Friday, July 31, 2015

Tales of the Traveling Totes #2 ~ Oh, the Places We've Been

Tales of the Traveling Totes # 2

Oh, the places we've been!

MyBeautiful Cousin, the Mother of the Groom

Well, actually, there hasn't been much summer travel for moi

and Miss CC, though there was a family wedding in early June.

Miss CC is the perfect overnight bag.

What to take?

Miz Mini Merri Mac or Sarah Oliver's Classic Clutch

As much as I enjoy Miz Mini Merri Mac for summer occasions,

the Sarah Oliver clutch seemed more appropriate 

for a formal wedding than the sassy Miss Mini Merri Mac.

Hmmmm ~ 

Wish I'd thought of the name Merri Mac for Miss CC.

Think it's too late to give my tote a name change?

Our Second Summer Trip ~ Girls Night at the Ranch

Again, Miss CC was the perfect travel companion 

for an overnight get away with some friends.

All packed and loaded up in the car,

ready to head out to the country.

See that brown case beside her?

Thought we might play a few games of Mah Jongg.

Summer in TX is hot, and though 

we are having a mild one, it's always  a 

great idea to escape the city and go out into the country. 

A girls night out at the ranch offers

cool breezes and fresh air.

We won't be roughing it, but just so

you know, this is a real TX ranch with livestock.

Our accommodations are this

comfortable home. 

We don't usually go for a swim,

 but .   .   .

We do hang out on

this porch in these rockers.


My girlfriends say, "Howdy, y'all!"

My friend is an expert horsewoman

who participates in the sport of cutting.

She is the real deal!

I'm born and raised in Texas,

but I've never even owned a pair of cowgirl boots.

Remember, Miss CC and I are city girls,

but we do enjoy little country retreats.

Want to join us for a cocktail  

out on the ranch porch?  

We've saved a comfy rocker just for you.

The view is incredible with

China and Disco grazing in the pasture 

and the sun setting in the distance.

Harvey, our ever present companion,

will likely cozy up by your feet.

Cocktails for us,

but dinner time for the horses.

I think Clay thinks Miss CC is full of feed.

Meet Sundance.

This beauty is Cleo.  Legacy behind her.

China has come in for dinner, and 

Romeo has stopped for a cool drink.  

There are a dozen quarter horses, one miniature horse, 

two longhorns, and lots of chickens 

for whom this ranch is home.

Oh, and as a bit of trivia,

there have been some famous guests 

who've stayed here in the past.

Yes, summer days in the country

can offer a cool retreat from the city.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Stay tuned for more adventures

coming in the fall.

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The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. hi there Sarah! I'm a new reader and new follower and wanted to say howdy and introduce myself. I am enjoying your blog and all the pretty pictures and fun things! Especially the travelling totes!! Fun!

  2. Miss CC (soon to be Miss Merri Mac?) is a very well-traveled tote and she has been to places I would love to go. I've been to a New York dude ranch, and a Texas ranch with some cowgirl boots would be a new experience, It's nice that she is chic enough being considered for a wedding and has enough fun in her to hang out with horses. I'll be looking forward to her August adventures.

  3. Pure class and beauty, Sarah - you and your photos! That ranch retreat sounds so inviting. I have a BFF here in town - a TX transplant - maybe I could persuade her for a trip like that someday! Enjoyed your Miss CC journeys all the way. Thanks for welcoming me into the TT circle.

  4. Sarah, This ranch is gorgeous and so are those horses. I always love to hear their names. Yes, I will take a seat in one of those comfy rockers, scratch Harvey's ears and enjoy a cocktail while we watch the sunset and cool ourselves with a cocktail! I think you chose the right clutch, and I also think you can change names at any time! There is a new tote coming my way and I am considering names, but I keep coming back to Miss Rosie for me! Well, whatever her name, Miss CC is beautiful! Linda

  5. The ranch looks lovely - I don't think I have ever been to a real ranch…and I certainly have never owned cowboy boots! The porch looks like a very relaxing place to be enjoying a cocktail and relaxing! Miss CC could certainly change her name! She certainly gets around!!

  6. You have a ball w/ those totes:)

    I just got a new pair of cowgirl boots..
    Imagine..a QC girl;)

  7. Your tote has a better vacation life than I do! Take me along next time, I'll carry your stuff! ;-)

  8. hand raised volunteering to carry Miss CC/Miss Merri Mac on your next adventure! ;)

  9. What a beautiful post! The pictures are gorgeous! This makes me want to venture to Texas. :)

  10. What a wonderful getaway and of course I love Miss CC.

    I just read Rita's post at Panoply. I told her I need to start looking for a MacKenzie-Childs bag.

  11. You look gorgeous sweet friend at that wedding! Lovely bride too.
    I bet you all had a ball. Gorgeous surroundings for the reception too.
    Love the MCH's bag, I love it all!

  12. What beauties you and your cousin are, Sarah! Miss CC makes the perfect tote for getting away. You and your girlfriends look like you had a fun time on the ranch. A friend of one of my son's is involved with Deep Eddy's. Have you tried the Bloody Mary Mix? It's very spicy!!!
    I think if you want to change Miss CC's name, you do what makes you happy!

  13. Thanks for sharing this great experience with us. I truly enjoyed seeing and hearing it through your eyes. I live in Texas but not sure about this location.

  14. You girls really know how to travel in style, it was fun to catch up on your adventures.

  15. Hi Sarah, Seems you've had your plate full of fun events this summer. Weddings are always fun and your bags are both lovely and you look beautiful. I think you should rename the bag if you want, I have a tendency to name things too! Love the ranch and you girls I know have a blast there. I can see myself there with you and your friends enjoying the great views from the porch and giving Harvey a few pats to the head, I love that breed of dogs (had a few myself.) I adore horses and just being around them is amazing, such gorgeous animals. Many thanks to your friend for sharing her beautiful ranch.

  16. This is absolutely fantastic, and I love Miss CC!!

  17. Another fabulous adventure! The ranch is just beautiful. I do declare, I envy the life of Miss CC! lol

  18. Another fabulous adventure! The ranch is just beautiful. I do declare, I envy the life of Miss CC! lol

  19. The ranch is just what I remember loving about the Hill Country. My girlfriends and I just had a conversation about when we coming back to TX. Miss CC is darling and I would take her everywhere! Dianne

  20. The ranch is lovely. Spending time with friends and family is precious! Love your adventure and of course the traveling tote. xo

  21. Dearest Sarah,
    That was a grand style blog post, leading us all the way up to fabulous Texas rural living.
    Gorgeous ladies in elegant dresses!
    We've traveled to Texas in the 80s as husband Pieter did design the Campbell's plant in Hillsboro Texas, a state of the art mushroom growing facility.
    Both of us loved it and never mind the hot weather; it's hot here in Georgia as well.
    So relaxing with all the farm animals around.
    Thanks for sharing this slice of life in rural Texas!

  22. Love your tote and your adventure to the country!!
    Mary Alice

  23. Country and horse love from me Sarah! Girls night out at the ranch sounds wonderful and what a beautiful spot to relax and enjoy the scenery, especially with a cocktail and a dog at your feet. You look so chic and elegant dressed in your wedding attire. Love Miz Mini Merri Mac!

  24. Thanks for the trip to the ranch Sarah, with you and Miss CC~ I grew up in a horse community in California, and seeing all those beautiful horses brought back so many memories. What a special spot for a girls weekend, and perfect for taking along your traveling tote~

  25. Hello Sarah,

    What a gorgeous view. Thanks for playing today.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  26. A great share of an awesome trip! Love all the photos you have shared. Enjoy a wonderful week.

  27. Sarah, Sarah! YOU ARE STUNNING! That is you in the first photo with the stunning black dress and pearls? You are smashing! And this magical getaway with HORSES????? My favorite animal in the wide world! Lovely summer dreams are yours here! I have the fondest summer childhood memories of visiting a family friend's ranch where the entire family, cousins, aunts, uncles, everyone, would gather in the canyon for a few days of campfires, tents, barbeques, and HORSES....

    Thank you kind and sweet Sarah for coming to visit my post. It has been a most lovely summer and in a few weeks, I return to teach. What a great job, allowing me time to have summer to think, create, walk, listen to the birds, just breathe.

    Enjoy your week with those you love! Anita

  28. Miss CC is such a city girl! Wow, she looks fabulous with heels, and cowgirl boots! My favorite one is with the hat in the beautiful grass. What a fun getaway.
    BTW - you both look stunning at the wedding.

  29. Wow! It looks like you and Miss CC had a wonderful time! Love the photos and the storytelling!

  30. You have a very interesting site and I really enjoy visiting with you...we are going to an after five wedding in Illinois in September and I have been wondering about the appropriate color choices for guests as most of my wardrobe appears to be black or red...I see your Aunt wore black so maybe that is okay in this modern age...
    Thanks for sharing,
    Mama Bear

  31. How fun this post is...I love ranches...horses...cowgirl boots and CC.....Oh, yes....ain't life grand.

  32. Howdy to your friends Sarah. I love the tales of the traveling tote! And how fun that Rita has joined the group. Getting away to a ranch sounds very fun. The horses are beautiful and sitting on those rockers relaxing is a bit of heaven! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  33. Looks like a lovely place to spend time relaxing


  34. Wow! What an amazing place to stay. Gorgeous and relaxing.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  35. What an absolutely wonderful way to relax, I love the purse that keeps following you, great prop, make me smile!!!

    Thank you for stopping by to share your story on Friday Features and the mention above!!
    Hope you have a beautiful weekend!

  36. Sounds like your girls night out was a lot of fun. Love the Ranch especially the porch with the rockers. I love your MC tote - she sure has been to a lot of special places.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  37. What a great installation of the Traveling Tote series! What fun. You know that we're horse girls, and the youngest daughter wants a barn of her own some day....

    Such a pretty ranch!

  38. Looks like a great place to stay!! Love your checks Sarah! Thank you for sharing at Home Sweet Home!


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