Thank you for sharing a truly Texan Christmas!! See you tonight at Make it Pretty. Have a lovely afternoon. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  30. What a fabulous tour of Texas homes. I love all the rusty ornaments.

  31. What fun this post is! I love the Governor's decorations! Sheila

  32. Lovely post. I for one, really like the antler tree! Dianne

  33. What a wonderful collection of Texas decorating ideas. I love them all!
    From one Texan and blog hop participant to another-
    Merry Christmas!!!

    PS- Those cookies are amazing!


  34. Hi Sarah! What fun Texas Christmas decorating that you've entertained us with! So much fun!

  35. Now, that was an enlightening post...thank you. I would guess you would have to have a large wall to fit a longhorn head on it! We go by a pasture that has a massive longhorn grazing...I swear those horns are each 6' long! We always comment that he must have a headache carrying those things around all the time.
    Interestingly enough, I really love that stag horn tree...that is so cool. I also ♥ the grapevine tree.
    Have a great week, Sarah.

  36. Oh this was so fun! I have just loved all the Texas themed Christmas decorating! The longhorn all decked out for the holidays makes me smile! I just moved to Austin this summer and I hope I can find one of the metal trees holding candles. They are so cool!

  37. Well this was fun! There are some things I still miss about Texas after all these years. One of the things that is always so evident is the pride a native Texan takes in having been born in the state. I do miss the Southwestern style food and a lot of the "over the top" styles in dress, decor and celebrations that seem too much for some of the folks here in Alabama. I think that is what makes Texas unique.

  38. What a fun post. Nothing wrong with being proud of your state - I love the way it has been used in the decorating.
    Some really fun things to see here.


  39. the rusty tree ... those adorable cookies ... the grapevine tree ... what fun Texas decor!

  40. Wow! What fun friends you have! Only in Texas can you decorate like that! I loved it!

  41. Sarah, what a fun post and nod to your home state. I love all the TX ornaments and how fun to have cowboy boot stockings! Love those. Love that red door all decked out, so pretty. Thanks for sharing all things Christmas from TX…………...

  42. Sarah, this was so much fun! I love all the decorated longhorns!

  43. Sarah, this was wonderful!! I loved each and every moment of this post. Thanks, Merry Christmas to you and yours. xo marlis

  44. What a fun blog post, Sarah! I've sent a link to my brother & his wife...the one who lives in Kerrville. I know they will love seeing all these cute Western themed decorations. I know I did!!!

  45. Well If I had a set of longhorns I would do the same. I'm sure my niece in Texas does.

  46. Fabulous post, my dear, love that Texas Christmas style.

  47. Wow so many unusual trees. You all do decorating with flair down thee. I especially liked the antlers tree.

  48. Sarah, looks like lots of fun things happening in Texas over the holidays. Enjoyed them all and can't wait to see yours..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  49. Well this was just amazing. So much fun to see the variety between indoor and outdoor decorations and I can see it's longhorn country indeed! :)

  50. Sarah, I love this post! I have a special place in my heart for Texas from when my family relocated there a couple of years when I was in college. I remember being in culture shock our first Christmas there when the neighbors brought over guacamole for Christmas eve! I love that antler tree in your friend's basement. :)

  51. LOVE seeing all this great Christmas Decor infused with Texas sized fun! thanks so much for joining in for the party!!

  52. I am in LOVE with the antler tree and antler wreath! Those are TOO CUTE! :)

  53. Such great Texas fun! You people from Texas certainly have your own great style. I loved the tour. It was so fun and different! I loved the Governor's mansion tree. What great bright colors. Joni

  54. Dearest Sarah,
    That was a very typical Texas Christmas tour.
    Love the many unique ways for your state.
    Sending you hugs and blessings.

  55. I enjoyed your Texas style designs! What fun. I could use those ideas up at our cabin.

  56. I enjoyed your Texas designs. Thanks for including the Capitol ornaments! Having only been in TX for a few years, I didn't know about those and went over and purchased one for each of the years we have been here so far. I am just a bit east of you in Bastrop County! :) Merry Christmas Y'all!

  57. Thank you, Sarah! The pictures are so delightful--a true testimony to the celebration of the Lone Star State! I'm so enjoying the tour. You have so many great snaps. I love the antler original. Actually, everything is so original and very 'new to me'!

    Hope your holiday season is going smooth and happily :)

    Jane x

  58. Thank you for Sharing a Texas Style Christmas Tour! So many of the Images made me Smile since I too Love to Decorate my Taxidermy and Mounts for the Holidays. Your Friends all are so Creative and have Beautiful and Inviting Homes. Blessings and Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  59. This post was really a lot of fun. Thank you for sharing it with us all; I really enjoyed the Texas style Christmas!!

  60. How lovely, everything is Texas style Love the cookies. Always a pleasure to visit to see what you are up to.

  61. What fun Sarah! I love those cowboy snowmen cookies!!

  62. Being from Upstate NY, this is a breath of fresh air in decorating! I love all the decorations you showed and how well they represent your BIG state!

  63. What great décor, love it. I especially love your cookies. They are fabulous.
    Wake Up Wednesday,

  64. WOW, Love the cookies and all the decoration that you have in Texas. There are some beautiful decorations. Thank you so much for sharing these with us.
    Have a great weekend.

  65. Wow Sarah, this post was SO interesting!!! I love the gray cottage, third picture from the top of the post -- so charming! I feel like I learned a lot about Texas culture from this post. Folks in Texas really do have their own unique Christmas decor. :-D

    Thanks so much for showing us this great variety of houses decked out for Christmas, Sarah, and thanks for visiting my blog! Have a wonderful weekend.


    Denise at Forest Manor

  66. Sarah, I thought I had commented but noticed that I had not when I just came back for a third look :-) I enjoyed the Texas themes and your friends' homes. The cookies are awesome! I love learning about decor in different states.

  67. I love all of the Texas decorating ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  68. Sarah, Great decorations! I especially like the antler tree.
    Happy Holidays,

  69. Golly! So many original ways to celebrate Christmas! You have some very talented friends. So fun! Merry Christmas Sarah!

  70. What a fun Christmas visit to Texas..Merry Merry...thanks my house is in the hills of Oregon for Christmas.. You might enjoy my husbands Christmas cd.

  71. Luvvvving those! How fun is that boot hanging on the door??!! And those boots as stockings :) Texas is looking festive and fabulous! Merry Christmas, Sarah. xoxo, L

  72. What fun to see such a variety of wonderful Texan homes! It's so festive. I've not visited Texas at the holidays and seeing this post makes me wish I had! I really loved those adorable snowguy cookies! Very cute!

  73. I loved your tour of Texas and especially those special cookies from Lubbock! This is a great post and a great addition to the tour!
    Merry Christmas!
    Miz Helen

  74. Sarah I love your Texas themes! The Steer decorated is too cute! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  75. As I absolutely love antlers I fell in love with your post! Especially that antler tree, how awesome is that? Only in Texas lol I also love the rustic charm in so many of the decorations. Thanks for sharing at the Vintage Charm Link Party. Hope to see you there again tomorrow morning! xoKathleen Charm Bracelet Diva {At Home}


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